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Chapter 26 – Inglis, 12 years old (14)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2246 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1011 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

It wasn’t just Rafinha who had just leaped out of the villa.


A giant humanoid creature, one that was easily double the size of a human was right beside her.
Considering its size, it was easy to assume that Rafinha wasn’t the one who destroyed the villa.

Its upper half was disproportionately huge compared to its lower half, making it look rather short but wide.
Its skin was hardened like a rock, with crystallized gem buried in its forehead, neck, and down its back. The gems’ colors were light blue, indigo, green, black, and more.

「That’s… a Magic Stone Beast!?」

Even though there wasn’t any Prism Flow!?
Also, it’s the first time I see a humanoid magic stone beast.
Inglis thought before she realized that this kind of thought was for later. She had to prioritize Rafinha’s safety over anything else.

「Wait, no…. Rani!」

That was Inglis Eux’s only oath and constraint she imposed upon herself, other than honing her martiality.
This was merely proof of just how much Inglis treasured Rafinha.


The humanoid magic stone beast swung its enlarged fist down on Rafinha.

「I won’t let you! Haa!」

With god-like speed, Inglis stepped in and struck the creature’s fist with her own.
The simple difference in weight and mass should have overwhelmed her but those factors had no place when compared to a Divine Knight.
Inglis’ punch overpowered its fist, easily pushing back the beast’s arm back.
The impact alone was enough to make the beast stumble and roll back until it hit the villa’s fences.

「Rani! Are you okay!?」
「Th-, thanks, Glis!」
「What are you doing here…?」

Inglis knew that Rafinha wouldn’t have just stayed silent with the state of affairs, however, did the Marquis really fail to stop her from going?

「I escaped from my father by force. It just doesn’t seem right that Glis has to bear everything alone! That’s why I came here first to take on Rahal, but…. it’s weird!」
「Weird how?」
「When I sneaked in and shot at him with my bow… He turned into that when the arrow hit him!」

Said Rafinha as she pointed her index finger to the humanoid magic stone beast that was struggling to get back up.

「Wha…!? THAT’s Mr Rahal…!?」
「I-, it’s true! I saw it with my own two eyes!」

Rahal, or the beast that was him, called out Inglis’ name and stumbled forward with a groan.

「It’s shouting my name!? So it really is Mr Rahal!? But that’s impossible! I’ve never heard Prism Flow can morph a human into a magic stone beast!」

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Humans couldn’t turn into a magic stone beast even if they were showered on by the Prism Flow. It had been repeatedly tested and experienced by many people before. This was just the common sense of this world.
It was hard to imagine that there would be an exception. 1

「B- but it’s true! Hey… Glis, is it my fault? What did I do…!?」
「Don’t worry. That ain’t your fault, Rafinha girly.」

Said Leon as he struggled to regain his footing from his previous altercation with Inglis.
He had already resummoned the lightning beasts and they were standing all around him.
What a cunning man.

「Prism Powder, a secret drug that’s basically an extremely concentrated composition of Prism Flow. The Ironblood Chain Brigade has ‘em, y’see, they give me some to coax me into joining them. Even so, its effect was too weak when used on Humans but if Highlanders used ‘em, this happens. I mean, we’re used to the Prism Flow down here, after all. What I’m saying is that they’re taking it too lightly is all. It’s a pity that things turn out like this. Now he’s just a mindless beast.」

Leon then shrugged at Rahal who was now a magic stone beast.
There was a heartfelt contempt towards the drug within his gesture.

「…Any way to revert it!? Can’t he change back!?」
「Hold it right there, Eris, you want to save that stuck up brat? Death is his only salvation, just so you know.」
「Even so, we can’t have a Highlander die in this place!」
「Wow, you sure hold onto that status quo. I mean, like, you’re asking me if there’s any method to revert him? If there was, we can just use it on every magic stone beast and voila, world peace!」
「Well, you can just push all the blame onto me. Tell them that Leon had defected to the Ironblood Chain Brigade and did all this! Anyways, I’ll make my getaway for now. It would be embarrassing if I get caught as soon as I decide to leave the Holy Knight! Well, laters!」
「Ah! Wait, you!」

All the lightning beasts exploded at the same time with such a bright flash that everyone within the vicinity was blinded for a moment.

「Crap, he ditched us!」

By the time Inglis and Eris regained their sight, Leon had already made his escape.
Capturing Leon and making him confess everything at the Royal Capital would be the best outcome but… it was simply impossible to leave this beast-Rahal to its own devices.

Inglis had to put aside chasing after Leon.
If she couldn’t find him, she’d have to ask Eris to speak for Ymir and explain everything.
It might not be as effective as having Leon, the perpetrator himself but if it was spoken by a Hyrule Menace, legitimacy to some degree could be expected.


That shriek didn’t sound like it was seeking for salvation at all.
Although it was hard to deny that this was a just punishment for Rahal, who had grown into a detestable adult, all Inglis could feel towards him right now was… pity.

「…Due to my past relationship with him, let me be the one to put him to sleep.」

Inglis said regrettably as she stepped towards the thing that was once Rahal. 2


  1. Al- hahahah! I knew it! The Highlanders are the ones who actually made the magic stone beasts!
  2. Mab- Let me get it straight. So, Leon came to Ymir while bringing a suspicious white powder with him from the capital. On the way, Rahal found that suspicious white powder, thinking that it’s some good stuff, and stole it. Later this night, since he’s gonna have some fun time with Inglis, he’s thinking that might as well do it while he’s high. So, he snorts that good stuff.

    Is that how it went? Wow, author, for making Rahal a junkie on top of all the bad qualities he already has.

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