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GNN’s Coverage of Nagatsuki Tappei’s Visit to Taiwan

[J-Art Professor 16] “Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-” Nagatsuki Tappei has Come to Taiwan – He Looks for Inspiration from Butchering Meat


Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-’s author, Nagatsuki Tappei, was invited by Chingwin Publishing Group (青文出版社) to come to Taiwan today to hold an autograph session at the 2016, 17th Comic Fair.  Coinciding with Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-’s anime adaption climax, as well as the author being unable to forget the Taiwanese reader’s enthusiasm, the publisher promised to invite him again to Taiwan.

[Taiwanese Version Cover of Vol 6]

“Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-” tells the story of Natsuki Subaru, who had just left a convenience store and was heading home when he was suddenly summoned to another world.  Could this be the popular otherworld summoning?!  He could accept not meeting his summoner, but worse greeted him as he was thrown into a life threatening situation after bumping into robbers.  At this moment, a mysterious silver-haired beauty and cat spirit saved him from the hopeless situation.  To return the favor, Subaru volunteered to help the girl find her item.  They managed to find some clues, but Subaru and the girl were attacked and killed by an unknown person… or so it should have happened.  When he regained his consciousness, Subaru found himself in the place where he was first summoned to.  “Return by Death” – the only ability this powerless teenager was given, reverses time to the start after he dies.  Challenging the countless desperations, he tries to save the girl from the fate of death!

[Nagatsuki Tappei with Re:Zero Merch]

“Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-” was originally published by the author online as a web novel on “Become a Novelist” (小説家になろう).  After its popularity as a fictional light novel, the anime adaption was launched in 2016.  During the author’s first visit to Taiwan to participate in events, he was worried about his popularity and was nervous.  But after receiving his Taiwanese fans’ warm welcoming, he was moved greatly.  That’s why he was extremely happy to be able to return to Taiwan again for these events.  Before today’s media interviews, Chingwin received an enthusiastic reader’s hand drawn portrait.  Nagatsuki Tappei was so happy that he had brought the portrait with him to the interview.

[Nagatsuki Tappei with the Lucky Fan]

While he was receiving the gift, Nagatsuki was asked by the reader a couple simple questions.  One of them was: why did the author have to abuse Natsuki Subaru so much in the work?  Nagatsuki replied with a smile, “That’s because it’s more fun this way!”  He then went on to explain that he believed a protagonist that has grown stronger by facing adversity is the best kind of character.  Therefore, in order for his protagonist to continue growing, he would insert such abuses in the story.  Because he likes Subaru, he also wishes Subaru could work hard.  But at the same time, he also thinks he has been a bit too nice to Subaru, and may make the future a bit tougher for Subaru.

The talk moved onto his volume 8, and when the author modified his head portrait to a mango ice cream, he stated Taiwanese foods are very delicious.  Whether it be the dumplings he ate yesterday, or the beef noodles he tasted during his last visit, they were all tasty.  However, stinky tofu had to strong of a smell, so he was unable to try it.

[Nagatsuki Tappei with a portrait picture]

When it came to talking about the light novel, Nagatsuki explained that “Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-” began as a web serialization, so as long as he was given some inspiration, he could expand on it.  However, when publishing a light novel, due to space limitations, he had to express his thoughts, characters, and mood to readers within a word limit.  The author believes this was a relatively difficult task for the adaptation.

In regards to this part, he would sometimes debate with his editor because the author wants his personal preferences reflected on the text, while the editor wants to modify the author’s work into a presentable product.  As a result, the editor’s opinions are also very important.

Still, Nagatsuki Tappei is not a full-time writer.  On weekdays, he would work at a butcher shop in charge of chopping meat, and occasionally as a cashier.  Therefore, while he is “handling” those meat products, he would think about the development of the plot.  While he shared his experience at work, Nagatsuki grinned and said: “sometimes, while I’m chopping meat, I would shout ‘Natsuki Subaru!’”  Aside from writing, he also enjoys watching movies and playing board games.

[Nagatsuki holding Taiwanese Vol 1 & Merch]

Why did he decided to embark on the road of an author?  He explained that he began his light novel creation journey ever since he was in Japan.  Even after he entered society, he continued working on it.  When he began working, “Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-” was not yet a light novel; even after it became a light novel, he was maintaining his work at the butcher shop while writing.  He continued on with: “But if I was given the chance, I would love for it to become a full-time job.  Though I don’t hate my job at the butcher shop, as moments of inspirations emerge while I’m chopping meat.  If the chance arises, I hope to become a professional writer.”

When talking about when the protagonist dies, and where the protagonist revives, the author remarked: “Basically when Subaru is filled with regret and despair, I would think up of a scenario that is most fitting for him to die.  After all, it’s not that easy for one to face death.  As for where the protagonist revives, because it’ll reveal some spoilers, I can only say… if Subaru can change something at that fitting moment, then he will revive at that point.”

[Nagatsuki pose]

When it came to the anime adaption’s performance, the author stated that the animation production has been given to relevant professionals, and because the focus of the story is relatively the same as the source material, he won’t interfere with the animation company’s approach.

A reporter had asked the author how had conceptualized episode 18’s dialogues, and whether he himself had experienced a similar conversation.  Nagatsuki replied by saying he would not have had such negative thoughts.  Rather, he described his thought process as: “I went along the lines of ‘if Subaru had had these things happen before.’  By following this train of thought, these ideas will naturally form in my mind.”

In regards to episode 18’s pre-launch advertisement set up in the Japanese subway stations, the editor explained that this episode was very important for the work, therefore they wanted more people to watch this episode and specially set up the subway ads.

[Nagatsuki Tappei Signing]

[Nagatsuki Tappei’s Subaru Pose]

In addition, Subaru’s “special” ringtone in episode 19 is based on the protagonist’s character and personality.  In the original work, the ground dragon he rode was called “Patrash,” therefore the author used “A Dog of Flanders” music as the ringtone for when the White Whale arrived.

[Nagatsuki Tappei receiving flowers]

When it came to his favorite seiyuu (voice actor), the author, while smiling, claimed it would have to be Felix’s seiyuu, Hori Yui, based on personal preferences.  But if he really had to say, the seiyuu responsible for Natsuki Subaru, Kobayashi Yusuke, has been superb.  Because of Kobayashi’s relationship, the protagonist’s personality has been faithfully reproduced in anime.

[Nagatsuki Tappei’s meet your fan event, pic with Rem cosplay] 

Who is Nagatsuki Tappei’s favorite character from the source material?  The author stated he would not deliberately rank the characters he created, but if he were to say who would be first, it would definitely be the main heroine “EMT!”  But if he were to choose a person selected by the King’s Election, it would be Crusch.  Although the author is in the EMT cult, because Crusch’s personality is the strongest, he thinks letting her become king would not be a bad choice.

At the end of Nagatsuki Tappei’s event, he declared that he was extremely happy that the people from Taiwan were able to enjoy his work.  Because he is happy about being able to create this work, if he is able to share this joy, as well as the interesting places and their charms in this work, he would be even happier.

[Nagatsuki Tappei picture with all his fans]

[2016 Comic Exhibition Event 17th]



Chapter 151 – Unparalleled Strength

Although there were great talents that matured slowly in this world, that was only the minority after all. Talent, it was usually manifested in juvenile stage and made them stand out from the masses.

That was all the more so in the path of Daoism. As long as one had a divine ability, they would surpass the majority of their peers. Therefore, people paid particular attention to the youths that were in the forefront positions. That was because in the twenty or thirty years to come, they might become an all-powerful figure.

Especially the twenty odd years practitioners. These distinguished figures were subjected to constant observation. Such as Windfeathers, Zhao Chongyang, and the Solitary Sword Demon of the south. Their strength was indisputable. There was hardly anyone who could stand up to them among their peers.

Although Lambda in the Eight Celestial Layer could also be considered a powerful youth, his age was still a little too old. What people cared about was potential!

If a twenty odd years person was put up against a thirty odd years warrior and still came out on top, that was what people paid the most particular attention to!

Wuxing Feng, his reputation was really too great. He was the legend of the north. It was true that none among his peers could stand up to him. Of course, the so-called “north” did not mean the northern part of the immortal’s mainland. Rather, it was to the north of the Celestial City; the Terra Empire that was only thousands of miles away.

Although the territory in the north was not much bigger than the south desolate region, it was not densely covered by primitive forest like the south. The north was a rich and powerful country, with high population, and concentrated towns.

In this kind of genuine nation, the warriors had to trample on the glory of countless people to make themselves stand out. After all, the population was really too high.

Wuxing Feng, nobody from the youth generation knew of his true strength. He had never been defeated among his peers. When confronting his enemies, he always finished the battle within a second! All he needed was a few strikes!

This kind of figure was nothing in the eyes of the older generation, but he was practically a god in the eyes of the youth generation. In the north, there were only one or two young warriors capable of standing up against him.

Nobody expected that Aeon would bring someone like this to the south.

Wuxing Feng ⌈1⌋, with a tall and straight stature, long eyelashes, and star-like pupils. Although he was very calm, the moment he showed himself, everyone could feel a huge pressure weighing down on them. He did not do it deliberately. This was naturally developed!

Looking at his attitude, it seemed like he was not submissive towards Prince Li and was completely treated as an equal.

The elites at present seemed to have realized something. Wuxing Feng came from an ancient clan and possessed extremely huge power. An outstanding talent of his age wouldn’t choose to become the prince’s commander.

When he made an appearance, everyone could link it to many things. Maybe Prince Li did not come to the south merely for the “warbeast tournament”. It was very possible that he was given some kind of royal mission. As for Wuxing Feng, seemed like his job was to deal with the young warriors of the south. Maybe the Terra Empire wanted to suppress the youth with the youth, thereby displaying the absolute strength of the empire. This might be a sign that they wanted to regain the south desolate region.

The older generation must not get involved in the battles of the youth. This was the unwritten rule of the immortal’s mainland. Otherwise many young warriors might had already been strangled to death in the cradle.This unwritten rule was indispensable.

“Xiao Chen, I’ve heard of you.” With a dull expression and bright gaze, Wuxing Feng already walked in front of Xiao Chen and stood there quietly.

“I haven’t heard of you.” Xiao Chen said casually. The two of them really had a striking resemblance. Their body stature, black hair, long eyelashes, and sharp gaze were similar.

Everyone at present was shocked that Wuxing Feng had actually heard of Xiao Chen already, and yet, Aeon didn’t know about him. It was made clear that he had nothing to do with Aeon. He was really not a very good fit as a “commander”. As such, they could also tell that the people of the south had underestimated Xiao Chen. That was because he had actually caught the attention of Wuxing Feng.

At the same time, everyone was shocked by Xiao Chen’s words. This Xiao Chen was really…… too arrogant! He actually spoke to Wuxing Feng with such an attitude and said that he had never heard of him. Wasn’t this a little too much?!

Wuxing Feng smiled. His snow-white teeth and handsome face seemed to be glittering. The pressure engulfed all directions like a storm. Everyone couldn’t help but retreat backwards. The ruins on the ground were rumbling. The debris and broken beams under Wuxing Feng’s feet floated up unceasingly before they broke into tiny pieces.

Only Xiao Chen and himself were left in the field.

“Alright, now that you know me, you will never forget about me in the future.”

Hearing his words, everyone at present knew what it meant. According to the rumors, he wouldn’t kill an opponent which he regarded as important. He wanted to spare their lives and challenge them again in the future. That’s right, that was the point of view of the victor. As for losing, he had never considered it.

Looking at this powerful, calm, and handsome man, a few beauties outside of the field felt that their heartstrings had been struck. Their beautiful eyes possessed a strange glint.

“It is impossible not to get acquainted with you anymore. Come! This battle cannot be avoided.” Xiao Chen wasn’t really an egomaniac. He could feel an unprecedented pressure. This powerful opponent was really very formidable. He might be in for a trouble today.

A simple punch. Wuxing Feng’s movement was very slow, his punch was slowly pushing on, but that powerful pressure was as sharp as a knife blade. It made the spectators far away feel extreme pain on their cheeks.

Before the right fist, the strong wind and golden rays of light were smacking Xiao Chen like a fierce ocean wave. The forceful aura couldn’t be stopped.

This was a true expert. Or at the very least, there was really no one among the peers who could stand up against him. It made Xiao Chen feel an unprecedented pressure. Although the opponent’s golden fist was pushing on very slowly, it sealed off all of his ways out. If he dared to dodge out of the way, then that fist which had accumulated an unimaginable amount of power would definitely increase its speed to an unfathomable level and deliver a fatal blow to Xiao Chen. There was no opening for him to break out, a punch with boundless pressure, a punch that couldn’t be avoided!

God Slayer!

Xiao Chen used this technique without the slightest hesitation. He felt a huge pressure and had no choice but to spare no effort to shake it off. Wuxing Feng was forcing him to go all out.

From this, they could tell that Wuxing Feng was a powerful figure. Even in a battle, he wanted to direct everything and force his opponent to stake it all.

Countless golden radiance flickered, the three inches swords and blades made out of concentrated golden rays of light were filled with an ancient vibe, as if they were ancient divine weapons that just got unearthed a moment ago. Untold numbers of swords gathered together and formed a golden sea of swords. They surged forward with great momentum.

Everyone was shocked. The elites had already heard of this; Xiao Chen used a never seen before technique to break the legendary mystic art of the south, the Yin Yang Annihilation. It was precisely this technique right before their eyes. Hundreds and thousands of swords, it was truly terrifying.

“Crack! Crack…!”

The debris of the ruins floated up. After that, they unceasingly exploded into tiny pieces!

The hundreds and thousands of swords sliced everything in their path!

A resplendent divine ray emitted from Wuxing Feng’s eyes. He suddenly launched his slowly approaching right fist with sudden force. It was as quick as lightning. The golden ocean wave became fiercer than ever. Its presence was really omnipresent as the golden ocean wave materialized and sealed off the entire space in the front. It was clashing with those untold numbers of swords unceasingly.

A big collision!

Golden sword versus golden ocean wave!

The earth trembled violently. Every spectator was forced to fall back quickly. One after another, huge cracks appeared on the ground and kept extending towards a distant place. Moreover, a golden storm already broke out in the sky. It was as if a golden sun had just exploded.

“The Fist of Iron, it is the real deal!”

Outside of the field, everyone had an uncommon bloodline. However, all of them were unable to remain calm. Many people practiced the Quinctus Techniques ⌈2⌋, but only one ancient clan had mastered the most profound of them all. That was precisely Wuxing Feng’s clan.

The Quinctus Techniques. They were claimed to be capable of turning the sky and earth upside down!

As if a huge earthquake was taking place, the violent golden billows wreaked havoc all over the place and crushed every tangible thing.

After Xiao Chen and Wuxing Feng exchanged a single blow, they moved as fast as lightning and had a fierce confrontation under the glaring gold radiance. They left behind one afterimage after another. In the end, only the light remained, not even their shadows could be seen. The two of them were like the lights of destruction. Everywhere they passed by, everything was destroyed and crushed. Nothing could bar their way.

The hall turned into dust, the running water evaporated, and the greenery disappeared without a trace.

When the golden storm faded away, the two of them were standing in the center of the field. They looked into each other’s eyes without blinking. Wuxing Feng’s expression did not change, it was still the same as before.

Xiao Chen’s battle intent was high. Just now he had ran into a great danger. This guy before his eyes was really too powerful. He almost couldn’t stop that fierce and violent attack. If not because the God Slayer was extremely mighty, and sealed those golden billows, the outcome might be unthinkable.

He was not scared of this kind of opponent. On the contrary, his blood was boiling. This opponent had aroused his battle intent. He was getting fired up.

Wuxing Feng wore the same expression as ever. He slowly launched another punch. An earth-shattering dusky qi-wave tried to swallow up Xiao Chen.

“Fist of Earth!”

“It is the genuine Earth Style Ability!”

One of the spectators cried out in surprise.

Parry! Xiao Chen used the Demonic Seal, using as little power as possible to guide the power of the earth to resist the all-powerful Fist of Earth.

However, the Fist of Earth was really too powerful. The dust seemed to have enveloped the entire world and was going to swallow up Xiao Chen. No matter how he much he resisted, he was unable to neutralize it.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…”

The big collision had begun. The dust filled the entire sky, but that was not real sand. They were materialized from the Fist of Earth’s radiance.

Xiao Chen fell back, and Wuxing Feng followed up in a split second. When he brandished his fist again, green radiance glinted. That was the Fist of Wood!

He made a mysterious maneuver. The Fist of Wood seemed to glow with the vitality of mother earth, it seemed to contain the power of life. All of it was directed towards Xiao Chen, the boundless energy couldn’t be stopped. The green splendor was dazzling.

And Wuxing Feng seemed to have become incomparably lofty in contrast. Xiao Chen fell back again, seemed like it was not easy to ward off the attack.

Every spectator could feel how powerful Wuxing Feng was. The eyes of a few beauties were flickering repeatedly. Aeon even revealed a smile. ⌈3


  1. Silva: Oh god… F U Chen Dong, enough with the gibberish 
  2. Silva: The Chinese characters of Quinctus Fist is 五行拳 (Wuxing Quan), which literally translates to Five Style Fist. Wuxing Feng (伍行风)’s name is Five Style Wind. Talk about unproductive naming sense XD 
  3. Silva: That cliff… >__<  

Chapter 150 – Who’s the Opponent

Such an action from Xiao Chen was out of Aeon’s expectation. He practically didn’t put this Prince Li in his eyes at all and acted as though there was nobody else present. Even Zhuge Ming, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and the others at present were endlessly shocked.

