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Chapter 32 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2356 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1093 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Inglis and Rafinha took action along with the knights of the town to intercept the incoming magic stone beast.
Although it had only been moments since they were hired, they had still been hired. Thus, this was now also their town to protect.

The fortification around the town of Nova provided little to no protection.
It was merely fenced with a stone wall about the height of an adult.

When compared to Ymir in which the walls would be at least three times as high and thick enough for people to stand and move around on, the walls here might as well be paper thin.
They were so thin that it would be impossible to station people on top to intercept magic stone beasts.
Whereas, the feudal lord’s castle was even more robust than Marquis Wilford’s castle back in Ymir. This clearly emphasized each lord’s character. 1

That being said, there were materials scattered around the walls as well as some scaffoldings being constructed, perhaps they were there to expand and reinforce the walls.
Was this an attempt initiated after the feudal lord was replaced by the currently ruling Highlander?
Inglis heard from someone affiliated to the castle that the current lord was a female by the name of Cyrene.

「Hmm… Defending this town looks hard.」

Said Rafinha bitterly.

「Yeah. These walls won’t stop magic stone beasts at all. We have to intercept them outside.」

Fortunately, the magic stone beasts hadn’t entered the town borders.
The battle had to take place past the walls.

「What types are they?」

Inglis asked as she gave the wall a kick to jump on top.
For Inglis who could effortlessly leap on top of Ymir’s walls, this was a child’s play.
But with the elegance she pulled with such an action, the surrounding knights and mercenaries were awed by it.

「Animal types and insect types — Dragonflies, I guess? They can easily breach the walls.」

Much like Inglis, Rafinha also kicked the wall and climbed on top, laying her eyes on the enemies.
When an Artifact was used by a knight with a Rune, they didn’t serve their purpose simply as weapons but they also had the effect to raise their user’s physical abilities.
The higher the Rune’s grade and the Artifact’s rank, the stronger the effect and vice versa.
Thus, in Rafinha’s case, it was pretty 2 effective, such a feat hardly meant anything to her. Leaping on top of Ymir’s walls was something Rafinha could do as well.

「You are right. We should dispatch them now.」

In the middle of their conversation, a knight called out to them.

「Excuse me…! You two! Sorry, but can I have a word!?」
「Yees! What is it?」
「Is there something wrong?」
「If possible, I wish for you to take command here. As you know, captain Nacht is immobile and none of us has the experience to command in a battle… You possess a High Grade Rune, right? We can fight under your command!」

Apparently, the military strength the current government had seemed to be lacking battle experience.
Inglis had heard about how bad knights and mercenaries were driven out, perhaps that was the reason why.
Bad, not in war potential, but in terms of conduct and discipline.
Once those people were replaced to reform the state of affairs, the military’s strength also consequently decreased.

Having been nominated, Rafinha grew quite flustered.

「…Wh-, what do we do, Glis? I’ve never given commands before…. 」

She had experiences subjugating magic stone beasts along with the chivalric order of Ymir but she had never taken command before.
She had only faithfully followed the instructions from Ryuk or Ada, the commander and the vice commander.

「…It’s better for you to get familiar with it, you know? Rani, you are the owner of a High Grade Rune. There will be plenty of scenarios where you will have to be in command after you become an official knight.」
「B-, but, can you show me the ropes? I’m still an amateur in this, you know?」
「It’s alright. I’ll speak in your stead. First, you need to be bold. A calm leader brings about a calm platoon.」

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While Inglis had never taken command of Ymir’s chivalric order, she had plenty of experiences from her past life.
Plus, it wasn’t just a small group of people like this one either, it had always been an army of at least a thousand men. So, this much wasn’t any trouble to her at all.

「G-, got it… Okay, everyone! Follow after me! We’re repelling those beasts!」

Rafinha hoisted her Artifact high and called out to the men below.


She was answered with a spirited war cry.
Perhaps being led by such a cute commander just naturally heightened their spirits. 3

「Th-then? What next, Glis…?」
「Yeah, leave it to me.」

Inglis cleared her throat, stealing their attention before she raised her voice.

「Well then, as unworthy as I may be, this Inglis Eux shall give out the orders as per the commander’s instructions! All hands are to be stationed outside near the town’s walls and hold defense! Only take action when a magic stone beast is nearby!」

In other words, it was an order to just stand still and watch. They, in turn, raised bewildered voices.
Inglis took no heed of them and continued.

「Squire Inglis will charge at the enemy as the decoy to derange the incoming enemies! Once those magic stone beasts are at dismay, the High Grade Artifact will eradicate them! That’s all!」

Taking account of the power Rafinha’s Artifact had, this plan would be far quicker and safer than the otherwise mingling with the enemies.

「Understand now, Rani?」
「……So, the usual thing, but said with difficult words, right?」4

「That’s right. You’re good now?」

They exchanged quiet whispers with each other.

「Then. I, Inglis Eux, shall be dispatched to derange the enemies!」

Inglis exclaimed loudly so everyone could hear her before she leaped outside and plunged into the incoming herd of magic stone beasts.
Those beasts numbered dozens, but she took no regard of it and made a beeline at them.

「Wh-, what is she doing…!」
「That’s crazy! That number is too much!」
「Oi, wait! We have to stop her!」

There were screams from behind Inglis, as what she did seemed like a suicidal act in their eyes.
However, they soon would understand. This wasn’t even enough to make her break a sweat.


  1. Mab- To put it simply, Ymir’s lords spend more resources to protect the people before themselves, while Nova’s lords spend more resources to protect themselves before their people.
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