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Hello everyone, I am Alruna Zelenia 🙂 And what do I do here? Well, I'm an author (albeit a lazy one but one nonetheless) and I also do a bit of editing work for Hero King. Personally, I play for the other team, that's why I also like to write stories featuring power lesbian couples - they might not always be the main focus but they're there. Current Original work: Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened Current Edit work: Hero King

[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 3

What’s up, guys? ‘The sky’ Sorry, lame joke, moving on~

Anyways… It’s me again, one of the many Alruna’s!

It’s a new week! And a new chapter! And more yuri! What more could you ask for?
I’m excited, but the bad news is, you won’t see the actual supernatural stuff until chapter 6. So, hang in there 😛 And stay alive until then!

Keep the love and comments coming <3 😀 It makes the little girl in me very happy~

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[Original] Worlds Unknown Chapter 2

Heya guys, I finished this chapter and got my proofreader friend to go through it already. So hopefully, there ain’t gonna be too many mistakes in there. If there is, please do let me know. I would like to perfect the story (well, at least the grammar, spelling and tenses side of it).

Anyhow, we are still currently at the tame part of the story, with mild f/f. Here, you start to see the traces of supernatural through a more human point of view. We still have about at least two or three more chapters before we get to the fun part. Y’all still on board? Righteo then, lez get to it 🙂

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[Original Novel] Worlds Unknown

Hello everyone, this is Alruna here. I am an avid reader and a lazy writer, I write when I have nothing good to read. So, lez hope that I have nothing good to read for a long time so that I’ll be able to finish this story as soon as possible.

Anyhow, this story ‘Worlds Unknown’ has been in the works for me for years, that I kept dropping and picking up and editing along the way. Throughout all these edits, I could even see the way I have been maturing over the years. So now, finally, once and for all, I am ready to finally show my work to the world. Although most of what I have written is still in need of some editing, you’ll know that at least I have most of the storylines planned out.

So, won’t you guys join me in this adventure with my fictional lead human character, Evelyn as she stumbles headfirst into an unknown world of supernatural where her life-or-death hangs over her head every second of the day? Sounds fun to me ;P I will try to update this as soon as I can possibly make it.

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