“Why must this guy sit beside me?” The blue-haired Katalina mumbled to herself. Her cheeks were flushed. She knew that the news that she had lost to Xiao Chen and became his attendant had already been spread to this circle. And now, when this guy mentioned it again, it was truly a little vexing.

“Good, very courageous.” Aeon was the prince of an empire, he calmed down rather quickly.

“It’s just so-so, the number three of Celestial City. Personal guards killing people in the middle of the street regardless of the law and of natural morality. If he is ranked two, who would dare to compete to be first? The prince of Terra, possessor of a huge power. With a wave of his hand, the nobodies in Celestial City all become restless, even the third ranked has to pull over.” Xiao Chen couldn’t give a damn about it and sat besides Katalina. He lifted the wine cup without a trace of politeness.

“Hey, that’s my wine cup!” The blue haired young lady was humiliated and angry, but she didn’t dare to make any move. She knew Xiao Chen was difficult to deal with and that she would be embarrassed again.

Everyone present was incomparably shocked. This guy really had the nerve to do as he pleased. He actually dared to mock Prince Li without any qualms.

Prince Li’s deputy commander, Nishikawa, really wanted to rush over there, but Aeon stopped him with an eye signal. He could only let his rage accumulate.

“This brother is seriously doing as he pleases……” said Zhuge Ming while focused on drinking a cup of wine.

Xiao Chen heard this and turned his attention to him. He only saw a guy with pale face and really dark circles under his eyes. He obviously looked like he had drank too much.

“How should I address this brother?” Xiao Chen felt that this guy was an eyesore. This seemed like a guy who didn’t like a frontal confrontation. The words just now were obviously an underhanded tactic.

“Zhuge Ming of Amber Warbeast Castle.” Zhuge Ming announced his name and affiliation.

“Oh, you resemble Zhuge Liang.” Xiao Chen said arbitrarily.

Suddenly, the expression of a few people in the hall shifted. Katalina even laughed secretly. This guy really didn’t know how to show mercy when he opened his mouth.

Just who was Zhuge Liang? He was a very well known ******* fatty in Celestial City. With a face that looked like a steamed bun, a big nose, small eyes, and thick lips. Although he appeared very merry, he was several hundred miles away from the word “handsome”. Wasn’t this tantamount to scold Zhuge Ming as an ugly fatty?

In fact, Zhuge Ming was not really that fat. His appearance was also not bad. Being evaluated like this, he was clearly cursing him on purpose.

Xiao Chen heard Zhuge Liang mention it before, that Zhuge Ming from the main family seemed to be at odds with him. The reason he said this was most likely related to that time.

“So you are Xiao Chen?” A purple clothed youth revealed a faint sneer and said, “Last time you went to North Style Academy right? It’s a pity I didn’t get to meet you.”

“Oh? How should I address this friend?” Xiao Chen paid him no mind. He was more than happy to see this kind of circumstances. It was far better if those with enmity showed themselves.

“A disciple from the inner institution of the North Style Academy, Lancelot.”

“Oh, it really is a pity. However, I will go to the North Style Academy frequently.”

Katalina had to hand it to this guy. Aiming for the person but not the face, this guy would actually go this far. He defeated the four grand experts of the North Style Academy in a consecutive battle, and the meaning of his words now were easy to see.

The other people all had different expressions. Today was more exciting than they had expected.

Aeon watched all of these calmly. He profoundly understood, how could this be a simple hoodlum? And just at this time, he also received the secret report. He found out everything Xiao Chen had done recently. However, it was impossible for him to not issue a valid response. He didn’t flare up immediately, on the contrary, he clapped his hands and said, “Please enter, Lady Carmina, Lady Lyria.”

The good show had yet to come, but some people at present were already dissatisfied.

Everyone present watched all of these unfolding with a calm demeanor. This young prince did not launch an attack towards Xiao Chen immediately. It seemed like he wanted everyone to enjoy the singing and dancing first. It was hard to guess what he had planned

The jingling of girdle ornaments resounded. An intoxicating fragrance transmitted over. One of the girls had a fiery figure while the other one was lucid and elegant.

Zhuge Ming and the other guys at present knew these two girls.

The girl with a slender and curvy figure was Carmina. Her crimson long hair was red-hot and fluttered like the flame. Her beautiful mien was incomparably flirtatious. Her pair of watery big eyes seemed as if they could speak. The other girl wore a white dress more beautiful than the snow, very fashionable. Her black hair was like the waterfall and her pupils were like limpid autumn waters. She was brimming with a hint of wisdom. That was Lyria of the Intoxicating House.

These two were the queens of the Intoxicating House. It was usually very hard to meet them even if people were to go to the Moonflower Castle. But now, they had actually left the Moonflower Castle and arrived at the prince’s mansion. It was easy to tell how much power Aeon possessed from this.

These two girls could even be said to be rather famous. But due to the existence of a few beauties in the hall, they didn’t stand out as much. Despite that, the ice and fire pair was still exceptionally stimulating.

Along with the music played by Lyria, Carmina started to dance. The sleeves of her dress were fluttering in the breeze, she danced as lightly as the butterfly. Her watery big eyes were passionate as she swept it past everyone in the hall, extremely charming. Her snow-white neck, her swaying breasts, her thin waist, her perfectly round buttocks, and her slender legs enhanced her charm.

Not long later, Lyria also came down from the stage after someone stood in for her. She danced her way to the middle of the hall. Her postures were wondrous. Along with her snowy white dress, it made her seem like a fairy dancing high in the clouds.

Soon after, two stimulating singing voices resounded. Carmina and Lyria’s voices were incomparably sweet;

“National beauty of heavenly fragrance, old dreams encompassed.
A Chilling rainfall, a fallen parasol tree,
Gone is a beauty’s youth to old age,
The playing of a lute breaks one’s heart,
As the courage of a warrior and the soul of a musician remains but a dream……”

At the same time, eight youthful and pretty girls walked into the hall in a straight line. After that, they began to dance gracefully.

Although those eight girls’ purpose was to enhance Carmina and Lyria’s brilliance, they were still good looking in their own way. Each of them was of different races. That tall and busty girl was a blondie. Her skin was lily-white and gave people unlimited temptation.

That eastern girl with slender figure had black hair that flowed like a waterfall. Her delicate neck and graceful features were indescribable. It was hard to describe her classical charm with words.

There was also a beastkin with a cat tail and a pair of cute hairy ears. It could even be said that she brought a sense of freshness among the cuties. She had an irregular charm that couldn’t be described with words.

There was also a girl from the Jungle Tribe. Her green hair was bright and beautiful, her tender skin was like the water, and her bright eyes were like the stars. Her beauty was truly enchanting.

Xiao Chen noticed that Carmina and Lyria were glancing at him from time to time with a smile. He was very much relaxed as he sat beside Katalina. He softly said to the baby girl of the Mander Family, “So, when will you settle the bill?”


“You, what you? I am serious. Someone came to cause trouble for me today, was it incited by someone in your family?”

“Nonsense. If our family wanted to take care of you, there would be no need to go through so much trouble. We could eliminate you by directly sending a peerless expert.”

“An expert on the level of Lambda?”

“Hmph, don’t be so complacent! We have as many experts as the clouds in our Mander Family. Don’t think you are so special.”

“Forget about it, brat. I will not make you feel embarrassed today. Just introduce these people to me in a low voice. The more detailed, the better.”

Looking at Xiao Chen and Katalina quietly chatting, the others were very astonished. They felt that this beautiful lady from the Mander Family was a little different than usual.

Not long later, Xiao Chen was shocked to find out these people’s identities. Zhuge Ming represented the Amber Warbeast Castle, Fairsnow represented the Antarctic Warbeast Castle, Katalina represented the Beast King Castle, Lancelot represented the North Style Academy…… All of these ten young men and young ladies represented ten major powers.

The beautiful singing voice was pleasant to listen to. The dancers’ movements were elegant. Xiao Chen did not feel a sense of crisis. He drank and ate as though there was nobody else present.

“Reporting in, the city lord has arrived.”

“Oh? Liu Daoming finally knows about my arrival at Celestial City?” Aeon coldly snorted and said, “Let him in.”

“Haha……” With a loud laughter, a young man with a purple qipao gown entered the hall with large strides. He smiled and said, “Liu Yu pays his respect to Prince Li.” Though he said pays respect, he merely cupped his hands. He didn’t salute at all. Although Celestial City was already half-independent, it was still a part of Terra Empire. Such an attitude from the purple gowned young man was very disrespectful. He didn’t give Aeon any face at all, such arrogance!

“You are the third child of the Celestial City’s lord?”

“It is I, Liu Yu.” After saying these, Liu Yu didn’t wait for Aeon to say anything else. He only minded his own business and walked towards Xiao Chen. After that, he chuckled and sat beside him.

Katalina felt a little depressed. Why did this guy also sat at her table? Why did these two big men insisted on cramming in? It made her feel awkward. These two were definitely here to cause trouble, who knew if they would take it too far.

The others only looked on with calm demeanor. Without a doubt, with Liu Yu’s appearance, it would become more lively.

“So this is brother Xiao, I came specifically to meet you.” Liu Yu was practically the same as Xiao Chen, acting as though nobody else was around.

Xiao Chen replied warmly. The purple gowned youth before his eyes was very interesting, this would definitely be a very good ally.

Liu Yu was handsome and had a stalwart build. His most outstanding characteristic was that he had a rebellious look. Otherwise, how might it be possible for him to sweep the floor with Aeon’s face.

Prince Li’s face was ashen. This Liu Yu was merely the third son of the city lord Liu Daoming. And he actually dared to treat him with such disrespect. It was easy to imagine what Liu Daoming was thinking. He was positive that Liu Daoming wanted to become completely independent from Terra Empire.

“How audacious! You have the impertinence to act so rudely!” Deputy commander Nishikawa shouted loudly. At the same time, he drew his shiny longsword and walked over with large strides.

Seeing that Aeon did not stop him, the other deputy commander, Liu Haibo, also followed closely.

The singing and dancing already stopped. Carmina and Lyria fell back with the eight girls. They didn’t want to be involved in this dispute.

“Move aside!” Xiao Chen was still sitting upright, but his right hand already pulled out the black broken sword and slashed diagonally. A jet-black sword-qi ripped the air apart like the black lightning. It clashed against the shiny longsword in a split second.

A brittle noise resounded almost at the same time, as if they were synchronized. The longsword in Nishikawa’s hand shattered inch by inch. In the end, only the sword shaft was left.

“Nice sword!” Liu Yu praised.

Xiao Chen did not so much as glanced at Nishikawa who was holding the sword shaft. He directly faced Aeon and said, “Is this how you treat your guests? Don’t disturb me when I’m chatting with a friend.”

After he stopped talking, Liu Yu and himself laughed out loud.

These two were really wild! Just where did they think they were? This was not the city lord’s manor, it was the prince’s mansion!

“You were only relying on the sharpness of the divine weapon, let’s go out and settle this!” Nishikawa discarded the sword shaft in his hand.

“Didn’t you invite me to the prince’s mansion for this very purpose and to restore your honor? You only have to make a move, there is no need to put up a pretence. But I think finishing you off here is more than enough.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen stood up and sent a punch towards Nishikawa.

The strong wind was just like a tsunami, it actually produced a thunderous roar. Some interesting and appealing furnitures in the hall immediately swirled in the air.

Fairsnow and the other guests were incomparably shocked. This Xiao Chen really didn’t know how to hold back. He clearly showed that he wanted to cause havoc. He actually made his move at this place. Without a doubt, he wanted to tear this building down.


Nishikawa’s right palm and Xiao Chen’s fist collided. A loud bang resounded. Following closely, Nishikawa was pushed back four or five steps. His expression changed again and again.

Xiao Chen followed up with lightning speed. The moment he swept his right foot, another gale surged up violently. The doors and windows were broken into pieces. Everyone at present had already changed countenance. Xiao Chen was powerful. Such a power was too extreme and very rare among the youth generation!

The rumor was true! This guy had reached the Exuvia Eighth Celestial Layer!

Everyone at present thought that it was dubious when they heard that Lambda was defeated. They thought that maybe he was not in his best condition at the time, but they were finally convinced at this very moment. Xiao Chen was a genuine Eighth Celestial Layer expert. Even if one surveyed the entire south desolate region, a person who had reached this stage at such a young age, there were definitely not more than five!


Nishikawa was forced back twice as much distance by Xiao Chen’s second strike. The ground under his foot already cracked, one after another huge cracks extended for a few meters. Moreover, his face was incomparably flushed and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

“This is how it is. Didn’t you keep saying you wanted to fight with me? You have the nerve to be so arrogant with only this much power.” Xiao Chen sneered at him. His disdain was undisguised.

Nishikawa was extremely furious. He opened his mouth to spit out the blood. The ominous glint in his eyes was burning like the flame. He threw himself over again as nimble as a cheetah.

This time, Xiao Chen did not make any complicated maneuver. He just sent a straight punch.

“Bang! Bang……”

With every punch, a part of the hall would be destroyed and Nishikawa would be pushed back unceasingly. When the seventh punch landed, he was unable to move all of a sudden. Both of his arms ruptured, and as if there was no bones in his body, he immediately slumped on the ground.

Everyone present was a practitioner. They immediately realized that all the bones in Nishikawa’s body were no more. He was completely destroyed, he definitely wouldn’t be able to live much longer.

This was too terrifying. Nishikawa was the deputy commander of the prince. How could he be weak? He was an Exuvia Seventh Celestial Layer expert, but he was actually broken into pieces by Xiao Chen with merely seven punches.

Such a power really made these VIP’s of the same age feel a bit terrified. Xiao Chen was definitely one of the most terrifying youths in the south. Among his peers, other than the Solitary Sword Demon and a few others, who else could stand up to him? He would definitely become an influential figure in the south desolate region twenty years from now!

Deputy commander Liu Haibo mustered his courage and stepped up, he had no choice but to go.

This time Xiao Chen immediately drew the broken sword. The jet-black knife blade was incomparably cold. He drew a beautiful trajectory and one bewitching radiance after another was emitted. A thunderous roar resounded in the entire hall, it was quite deafening.

Liu Haibo seemed to know that it would be difficult to deal with the attack. He didn’t dare to face it head on and quickly dodged to the side as he hacked with his sword. However, Xiao Chen’s speed was really too fast. The broken sword was raised diagonally and destroyed the longsword in a flash. His body even left an afterimage behind as he appeared at Liu Haibo’s right side. All the while sending a vertical slash.

Blood splashed everywhere. Liu Haibo’s right arm was severed from the body.

“Argh……!” The miserable shriek was exceptionally ear-piercing, but his body did not stop moving. He wanted to move back immediately.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t want to give him any chance. With the speed of lightning, the thunderous noise resounded in the hall again. Following closely, blood splattered all over the place. Liu Haibo’s other arm was chopped off.

Liu Haibo fell back with dishevelled hair and blood all over his body.

When the jet-black sword-qi flashed again, the head flew up and the body fell among the pool of blood. The steaming blood was gushing out like a waterfall.

All of this happened too quickly. A deputy commander was beheaded in merely four slashes!

This made the peers especially frightened. This kind of power was too scary. Katalina even started to have doubts; would her big brother really be able to beat this madman before her eyes easily?

The broken sword swept across. The dazzling sword-qi destroyed the entire hall. After everything had calmed down, Xiao Chen grabbed the broken sword with his long hand and quietly stood on top of the ruins. His long hair fluttered along with the breeze as he coldly swept his eyes across Aeon and the rest.

Too arrogant! He directly tore down a hall in the prince’s mansion.

All of the young men and young ladies at present were the elites from some major powers. They watched all of these unfolding in silence. Nobody declared where they stood.

“Wuxing Feng, kill him!” Aeon’s face was extremely ugly. His voice was incomparably cold. He was already beyond angry.

A black haired man came out from behind Aeon with large strides. His expression was sharp, his long eyebrows touched the temples, and his eyes were as bright as the stars. This was a young expert with similar characteristics to Xiao Chen.

“Wuxing Feng, it’s actually him!”

“Wuxing Feng has actually come to the south!”

“The outstanding talent of the north!”

“He is reputed as the undefeatable youth warrior!”


The sound of deep breathing could be heard. These young elites of the south revealed a shocked expression and cried out in surprise one after another.

Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, Katalina, and the others revealed a peculiar expression as they observed this rumored outstanding figure. There were even rumors regarding him in the south, he was the household name of almost every youth.


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Chapter 149 – Arrogant and Egotistical

The ladies in the hall were all extremely beautiful, they were unmatched in the south desolate region. Aeon was the prince of the Terra Empire, he had seen countless of beautiful ladies, but even his heart skipped a beat at this moment.

These past few days, city lord Liu Daoming didn’t come to see him. It seemed like he didn’t even care about this prince. Aeon’s anger was accumulating over the past few days, but after seeing the beauties of the south desolate region chatting with each other, he suddenly had a different thought. If he could take these ladies in the hall as his concubines, how happy would he be. His heart skipped a beat, but he silently heaved a sigh soon after.

What kind of person were these girls? They were the cream of the crop from some super major powers. These major powers were not so simple that they were only limited to the Celestial City. The entire south desolate region was ruled by them. The south desolate region was an ancient region brimming with legends. The people at this place would never obey the Terra Empire. Although the empire was powerful, their influence still couldn’t reach this place.

