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Chapter 2 – Afterlife

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Circle-warning.gif Kindly note that the novel you are currently reading is 100% machine-translated.
– Machine translation lacks the ability to fully comprehend context, it may contain misinterpretations and incorrect translations.
– Please be aware that this is not a full-fledged project but rather a teaser designed to give you a taste of the story’s potential.
– Its primary purpose is to help patrons make informed decisions about which novel they would like to support for a full translation.
– For more information, check out this post: Introducing Machine Translated Teasers!

…She’s definitely bad news.

Almost blurting out that thought, my minimal social skills, honed from living in society, somehow kept it in check.

In the afterlife, meeting an incredibly gorgeous woman with a fanatic aura is like a jackpot…

As I was pondering this, the beauty furrowed her brows slightly, maintaining her radiant smile.

Damn, I was too perplexed by the situation that my mind wandered off…

“Um… hello…? I’m Minato Kushi. Nice to meet you.”

Somehow squeezing out those words from my chaotic mind, the beautiful woman responded with a smile,

“Yes, hello. I have been tasked by my master to convey a message to you. My name is Lamuel.”

So, this stunning woman goes by the name Lamuel… It sounds like something out of a biblical tale. Maybe this afterlife has a connection to those ancient angels and deities.

But Lamuel said she had a message for me. Why go through the trouble of crafting this vast space and summoning an angelic figure just to relay a message?

“You have a message… for me?”

I had imagined a quick judgment, with a stern Yama processing souls like an assembly line, swiftly sending me straight to hell.

“Yes, I have received a decree from my master and I’m here to convey it to you.”

Lamuel began to read from what looked like parchment.

“Minato Kushi, we have deliberated over your good deeds and transgressions in life, including consultations with Lord Yama.”

“You were initially destined for the tortures of hell to atone for your sins. However, due to your undeniable acts of kindness, you will serve in the heavens until the taint on your soul is purified.”

“You will be given a body I have prepared for your labor in heaven. …That’s all.”

…Wait, what???

“Now, let us proceed with the body exchange.”


As she clapped her hands, my perspective suddenly shifted, causing me to look up slightly at Lamuel.

“…You can’t be serious.”

My eyes darted down to my reflection. Previously, I saw my usual self in a hospital gown, but now…

“You’ve got to be kidding…”

Reflected in the water was a girl, draped in a white veil, with long black hair, exuding both beauty and cuteness.


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