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Chapter 4 – Heavenly Corporate Slave

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Since receiving the name “Seras” and becoming an angel, time has swiftly passed by.

Right after my angelic transformation, Ramuel handed me a “manual of indescribable nature.” After a quick read, I was immediately thrown into the field.

I had somewhat underestimated my role as a messenger. It’s fair to say that my assumption was naive.

The angels around me, with their tireless bodies and overwhelming specs, worked incessantly. My workload, therefore, seemed unending. For someone as lazy as me, the prospect of continuous work without a break was nothing short of torturous.

After a while into my messenger duties, unable to bear the relentless strain, I once asked an angel who had assigned me a task, “Don’t you ever feel like taking a break?” To which, the angel replied,

“Serving the Lord is our utmost joy.”

In hindsight, it made perfect sense. Angels are, after all, entities created solely for God. They’re more relentless than any factory robot tirelessly operating day in and day out.

With computational capabilities that would put supercomputers to shame and specs surpassing both robots and humans, their indestructible bodies work at astonishing efficiencies. To make matters more challenging, the more tasks they complete, the more they feel mentally rewarded, thinking, “I’m serving the Lord!”

Upon realizing this, I stopped expecting any changes in the environment.

I focused on optimizing my performance, looking for ways to efficiently tackle tasks in hopes of carving out some rest. After about five years, I finally managed to secure around 5 hours of free time. For resting, I was granted the very same space where I was given my angelic identity and body.

As my efficiency improved and rest hours increased, oddly enough, my workload doubled.

Though I wished to raise objections to God about this sudden surge, the pressing work left no room for such complaints, and the work environment wasn’t very accommodating for grievances either.

While internally screaming, I pushed my body and mind beyond their limits. Miraculously, in about ten years, I managed to find some rest time again.

But then, the nature of my job expanded. “That’s not the deal, ******* God!”

Not only did I work within Heaven, but I was now liaising with the demons of Hell. They said a certain rank was required to venture outside Heaven, so my body was upgraded. Yet, an unsettling suspicion arose in my mind.

…Is this an infinite loop?

Every time I became efficient at a task, more tasks got added.

50 years in, and tasks related to Hell increased. 100 years, and not just communication, but negotiations increased. 1,000 years, and negotiations intensified. 5,000 years, and the rank of the negotiating parties elevated, transforming my body. 10,000 years, and tasks further increased. 100,000 years, and a whole new set of duties arose, leading to another transformation. A million years, and tasks from another world managed by God got added, followed by another upgrade. 100 million years, and my role with God expanded, accompanied by yet another transformation…

After roughly 300 million years, I was juggling tasks related to communication, negotiation, and system operations across 50 worlds, achieving an annual leave of 2 days.

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Before I knew it, I had six wings in three pairs and a crown-like halo atop my head. Although I was aware of my improved capabilities, I hadn’t noticed such drastic changes in my appearance until recently.

If my wings have increased, I might further enhance my physical work efficiency…

Speaking of which, during my years of service, I realized that the God who had given me my name and body was quite a high-ranking deity amongst the countless worlds and gods. Known officially as the Creator God Ren, the upgrades to my body were executed using his powers of creation.

…And so, approximately after 50 billion years, I was summoned by Creator God Ren.


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