The uncrowned kings of the south desolate region were precisely these people’s clans. In a sense, these young peoples were on equal footing with him. Even if he used some underhanded methods, obtaining one or two was his limits. Taking in all the beauties from the south desolate region as his concubines was nothing more than a pipe dream. Even the emperor was not capable of it!

After everyone had seated, Aeon asked, “Qingcheng, do you know this guy called Xiao Chen?”

Addressing her in such a way, as well as that gentle tone, few people in the hall realized something. ⌈1

The corners of Fairsnow’s mouth lifted into a smile. She felt relieved. If this young prince were to make a pledge with her family and tried to rope her in with everything he got, she would be very troubled. As the children of an influential family, they had to comply with some of the family’s orders, especially when it came to women.

Zhuge Ming who looked like he had too much to drink frowned a little. Who didn’t like a stunning lady? As a man, it was only natural for him to be attracted. Especially towards this kind lady that came from a big faction like the Undying Sect. If they could form an alliance, that could be very beneficial. But after he thought about it for a while, he thought it was not worth it. This was the prince of an empire after all. If he wanted to go to the northern side, there was a need for him to support Aeon. It was not like Yan Qingcheng was the only beauty in the south desolate region. The few high-class ladies in this hall all had powerful backers.

These gentlemen and ladies all revealed different expressions momentarily.

Yan Qingcheng thought that Aeon had learned about the events on the dragon island, about the matter that she had once been captured by Xiao Chen. Every time she thought of this, she would feel very angry and humiliated. And now, being asked in front of so many people, her cheeks became a little flushed.

Indeed, there were two or three people at present who knew about some events that occurred on the dragon island. They were the core members of some major powers after all. They could get their hands on many classified information. But not everyone knew about this. When they saw her expression, they felt very astonished and thought that there must be some “story” between them.

“This guy is pretty powerful, he is not someone who willingly puts himself at a disadvantageous situation.” Yan Qingcheng said as such. These young elites were unable to figure out why she would say something like this.

“There are indeed a lot of talented individuals hiding in the south desolate region. Today, this Xiao Chen actually oppressed our personal guards.” Although Aeon’s words were calm, the people at present could feel his anger. Maybe it was because of Yan Qingcheng’s expression in the beginning that caused this young prince to be even more resentful.

“Our mansion also has a few outstanding talents. They are very dedicated to the path of Daoism and have followed us to the south desolate region. We want to experience the mystic arts of a very able person in the south desolate region. Let’s have them compete with this Xiao Chen, what of everyone’s opinion?”

Aeon was the prince of Terra Empire. He had great responsibilities at such tender age, he was not an ordinary person. These words had displayed his authority as he conveyed some information to the south. At the same time, his last words to seek for other’s opinion was to inquire if these people had any connection with Xiao Chen, so as to avoid any internal conflicts.

“Hehe, of course it’s good. I can’t wait for this battle to take place.” Katalina was smiling innocently. Everyone felt a bit speechless. How could the Mander Family send someone like her? She was obviously not fit to be the representative of the family. Perhaps, she was the only one at present who would make such “irresponsible remarks”.

Zhuge Ming revealed a faint smile and said, “This might be a good idea……”

The other few also nodded their heads. Although they didn’t say anything, they had given their consent. They all had different purposes, so what if Xiao Chen was to provoke this prince? Xiao Chen definitely had the support of a major power. They were more than happy to see this happening.

Fairsnow looked at this event with a smile, she didn’t say anything.

Yan Qingcheng knitted her brows. She wanted to say something, but after seeing everyone’s attitude, she pondered over it for a while and didn’t declare her position.

Aeon was carefully observing everyone’s attitude. After he understood everyone’s position, he smiled calmly and said, “If that’s the case, then I will send someone to invite that Xiao Chen.”

He had a lot to think about. No matter if this Xiao Chen guy was ordered by the city lord Liu Daoming or not, he had to pinch back once or twice. After all, his personal guards being trampled on was an undeniable fact.

After staying low-key at home and training for a few days, Xiao Chen was met by an unreasonable event. He was very furious today. Unconsciously, he arrived at the warbeast street.

The three skeletons, Keke, and Tenax didn’t follow him and stayed at home.

In regards to those warbeasts that were unheard of, it always gave people a sense of novelty. Xiao Chen was constantly evaluating those extremely powerful cubs, imagining what kind of realm they could reach after growing up.

But just at this time, someone broke his mood again. It was actually the people of Prince Li.

As a result of knowing the former was not a person to be trifled with, the personal guard that came this time didn’t dare to be arrogant or bossy. However, that kind of superiority was undisguised. This made Xiao Chen feel very disgusted and directly refused to comply. What’s so amazing about a prince? This is the Celestial City, not the Terra Empire, what can you do to me?!

“Not going, no time!”

These personal guards were immediately dumbstruck. Wasn’t this guy a little too arrogant? Was this the guy who claimed to be low-key? He actually didn’t give the prince any face. He was way too arrogant and egotistical.

“This brother, please make the trip with us. Our lord really wants to meet you.”

“Is this how you invite people? The first time you come and make trouble for me, the second time you came to seize me. Even a clay figure can lose its temper!”

“Wasn’t it all a misunderstanding before? Please take no offense of it.” To be able to make these personal guards say these, it could already be considered an exception. These people were already used to being arrogant in the Terra Empire, they had never lowered their voice to speak with others before.

“I really don’t have time.” Xiao Chen really didn’t want to go. If he went to other people’s territory, once they fought, he would most likely get the worst of it.

After saying these, Xiao Chen turned around and left.

“What’s so amazing about him? Isn’t he just a hoodlum that can fight a little? If the commanders were to be dispatched, let’s see if he could keep acting so arrogant.” Someone whispered at the side.

Xiao Chen got furious immediately. These guys needed a serious spanking.

“You guys better stay away from me. Don’t even let me catch sight of your irksome figures again.”

The small-time captain among these personal guards was embarrassed and furious, but he still maintained a smile as much as possible. However, those proud soldiers behind him couldn’t stand it anymore, they were mumbling resentfully in succession.

“I have never seen such a lunatic before.”

“That style is truly befitting of the barbarians.”

“The prince is only giving us more work than it is necessary. Why did he insist on inviting him over? He could just directly dispatch a few commanders to put him out of commission and drag him back.”

“Looks like the commanders really need to be dispatched.”


Damn your maternal grandfather!

Xiao Chen immediately got furious. He already understood everything. The reason that Prince Li sent people to call for him was actually because he wanted Xiao Chen to have a showdown with the others. Calling him to the mansion and having their underlings fight with him, while Prince Li and the noble guests would drink wine at the side as they watched the battle.

They were making fun of him! Just who were they taking Xiao Chen for?!

“Ping! Pang! Clink! Clang!”

They were beaten to a pulp. More than ten soldiers of Prince Li were lying flat on the ground after they got beaten by Xiao Chen. After that, Xiao Chen ruthlessly stamped on them again and again. Broken arms and legs were unavoidable. The busy street burst into a clamor. A lot of people surrounded them and watched.

“Isn’t this the guy who won over the Mander Family’s baby girl as an attendant?”

“This guy is truly appalling, he actually beat up Prince Li’s personal guards to a pulp.”

“Just where did this guy come from? His conduct is so high-profile.”

“Feels so great. Just looking at it, is enough to vent my anger.”


After the dozen or more personal guards returned in defeat, Aeon almost flipped the table at once. Xiao Chen was seriously not giving him any face by sending his personal guards packing. Just who was this guy? That mother f—! He was practically a lunatic! Enough was enough!

“Your Highness, I will go fetch him for you!” The youth behind Aeon, whose age was about twenty seven or twenty eight years old, stepped forward. His appearance was so-so, but he had a hint of sharpness.

“Very well, Nishikawa. You go and bring him to me.” Speaking until here, Aeon knitted his brows again. It seemed like he recalled something. Then he said, “Liu Haibo, you go with him.”

Today, he had embarrassed himself over and over again in the presence of a few guests. He already lost his temper a long time ago, but since he already knew this hoodlum was not to be trifled with, he dispatched two newly recruited young experts.

Right now, Xiao Chen was already walking side by side with Fairsky. It must be mentioned that the Antarctic Warbeast Castle was very powerful. Fairsky had already received some news and understood what was going on after finding Xiao Chen.

He knitted his brows and said, “This guy is very fearsome. I don’t have any favorable impression of him. He actually wanted to woo my sister, I really want to teach him a lesson.”

After finding out everything about the prince from Fairsky, Xiao Chen pondered for a moment and said, “If they come to invite me again, I will go with them. Let’s see what he can do to me.”

“Un, I will get in touch with some hedonistic sons in the city lord’s manor. Let’s see if I can request one of them to come with me and let them have a talk with that fearsome prince.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Chen immediately smiled.

“The chance of success is slim. Those hedonistic sons are not idiots. They are not easy to deal with. They will most likely take advantage of a crisis for some personal gain.” Fairsky pondered for a while, then he bid farewell to Xiao Chen and departed.

Nishikawa led a group of people and found Xiao Chen immediately after they stepped out. He was actually walking towards them along the main street.

This was really so irritating. Could this guy be deliberately hanging around nearby, waiting for his chance to beat up some people?! Thinking thus far, Nishikawa and Liu Haibo quickly went to welcome him.

“Are you Xiao Chen?”

“That’s me. I heard your Highness wants to meet me no matter what, so I will go and see him.”

“Hmph! Your Highness is not someone any average person can meet just like that!” Nishikawa clearly showed his intention to make a move at the main street.

Just who do you think you are? Speaking to me with such an attitude. If not because your Highness dispatched people to disturb me, to invite me, do you really think I would come here on my own accord? Xiao Chen directly ignored him and walked forward.

“Did you not hear what I said?!” Nishikawa shouted from behind.

“Who do you think you are? Your words are nothing more than dung!” Because of the events that happened today, Xiao Chen was already very furious. As a result, his words were very vulgar.

He didn’t even turn his head back as he continued to advance.

Nishikawa almost couldn’t hold back anymore. He was extremely furious. This hoodlum was really too savage. He actually dared to talk to him, Prince Li’s deputy commander, in such a disrespectful way. He was indeed a barbarian of this land.

But he was stopped by Liu Haibo beside him. He said, “Since this guy wants to enter the prince’s mansion, there’s no need for us to make our move now. Afterwards, we can make him suffer a crushing defeat in front of numerous guests. Wouldn’t that disgrace him even more?”

“That’s right!” Nishikawa was gnashing his teeth.

The group of people walked towards the prince’s mansion with extreme anger.

The so-called prince’s mansion, was the real estate purchased by Aeon in Celestial City. Because Celestial City was too famous, the super aristocrats from the North and West had established their estates at this place.

The prince’s mansion occupied a wide space. The layout was very exquisite. There were western style buildings that looked like castles and also eastern style buildings like pavilions. The halls were all interconnected. Chinese-Western fusion, gardens of totally different styles, it gave people the feeling of novelty.

The fountain sprinkled jets of water into the air. Below the stone bridge, the stream was flowing and golden carps were swimming to and fro. The marbles were piled up and the fine woods were flourishing. Rare flowers could be seen everywhere.

Nishikawa and Xiao Chen entered the prince’s mansion side by side. Both of them were extremely furious and didn’t say a single word along the way.

Without anyone reporting Xiao Chen’s arrival, he directly crashed his way through and entered Aeon’s entertainment hall.

Within the hall, a really thick gold carpet was spread on the ground. The esteemed guests each had their own table and sat cross-legged. As the host, Aeon was sitting at the center and a total of ten esteemed guests were sitting on each side of the hall.

After he saw the elegant Fairsnow, Xiao Chen obviously blanked out for a moment. He knew that this beautiful girl with lily-white skin was certainly Fairsky’s older sister. Soon after, he saw the beautiful Yan Qingcheng. After sweeping his eyes over the hall once, he sat beside the blue-haired Katalina without any qualms.

“Little attendant, you haven’t been discharged of your duties yet, why haven’t you reported to my residence during the past few days?”

Seeing that Xiao Chen sat beside her, Katalina frowned immediately. And now, hearing such words coming from him, her beautiful cheeks immediately became as red as apple. She panted with rage and said, “You… This *******, I will settle this with you later!”

Arrogant, absolutely arrogant! This guy actually crashed in like this and boldly sat down, ignoring Prince Li that was in the center of the hall.

Zhuge Ming, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and the others all had different expressions. Everyone knew there was going to be a good show to watch.


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Chapter 148 – Madman

It was impossible to kill them in the middle of the street, but it was even more impossible not to retaliate after being provoked by the few soldiers!

Xiao Chen did not break out and followed them to the riverside at the inner city. The captain, along with a few soldiers, were waiting there. After seeing Xiao Chen, the captain didn’t offer any explanation whatsoever and tried to lash Xiao Chen’s face with the horsewhip. At the same time, the captain yelled, “This thing doesn’t know life from death!”


The captain stared blankly. His whip hadn’t even touched the other person yet, and a big handprint already appeared on his face. The slap on the face resounded loud and clear.

“You dare to hit me?!” The captain found it a little unbelievable. He was extremely angry as he lifted the whip to lash at Xiao Chen one more time.

“You *******!”

Under this kind of circumstances, Xiao Chen felt that they were unable to talk things out. There was no need to talk, there was nothing to talk about.


It was another big slap in the face. Xiao Chen slapped the captain on the face ruthlessly.

The captain’s whip still hadn’t touched Xiao Chen yet.

“Damn it!” Two slaps on the face made the captain so angry that his veins were practically about to burst open. He was the soldier of Prince Li, he had never been treated like this. It was always him who beat the others, never had there been anyone who dared to touch him.


It was yet another big slap in the face. The captain could literally see stars floating before his two eyes.

“Shring! Shring!”

In the surroundings the sound of the soldiers drawing their swords could be heard. Eight soldiers lifted their shiny longswords and quickly approached. Without waiting for the captain’s order, they ruthlessly tried to cut down Xiao Chen.

“Clang! Clang! Clang……”

The ringing sound of metal resounded. Eight shiny longswords were snapped off one after another. All of their faces changed color immediately. Seeing Xiao Chen actually broke their longswords with his palm, they knew they had encountered a huge disaster.

“Slap! Slap!”

Xiao Chen had already grabbed that captain by the collar. Without any superfluous words, Xiao Chen continuously slapped him four times. Then he said very fiercely, “Who do you think you are? Do you honestly believe that being the soldier of the prince is that amazing?!”

“Boy, you committed a huge crime. Release me at once!”

“Huge crime?!” Xiao Chen sneered, “Just who do you think you are?!”

Looking at the captain’s vengeful expression, Xiao Chen flared up. While gripping onto him, he slapped him in the face two more times. It caused the captain to lose his bearings.

“I am the soldier of Prince Li. The crime of offending Prince Li is beheading!” The captain was still very stubborn and roared at Xiao Chen. At the same time, he was struggling to get free, but it was impossible for him to get away from the clutches of an Eighth Celestial Layer expert like Xiao Chen.

“And here I thought you were the emperor or the representative of the imperial court!” Since he had already beaten him to a pulp, how could he back out now? Xiao Chen slapped him another four times. A few of the captain’s tooth already flew out a long time ago.

The eight soldiers at the side were flabbergasted. They were cowering at the same time. When had they ever received this kind of treatment in the National Capital of Terra? They had a sense of foreboding as they silently cursed; the south desolate region was really incomparably uncivilized. They even dared to hit the soldiers of Prince Li, not even regarding it as a matter of any importance.

After losing half of his teeth, the captain finally caved in. He didn’t dare to retaliate anymore and answered every question that was asked.

“Is that true? It was not incited by your lord, instead you were entrusted with this mission by the townspeople?”

“I swear, everything I said was the truth. I shouldn’t have accepted that five hundred gold coins due to greed. That wretched swine sought out my help and said that they wanted to teach the scammer a lesson. How was I supposed to know it was an expert on your level……?”

In the end, the captain had said everything that needed to be said. He knew he had provoked a fierce person. At this south desolate region, they refused to accept the beneficial influence of the sovereign. If the other party was truly barbarous and killed him on the spot, that would be too unjustified.

“Tell me everything you know about that guy.”

After the captain finished explaining, Xiao Chen grabbed him and violently flung him into the river. As for the other eight soldiers, after they suffered a certain level of physical pain, Xiao Chen also threw them into the river.

It was really too much to kill people within the city walls without a qualm, so he did not harm these people’s life, but this kind of punishment couldn’t be avoided. Although the other party were the soldiers of the prince, he wasn’t scared at all. The south desolate region could even be said to be a remote region where the central power could not reach. The geographic environment was really too remote.

Although the Celestial City was a great power in the southern part of the immortal’s mainland, it was still out of the supreme ruler’s reach. Therefore, the Celestial City had always been half-independent. The city lord ruled half of the south desolate region. The major powers at this place didn’t even take Terra Empire seriously.


The Dragon Kings unexpectedly appeared in Celestial City, there was even a glimpse of quite a few little sacred beasts. As well as the warbeast tournament that would begin three months later. It stirred up the clouds from all directions. Many people were rushing over from the northern side.

Terra Empire’s Prince Aeon of the First Rank had a successful political career and was in possession of an extremely powerful warbeast. Although he was dissatisfied to pay lip service to the lord of Celestial City, he still came to Celestial City and was one of the first powerful figures to arrive.

Celestial City was a half-independent nation, the city lord Liu Daoming had never shown any respect towards the imperial family. Prince Aeon of the First Rank was very discontent with him. That was because the city lord of Celestial City was actually playing deaf-mute and didn’t go to greet him. Although Aeon came to the south desolate region in secret, a lot of major powers in the city already knew about it, so how could the city lord Liu Daoming not know?

