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Chapter 1 – The End of Life

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– Machine translation lacks the ability to fully comprehend context, it may contain misinterpretations and incorrect translations.
– Please be aware that this is not a full-fledged project but rather a teaser designed to give you a taste of the story’s potential.
– Its primary purpose is to help patrons make informed decisions about which novel they would like to support for a full translation.
– For more information, check out this post: Introducing Machine Translated Teasers!

All human lives eventually come to an end.

As humans grow, everyone comes to understand this inevitable fact. Some fight against this reality, while others embrace it, seeking to leave a mark during their short time.

I believe I was one of the lazier ones among such humans.

I chose my life’s path somewhat aimlessly, consistently scoring average or just below average grades. I landed a job in the same casual manner and worked without particular enthusiasm.

Continuing to do only what came easily, I expected to age in a daze, waiting for life’s end without leaving any notable legacy.

My name, Kushiki Minato, is a reflection of a life lived with an almost resigned acceptance of its transient nature.

Perhaps that’s why, when one of my few friends’ lives was threatened by an unknown assailant wielding a knife, I was able to instinctively shield him without hesitation.

Well, I’m not so kind-hearted that I’d just let myself be killed. The moment the assailant thrust the knife, I grabbed his hand and continued to punch his face until I lost consciousness.

Flooded with adrenaline, I kept on hitting him mindlessly. By the time I verified that the face of the unknown assailant was barely recognizable, I no longer felt resistance from him. Simultaneously, I could feel my consciousness fading away.

…Well, it was bound to happen.

With such thoughts, my consciousness faded, marking the mundane end of my life.

Or so I thought…

“Where is this…?”

Surprisingly, I regained consciousness. Before me, an endless starry sky and an immeasurable water surface, swaying like a lake.

At some point, I was dressed in patient-like robes. When I looked down, my bare feet stood on the water’s surface, sending ripples outwards from where I stood.

“It seems the afterlife is rather beautiful.”

Muttering to no one in particular,

“That’s indeed true.”


A beautiful female voice responded from behind me. Turning in surprise, I saw a gorgeous woman, reminiscent of a figure from a painting, smiling warmly.

“This space was graciously prepared by my master.”

Her smile deepened as she spoke.

…Yikes. She’s definitely someone to be wary of.


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