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Chapter 30 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town ruled by a Highlander

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2372 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1150 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

About ten days had passed since they left Ymir.
The journey from the fortified city of Ymir to Chiral the Royal Capital would take a little less than one month.
So far, they had traversed around one-third of the journey, and their trip was going well——not!

「Mm~! So tasty~ 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Going on a trip is fun, we can eat a lot of tasty food in so many different places!」

The town of Nova, where Inglis and Rafinha were currently at, was a town close to the mountains, so there were plenty of wild fruits and vegetables to harvest.
Rafinha smiled blissfully when she devoured a slice of pie fully packed with fruits and raspberry jam.
The town’s specialty raspberry desserts and sweet treats were all lined up and piled on the diner table Inglis and Rafinha were stopping at.
This was merely the amount left over after they had wolfed down enough for several adult men.
Customers from other tables were, of course, casting a startled look at the pair but they were already used to this kind of attention, so this hardly bothered them at all.

「Rani, honestly, aren’t you eating too much?」
「But Glis, you eat just as much as I do.」

It was just as Rafinha said, the silver-haired girl was stuffing her cheeks with pie just as quickly as Rafinha.
She just couldn’t stop herself when there was so much sweet, delicious food in front of her.
While she had been quite fond of eating back in her previous life, it had never been up to this degree. And she hadn’t liked sweet food as much either.

However, after being reborn as Inglis Eux, she had developed quite the sweet tooth.
Was this due to being in the body of a female? If so, this was definitely one of the few enjoyments she didn’t have in her past life. 1 Dressing up and admiring oneself, smacking one’s lips when eating sweet treats, being in a female body was definitely enjoyable at times. 2

「That’s true, but… this is really a crisis.」
「What is?」
「The travel fund. If we don’t ration out one meal a day after today, it won’t hold until we reach the capital.」
「EEeeeeehhh!! But that means we can’t enjoy the foods in the places we visit next!」
「That’s right. That’s why I told you, you’re eating too much…」
「Then how about this? We take the shortest route and don’t visit any—」
「That’s an absolute no! We have to visit the town of Arlman!」

It was a little detour from their trip to the Royal Capital but there was a town Inglis really wanted to stop by no matter what.
She had planned this from the very beginning as part of their journey to the capital.
If someone were to ask her what was there in the town of Arlman that Inglis just had to visit, it was the carcass of the strongest magic stone beast that laid there.

Apparently, around more than 50 years ago, a Holy Knight partnered with their Hyrule Menace had defeated one there.
By all means, she wanted to see it with her own eyes. She wanted to feel the strength of that Prisma.
She might not learn anything from it but there might be remaining traces of its might.
That meant that she just had to go there and see it for herself.

「We’ll have to hold back from now on, after all. This is the final luxury we can afford.」
「No! Then it won’t be fun! Our long-awaited trip has to be fun!」
「Then, what do you want?」
「If we’re lacking funds, then we just need to make more! There’s still time until the date that we were supposed to arrive, right?」
「Well, we did depart earlier to open up some time.」

She was conscious of it but Inglis was spoiling Rafinha.
She felt like she was watching her own granddaughter, so she just kept overlooking her hijinks even though she wasn’t supposed to.
Even now, she chose to play along with Rafinha’s sudden idea.

「Okay then, let’s make money for the sake of our fun culinary travel! You don’t work, you don’t eat after all! It’s okay, with our skills, it should be no problem for us to make a ton of money!」
「Yeah. Then, let’s do it in the next town!」
「S’cuse me! Miss!」

Before Inglis finished her speech, Rafinha already raised her hand to call out the waitress.
It was indeed very Rafinha-like, to quickly take action the moment she made her decision.

「Umm… Rani, wait——」
「Yes, may I help you? Do you want to order more?」
「Ah, yes, make it three portions of raspberry pie 𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「Understood. Thank you very much.」
「Hey, Rani.」
「Ah, not that! Well, keep the order just as is but can I ask you, where can we find work in this town? One that might require our skill sets with quick but high payout?」

Asked Rafinha, showing her Rune to the waitress.

「Oh my! Isn’t that an outstanding Rune?」
「Yes. We also have an Artifact!」

Rafinha’s bow Artifact was one that was suitable for her, a High Grade Artifact.
Ymir’s chivalric order hadn’t possessed such a good Artifact, instead, this Artifact was hard-earned by Marquis Wilford, especially for her.
When she wielded this artifact, it possessed such high war potential that any run-of-the-mill knight and Magic Stone Beast weren’t up to par for her.

「Despite being so young, you’re already such a splendid Knight…!」
「No, well, we’re still on our way to enroll in the knight’s academy, though.」
「At any event, if it’s a job that fits your requirements, why don’t you ask the feudal lord? She is currently recruiting knights and mercenaries. You might be just temporarily lending hands exterminating Magic Stone Beasts but I’m sure she’ll be happy for it.」
「Aah, that is fitting for us! Isn’t that right, Glis?」

Rafinha’s eyes shone brightly

「That is true, but… Umm, that is because of the lack of soldiers, right? May I ask why?」
「It is because the feudal lord just changed, and she drove out bad Knights and mercenaries from the previous lord’s time. Thanks to that, the town has become much safer and the tax has lessened. However, as a result, she lost a lot of manpower. Although, that doesn’t mean that she will just accept any applicants.」
「I see, she is quite bold to expel the previous retainers.」
「Well, must be because she isn’t affiliated or even related to any of those people. After the noble house that ruled this land was kicked out, the whole area moved directly under the jurisdiction of the Highland. The current feudal lord is a Highlander, you know.」

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The waitress said casually. 3


  1. Lil- I could think of other enjoyments she didn’t have in her past life.
    Mab- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Al- I have no idea what these guys are talking about :|
  2. Al- uh… not all females enjoy the same kind of thing but okay…
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