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The Seraphim Observer

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No Image The Seraphim Observer (熾天使さんは傍観者) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Mitsuki Ina (位名月).

Category: Gender Bender

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At his core, Kushiki Minato is inherently lazy, but with a screw loose somewhere in his psyche. While defending a friend from a random assailant, he ends up getting stabbed. Despite his injuries, he manages to beat the attacker to a pulp before succumbing to his wounds. Due to the unusual nature of his death, a bewildered deity grants him the body of a female angel and assigns him duties in the celestial realm.

Unable to shed his original workaholic tendencies, Minato quickly rises to the rank of Seraphim in the heavens. However, accumulating too much virtue, he is slated for reincarnation. While he’s granted the opportunity to reincarnate with special abilities, Minato, yearning for a long break, wishes to the deity to become the secondary personality within a dual personality.

In a world slightly more advanced than present-day Japan, every human is born with a unique ability, known as an “anomaly.” Virtual life forms, colloquially known as “Virtual Entities,” exist; some harm humans while others don’t. In this world, Minato, as the subdued secondary personality, occasionally intervenes but mostly watches over his overpowering main personality, who tends to be rather “cheat-like” or excessively powerful.

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