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Interlude – The Melancholy of Creator God Ren

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As Seras’s outline blurred and faded from sight, the light that had enveloped the surroundings receded. Once I had confirmed that I had sent Seras to her reincarnation destination, I lowered my outstretched hand.


I realized I had let out an unconscious sigh, and a smile broke across my face. From the very beginning, he—or rather, she—had always been a handful.

Thinking back, my melancholy began about 50 billion years ago. It was when Enma-kun came to consult me in my palace.

“Creator God Ren, I need your advice.”

“Hmm? What is it, Enma-kun?”

The one earnestly kneeling before me, trying his best to shrink his massive 10m+ form, was Enma-kun, whom I had created quite some time ago as the judge of hell. He’s always been a good being, diligently following the manual I gave him, but it was rare for him to come seeking advice.

“I hate to trouble you, Creator God Ren, but there is a departed soul I wish to discuss.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“Well, this particular soul…”

From Enma-kun’s story, it seems there was a human who died in a rather unique manner. Apparently, in a situation where they weren’t fated to die, they bent fate solely through sheer will, saving a friend who was supposed to die and killing the perpetrator who wasn’t meant to die there, resulting in their own death as well.

“Sounds like a spirited one.”

“Yes. While it’s within the realms of correctional power, so there’s no issue, this person has the ability to change fate yet their mentality is neither quite heroic nor saintly, yet they aren’t so malevolent to be termed insane.”

“I see.”

Usually, in such cases, the verdict is given based on the merits of changing fate and the individual’s mental state, but in this case, both are hard to judge clearly.


They’re not wicked enough to be punished in hell, yet not virtuous enough to dwell in heaven…

“Then, I’ll take care of this departed soul.”

“You mean…?”

“Yes, I plan to have them work as an angel under me. However, I’m thinking of keeping their pre-death mentality intact.”

“I see… After all, labor in the heavens isn’t something a human spirit can easily endure.”

“When their spirit wears down just right, we can then return them to the cycle of reincarnation.”

At the time, I just thought it was something unusual and that I just had to wait for reports on this soul not working out as an angel after I granted it a name and form.

However, a few years later, the report I received left me doubting my ears. The angel Seras, whom I had named and formed, wasn’t overwhelmed by the labor. In fact, she was so at ease that she started taking breaks on her own.

It was hard to believe, but considering she had a willpower strong enough to twist fate in her previous life, such things could happen. I decided to increase her workload, thinking she’d break down in a few years.

…However, the report that reached me after those years was again about Seras taking unauthorized breaks.

What’s going on? We’re reaching the limits of what jobs can be increased within the heavens…

What puzzled me even more was when I called Seras, it was revealed that her abilities had improved.

Normally, angels don’t grow since they’re perfect from the moment I create them. No angel questions this. However, maybe due to Seras retaining her original spirit, with her desire to rest and rebellious spirit against me, she upgraded her capabilities to the “Archangel” level.

Though I was perplexed, I thought it was convenient. I updated her form to “Archangel” and increased her duties involving hell.

…Yet, Seras’s spirit didn’t break. Her abilities continued to improve, and before I realized it, she had become a “Seraphim.”

Strange… I thought her spirit would break eventually, but she remained intact, even playfully taunting me in her mind the last time we met.

Those taunts mainly pertained to the laborious tasks I set to try and break her spirit. She never showed any genuine signs of rebellion, so punishing her wasn’t an option.

Initially, some angels even bore hostility towards the self-resting Seras, but now, many beings outside of heaven admire and respect her for her work ethic.

Lately, due to her accumulating merits, I feel she’s even starting to exude a divine aura…

…Well, that’s the backstory of how I, unsure of how to handle the overly virtuous Seras, proposed reincarnation to get her away from her current duties.

With Seras’s capabilities, saving a world would be a piece of cake. I hoped that she’d slack off as much as possible to reduce her virtue. Thus, her proposal was a blessing for me.

Yet, even if I can read minds, I can’t truly grasp Seras’s thoughts. How did she come up with wanting to be the “hidden personality of a dual personality”?

Well… she’s not a bad kid, and she seemed satisfied. So, I guess it’s fine…


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