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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 12

Hello readers~ It’s been two weeks again and that means another update for you guys πŸ™‚

This chapter is well, uh… basically oohhh ouch!? XD

Anyhow, after my proofread read this chapter, we got to talking. You can read about our conversation here if you’d like to find out. But it may contain spoilers so please read the chapter first before checking out this link:

I will see you in 2 weeks then~

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 10

Hello readers πŸ™‚
I did say this last time but now I am going to officially announce it once more. So, updates from now on will be fortnightly (meaning one chapter every two weeks). This is because of my university restarting and I seriously am kind of behind on my uni work. So, I do apologize but I need to delay the updates a little.

Hopefully, this will all be behind us soon and I can fully commit to finish writing my novel soon. I mean, I’m practically past the half way point of my novel now. So, fingers crossed.

Anyways, please enjoy the read, like, comment and shoutout to me, if you’d like. I’ll see you again in two weeks~ <3

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 8

G’day/eve, everyone πŸ™‚ So I got good news and bad news! We’ll go with good first, I guess~

Good news: This is, as I have said many times before, one of my favourite chapters to write. And we have finally gotten here! So enjoy the read!!!

Bad news: I realized that I have probably taken on too much work at the same time onto myself (uni, this, Hero King edits and my FF story). Sooo, the update for this story might become a little slower (or might not, we’ll see. I might give my FF story a slower update instead, but only time will tell).

Anyhow, uhh… enjoy the read, comment, like, shout out to me. Anything πŸ™‚ See you guys again soon.

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 7

Hello guys, I do apologize for going AWOL for a while. I can promise you that it’s not that I don’t have more completed chapters but it’s just that I’ve been bogged down with my uni work and also my proofreader had just moved to a new place and had been unable to find time to proofread my chapters until just a few days ago. Anyhow, I am sorry again, if you’d like to read edited or rough draft chapters, they are on my Patreon. Anyhows, enjoy the read, guys (my proofreader is back).

P.S. This chapter goes into the explanation of the supernatural world a little and Avery’s species!!! Yes! See you next week!

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 6

Namaste, everyone!! (That is a greeting, right? xD) Anyhow, it is I, Alruna here πŸ™‚
I am so excited for you guys to read this chapter!!!!
This chapter shows more about Evelyn’s relationship with her best friend, Avery and also… Evelyn’s first supernatural attack. Yikes!!

Anyways, thank you for your readership and don’t forget to motivate me with likes and comments πŸ™‚ Stay safe and have a good week!

P.S. Oh I nearly forgot! I bet you guys didn’t even notice the new cover since none of you actually go look at the index page! πŸ™‚ The art I commissioned is finally done and I am soooo elated about it! It’s soooo beautiful! This is only the front cover – the art is a front/back cover commission. So, everyone, please go and share some love with this amazing artist who did the absolutely wondrous artwork: Cristiano Reina

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