Aeon was only twenty plus years old, and he already had great status. How could he not get angry to receive this kind of treatment? However, he was enduring it silently for the past few days. He already got in touch with a few major powers. Today, in order to show his good faith, he invited the youngsters from a few influential families to dinner.

Even if these families had great influence, they were still the residents of Terra Empire after all. Therefore, it was a given that they would proactively make the youngsters in their family attend. Consequently, they were not worried of offending the city lord, Liu Daoming.

This was a private gathering, every attendant was an elite of some influential family.

Just at this time, Aeon suddenly received some news. He was so angry that his complexion changed abruptly as he shouted, “Imprudent!”

Not all the invitees were present yet. Only a few had arrived just a moment ago. Seeing Aeon’s ugly expression, a beautiful girl opened her mouth to inquire, “Is something the matter, you Highness?”

“Someone threw our personal soldiers into the river.” Although Aeon’s words were calm, every young men and women at this place were not any ordinary person, how could they not feel his repressed emotions?

“Hoh? Just who would be so daring to offend the prince’s prestige?” A man who seemed to be a little drunk asked.

Aeon had already endured this kind of treatment from the city lord Liu Daoming for several days now, and this kind of thing happened today, he was in an extremely bad mood.


Without a doubt, the one who threw the prince’s soldiers into the river was Xiao Chen. He was currently wandering around the town, looking for the ruffian with a scarred face as described by the captain.

He found the ruffian quite easily, because the scarred face was usually roaming about on that street. He didn’t even try to hide. Xiao Chen could already guess a few things so he didn’t make his move impatiently. He intercepted the ruffian in an unassuming alley. The scarred face did not see his visage clearly.

After sealing the scarred face’s acupuncture points, Xiao Chen fiercely punched him on the face first. Then he shouted, “Have you ever bribed Prince Li’s soldiers?”

The scarred face was already beaten to a pulp. He had momentarily been “blinded” and couldn’t see anything. He answered Xiao Chen’s every questions obediently.

The scarred face was the little ringleader of a certain major power in the city. However, the one who incited the scarred face to handle this matter was another person.

“So that was really the case……” Xiao Chen was a little angry. He didn’t want to continue the investigation, because he knew that the schemers should have already erased their traces.

Prince Li’s soldiers, scarred face, and the one “behind” scarred face, they were just some insignificant side characters. However, it was true that they came from some rather influential families.

Someone was setting up Xiao Chen, and making trouble for him on purpose. If he acted on impulse and continued to investigate, he would have offended a large quantity of nobodies. Although the nobodies were not scary, they could still be put to some special use sometimes. It was hard to say, who knew if he might end up provoking the major powers affiliated with them.

Like now for example, Prince Aeon of the First Rank was already furious. He endured city lord Liu Daoming’s treatment for several days already. And now a “ruffian” in Celestial City actually dared to make a move against his soldiers. This was really intolerable. If this was spread out, he would become a laughing stock. It’s not that he didn’t think of the possibility that this was the provocation of the city lord, but he had to respond to this kind of provocation.

This was the power of nobodies. As it should be, the few imperial soldiers described Xiao Chen as the “evil tyrant” of the city.

When the prince’s imperial bodyguards led a squadron of soldiers to go arrest Xiao Chen on the streets, the youthful Prince Li was feeling a bit rueful; Did he made a big fuss over a minor issue?

When Xiao Chen was intercepted by this squadron on the street, he immediately raged. The so-called Terra Empire had already granted Celestial City half-independence, and these people actually dared to exert their influence on the main street so arrogantly without distinguishing between right and wrong. Such a tyranny. If they were so courageous, they might as well just go and retake the Celestial City.

“Please tell your so-called prince to go back and investigate properly. Ask the soldiers whom I beat what was really going on! I am a low-profile person, I do not want to cause any unnecessary trouble, but that doesn’t mean I am afraid of getting involved!”

Low-profile, that was definitely a sign of mockery! That was what everyone in the prince’s squadron lamented about; “low-profile” my ***, you don’t even pay any attention to the prince, much too arrogant!

There was nothing to say, they immediately exerted their influence. All of these people rushed up at once. They expected to beat this city’s evil tyrant into submission very soon.

However, other than the prince’s imperial bodyguards being Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer experts, the others were the so-called “elite troops”. They were nothing more than ants compared to the practitioners, how could they ever hope to seize Xiao Chen?

In only a moment, plenty of people were lying flat on the main street. Even the prince’s imperial bodyguards were no exception. Xiao Chen stepped on their bodies without a trace of politeness, then he said, “Tell this to your prince, I am a very low-profile person, don’t provoke me!”

Mother f—! The people lying on the ground really wanted to curse at him. Low-profile, that was obviously a sign of mockery! Just who was this person? He’s crazy!

Less than half an hour later, when Prince Aeon of the First Rank saw this group of badly battered people, he was so angry that even his nose distorted.

“He said that he is very low-profile? He asked me not to provoke him?!” After smashing the coffee table in front of him, he roared furiously, “A hoodlum in the city actually dares to be so discourteous to me, he’s courting death!”

However, he suddenly recalled something and said to the personal guards, “Go and investigate those few people properly. Find out what is really going on.”

Aeon knew these soldier’s revolting behavior. That military officer who came back first definitely was not speaking the truth, but he did not feel like looking into it. After all, they were still his people. Before they punish the dog, they had to pay attention to the owner first. It was precisely because he wanted to find the evil tyrant in the city to settle the bill. However, this time, since that hoodlum asked him to investigate properly, then he might as well do as he said. Maybe there was really some inside story.

“Your Highness, why are you angry?” A young man inquired.

There were more or less eight to nine young men and young ladies invited to the evening party. These were the elite figures of certain influential families. Despite their young age, they were very experienced.

“A hoodlum in the city is looking down on our authority!” Aeon already determined that it was prompted by city lord Liu Daoming. He asked these people with a very ugly expression, “You guys are citizens of Celestial City, have you ever heard of the hoodlum called Xiao Chen?”

These young men and young ladies were stirred up. After hearing these words, each of them had a different expression.

“Ah, it’s him!” A blue-haired girl cried out in surprise.

“Katalina, you have heard of this hoodlum? Is he very famous in this city?” Aeon asked. He was quite fond of this baby girl from the Mander Family. He felt that this beautiful young lady was frank and sincere. She was not sophisticated like the others.

“Of course I’ve heard of him. He is definitely a super bad hoodlum. The most famous evil tyrant in the city!” Katalina was panting with rage. At the same time, her cheeks were a little flushed.

The other young men and young ladies from the other families only revealed a faint smile, but they didn’t say anything. People on the upper circle like them could get wind of anything.

A few days ago, the baby girl from the Mander Family experienced hardship. She bet herself and became other people’s attendant as a prize, these people had already heard of it.

It was impossible for Aeon to miss these people’s peculiar expression. He opened his mouth to ask the man beside him, “Zhuge Ming, do you know this guy?”

That youngster seemed like he had drank a little too much. His complexion was really pale, and there were dark circles under his eyes, but no one dared to look down on him. They all knew his family was very powerful.

“Oh? I’ve heard of this guy, it seems…… he’s very arrogant!” Zhuge Ming said unenthusiastically.

Everyone present had different opinions, but they knew that Zhuge Ming was intentionally hoping that Xiao Chen would rise in revolt.

“Hoodlum, evil tyrant, arrogant……” Although Aeon was very furious, he slowly calmed down. Everyone present was the younger generation from some major power in the south desolate region, this egotistical guy coming out from their mouth was definitely not as simple as a hooligan.

“Fairsnow, do you know this guy?” Aeon asked again.

This was an extremely beautiful girl. If Xiao Chen was present, he would definitely be very shocked. That was because this girl looked exactly like Fairsky. Her beautiful face, her snow-white skin, her clear eyes and long eyelashes, her lily-white nose, her rosy lips, and her beautiful black hair that flowed down like a waterfall, she was precisely Fairsky’s twin sister.

“Oh? I seem to have heard of him.” Fairsnow frowned.

“Reporting in, Lady Yan Qingcheng has arrived.”

“Please enter!”

Fairsnow smiled and said, “Your Highness might want to ask Lady Qingcheng, she might know something.”


That was Aeon’s first impression of Yan Qingcheng. The girl who came from the Undying Sect was really too beautiful. Her beauty could even captivate the birds and beasts, hide the moon and shame the flowers. In addition to the other extremely beautiful ladies in the hall, the entire hall seemed to have become more dazzling.


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Chapter 147 – Imprint of Dao

God Slayer, although it was only a single technique, it was extremely profound. This technique was developed after numerous hard work and revisions. This was a highly generalized essence of the invisible Dao. Rather than an attack pattern, it might be better to say it was the materialized form of the “Imprint of Dao”!

Xiao Chen had practiced the God Slayer, the Chaotic Patterns, the Demon Suppression, and the Death Blow for quite some time now. Although he could already comprehend some of the mysteries included among these and use them to attack the enemies, it could also be said that he hadn’t really engraved this Imprint of Dao into his very being.

He had comprehended the Imprint of Dao’s killing method, but he still hadn’t grasped the real essence. After all, this was really too hard. They were battle stances without a form, even those of Immortalis realm would have difficulties comprehending the true meaning behind these.

Although the Imprint of Dao didn’t get engraved into his being, Xiao Chen was able to get a deep understanding in regards to the method to restrain enemies after nearly one year of training. Especially the Imprint of Dao’s first technique, the God Slayer. He was able to comprehend it the most.

When facing a powerful enemy at the Eight Celestial Layer, Xiao Chen had never underestimated him once.The moment he heard the other side shouting the name of the skill, he felt a sense of danger enveloping him and didn’t hesitate to launch God Slayer, one of the four major techniques.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer Xiao Chen became. In a world of nothingness, his inner world became a piece of blank, as if he had detached from the battlefield and became a spectator. However, his hand had already executed the Imprint of Dao.

God Slayer, it was a remarkable technique. The first move of the four major techniques, just as its name implied, the main aspect lied in the word, “Slayer”. One after another multicolored radiances illuminated the sky in a flash.

Although the sun had already set in the west, and the color of the sky already darkened, this area was incomparably bright. It was as if there were countless stars converging in midair. The glorious radiance that illuminated everything like the sun was exceptionally beautiful.

However, this wasn’t really the divine kind of beauty, this was the ray of death as seen in a perilous situation. The tranquility was broken in a short moment; the thunderous light rumbled in the sky and the murderous aura soared.

The violent energy went out of control. As if there was a fissure, the dojo started to shake violently. It was easy to imagine just how fierce the confrontation in the sky was this time around.

This technique of Lambda, Yin Yang Annihilation, could be said to be one of the top-notch mystic arts under the heaven. It was a very unpredictable ability. If an average person was to receive this attack, even their bones would cease to exist.

One of his palm was pitch-black like ink, the other one was as clear as white jade. Two completely different colors appeared on his left and right palms. A tsunami-like violent energy burst out and induced a seven-layered energy storm. It felt as if the space itself had twisted, as if the door to hell had opened in the sky as it tried to engulf Xiao Chen.

Everyone on the ground could feel the powerful pressure and energy turbulence. It could be said that the fluctuation from the Yin Yang Annihilation was the very first to drop down and cause the fissures on the dojo.

It was a very terrifying move. Lambda merely flipped his palms a little, and such a frightening aftermath was the result.

Xiao Chen clearly saw an underworld temple floating in the sky. In front of the gloomy ancient temple, those huge and sinister demon sculptures appeared vivid and lifelike. A gigantic black door seemed to be opening towards Xiao Chen.

This was definitely the most bizarre battle Xiao Chen ever had. A single Yin Yang Annihilation technique could actually draw out such a terrifying illusion, it was truly outrageous. The powerful attractive force behind the gate seemed as if it was about to crush him.

The Imprint of Dao, God Slayer, cut through the darkness of the ancient temple like a golden sun. It streaked across the vast sky on top of this illusion, weakening the destructive force unceasingly!

The rays of light emitted by the God Slayer were especially eye-catching in the darkness. Each and every ray of light actually looked as if they were real swords and blades. However, they were miniature-sized swords and blades. The longest was only three inches!

It was very bizarre! There were countless divine swords and heavenly blades, but none of them looked identical. All of them were unique in their own way, it was as if they had pierced through space-time and arrived from the ancient era.

It was a bizarre confrontation. It was a confrontation between illusions! However, the power coming from the illusions were real.

Lambda was endlessly shocked. Yin Yang Annihilation technique was Mander Family’s foundation. The reason Mander Family didn’t fall for several hundred years in the south desolate region, the reason they became more and more powerful, it was closely related to how they were in control of this divine art. Only with enough power would their family be able to stand taller and steadier.

Yin Yang Annihilation was a mystic art from the ancient legends. Its name had shook the south desolate region for countless years. It was obtained by someone in their family inadvertently.

Facing someone on the same level, so long as they executed this move, even the Time Benders and Void Masters had to fall back. As for the other people, it was needless to say it, there were only a very few capable of fending it off.

However, today, Lambda was completely dumbstruck. The underworld temple illusion that emerged in the empty sky was slowly collapsing. Those thousands upon thousands of three inches swords and blades destroyed every obstruction and crushed anything in their path.

The space crumbled apart!

After ten continuous collision sounds, the sky slowly recovered its former tranquility. Traces of blood could be seen spilling from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth. This was the first time he had sustained an injury after his secret arts had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Lambda had a really pale face. He stood in the sky unmovingly, then he suddenly fell backwards while a big mouthful of blood spurted out. He fell from midair head first.

It was very obvious that he lost, he was completely defeated!

“It’s over!”

“The Eighth Celestial Layer Lambda has actually been defeated!”

“The rankings of the youth generation experts in the south desolate region is going to be revised! Xiao Chen’s name will be engraved right behind that freak from the Mander Family, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the others.”

“One more twenty odd years Eighth Celestial Layer expert!”

“How formidable!”

The North Style Academy’s central dojo had already turned very rowdy. Everyone was endlessly shocked. Xiao Chen defeated the four grand experts in a consecutive match, and even downed Lambda. The rankings of the top-notch youth experts in the south desolate region would have to be revised!

“Oh my god! Can this freak actually be about the same level as Katalina’s eldest brother?” Zhuge Liang pulled his neck back with a bit of lingering fear.

Fairsky heaved a sigh. He was a pretty powerful practitioner himself, so he understood the situation the most. He said, “Why don’t you give up now? For him to be this powerful, he must have a great power backing him up. Otherwise, how could he obtain such a powerful secret art. The older generation experts in the south desolate region have misgivings about each other. They would not make their moves as they wished. Killing a few people from the youth generation is going to be a walk in the park for him. I advise you to not get any crooked thoughts towards the tough little dragon.”

“Brother!” The blue-haired young lady, Katalina, quickly ran towards the center of the field.

Lambda, who just fell from the sky, had already been received by someone. Looking at Katalina who was getting closer, he forced a weak smile and said, “Never thought he was this strong……”

“Brother, are you alright? This is all my fault. After big brother comes back……”

“He was already holding back just now. Otherwise I wouldn’t even live to see another day……”

At a distant place, a few old men from the North Style Academy were looking at each other. Then their expressions became serious. One of them was muttering to himself for a while before he said, “That move just now… was it the God Slayer?!”

“It, it’s very likely!”

“Yin Yang Annihilation technique has shaken the south desolate region. Never had it occurred to me that it would come across a nemesis.”

“Lambda must have held back a little. We can’t be sure of the outcome.”

“Might I remind you, Yin Yang Annihilation is the Mander Family’s secret treasure!”


The dojo was extremely noisy, the students from the North Style Academy, the Wargod Academy, and even the White Elk Academy were having a dispute. The North Style Academy suffered a huge defeat, and the words from the students of the other two academies were inappropriate. It almost led to a conflict. They almost spurred into action by the negative remarks, and even wanted to make the experts that the North Style Academy secretly fostered to come out and fight.

Seeing that Xiao Chen was descending from the sky, Fairsky and the fatty ran over there quickly.

“Let’s get out of here quickly. You have made your name known with this fight today, but it’s going to get very troublesome now. It is better to lie low until the fuss dies down.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head. Taking Tenax and Keke along, he followed the two of them and quickly ran towards the outside of the North Style Academy.

Nobody dared to stop Xiao Chen. The tyrannical display just now gave them a lingering fear. Nobody wanted to have their arms and legs broken.

After exiting the North Style Academy’s gate, the fatty let out a long breath and said, “Brother, if you are this strong, you should have told me earlier. Heh heh, now I can openly come to this educational street to look at the young sisters. What’s more to be afraid of……” Thinking about this point, the fatty let out a mischievous laughter.

The handsome Fairsky smacked his forehead. He was having a slight headache as he muttered, “I really don’t know if it was a good idea or bad idea to arrange your house at the educational street. It will definitely be bustling with noise and excitement later on.” He turned his body around and said, “I originally wanted to invite you both to the Spellbind Castle, but it is better to lie low for now until the fuss dies down. Otherwise we might cause some trouble. We should have a proper gathering several days later.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen’s name had already been posted on the bulletin board of the three big academies. A lot of people were paying attention to him. These past few days, he had led a reclusive life and indulged in training all day long.

Of course, there were times when he had to go out, such as to go out and eat. He was unwilling to upset his own stomach. He went out to eat every single day. Despite how he was staying low-key and found some unassuming place to eat, some troubles still couldn’t be avoided.

“The person in front, halt!”

