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Hello everyone, I am Alruna Zelenia 🙂 And what do I do here? Well, I'm an author (albeit a lazy one but one nonetheless) and I also do a bit of editing work for Hero King. Personally, I play for the other team, that's why I also like to write stories featuring power lesbian couples - they might not always be the main focus but they're there. Current Original work: Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened Current Edit work: Hero King

Hero King Chapter 14

Hallo readers!! Phew, wow, I’ve been so busy recently I kind of don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore sweat sweat
Oh, I would also like to inform you guys that starting from this chapter, it seems like Silva and Mab have started adding in comments (reference notes of their own). So I have put in Al (me), Sil (for Silva) and Mab (for Mab) in each of the reference notes, letting you guys know who said what 😛

Anyhow, enough of my jabbering, enjoy the read. As per usual, comment, like, shoutout to us 🙂 See ya guys tomorrow for next chapter!

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 8

G’day/eve, everyone 🙂 So I got good news and bad news! We’ll go with good first, I guess~

Good news: This is, as I have said many times before, one of my favourite chapters to write. And we have finally gotten here! So enjoy the read!!!

Bad news: I realized that I have probably taken on too much work at the same time onto myself (uni, this, Hero King edits and my FF story). Sooo, the update for this story might become a little slower (or might not, we’ll see. I might give my FF story a slower update instead, but only time will tell).

Anyhow, uhh… enjoy the read, comment, like, shout out to me. Anything 🙂 See you guys again soon.

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Hero King Chapter 12

Bonjour everyone! (have I used that before?) Anywho, I’m back again with another weekly update of duo chapters of Hero King edits 🙂
(no spoiler, but next chapter, Inglis is finally a little older so yaaayyy).

Anyhow, like~ comment~ holla~ at Mab and I for anything at all and enjoy the read 😀

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Hero King Chapter 11

हैलो (hailo, that’s hello in Hindi or so google says anyways) everyone! How you doing this fine day/night? It is I, one of the many Alruna’s around with another chapter of Hero King!!! (I swear one of these days, I will run out of unique ways of greeting or forget that I’ve used a certain one and repeat it). Anyhow, not much else to say other than, like~ comment~ shoutout~ & enjoy~ the read!!! See you next weeks 😀

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Hero King Chapter 10

Ni hao, everyone!!! So, this is the editor, (one of many) Alruna again. I finally finished up my uni lit review so phew… I can finally sleep better (at least for a day or two). I still got too many editing work and others to be doing. As always, give your likes, comments and shout outs to us 🙂 Much appreciated!!

P.S. oh, uhh… if you guys have some free time and like yuri (no gender bender though), do give my original novel a read.
Link here: Worlds Unknown

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 7

Hello guys, I do apologize for going AWOL for a while. I can promise you that it’s not that I don’t have more completed chapters but it’s just that I’ve been bogged down with my uni work and also my proofreader had just moved to a new place and had been unable to find time to proofread my chapters until just a few days ago. Anyhow, I am sorry again, if you’d like to read edited or rough draft chapters, they are on my Patreon. Anyhows, enjoy the read, guys (my proofreader is back).

P.S. This chapter goes into the explanation of the supernatural world a little and Avery’s species!!! Yes! See you next week!

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Hero King Chapter 9

Hiya readers! I am sad because while I finished all my edits… I had not been able to do much of my actual work, now I would have to rush my work and I would only be lucky if I can even get a wink of sleep tonight. I already woke up two days straight with headaches because of my lack of sleep :'( (My body requires lots of R&R 🙁 )

Anyways, go bother the TL while I go rush my work sob
Don’t forget to like and comment on the chapters, guys 🙁

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Hero King Chapter 8

ZzzZzZ :O Oh hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t see you there, dozed off for a bit. I haven’t been sleeping much lately because of the editing. You’d be surprised how long the editing takes for such short chapters :'(

Anyways, go love and hate that Mab for me.
I’ma go rest my eyes for a bit after this before I edit the next one.

Don’t forget to like and comment on the chapters, guys 🙂 (now, time for me to go die)

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Hero King Chapter 7

Yayyyy, another chapter done!!! I’m nearly dead, too much work to do… Intenseeeee headache!!!!
The wild Alruna runs away again!
(Laughs maniacally and scream back at you guys) YOU WON’T CATCH ME NEXT WEEEEEKKKK!!!!! TRUST ME, THERE WILL BE NO UPDATES NEXT WEEK!!

Go bother the TL Mab!!

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Hero King Chapter 5

Wednesday and another update… And this Alruna editor is dying from a lack of sleep and an extreme need to murder the author of this web novel. So, you know, go appreciate and love Mab for the translation, while I find a way to strangle that author (you’ll know why I want to strangle him if you read the chapter and look at my references).

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» Chapter 5 «

Hero King Chapter 4

It’s Tuesday! That means it’s time to see that Alruna again! Plus (meh~), updates for Hero King…
Orange you happy to see me? Nah, just kidding, bet you’re only happy for the Hero King chapters. I won’t delude myself 😐
Anyways, on you go to read the chapter, what’re you still doing here?

Oh, don’t forget to thank Mab for the translation, aye?

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» Chapter 4 «

[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 6

Namaste, everyone!! (That is a greeting, right? xD) Anyhow, it is I, Alruna here 🙂
I am so excited for you guys to read this chapter!!!!
This chapter shows more about Evelyn’s relationship with her best friend, Avery and also… Evelyn’s first supernatural attack. Yikes!!

Anyways, thank you for your readership and don’t forget to motivate me with likes and comments 🙂 Stay safe and have a good week!

P.S. Oh I nearly forgot! I bet you guys didn’t even notice the new cover since none of you actually go look at the index page! 🙂 The art I commissioned is finally done and I am soooo elated about it! It’s soooo beautiful! This is only the front cover – the art is a front/back cover commission. So, everyone, please go and share some love with this amazing artist who did the absolutely wondrous artwork: Cristiano Reina

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