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Chapter 5 – A Proposal for Reincarnation (Long-term Vacation)

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Soaring with three pairs of wings spread out, I traversed a space filled with vast blue skies and clouds. The Creator God Ren, who had summoned me, was secluded in a unique dimension. Only a select few, including Creator God Ren himself, could employ special means of transportation like teleportation.

Normally, for long-distance travel, I’d simply teleport swiftly. However, the fact that I’m flying at speeds exceeding sound by spreading my wings is because the darn God who called me here hasn’t permitted me to teleport.

I’ve given up my day off to come here; I’d appreciate if we could wrap things up quickly.

After about 30 minutes of flapping my wings, a palace floating in the sky comes into view. Probably because I’ve visited so many times for work, the angels patrolling around, like knights, give me a nod of acknowledgment as I pass by.

Not wanting to deal with tedious procedures, I head straight to the rooftop space where I can sense the strongest divine aura.

“Ah, sorry for calling you out so abruptly, Seras,” a voice greets me. It belongs to Creator God Ren, who, despite appearing like a boy, exudes the aura of an elderly sage.

“No problem. I had some free time in my schedule today. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my rest, it’s fine,” I respond.

“That’s good to hear.”


This darn god blatantly ignores my thoughts.

Typically, even harboring impolite thoughts towards a god could result in one’s immediate annihilation. However, my circumstances are unique, so as long as I don’t commit outright treason, I’m tolerated.

With me openly pondering these thoughts right in front of him, the deity wears a gleeful grin.

“Well, well, I believe you’ll find the upcoming discussion rather delightful, Seras.”

“Oh? Are you granting me some vacation time?”

I highly doubt this darn god would offer something as generous as a vacation. After all, he instills the joy of labor in his subordinates from birth. He’s essentially the CEO of a black-hole corporation.

“Setting aside your opinion of me, Seras, I have a task I’d like you to handle in place of all your current responsibilities.”


A job that requires halting all my current tasks? Is this god seriously trying to break my spirit?

“Is that okay? If I step away, many tasks will likely get delayed…”

“Oh, that’s not a problem. At most, efficiency might drop by around 30% without you. And while they might not match your caliber, you’ve trained successors who can manage.”

“Well, I suppose that’s true.”

Indeed, over these 50 billion years, I’ve mentored many, ensuring they can manage the system I’ve set up even in my absence.

“Now, about the task I’d like you to undertake, Seras.”

“I’d prefer something not too demanding.”

“It’s not that strenuous. I just want you to reincarnate and save a world.”

…Has this god finally gone mad?

“Your inner voice remains as rude as ever.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t read my thoughts?”

Despite my cheeky remark, the deity continues to smile without a hint of annoyance. Putting that aside…

“So, reincarnation? Why?”

“It’s simple. One of the gods responsible for managing a world made an error, causing a fissure in that world’s fate. It wouldn’t be an issue if it was isolated to that world, but it seems the fissure is deeper than anticipated, potentially affecting other worlds.”

“I see. And we can’t just intervene and repair it from here?”

“Exactly. If we patch up the fissure externally, the flow of destiny gets disrupted.”

“Hence, the need for reincarnation.”

I understand the general idea. First and foremost, I’d like to give a piece of my mind to the god responsible for the mistake, but I’ll let it slide.

On reflection, this might not be a bad offer. In a human’s lifespan, if I can accomplish the minimal task of saving the world, I might secure a long-term vacation.

“Exactly! As long as you save that world, you can live the rest of your life as you wish.”

“Could you please refrain from reading my mind?”

“Well, it’s not a bad proposal, right?”

“I’d like to hear more details before making a judgment.”

According to the Creator God, the world I’ll be reincarnating into is similar to the one I lived in previously, where science and technology have advanced. Differences include: it’s more technologically advanced than my previous world, every inhabitant possesses a unique ability known as “Inou” (異能) from birth, and there exist peculiar creatures known as “Virtual Bodies”.

Ah, it’s a world I’ve been involved with several times through work.

The plan for my reincarnation is to embody a hero seed prepared by that world’s corrective forces. By infusing my energy atop the world’s inherent corrective force, the goal is to steer it back to its rightful destiny.

“I understand the situation, but is my energy alone sufficient? I’m just an angel swamped with work.”

“That won’t be an issue. I didn’t mention this as you seemed unconcerned, but due to continuous upgrades, your body has achieved the rank of ‘Seraph’, meaning you’ve become the highest ranking being among angels.”

“…This is the first I’m hearing of this.”

“I didn’t feel the need to tell you.”

“…Well, I consent to the reincarnation.”

I admit, even if I were told, I might have thought, “So what?”.

However, if my reincarnation is purely for the sake of ensuring sufficient energy, then do I really need to be the main force behind saving the world? For instance,

“Why can’t I just act as a guardian spirit for that hero seed?”

“That’s not a bad idea. However, doing so would weaken the connection with the world, making complete correction impossible.”

“…I see. How about this proposal?”

“Interesting. I don’t see any problems with that, do you?”

“In that case, I’d like it to be done that way.”

This might be the best way to avoid overworking. It’s an excellent idea, even if I say so myself.

“Alright, I’ll arrange your reincarnation as per your request.”

“You’re doing it now? I’m ready, but I haven’t handed over my current duties.”

I feel indifferent since it’s my juniors who’ll face the challenges, but I also feel slightly guilty.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll issue directives on my end.”

“That settles it then.”

The angels who are part of the ‘Devout Force’ would likely jump into action with enthusiasm if God himself gave them tasks.

“Shall we begin the reincarnation process?”

As the Creator God says this, extending his hand towards me, light emanates from around me. As the light fills my vision, I, who haven’t needed sleep for roughly 50 billion years, experience the sensation of losing consciousness once again.


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