A few soldiers ran over. Their full-bodied armors were giving off a metallic shine, the longswords in their hands were shiny.

“We suspect you might be related to a vicious case, please come with us.”

These people were definitely up to no good. Looking at the sneer on the soldiers before his eyes, Xiao Chen could easily tell that they were intentionally framing him.

“Do you guys have any evidence?”

“You’ll know once we get there, hurry it up.”

Mother f—! Xiao Chen was a little annoyed. Someone was making trouble for him on purpose. Although he didn’t care about these soldiers before his eyes, he didn’t want to kill them in the middle of the street.

That’s right, thinking about it carefully, he really couldn’t act recklessly. As for who had the most power within the city walls, it was definitely the lord of Celestial City.

“Hurry!” One of the ordinary soldier at the side roared with impatience.

Xiao Chen looked at them calmly, then he said in a deep voice, “Let’s see if you guys can keep up this arrogant act.”

“I am the soldier of Prince Li ⌈1⌋, even if I kill you right here and now, I will not be condemned!” One of the soldiers had a very fierce expression.

“I dare you to say it one more time?!” Xiao Chen took a step forward. When he was in the mortal world, he even dared to kill an imperial princess, let alone the soldiers of some prince in the world of immortals.

Although these soldiers were arrogant and bossy, they felt their entire body break out in cold sweat after Xiao Chen’s sharp eyes swept past them. A few of them were flapping their mouths, they actually swallowed the foul language that they were about to say.


  1. Prince Li is supposed to be a title of the sort: 

Chapter 146 – Human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon

One hit knock out!

Xiao Chen stood calmly on the field, and Rex, on the other hand, was sent flying away. Lambda, who was at the side, transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there to catch Rex. Traces of blood could be seen spilling from the corner of Rex’s mouth. Although there was no danger to his life, he clearly couldn’t fight anymore.

It was extremely noisy outside of the field since a while ago. Everyone was incomparably shocked. Rex was a student of North Style Academy. A Sixth Celestial Layer practitioner could already be considered an expert in the academy. It’s not that there was no one who could surpass him, it’s that he was defeated in a single move. It was only natural that people would be flabbergasted.

The news spread out really fast. In a short period of time, almost a thousand people already gathered at the central dojo.

“I will go next!” Another one of the four grand experts stepped forward. Medium build, somewhat thin, ordinary appearance, but his eyes possessed a hint of sharpness. He announced his name as he entered the field, “I am Maple.” This person was very straightforward. He didn’t say any superfluous words and his figure turned illusory in an instant. It was as if his entire person had transformed into a shadow. It made people unable to seize his aura.

The spectators already started their heated discussion.

“Maple is a natural Psychic. A Sixth Celestial Layer expert. Only a few in the institution are a worthy match for him. He’s in control of a terrifying divine ability!”

“He can hide his own whereabouts, and kill people from the shadows!”


These people were discussing in a low voice, so it was only natural that the two in the field didn’t hear it. Under everyone’s attentive gaze, Maple’s figure suddenly disappeared and became invisible.

The sunset glow dyed the sky red. The red afterglow shone upon the dojo and made the entire field scarlet red. Everyone was dumbstruck, they couldn’t find Maple’s vestiges anymore.

Just at this instance, Xiao Chen suddenly moved. He quickly moved away from the center of the field, and landed five meters away as light as a feather. A glaring ray of light swept past the place he was just standing a moment ago. Clearly, Maple had launched a razor-sharp attack.

But after missing the target, that ray of light disappeared in a flash and didn’t leave behind any fluctuation. Xiao Chen couldn’t help but knit his brows.

The field turned quiet all of a sudden. The spectators had stopped their discussions and watched everything quietly. This was a special match, Xiao Chen might be powerful, but the opponent was invisible. He still possessed a certain threat to him.


A dazzling lightning slashed through the air. The lower hem of Xiao Chen’s cloth turned into ash in an instant. If he was half a step slower, his body might have turned into charcoal. Nobody doubted the power of that lightning. The smell of ozone drifted in the air.

Dodging one attack after another by a hair’s breadth, Xiao Chen furrowed his brows again.

The dojo became extremely quiet, so much so that everyone’s breathing sounds could even be heard. All the spectators were nervously paying attention to every details, because the outcome of the battle might be decided at any second.


A resplendent sword-qi suddenly appeared in the empty space and slashed towards Xiao Chen’s neck. But the instant it approached, Xiao Chen’s body bent in an unfathomable arc like a soft vine and avoided it by a hair’s breadth. Following that, he turned around as quick as a cheetah and pounced at the direction where the sword-qi came from.

Although the sword-qi already faded away, and Maple’s vestiges had disappeared a long time ago, Xiao Chen seemed to have already locked onto him. He headed straight for a certain space. Without any unnecessary movement, he attacked with a punch; simple and direct. The fist was crystal clear and emitted a glorious radiance. A “rattling” sound could be heard as he ruthlessly smashed down on the empty space.

A groan could be heard. Maple’s figure reappeared as he fell back at lightning speed. One of his arm was twisted in a weird position. His bone had obviously been broken by Xiao Chen’s punch.

“Very good!” This was Xiao Chen’s evaluation of Maple. Even though the opponent was only a Sixth Celestial Layer, he possessed the ability to make himself invisible. This was something Xiao Chen regarded as important.

However, Maple was feeling incomparably furious when he heard these. The opponent was a few years younger than himself, and yet the way he spoke was like an elder giving directions to the younger generation. “Again!” He didn’t think he had been defeated yet. He concealed his figure at lightning speed and disappeared on the spot again.

“You are not my opponent.” Xiao Chen spoke towards an empty space. It caused Maple who was hiding there to jolt. He hastily changed his position.

Seeing that he didn’t plan to pull back, Xiao Chen didn’t waste his breath anymore. He had already executed his presence perception divine ability at this time. Maple’s every actions were clearly caught by him.

If Maple knew that Xiao Chen deliberately sealed his spiritual sense just now, he would definitely be dumbstruck. He would never have thought that Xiao Chen was using him to sharpen his reaction speed. He simply did not regard him as an opponent on the same level.

Of course, Xiao Chen would never openly declare he had this kind of divine ability. He would never let others know that he had the ability to detect other’s presence without sound and sight.


An energy storm spread all over the dojo, Xiao Chen’s fist had sent the invisible Maple flying away. The sound of rattling bones resounded clearly in the dojo.

Maple’s other arm also drooped down. At the same time, both of his legs were deformed and there were many fractures all over his body.

The spectators made a huge ruckus. This guy known as Xiao Chen was practically a human-shaped weapon! Maple’s strength was extremely outstanding in the North Style Academy, there were really very few who could actually suppress him.

However, he was beaten by Xiao Chen as if he was a scarecrow. This was somewhat unbelievable. Could this guy’s body actually be made out of steel?

Looking at Xiao Chen’s lofty figure, as well as his handsome appearance, he didn’t seem like a vicious person that underwent the steel skin training. However…… his performance was extremely vicious like that of a beast. A little bit more and his tendons would have detached from the bone!

The unreasonably beautiful Fairsky took a deep breath, then he muttered, “This dude is really fierce!” He turned his head to face Zhuge Liang at the side and said, “Fatty, you better be careful. When the time comes, you better don’t come up with any noxious plan against the tough little dragon. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to keep your swine arms and legs anymore. If you run into him, careful that your pig head might even be smashed.”

“He’s practically not a human!” The blue-haired Katalina at the side widened her watery big eyes. She bit her red lips with all her might. Her pearly white teeth were crystal clear, and her cute little nose were twitching. She appeared somewhat adorable. She resentfully mumbled to herself, “Don’t tell me this guy is made of iron? He’s so strong. Will cousin be able to beat him……?”

At the moment, the North Style Academy was already like a boiling cauldron of voices. More than half of the students had rushed over. The dojo was already filled to the point that not one drop of water could trickle through.

North Style Academy was a close neighbor with Wargod Academy and White Elk Academy. The news of the confrontation between the four grand experts and an unknown expert already spread to the other two academies. Many students had already climbed the wall and rushed over. They wanted to see which madman dared to come “pick a fight” with the North Style Academy.

It was impossible for Maple to continue fighting. It looked as if he was practically stomped by a Tyrannical Dragon, there were fractures all over his body.

The third person entered the field with large strides. He had a tall stature and a rough appearance. He possessed an air of a bandit. That person was very straightforward and said, “Ryuuji, en garde!”


He attacked with the fist. The fist cut through the space like a comet. The purple radiance left a streak of light like a rainbow.

Xiao Chen didn’t dodge it, he met the attack head on with his own fist. The firmly clenched fist was glittering and the skin was as clear as jade. Although it did not erupt with battle aura, it still emitted a thunderous rumbling noise.


A direct confrontation! The two fists collided together! Xiao Chen did not move a tiny bit. Ryuuji on the other hand, fell back seven to eight steps. His arm was trembling like crazy. Although his right arm did not suffer a fracture, the swelling was very obvious. His right palm was suffering from an internal bleeding.

Everyone outside of the field took a deep breath.

“This guy is practically a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon!”

“Ryuuji is a Seventh Celestial Layer expert, he is nicknamed as the Iron Fist, but he was actually pushed back by this guy’s fist. He’s a beast!”

“Ryuuji could be considered the strongest in our academy. He’s actually being pushed back by that guy. He’s really such a beast!”

“Wrong, Ryuuji is a Seventh Celestial Layer expert. He is the strongest among the outer courtyard. The two trump cards that are secretly fostered in the inner courtyard should be stronger than him.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen’s fist had pushed back the strongest in the outer courtyard and dominated all the spectators.

“This violent gorilla, he’s practically a wild beast!” The Mander Family’s baby girl muttered apprehensively in a low voice.


The sound of air being slashed transmitted outwards. Ryuuji actually soared into the sky. He was floating in midair and lifted his hand to shoot down one purple light after another towards Xiao Chen. Many people outside the field were very shocked. It was obvious that other than a few people, nobody knew that this martial arts expert was also a Psychic.

Ryuuji didn’t dare to have a direct confrontation with Xiao Chen anymore. He flew in a circle in the sky, diving down occasionally, in hope of draining Xiao Chen of his strength.

However, that was just his wishful thinking. When everyone cried out in surprise, Ryuuji was already dumbstruck. Xiao Chen actually unfolded a pair of energy wings and soared into the sky, flying directly towards him.

“My god! This human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon is practically unrivalled! He can actually fly!”

“You don’t understand anything, that is the Undying Sect’s miraculous technique. He actually mastered the Undying Divine Wings. That is practically the bane of all Psychics and Spell Masters. A human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon that knows how to fly is too terrifying!”


If Xiao Chen listened attentively, he would surely get angry. Everyone had already treated him as a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon, an unparallelled vicious beast.

Ryuuji wanted to dodge, but since the Undying Divine Wings had already been unfolded, where else could he run? Xiao Chen’s speed was really too fast. Everyone only blinked their eyes for a moment, and Xiao Chen already clashed with the Seventh Celestial Layer Ryuuji. Sword-qi were brandished left and right between them. The surging aura pervaded the air, and the strong light dazzled the eyes.

The energy flow in the sky rumbled violently. It surged up unceasingly and produced thunderous explosions.

Ryuuji was a Seventh Celestial Layer expert after all. He exchanged a few dozen blows with Xiao Chen, but he was still unable to withstand it in the end. He was sent flying away by a roaring fist, blood sprinkled everywhere.

All the spectators were practitioners, their eyesight were especially sharp. They had already seen Ryuuji’s deformed arms. Clearly, both of his arms were fractured.

“Ryuuji also suffered a fracture!”

“This guy is way too strong. I doubt even the two trump cards in the inner courtyard can beat him.”

“Mother f—, this guy is a real beast!”

At this time, many students from the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy had also arrived. After looking at this scene, they started to cry out loud one after another.

“Dude, you are so strong. Even the number one expert in the North Style Academy’s outer courtyard has been defeated by you. Come on, bro! You might as well go straight to the inner courtyard.”

“Bro, let us have a friendly chat later. I am from the White Elk Academy.”

“Buddy, you are practically a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon. Too strong! You even left the North Style Academy’s experts speechless. This big sister will root for you!”


When everyone from the North Style Academy heard these people’s words, they glared at them in succession.

“Oi, that brat from the Wargod Academy. What are you roaring about?!”

“This guy from the White Elk Academy, you still dare to come to our academy? Did you forget what happened last time? You sneaked into our academy’s female dorm and was chased off after you took a beating.”

A female student interrupted, “Ceh, it’s not like the North Style Academy is a restricted area, why wouldn’t we be here? Hey, the tyrannical bro in the field, fight on! Later we will go to the White Elk Academy and this older sister will introduce some pretty juniors to you.”


It was very noisy outside of the dojo.

Among the unbearable noise, Lambda walked into the field. Although he was not very handsome, he had a different kind of temperament. He was incomparably calm and possessed the air of a master.

“I said that if you could beat the three of them, I would not make things difficult for you today.”

“You might let me off today, but you will probably come find me again tomorrow.”

“I indeed plan to make a future appointment to have a contest with you.”

“I knew you would say that. There is no better day than this, let’s settle this today, once and for all.”

The two’s voice clearly transmitted to the outside, the dojo immediately quieted down.

Who was Lambda? An Eighth Celestial Layer expert. If he did not just graduate from the North Style Academy, the number one expert in the outer courtyard was definitely him.

Lambda smiled faintly and said, “Good! Very straightforward. Then we’ll do it today. Do you need to rest?”

“No need, let’s begin right away!” Xiao Chen took a single step forward. As if he had the Ground Shrink divine ability, he covered ten meters in a single tiny step.

Strong wind rose as his right hand made a diagonal slash. The right hand was flickering with a glorious metallic luster. Xiao Chen didn’t dare to look down on Lambda, he was an expert on the same level as him.


Lambda was as light as the leaf carried by the wind. He moved along with the wind and drifted eight meters apart. Xiao Chen jumped high into the sky, and swept over with both legs in front. His legs looked as if they were made out of steel, if anyone received a direct hit from that, their bones would inevitably be shattered.

Lambda had obviously seen through it; Xiao Chen was very wild and violent. His power was formidable, yet unrestrained. He was unwilling to exchange blows with him. He shifted a few feet horizontally, and then jumped high into the sky. He made a somersault in the sky, his legs were like a pair of scissors. They separated into two sides and cut towards Xiao Chen’s waist like a pair of scissors.

All of these happened in two shakes of a lamb’s tail ⌈1⌋, it was unimaginably fast. Many people could only see a few afterimages, they couldn’t see the specific movements of the fight clearly.

Xiao Chen was really cool-headed. Scissors leg was the most basic attack pattern. Every martial artist knew it possessed unparallelled power, but only a few could use it properly. Xiao Chen did not panic, he did not dodge. On the contrary, he suddenly shifted horizontally in midair, increasing his speed as he knocked against Lambda.

“This guy is really too fierce!”

“Strong! This dude is the real deal!”

“Truly a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon! So crazy!”


The experts outside of the field had seen everything clearly. A lot of people were having a discussion. Especially those from the White Elk Academy and the Wargod Academy, they had no qualms when they opened their mouths to speak.

Xiao Chen rushed forward like this, his waist directly ran in between Lambda’s two legs. This was the most spicy method to neutralize the scissors leg. Before Lambda’s leg could cut him, his body would have already bumped into his weakest spot. ⌈2

“Wild beast!” Katalina mumbled.

One after another, many people cried out in alarm.

Lambda was an expert after all, he never thought Xiao Chen would be this fierce. He quickly adjusted his posture and as if his body had suddenly weighed ten thousand kilograms, he quickly fell towards the ground and avoided Xiao Chen’s fierce attack.

At the same time, Xiao Chen dived head first. Both of his palms were as sharp as blades. The resplendent rays of light made his two palms flicker like jewels.

The surging energy looked as if it had materialized. It was smashing down like a ten ton giant hammer. The ground was making a cracking sound. The invisible energy already caused a fissure on the ground, one after another huge cracks appeared.

The strong breeze caused Lambda’s long hair to flutter hysterically. It was already impossible for him to dodge. That mountain-like energy had already enveloped him from above. He could only exchange blows with him, there was no room for cowering.


As if two mountains had collided, the turbulent gale and energy surged up violently. The bright rays of light caused everyone to cover their eyes. The terrifying incorporeal power spread out wildly.

The innermost spectators suffered the aftereffects, their body trembled as they got pushed back involuntarily. Many people were affected, the dojo burst into disorder.

In the center of the field, after Xiao Chen and Lambda exchanged a fierce blow, the two of them tangled together like two streaks of lightning. The afterimages and shadows of the palms swirled in the air. The glaring rays of light exploded unceasingly.

The two exchanged one intense blow after another.

“They’re flying… they’re flying!”

“It’s the El Volar Cloth. I never thought that Lambda actually had this kind of rare item.”

Cries of alarm transmitted from the outside. Lambda actually jumped and flew into the sky. Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and also defied the laws of gravity. The both of them began to fight in the sky.

Almost all of the students of the North Style Academy had arrived at the central dojo. A lot of experts from the White Elk Academy and the Wargod Academy also arrived. Even the older generation experts of the academies were startled and began to pay close attention to this fight.

“Xiao Chen, you are finished!” Lambda was so confident that it couldn’t be described with words as he yelled, “Yin Yang Element ———— Annihilation!”

Xiao Chen felt very uneasy, he also yelled, “God Slayer!”


