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Chapter 3 – The End of a Man, The Beginning of an Angel

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As I lowered my gaze to the water’s surface, it reflected a girl, draped in a white veil, with long black hair, perfectly embodying both cuteness and beauty.

“This can’t be real…”

Touching my skin to reaffirm the feeling of my clearly transformed body from just a few seconds ago, I felt the delicate texture of my skin and the noticeably slender lines of my physique.

And then…


Expectedly, the very organ, the symbol of manhood I had rarely used during my life, was gone. In its place, although it sounded odd to phrase it like that, there was a modest amount of fat accumulating in the chest area.

Sure, the specifications of this new body were worlds apart from before… Anyone who saw would mistake me for an angel…

Still, as I gazed at my reflection, confirming these new sensations…

Well… being cute isn’t so bad!

Honestly, if someone were to ask if I was attached to my former body, I’d say it was all complexes. Being able to become a cute girl, and avoiding suffering in hell, it’s a good deal!

Thinking that, my mind quickly moved to the tasks in heaven that Ramuel had mentioned earlier. As I was lost in thought,

“Have you calmed down? I would like to explain in detail about the transmission,”

said Ramuel, reaching out at the perfect time.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Could you please explain?”

“Yes, of course.”

With her ever-beautiful smile, Ramuel began,

“Your role, Mr. Kuushiki, is something akin to a messenger in heaven.”

“A messenger?”

“Yes, but not like me, who conveys the orders directly from our Lord. You’ll primarily deliver inter-departmental communications in heaven.”

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Listening to Ramuel’s detailed explanation, it seems there are various tasks in heaven and respective departments for each. However, there’s no email-like method of communication in heaven. They rely on telepathy for some, and for others, paper or verbal communication.

“Until now, whoever was available took on the messenger’s role. But by appointing you, Mr. Kuushiki, we aim to streamline our operations.”

“I see. And how should I communicate?”

“Basically, through verbal communication.”


“It’s verbal. We angels have been granted a perfect memory from the Lord. So, once we’re told something verbally, we never forget.”

I see. At first, I thought it was such an old-fashioned way to communicate, but I guess angels operate on a totally different basic spec than humans.

“But… wouldn’t I forget the details?”

Upon expressing my genuine concern, Ramuel looked slightly surprised for a moment, then chuckled.

“No need to worry. You’ve been given an angelic body by the Lord as well.”

“Wait, is this body an angel’s?!”

“Yes, precisely. Should I explain more about your new body?”

According to Ramuel, my body belongs to the lowest rank of angels. Still, being created by God, it boasts far superior specs compared to humans. As Ramuel mentioned earlier, it possesses a perfect memory, no need for rest or sleep, and if I wished, wings would appear, allowing me to fly.

For reference, Ramuel is of the second rank, a “Cherub.”

“I understand, for the most part.”

“That’s good to hear.”

As she said that, Ramuel smiled warmly. Indeed, recalling our prior conversation, I could remember every word. And if everything she said was accurate…


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“Wow, they really do appear.”

On a whim, I tried to fly, and a pair of wings sprouted from my back. Perhaps due to heightened motor skills, I instantly knew how to maneuver these wings I’d never used before.

“It seems you’re functioning properly.”

“It appears so.”

“Now, I shall deliver the final message from our Lord to you. Once this message is conveyed, you’ll be officially recognized as an angel, Mr. Kuushiki, and you can start your role as a messenger.”

With that, Ramuel took out another piece of parchment and began to read.

“Kuushiki Minato, I hereby grant you a new name as an official recognition of your angelic status.”

“Your new name shall be Seras.”

As Ramuel declared my new name, a mysterious voice, neither clearly male nor female, overlapped with hers.

Once the proclamation ended, the parchment Ramuel held turned into particles of light, gathering above my head. As the light grew too bright to see, I felt a distinct change.

“…This is truly incredible.”

The light particles formed a halo above my head, offering me a novel sensory experience. My perception range and recognition of certain “entities” had definitively changed.

While I was marveling at this, Ramuel spoke with a bright smile,

“Now, you too have become an angel. Do your best in your work, Seras.”


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