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Chapter 145 – Four Grand Experts

The North Style Academy was founded eight hundred years ago. It was one of the most powerful forces in Celestial City nowadays. It was said that the academy was founded by some scattered practitioners at that time.

The founders all possessed extraordinary strength. They did not have a powerful backer, all of them were some uncommon “hermit”. When facing big sects with long history, their individual power seemed somewhat weak. Precisely because of this very reason, some like-minded people gathered together and founded the North Style Academy in the Celestial City. After several hundreds years of growth, they had already turned into a big sect in the south desolate region. It could even be said to be incomprehensible.

In these eight hundred years, the North Style Academy had taken in numerous styles of training methods. After the elders in the institution studied them intensively, they created a few dozen top-notch techniques by getting rid of the weeds and keeping the flowers.

As for the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy adjacent to the North Style Academy, they both had their own histories.

The North Style Academy took up a huge space. The ancient fence was like a city wall and extended to both sides without an end in sight. The main gate was tall and imposing. It was just directly in front of Xiao Chen’s residence, only separated by a street.

Going across this educational street, Xiao Chen and company entered the North Style Academy with the baby brat of the Mander Family in the lead.

It was already the evening, the course of the day in the North Style Academy had already ended. It was the time for the students to relax. A lot of young men and young ladies were entering and exiting the academy. When they saw the blue-haired Katalina, many people greeted her rather warmly. It was easy to tell that she had quite the reputation in this academy.

There were also a lot of people staring at the fatty and Fairsky with unfriendly gazes. It was easy to tell that these two hedonistic sons were not very well-received. Even Xiao Chen who was following them got glared at a few times.

“Come, come, want to see an expert’s showdown? Want to see an Eight Celestial Layer expert persecute the perverts? Then come with me!” The blue-haired Katalina shouted as soon as she entered the North Style Academy, and waved her hands at everyone present.

“My god, does this brat from the Mander Family have to be this cruel?” The fatty felt a little uneasy. He and Fairsky were a pair of peeping toms, they frequently came to this place to steal a glance at the beautiful girls. So much so that they even came to take a stroll in the academy sometimes. Although they didn’t do any immoral act, their public reputation was nothing short of bad. When people started to surround them from all sides, he started to have a little guilty conscience.

Fairsky was not particularly scared. After all, he was a practitioner with considerable strength. Although he was somewhat crestfallen, he still had a faint smile on his beautiful face. It seemed like he couldn’t care less.

“Little brat, where is your big brother? Hurry and lead the way.” Xiao Chen didn’t care if there was an audiences or not. It made no differences.

“Come, everyone come with me to see our academy’s absolute expert defeating the perverts.” The baby girl of the Mander Family shouted with all her might. As if she had already anticipated Xiao Chen’s crushing defeat, she used this as a pretext to vent.

More and more people gathered. Everyone followed them into the inner part of the academy.

It must be mentioned, the North Style Academy was really out of the ordinary. Along the sides of the road, they passed by one hall after another. He had already seen seven or eight dojos, and even three extraordinarily beautiful gardens with different styles; The rocky mountain was simple and unadorned, the clear spring flowed into the huge courtyard, the fine woods were verdant, and the pavilions were as faintly discernable as the underground palaces of ghouls.

“Go to the central dojo, everyone come and watch.” The blue-haired young lady was getting more and more excited as she saw more people rushing towards them. She cast a provocative glance towards Xiao Chen and said, “You arrogant hedonistic son, you will be defeated today. Who told you to humiliate me, I will return it to you in a moment.”

Xiao Chen found it to be somewhat laughable. This brat was truly headstrong and unruly.

But the fatty and Fairsky were already in doubt. The fatty whispered, “Is that freak really back? That doesn’t seem like it, it is impossible for him to be this bombastic. He would definitely not let this little brat act arbitrarily regardless of the rules.”

Fairsky asked doubtfully, “Katalina, is it really your big brother that wants to have a showdown with Xiao Chen?”

“Of course!”

The central dojo was extremely big. There was a sapphire-like lake beside the big hall. It appeared solemn and calm, lotus flowers were growing in the lake. The boat at the side of the lake caused a few ripples. The dojo was brimming with murderous aura. That was the aura left behind by the practitioners of the North Style Academy over many years.

Katalina, Fairsky, and everyone else had already come to a halt. Only Xiao Chen continued to take large strides into the center of the dojo. He stood in the center without saying a word as he swept his eyes over everyone.

Just at this time, a shocked voice suddenly transmitted from the crowd, “It is actually the four grand experts!”

“It really is the four grand experts!”


The fatty and Fairsky were also a little flabbergasted. They faced Katalina and said, “What’s wrong with you? Why are they the experts of the North Style Academy? And four of them appeared at once, where is your big brother?”

“You tell me, among the four of them, who’s not my brother?”

“They are only your cousins, and not your blood related brother.”

“But they are also my older brothers, and they are not any weaker than my blood related brother.” Katalina was smiling gleefully.

The fatty was a little depressed and said, “Xiao Chen is dead for sure.”

Fairsky faced Katalina and said, “This brat from Mander’s Family, aren’t you a little too shameless? You actually went to find him. He is already thirty years old, he is already one generation older than us. Why don’t you just go and find your uncle directly?!”

“Nonsense, big brother Lambda is only twenty nine years old. According to the unwritten rule of the mainland, he should still be considered the youth generation. Asking him to deal with Xiao Chen is not undue.” Katalina’s face was filled with a smile. Her pair of beautiful big eyes already bent into the crescent moon shape.

“F—! An expert half a generation older…… The Mander Family is despicable!” The fatty cursed in a low voice.

The four grand experts entered the field unhurriedly. They surrounded Xiao Chen from four sides.

Lambda stood with his hands at the back. His expression was cold and proud. Though he couldn’t be considered as handsome, he possessed the air of an expert.

The other three were also six to seven years older than Xiao Chen. They looked like they were around twenty five to twenty six years old. Their temperament was also out of ordinary.

Hearing that it was Lambda and the others at the central dojo, many other students rushed over at high speed. They wanted to see who actually dared to confront Lambda, an Eighth Celestial Layer expert.

“All four of you can come at once!” Although Xiao Chen’s voice was not loud, it clearly resounded in the dojo.

There were already eight hundred people gathered at the site. They caused an uproar as soon as they heard these words. Wasn’t this youngster being too arrogant? He actually planned to fight the four grand experts by himself. One must know that Lambda was an Eight Celestial Layer expert. Only a few would be able to stand up to him among the youth generation.

“Who is this guy? He’s actually so arrogant.”

“I heard he won over that baby girl from Mander Family as an attendant. He really has guts. Does he not fear that once that brat’s freak of an older brother comes back, he will go find him to settle the debt?”

“Don’t need to wait for Katalina’s freak of an older brother to come back. This Lambda should be more than enough. He’s also an Eight Celestial Layer expert.”

“Just where did this Xiao Chen guy came from?!”

Xiao Chen’s name already spread all over the North Style Academy in an instant. Many male and female audiences were making inquiries about his origin.

The pervert group, Fairsky and the fatty; their eyes were turning left and right. The fatty couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “So it is actually that easy to attract beautiful young ladies, just look at those beautiful girls…… Alas, I wonder when will I be able to make them pay attention to me.”

“Wait ‘till you succeed your family’s Amber Warbeast Castle, the beautiful girls will naturally crowd around you.” Fairsky mercilessly brought him back to reality.

In the field, Lambda raised an eyebrow and said calmly, “I am almost ten years older than you. If I really make my move, it will be nothing more than bullying. I will let my three friends over there to fight with you one on one. If you can win, then I will not make things difficult for you.” He was very conceited. He responded to Xiao Chen’s ravings just now with these words.

“Then the three of you can come at once.” Xiao Chen was very calm, his words were very direct.

“This Xiao brat, don’t be so arrogant. Lambda was being modest to you, and yet you don’t know what is good for yourself. Let me, Rex, be the first to answer you!” A blue-clothed man with black hair moved like the wind. He left behind a blue afterimage in his original position and rushed towards Xiao Chen.

“Rex made his move, twenty five years old, Sixth Celestial Layer expert!” The people outside the field were making a racket. Many people knew he was the North Style Academy’s expert.

“He’s most proficient in the Ichor Blade. Quick, look! He’s about to execute it!”

A blood blade was rumbling like a bloody cloud, it was drizzling with bloody fog. The space in front of Rex was engulfed by the color of blood. The red lightning was crisscrossing in the dojo. Eighty genuine light blades slashed the air. The frantic bloody sword waves gathered together and formed a terrifying blade screen as they were launched towards Xiao Chen.

The surprised yell of the audiences already transmitted from the outside of the field. One sword-qi after another slashed through the space. The glorious radiance already caused everyone to narrow their eyes and watch what was happening in the field nervously.

No complicated maneuver, no intense collision as they expected, and no shocking energy fluctuation. They only saw a glaring ray of light flickering within the bloody light. Xiao Chen’s palm actually passed through layers upon layers of the blade screen and destroyed the sword-qi without making any sound!

“Demonic Seal!”

“It is actually the Undying Sect’s Demonic Seal!”

“When did an expert like this emerge from the Undying Sect?!”

There were some experienced and knowledgeable persons outside of the field. They already cried out in surprise.

Demonic Seal, the methodology was not affected by the body. As long as the heart was not extinguished, the body would not extinguish! It was a valuable secret art for the weak to resist the strong!

“This guy’s power is more profound than Rex’s. He’s using the unrivalled secret arts, his superiority is unquestionable!”


When everyone was shouting in surprise, Xiao Chen took a step forward. When he flipped his hand over, Rex’s bloody blade broke down like fragile glassware. His entire person was like he had sustained a lightning strike; his body trembled violently before he was sent flying away.

With only a single strike, a Sixth Celestial Layer expert was defeated!

Numerous spectators caused an uproar. Many of them didn’t dare to believe the fact before their eyes.

“Rex was actually defeated, one hit knock out!” ⌈1


Hearing the racket at this place, many more people in the academy rushed over.


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Chapter 144 – Lecher

In a short half an hour later, Xiao Chen had already become a celebrity in the warbeast street. He actually made Katalina, the Mander Family’s baby girl, into his attendant. It made the spectators flabbergasted. They were secretly exclaiming that this youngster seriously had guts. Although the crowd was just adding fuel to the fire, he actually dared to do it. He’s really getting tired of living or what?

What’s more, this youngster, whose origin was unknown, actually did not understand the current circumstances. He was openly taking a stroll everywhere with the beautiful attendant. He appeared free and relaxed. It made the group of youngsters so envious that they started to drool.

“This arrogant guy is really too evil!’ The blue-haired girl furrowed her curvy eyebrows. Her vivid big eyes contained a hint of anger as she shouted, “You actually dared to make me your attendant?!”

“If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. You must understand this logic. If you want to back out, you are free to leave. I didn’t force you to stay. But if you want me to cancel our bet, that’s a no go!” Xiao Chen had an unruly expression. After that, he went for a walk with the two little beasts, checking stuff out left and right.

“Admit defeat, admit defeat!” The crowd behind them shouted at the same time.

“Attaboy, just you wait, you will come to regret this later.” The blue-haired girl was no longer as prideful as a little phoenix. She was practically an ostrich at the moment. She lowered her beautiful face as much as possible and followed behind Xiao Chen, afraid that someone might recognize her. But how was that possible? Following behind them was a big crowd of rich kids spreading the news while laughing hehehaha, as if people didn’t already know. All of these rich kids had old grudges with the blue-haired girl.

Xiao Chen turned his head around to look at the crowd of rich kids following behind. He yelled at one unreasonably handsome boy, “Pretty boy…… speak up if you need something.”

That youngster was indeed very handsome. His age was about the same as Xiao Chen’s, he looked only about twenty years old. His long hair flowed down like waterfall, his skin was as pale as the snow, and his eyes were like limpid autumn waters. He had a slender figure, if not because of the Adam’s apple, Xiao Chen might mistook him as a beautiful girl in men’s cloth. He was seriously so beautiful that it was completely messed up. Even the young ladies would get jealous looking at him.

“Buddy, I am called Fairsky. We may be familiar with each other, but business is business. You cannot randomly call out to me. Otherwise, I’m not done with you.” That extremely beautiful hedonistic son walked over. Although he was speaking like this, he was still smiling. Just now, it was him who bought the rainbow crane for six thousand gold coins. It was easy to tell that he had some powerful backer. He was intentionally opposing the blue-haired girl, Katalina.

“Pretty boy, just you wait. I am not done with you yet. Nobody dared to buy it, but you actually dared to buy my rainbow crane and ruin my reputation. Hmph! When my elder brother returns, I will make him flatten you.” Katalina furiously shouted at Fairsky.

Xiao Chen could tell that they had a few conflicts in the past, but he didn’t care about those. Xiao Chen warmly said to Fairsky, “Pretty boy, I need your help. This is my first time in Celestial City so I’m not familiar with a lot of things. I want to buy a real estate, can you introduce some to me?”

“No problem, leave it to me.” The handsome Fairsky promised unreservedly. He was obviously not an ordinary guy. He had already made out Xiao Chen’s extraordinary strength. He came from a big family, and was interested in making friends with this kind of people.

The south desolate region had thousands of miles of territories, there was no lack of land, but that was outside of the Celestial City. It was a different story inside the Celestial City, in it, land could even be said to be extremely expensive.

Not only did all the wealthy ones in the south desolate region wanted to move to this place, even the aristocrats and millionaires from the mainland wanted to buy a real estate here. That was because there were many ancient legends in Celestial City. Legend has it that this was the Imperial City where the dragon veins gathered. There was a great benefit to live at this place, but nobody was able to speak out the particulars.

With two gold coins, one could fill their desk with a first class feast. One could very well imagine just how much wealth six thousand gold coins represented. Even so, Xiao Chen owed Fairsky five thousand gold coins after purchasing a courtyard.

It was as costly as eleven thousand gold coins!

However, Xiao Chen was rather fond of the three courtyards, the pavilions, and the bridge in the garden.

“Don’t feel bad about it brother. It is because I want to get on your good side, and know that you are on friendly term with that ******* Zhuge Liang, that I am willing to part with my treasure.” The unreasonably beautiful Fairsky seemed a little reluctant and said, “Do you know what kind of place this is?”

Speaking until here, his eyes suddenly lit up. It was extremely inharmonious with his beautiful appearance as he whispered, “This is but the Celestial City’s educational street. Raise your head to look across the street. Take a look at what’s over there.”

There was an unending ancient fence on the other side. There were lots of huge ancient castles beyond the fence. It looked nothing short of the Imperial City. The entrance was facing right here, exactly in front of Xiao Chen’s house. Looking through the gate that was widely open, they could see some young men and young ladies.

“This is the renowned North Style Academy. Adjacent to it are the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy. If you ask where to find the most expensive territory in Celestial City, look no further than this educational street. The three big academies are right here, the girls inside are as beautiful as the clouds! If not because my tigress fiancee knows about this place, I wouldn’t resell it to you even if you killed me. Sitting at the gate every day at nightfall, looking at the beautiful ladies entering and exiting the academy one after another, such bliss. When you are bored, you can even sneak into the three big academies. Just thinking about it fills me with happiness!”

Pfft, Xiao Chen was really speechless. This unreasonably beautiful youngster was really such a lecher. However, it was true that his heart was itching when hearing his words. In regards to men, this place was really a treasure. It was truly a beautiful thing to stand in front of the gate to look at the beautiful ladies come and go quietly.

“Lecher!” The blue-haired Katalina curled her lips and said, “You and that pig head Zhuge Liang always come here to act as voyeurs. Both of you are already in the three big academy’s blacklist. If not because they know you have the warbeast castle behind you, the people here would already cut you into eight pieces. Pretty boy, just you wait. I will let that mad woman Pamela know you called her a tigress.”

“You dare……”


The blue-haired Katalina left gloomily. Even though Fairsky’s ridicule was not effective, she still ran away. Using that brat’s words, Xiao Chen didn’t seem like a good guy. He actually walked together with this perverted pretty boy. Her chastity would be in danger if she stayed at this place any longer. She would come back to settle the debt several days later.

“How did that brat get enrolled in the North Style Academy?”

“She is a student of the North Style Academy. But because she is the baby girl of the Mander Family, she is wild and barbarous. Skipping class is quite common for her.”

Fairsky also left.

Xiao Chen had finally settled down in Celestial City at last.

Everything was readily available in this courtyard. There was no need for him to decorate it again. When everything had finally calmed down, he began to fiddle with the white-shelled tortoise. After calming his heart, he shut his eyes and gripped that black chain with both hands. He used his spiritual sense to probe the black chain.

The dark iron chain was only as thick as a few hair strands, but at this moment, it seemed to have been magnified ten million times as it drew closer to Xiao Chen. In front of his keen spiritual sense was a pitch black as far as the eyes could see.

Within the darkness, many small letters were gradually emitting glorious rays of light. It was so bright that Xiao Chen felt his third eye had been pricked. It was a little hard to discern those letters.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Chen kept calming down his undulating mind and made himself enter an ethereal state. He tried his best to probe forward with his spiritual sense.


Extreme pain!

It felt as if the spiritual sense was being eroded!

As if the body was about to be ripped apart!

The sweat gushed out from his pores unceasingly. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen was thoroughly drenched. This made him feel worse than going through a desperate fight. His entire body was already trembling violently, as if he could collapse and fall apart at any time.


Xiao Chen finally saw the letters on the black chain clearly, but other than the “dragon” that frequently appeared, he couldn’t recognize the other characters! The complicated calligraphic style and strokes were practically like that of a divine document. Who knows how many centuries ago were these old characters used. He was simply unable to understand the meaning of these words.

The letters were densely packed. The black chain was only as thick as seven or eight strains of hair, and only about one foot long. It was actually carved with old characters from who knows when. Ordinary people were simply unable to see it at all with their eyes.

Even someone at Xiao Chen’s level, if they didn’t have an especially powerful spiritual sense, it was also impossible for them to pry into this secret.

Out of ordinary, this was definitely out of the ordinary!

After Xiao Chen withdrew his spiritual sense from that endless black zone with some difficulty, he almost collapsed. Only until one hour later did he recover. What made him surprised was that his spiritual sense seemed to have become much more condensed. His mind was feeling very refreshed!

Prying at the secret of the iron chain could actually help him develop his spiritual sense. He felt that it was necessary to make it a compulsory course for his daily activities.

After taking a bath, Xiao Chen looked at this fist-sized white-shelled tortoise. He was no longer looking at it contemptuously.

“Could it be a dragon?!” He had this kind of unfathomable thought in his heart. It was a very ridiculous conjecture, it was a bold and imaginative line of thought. The main reason was because he saw many “dragon” characters carved on the iron chain. And the tortoise was locked up by this iron chain.

“Who cares what you are, since I bought you, I will call you ‘Larcenist’ from now on.” Looking at the little tortoise sticking its head out and looking around sneakily, Xiao Chen gave it this kind of name.

Tenax was not concerned in the least. Keke was always rolling here and there as it looked at the tortoise. It seemed like Keke wanted to find some kind of secret or treasure from the tortoise’s body. However, Keke also couldn’t find anything special, it was just some kind of premonition only. It didn’t really sensed any substantial thing.

When night fell, the sunset dyed the sky red.

The fatty and Fairsky laughed heartily as they arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence. They sat on the balcony of the third floor contentedly and pulled Xiao Chen along to look at the students going through the gate of North Style Academy. Their eyes lit up unceasingly.

“Wow! That girl is too beautiful. Those curves. That shape. It’s too sexy!”

“Hoh, here comes a pretty girl from a respectful family. She’s quite youthful, and she has a special taste. Alas, it’s such a shame that she’s wasted on a cow dung. There’s an ugly man beside her.”

“Quick, look! That is definitely the most beautiful figure seen from behind. Just looking at her back makes one’s imagination run wild. Look at the way she walks, graceful and elegant. Just looking at her makes me drool. My god, why is it her? Mother f—! It’s that shameless girl, such a bad luck. Nobody is coming out anymore when she showed up.”


The ******* fatty and pretty boy were practically two lechers. Their drool overflowed non-stop as they kept assessing the girls.

“Brother, you are so strong.” After half a day later, the fatty finally regained himself. He faced Xiao Chen and said, “You actually beat the baby girl from Mander Family and treated her as your attendant. It was truly satisfying, haha…… I always hoped someone would stand up and teach her a lesson, it seems like the Heavens have finally opened its eyes. Such a pity I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Otherwise, I would definitely taunt her nicely. Haha…… but brother, you should be careful. That brat is as crafty and unruly as it comes. Your average people don’t dare to provoke her. Did you know? She has a blood brother who is reputed as one of the strongest youths in the south desolate region. Other than that freak Solitary Sword Demon and a few others, nobody can stand up to him.”

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen only realized it now, it seemed like he got into quite a troublesome situation.

Mander Family was in control of the “Beast King Castle”, it was one of the major powers in Celestial City. Katalina was directly related to the Mander Family, she was pampered by the elders of the family, and moreover, with her unparalleled big brother whose name had spread throughout the south desolate region, she became especially ill-mannered.

“Quick, look! Another one with an exquisite body came out.” Fairsky shouted.

The fatty and Xiao Chen also couldn’t help but take a look without delay.

“Oh my god!”

“Mother f—! Why is it that brat Katalina, such bad luck!”

The fatty and Fairsky seemed to have shouted at the same time.

“Come, let me formally introduce you.” The fatty turned his head to face Xiao Chen and said, “This is Fairsky from the ‘Antarctic Warbeast Castle’. He is a genuine hedonistic son. Just like Katalina, he is the direct descendant of a renowned family. Unlike me, who is far from the core of the family.”

After a brief introduction, the three of them started to converse like close brothers.

“We must make the most of our time to train Tenax. I heard that three months from now the Celestial City will hold a large-scale warbeast competition. You will gain a generous reward for every win you achieve. This is no longer a contest between a few warbeast castles. Even the people from a few big cities in the northern side will come. I even heard it will be a battle between sacred beasts. Of course, they will be ranked accordingly. From what I heard through the grapevine, the Dragon Kings and powerful sacred beast with little to no difference in power level will engage in a life or death battle……”

“It will definitely shake the whole world. Rather than saying it is a warbeast competition, it would be better to say it is the confrontation between the major powers. It is definitely a perfect stage for them to compete fiercely and display their power……”

“Without a doubt, Celestial City will enter turbulent times! I heard many powerful youth practitioners will come along with the elders of their respective clan. It might very well lead to a big confrontation between the youth practitioners.”

Xiao Chen was very expectant for this day to come.

“You arrogant fellow, I am here again!”

The three of them were still in the middle of the conversation when the blue-haired Katalina burst into the courtyard. She poked her tiny waist into the building and blinked her watery big eyes as she shouted loudly, “Xiao Chen, my elder brother will come and have a decisive battle with you. Come down here at once and accept defeat. The venue is at the public square of the North Style Academy. Don’t forget to bring that cute little lion along.”

“My god, that brat really went to look for her elder brother. We are in deep s—.” The fatty shrank back.

Fairsky’s hand shook momentarily and the tea spilled on the ground.

“What is there to be scared about, let us go and take a look.” Xiao Chen’s power had increased drastically in recent days. He really wanted to find a powerful opponent to have a few bouts. And that blue-haired girl’s brother was an existence on the same level as the Solitary Sword Demon. It was just as he wished.

“Come, let us go to North Style Academy’s public square.”


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Chapter 143 – Winning Over a Beautiful Attendant

Seeing Keke like this, Xiao Chen immediately wanted to purchase the white shelled tortoise. One must know that the snow-white little critter had always been the nemesis of any spiritual items. Its insight was always spot on. Keke had most likely discovered the little tortoise’s uncommon trait. Otherwise, how would it be so interested in this little tortoise?

However, Xiao Chen was afraid that it would arouse the seller’s suspicion, so he burst into loud laughter and said, “I have been searching for so long. Haha, I have finally found a white-shelled tortoise. I hear that white tortoise soup is a great tonic.”

The white little tortoise on the ground trembled slightly, as if it had been terrified, but no people took notice of it.

And after the few buyers who just got over wanting to ask for the price heard this, their face immediately became dull as they moved back. The seller even rolled his eyes and said dispiritedly, “I say little brother, this is a warbeast, not some tonic. I think you are at the wrong place.”

“No, no. Since you are going to sell it, might as well sell it as a drug ingredient.”

Whether it was the shopkeeper or the people beside him, they became speechless as they heard him.

“Alright, how much are you willing to pay?”

“A tortoise about this size… I will take it for two gold coins.”

“You… Do you think you are buying vegetables? Just scram!” The seller helplessly waved his hand.

“What, two gold coins are still not enough? You can buy a sumptuous feast with two gold coins. Although a white tortoise is rare, it shouldn’t be too expensive.” Xiao Chen casually flipped the little tortoise over. He found that this fist-sized little thing was really a little outstanding. Its pair of black eyes flickered and it looked very intelligent. It was looking at him timidly, as if it was scared to be turned into a soup.

“Buddy, what I have here is a warbeast. The price you opened is too ridiculous. You had better just move aside.” The seller thought he had encountered a scammer.

“This little tortoise is a warbeast? It is only fist-sized, no sharp teeth nor sharp claws, how can it fight? Who are you trying to deceive? You can’t just go and randomly grab anything to sell here.”

The shopkeeper also felt very embarrassed and said, “Although it is not very powerful, it is still a warbeast. It can defeat opponents much bigger than itself.”

Hearing these, seven to eight people immediately surrounded the stall.

Xiao Chen asked indifferently, “What did it defeat?”

“It defeated a vicious dog and a golden pheasant.”

“My god, what kind of joke is this? The little warbeasts that other people are trying to sell are valuable breeds, capable of killing giant monsters around seven to eight meters long. What about yours? It really makes one speechless. In the end of the day, this little tortoise only knows how to imitate the dog and steal the chicken. Just look at the way it pulled its head back, it looks like a little thief.”

The people at the side roared with laughter. Nobody stood in a circle to continue watching, everyone had scattered without exception.

The shopkeeper flushed with anger as he heard these. He tried to justify himself, “I originally planned to sell this little tortoise in a ‘buy one get one free’ sale. I didn’t plan to cheat anyone and sell it by itself. How about you buy this young Grand Wolf instead, I will give you this little tortoise, free of charge. I don’t care if you take it home to stew it or to impress the ladies, it is a good thing.”

“Hey boss, you sure are interesting. I will offer five gold coins, I only want to buy the little tortoise to make a stew. As for the little Grand Wolf, just forget about it. I don’t want to eat dog meat.”

“Just take it and scram!’ The shopkeeper waved his hand strongly. He really couldn’t stand Xiao Chen anymore. If he let Xiao Chen stay for a moment longer, the people around would start thinking he was selling tonics instead of warbeasts.”

“Then please unlock the chains. Is it necessary to go as far as locking up a little tortoise?” Xiao Chen found that on the little tortoise’s white shell, there was a small hole near the position of its neck. It was tied up with a black and meticulous chain.

“I will say this in advance, if it gets away after I unchain the lock, then it is not my business anymore.” The shopkeeper muttered resentfully, “This little tortoise was really bizarre. When it ran, it was as fast as a gust. I originally thought it was something good. But who knew, it only knows how to imitate the dog and steal the chicken.”

“So it was true?” Xiao Chen began to laugh.

“Exactly, I lost so many gold coins due to it.”

“Hey, this little thing is quite greedy.” Xiao Chen carefully sized up the little tortoise. He could already tell that this white little tortoise was out of the ordinary, because no matter how he looked at the chain and the tiny hole on its shell, they looked quite old.

Only after he paid the shopkeeper and grabbed the little tortoise with his hands did Xiao Chen ask, “Boss, where did you catch this tortoise?”

“I bought it from a drug dealer.”

“This is really a drug ingredient? That means I was right since the beginning.”

The shopkeeper revealed a rarely seen embarrassed expression and said awkwardly, “When that drug dealer excavated a rarely seen old ginseng king, this little tortoise was also dug out at the same time.”

“My god, it was dug out?!” Xiao Chen pondered for a while, then he asked, “Were you the one who put on the chain?”

“No, it was already there when I bought it. It should be that drug dealer who put it on.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything else. He carried the little tortoise, and left along with Keke and Tenax. Just by relying on his feelings alone, he felt that he had just struck a big fortune!

He was actually unable to destroy those tiny chains. With his current ability, it was a little inconceivable. Soon after, he observed carefully with his keen spiritual sense and found small letters that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes on the iron chain. That chain was definitely not put on by the drug dealer.

After walking for a while, Xiao Chen found an anomaly with his keen intuition. There were actually people tailing him from behind.

“Who could it be?” Xiao Chen remained calm and collected. He continued to walk at the same pace.

The power levels in the Celestial City were complicated and very tricky. Not only was there the powerful Warbeast Castles, there were also a few practitioner institutions. So much so that there were even crowned brothels like the Moonflower Castle and the Spellbind Castle. The most important thing was that all of the major powers had deployed some people to the south desolate region, including big sects like the Undying Sect. It was seriously a very complicated place.

“Lord Xiao, please come to a halt.”

Xiao Chen turned around and found that the one running over was a youngster who he was not acquainted with. The youngster seemed like a person of mixed blood; with long blue hair and black pupils. Seemed like that person was born with an innate sense of arrogance and superiority.

“You need something from me?”

“My family’s old father asked for you.”

“Who is your family’s old father?”

“You will know if you meet him.”

“Sorry, if you don’t want to say it, I will not even give it a second thought.”

The youngster carried an air of arrogance and said, “In this Celestial City, nobody dares to defy my family.”

Xiao Chen turned around and ignored him. He continued to walk and said, “If I say I’m not going, then I’m not going.” Facing such a hostile invitation, he didn’t want to take his chances.

“Don’t you regret it.” After saying these, the youngster left at high speed.

Within the Celestial City, in a place filled with castles, the voice of an old man transmitted from within a big hall, “He’s not coming?”

“That’s right, and his attitude was very arrogant.” That was precisely the man who extended an invitation to Xiao Chen.

“Hoh… quite an impetuous youngster.” The aged voice was as calm as an ancient well.

“He is looking down on us, we can’t let him off that easily.” The young man complained.

A young girl’s voice resounded in the big hall, “He is the Vindex of the Undying Sect. According to the major power’s unwritten rule, the previous generations cannot lightly touch the youth generation. Otherwise it will lead to an all-out war, it will become very chaotic. Uuu, this guy is quite troublesome. According to his display on the dragon island, his power should be at least Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer or Seventh Celestial Layer. He could be considered an expert among the youth generation.”

After a while, that old man’s voice rang out, “According to what happened on the dragon island, that snow-white little critter is very unusual. It should be just as powerful as a Dragon King, our Warbeast Castle really needs it. The older generation definitely cannot make their move, otherwise the Undying Sect will not sit back and watch. We can only let the youth generation settle this among themselves. Or maybe…… you guys should think of a way to pull him here.”

The young man retorted, “Hmph! So what if he has reached Exuvia Seventh Celestial Layer? We have a young expert here that is as famous in the south desolate region as the Solitary Sword Demon. Killing him is just as easy as chopping vegetables. Just let us youth generation handle him by ourselves.”

The young girl’s voice followed up, “No, unless it is absolutely necessary, we must not do this.”

“It’s too late. By the time I came back, my little sister already left……” The young man’s voice carried a hint of mockery.

“How can she go with her current ability? How could you let her go? This will become a big problem……” The young girl seemed a little resentful.

“That guy will only move if we let her suffer a bit.”


Xiao Chen was still leisurely taking a stroll and looking at all kinds of exotic warbeasts. But just at this time, he suddenly felt a peculiar fluctuation coming from the sky.

Many people raised their head to look up. They only saw a colorful giant bird that looked like a red-crowned crane descending. It was actually flying towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen appeased Tenax, then he pressed Keke down before he lifted his hand to launch a golden sword-qi towards the sky. The multi-colored giant bird quickly dodged to the side and landed not far away. It caused many people in the surroundings to take shelter one after another.

“So you are that arrogant Xiao Chen?” The young lady with blue hair was as prideful as a little phoenix. She walked over while crossing her hands under her well developed breasts. She was petite, but her curves were exquisite. She looked very sweet with her long eyelashes and her vivid big eyes, but her expression was too arrogant.

Xiao Chen was sure that he never met this girl before.

“Eh? Isn’t that the little troublemaker from the Mander Family?”

“That’s her alright. Her family is the sole holder of a warbeast castle, which is the symbol of strength. So it’s only normal if she’s a little bossy and domineering.”

“This girl is such a troublemaker.”


“Do you have business with me?” Xiao Chen asked.

“My seventh brother came to invite you to my house, and I heard you were arrogant?”

Xiao Chen was speechless, when did he ever act arrogant?

“Hmph! Don’t think just because you are the Vindex of the Undying Sect, nobody would dare to do something to you. There is no rule between the peers, I will teach you a lesson today.” The blue-haired girl walked over with elegant steps.

Xiao Chen thought for a little and was able to speculate a lot of things. It seemed like the older generation from every major power couldn’t make their move carelessly. If that was the case, he could seize this opportunity! If the youth generation came to cause trouble, he could beat the young ones without worrying about the old ones.

Thinking thus far, Xiao Chen asked indifferently, “Which family’s spoiled little brat are you? Always causing trouble all over the place, what if someone catches you and sells you off?”

The blue-haired girl was clearly used to ordering people. Hearing Xiao Chen’s words, her curvy eyebrows immediately creased and she reprimanded, “This guy is really too hateful. Just wait till you see my power, I must teach this rich playboy a proper lesson.”

Xiao Chen was speechless. This little brat really knew how to distort the truth deliberately. Just who was the rich kid, and who was the castle bodyguard? But as his power raised, his mental state also improved. It was not easy to make his mood swing. He laughed and said, “You spoiled brat, you are looking for a beating.”

The blue-haired girl glared at him with her vivid big eyes, then she said angrily, “You are just as my seventh brother described, pretentious and arrogant. Hmph! This young lady will teach you a lesson.”

“Stop talking and come. I’m getting tired of waiting.”

Xiao Chen’s easygoing attitude made the girl even more furious. She said, “I don’t want to fight with you with nothing to gain. Why don’t we make a deal? If I beat you black and blue, you will give that cute little lion to me.” She looked at Keke without restrain. She exposed an incomparably delighted expression, her big eyes already bent into the shape of a crescent moon.

“What if you lose?”

“How can this young lady ever lose? Nobody of the same generation ever won against me.”

“More like, other people let you win. Haha…” Xiao Chen laughed out loud. He felt that this brat was very interesting.

“Come! If I lose, I will give you my prized crane.” The young girl pointed at the multi-colored crane not far away before she continued, “That is a super warbeast.”

“Good, give me your worst.”

“You have the cheek to look down on me.” The blue-haired girl was like a specter. Her speed was very fast as she threw herself towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was shocked, that young lady was not as weak as she looked. She had actually reached Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer, but the difference between them was still far too big. His figure swayed slightly and Xiao Chen left an afterimage in his original position. The blue-haired girl did not panic, she whirled high up into the sky. She danced as graceful as the angel in the sky as she sent one hundred and eight palm strike towards Xiao Chen.

However, all of these were stopped by a single palm blade. Xiao Chen lightly waved the palm blade and sent her flying away. At the same time, the palm swept past her ear. The ear accessory was taken off and appeared in the palm of his hand.

“Ooooh! She lost… she lost…!”

“That pipsqueak from the Mander Family lost……”

The crowd all around the place started to make a ruckus.

The blue-haired girl could only stamp her feet due to anger.

“Alright, I didn’t pay attention. I will let you take the win this time, by a fluke. My prized crane belongs to you for the time being. One more time, I will win it back.”

Xiao Chen was amused by this sweet, yet arrogant brat. He smiled and said, “What else can you lose?”

“Become his wife if you lose!”

“Marry him if you lose!”


The crowd was adding fuel to the fire and shouted all at once. It caused the blue-haired girl to look at them resentfully.

Half an hour later, within the Mander Family; a few youngsters were having a willy-nilly discussion.

“Little sister caused trouble again. She lost her beloved rainbow crane and it was directly sold by that repulsive guy in the warbeast market. That was but a super warbeast!”

“Someone actually dared to purchase little sister’s thing?”

“What else do the rich kids in the city not dare to do?”

“What’s worst is that little sister lost something else.”

“What else did she lose?”

“Not sure, I only know that she has become that shameless man’s attendant. She is currently out there shopping with him!”


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Chapter 142 – Too excessive

This was bound to be a chaotic night. The snow-white little Keke and Tenax moved swiftly in the shadows without making any sound. They were a bizarre race to begin with and their inherent intelligence allowed them to completely avoid danger.

The Moonflower Castle was vast and filled with one hall after another. All kinds of beauties gathered at this place, it was truly the paradise every men yearned for. An alluring fragrance lingered in the vast halls.

However, the two little beasts were not interested in these. They relied on their instinct to keep forging ahead, because the question asked by Yan Qingcheng when she was still conscious was clearly transmitted to their sharp ears. They wanted to find the Dragon King that was hidden in the Moonflower Castle.

But the halls and gardens of the imperial castle-like establishment were really too big. They spent a really long time inspecting every nook and corner, but they were still unable to pinpoint their target. They could only feel it vaguely.


Under the peaceful night, within the Intoxicating House, Yan Qingcheng seemed to be sleep talking. Right now, she was entangled with Xiao Chen and their position was very dubious.

The others were also in a drunken state. Only the fragrance of flowers lingered in the main hall. It was very quiet.

In the latter of the night, the two little beasts found an underground labyrinth. They could feel the breath of a Dragon King coming from the underground labyrinth with their sharp spiritual sense. And just at this time, a few shadows rushed over from ten big gardens. The two little beasts discovered the men coming and decided to withdraw quietly.

Only after they saw the few men enter the underground labyrinth in succession did they follow suit. However, because of the gloomy beast roar that was transmitted from the underground labyrinth, they quickly ran back to the Intoxicating House like startled rabbits.

The Moonflower Castle was no longer peaceful. On this very night, at the deepest parts of the halls, a few dozens of human figures swayed on the ground and in the sky. But the disturbance only lasted for a moment, it was easy to imagine the formidable power of the Moonflower Castle.

The morning sun shone upon the world. The sunlight shone through the crystal glass of the Moonflower hall, and was reflected by the mirrors within the hall. It made the radiance of the rising sun sprinkle over every corner of the hall.

Yan Qingcheng woke up feeling hazy, she could feel that she was embracing a hug pillow, but something felt off; Why was there body temperature? She was clearly still muddle-headed. After dazing for two seconds, she slowly opened her pair of charming eyes. In that instant, she almost let out a shriek.

She actually slept in Xiao Chen’s embrace for one night. This scene could almost drive one crazy. For a proud woman like her, it was practically impossible to imagine. But she was still an uncommon woman to the end. She was able to remain calm and unmoving in this situation. After a careful observation, she found that Xiao Chen was still soundly asleep.

She felt ashamed and resentful as she pulled her slender hand out of Xiao Chen’s cloth. After that, she lifted her lily-white right palm. She really wanted to slap him and completely dispose of this guy who always suppressed her. She had suffered so many humiliations and grievances because of this man.

However, she felt powerless in the end and dropped her arm. Obliterate Demon Absolute God had already started, the other party was her vessel. If something happened to him, she would meet the same fate. Right now, their fates were interlinked, for better or for worst.

Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry as she separated herself from Xiao Chen, but she didn’t dare to make any drastic movements. If the other person involved was roused from his sleep, it would be even more awkward.

However, the big hand that extended slightly into her cloth caused her to grind her silver teeth. A shadow hung over her beautiful face. Although the hand wasn’t touching her body at this moment, god knows if she was safe the entire night.

“This pig head, he slept like a log!” Yan Qingcheng expended a great deal of effort to push over the thigh that was over her body. But just at this time, Xiao Chen also seemed to have woken up. It looked like he was stretching, both of his arms were extended.

She didn’t have enough time to move that big hand away from her cloth. And now she discovered to her astonishment, that big hand had actually……

“Kya……!” Yan Qingcheng let out a cry.

She kicked Xiao Chen away at once, then she jumped up like a startled rabbit. Although her posture was extremely elegant, her beautiful face looked exhausted.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes in a daze. Yan Qingcheng’s glare looked like it could kill. After stretching his arms for a bit, Xiao Chen said in a daze, “I am aching all over, feels like a Tyrannical Dragon was lying on top of me the entire night.”

Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry, she could literally flip out at any moment now.

“You… *******!”

However, Xiao Chen’s next words caused her to lose her will to be angry. She wished she could just run away immediately.

“Just now I had a strange dream; I caught a big white rabbit……” Xiao Chen looked at his right hand and said to himself strangely, “It felt soft and tender……”

“This immoral man should just go to hell!” Yan Qingcheng’s long hair flowed down like a waterfall. It was jet-black and bright. But her face was already bright red like she had one drink too much. Her pair of eyes were watery, and she actually acted the same as a normal girl when she was angry. She held on to her plump chest firmly, as if she was afraid to be attacked.

“What does it matter to you if I caught a rabbit in my dream?!” Xiao Chen was still looking at his right hand, seemingly reflecting on the aftertaste.

“Drop dead!” Yan Qingcheng felt ashamed and resentful as she threw a fruit on the jade table towards Xiao Chen. After that, she turned her slender body around and ran out of the Intoxicating House like a gust. Her voice transmitted from far away, “Xiao Chen, you just wait. As long as you are still in Celestial City, this lady right here isn’t done with you yet!”

“Hahaha……” Seeing Yan Qingcheng run away in a sorry figure, Xiao Chen roused himself from his dazed state. His expression was incomparably sharp, he was obviously wide awake as he laughed at the top of his lung.

Just at this time, Carmina and Lyria also woke up in succession. They revealed a faint smile, but it seemed a little ambiguous.

The fatty broke away from the girls at his side and crawled up. He was at a complete loss and said in a daze, “This is such a great loss, we actually got drunk and slept for the night here. This is not good, lady Lyria, lady Carmina, this is really a great loss. We actually didn’t enter the chamber.”

The lucid and elegant Lyria, the lovely and sexy Carmina; they only smiled and said at the same time, “You can’t blame us for this. It was you who got yourself drunk.”

The color of the day had already brightened up. After freshening up for a bit, Xiao Chen and the fatty left the Intoxicating House.

In the rose garden, the fragrance of flowers permeated the air, the birdsongs were pleasant to listen to. The pavilions and the bridge over the running water appeared exceptionally harmonious under the morning sun.

“Lord Zhuge, please come visit Moonflower Castle again.”

“Brother Xiao, we will definitely meet again.”

From the Intoxicating House, the pleasant voice of the beautiful Carmina and the classy Lyria could be heard.

On the most bustling street of Celestial City, there was a stream of people even early in the morning. This place was always like this; the daytime had the daytime’s activities, the nighttime had the nighttime’s passion.

“Brother Xiao, just where did that little girl who dressed up as a man come from? She actually got all of us drunk. It is such a pity!” The fatty was still feeling very regretful for not entering the chamber. He was extremely angry as he said, “Wait till I get a promotion, I will definitely live there everyday. So much so that the legendary empress might even come to see me. Wuu~ Wuu~ It was all that little girl’s fault, but she was so beautiful to the point where it seemed sinful. Is there anything between the two of you?”

Listening to the fatty’s chattering, Xiao Chen really wanted to laugh out loud. However, he couldn’t really bring himself to laugh, because he saw Yan Qingcheng again. She was clenching her teeth and glaring at him on the other side of the street.

“Wait a moment, I will be back soon.” Xiao Chen walked over there and looked at Yan Qingcheng, whose beauty was enough to make the sun lose its splendor. Then he asked, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Pooh! You immoral guy, who would wait for you!” Although she was still in men’s clothes, she was just as beautiful. Yan Qingcheng’s cheeks were flushed as she said angrily, “The patriarch’s message; If you encounter any danger in the Celestial City, just tell them you are the Vindex of the Undying Sect.” She was very dissatisfied with the patriarch’s decision, and said with annoyance, “The patriarch is really too much, I really don’t know why he treats you like this. I seriously want to punch you in the face.”

Xiao Chen laughed heartily, he really liked seeing Yan Qingcheng depressed like this.

“Just you wait, I will make you pay sooner or later!” Yan Qingcheng cast an angry glance at Xiao Chen, then she disappeared at the corner of the street as soon as she turned around.

“Brother Xiao, I have some urgent business. I will come and find you tonight.” The fatty waved his hand across the street. He shouted towards Xiao Chen, “You stay at that tavern, make sure you don’t change location.” Soon after, he hurriedly left with an underling.

Xiao Chen brought the two little beasts along and leisurely walked on this bustling street. Looking at the stream of people come and go, he kept pondering in his heart: “I expect not long in the future, the Celestial City will go through a turbulent time. With the Dragon Kings and Sacred Beasts gathered here, the experts will also gather here accordingly.” He had a premonition that the clouds would inevitably gather from all directions.

After having their breakfast, Xiao Chen and company entered a marketplace filled with thunderous roars of beasts. There was a vast crowd at that place, that was a free market where they could buy and sell warbeasts.

It was really too noisy, this place was incomparably rowdy. At places where a big crowd gathered, there was a huge cage with an exotic giant creature within.

“Ceh, those people are too old-fashioned.” A handsome blond was walking side by side with a blue-haired girl. A few attendants were following behind them.

Xiao Chen was not far away from them. He could hear their conversation clearly.

“How could a really good warbeast be locked in a cage? The more powerful the giant creatures, the harder it is to lock them up. So what if they are ten meters long, it is merely to scare those who don’t know the ropes.” The voice of the blond guy seemed to be filled with disdain.

The blue-haired girl curled her lips resentfully, “Then why did you come here in the first place?”

The blond guy looked forward with his ocean blue eyes, and said, “Of course I’m here to dig for treasures. Let’s go to the place where they sell the cubs. Maybe we might get lucky and find some high quality warbeasts. Those sellers might not know the warbeasts’ quality. In the past ten years, two people were able to buy a young sacred beast here.”

“Really? How can that be?” The beautiful blue-haired girl blinked her big eyes. She was brimming with surprise and was not entirely convinced. ⌈1

“Cousin, you just arrived at the Celestial City and don’t understand the circumstances, but that was the truth. The south desolate region is different from the other places. This place is surrounded by thousand miles of primitive forest, with many exotic beasts roaming around. This place is one of the best locations to look for warbeasts. A lot of mountain people made a living by catching wild beasts. They would spend all year round looking for exotic beasts in the mountains and sell it in the town. Of course, it is impossible for them to catch the powerful exotic beasts, but they have their own methods. They can frequently find some young intellectual beasts. And if they are lucky, they might even find some rare cub. Maybe you might find it hard to believe, the young sacred beasts I told you about earlier were picked up by the mountain people in the great mountain. They didn’t know the value and sold it as ordinary cubs here at the Celestial City. If it was seen by those who knew the ropes, they would have undoubtedly found a great treasure among the pile of cheaply-priced old books.”

“Ceh, ten years and only two little sacred beasts were found. You also want to come across this kind of lucky stroke?” Although the blue-haired girl was excited and looking forward to it, she still had to deliver the last blow.

“I didn’t say I wanted to try my luck and dig out some sacred beasts. One can only come across such things in the right place at the right time. However, it is true that we can frequently find some pretty powerful young intellectual beasts here.”

Xiao Chen secretly nodded his head when he heard these. This place was indeed a good place for a treasure hunt. Since there was no special event around the proximity, he brought the two little beasts and casually followed the two of them towards the area where they bought and sold cubs.

The standards at this place were clearly much higher. There were no metal cages, nor beast roars. On the contrary, there were a lot of small crystal houses. There were all kinds of little animals at this place, some of them were only as big as the palm, and some hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen felt a little speechless. It seemed like the warbeast industry was really completely standardized. Even the cubs were carefully selected for quality. Xiao Chen found that, after he arrived at this place, many people were sizing up Tenax and Keke beside him.

“Let’s go and see if we can find some treasure.” Xiao Chen smiled and whispered to the two little beasts, “I will be counting on your insight today.”

“Come and see, it’s a young Aurarius Wolf!” A one foot long golden little fox with an ominous glint in its blue eyes was locked in a small crystal house. And its owner was trying to peddle it.

“The ancient and exotic Alba Rhinoceros, come get it while it’s still young.” To the side, in a small crystal house, there was a white rhinoceros about one meter long. Its body was almost transparent and flickering with specks of radiance from head to toe. It was also being peddled.

“Tricollus ⌈2⌋, the intellectual species that knows how to use magic……” Next was a little lion with golden fur, its entire body was sparkling as if it was made out of gold. Its three heads were exactly the same, fierce and extraordinary. Its body length was no more than fifty meters long, and its owner was also trying to peddle it.

Xiao Chen could already tell, those little beasts were very uncommon. It seemed like they were sealed by some kind of power. Otherwise their owner wouldn’t even think of putting them in the small crystal houses. Anyone could tell these little beasts were very powerful at first glance. That’s why so many people were surrounding them. Of course, the price was naturally sky-high.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath after taking a quick look. He definitely couldn’t afford it at all, that was indeed a sky-high price!

The starting price was actually a hundred thousand gold coins!

All of a sudden, Keke started to run. It ran forward without even looking back. The stream of people there was sparse in comparison.

When Xiao Chen caught up, he found that Keke was currently flipping over a little tortoise with white shell. The little tortoise was about the size of a fist. It was rolling all over the blanket that was spread on the ground. ⌈3

Seeing that the little tortoise was not put in a small crystal house, Xiao Chen immediately rushed over there and shouted, “Boss, how much is the tortoise, I’m buying it!” ⌈4


  1. Silva: I have a bad feeling about these two… 
  2. Silva: Tricollus (Cat), Cerberus (Dog)… heh heh… what fitting name… 
  3. Silva: Yep…. first it was Keke, the white little hamster tiger, and then the tough little dragon. Next is the phoenix… and now a tortoise… it’s definitely about the four legendary beasts! 
  4. Silva: I hope nothing bad happens. Somehow, I get this funny feeling that blond guy just now would also want to buy this tortoise and then… TROUBLE ABOUNDS! 

Chapter 141 – Intoxicated

Xiao Chen did not resist, his body was very relaxed. He was not an inflexible moralist. He faced all of these with a smile, feeling the youthful energy of Carmina who tangled with him. Her fiery hair gently brushed past his face, it felt soft and ticklish. The body contact made him feel enraptured.

Carmina was like a lively fairy. While revealing a charming smile, she twisted her jade-like body. After falling into Xiao Chen’s embrace, she whirled away with a graceful dance step. Looking at the fatty who was already dumbstruck, she giggled and lightly clapped her hands.

Eight beautiful young ladies walked into the hall in a line. They looked to be at their prime, at around eighteen to nineteen years old. They were each holding two plates on their hands and delivered sixteen exquisite dishes. There were also two bottles of fine liquor.

Carmina twisted her soft and slender waist as she got beside the jade table. She pulled Xiao Chen along and sat together with him. She was practically sitting in Xiao Chen’s embrace. This sexy and graceful pretty girl was really extremely captivating.

Looking at the fatty who was laughing foolishly, Carmina lightly tapped the jade table. Four young ladies appeared in the hall with lively dance steps. They centered around the fatty and pulled him beside the jade table. The fatty was laughing mischievously all along.

Drinking fine liquor with the accompany of beautiful women, this kind of situation was truly the ultimate pleasure.

Carmina smiled sweetly, her entire body was so tender it felt like a drop of water. She stretched her arm and raised it gently, her jade-like body was almost leaning against Xiao Chen’s chest. She extended her slender fingers to hold onto the wine cup, then she delivered it towards the side of Xiao Chen’s mouth as she said with a sweet voice, “Please enjoy.” She looked at Xiao Chen with her bright and intelligent eyes without blinking.

The fatty on the other side was also surrounded by four girls. One of them even sat on his lap. It made the fatty’s head spin. Looking at how Carmina was treating Xiao Chen, the fatty was so surprised that his fats trembled. It seemed like he was the one who had received the lady luck.

Although he was accompanied by a beautiful woman and was sitting in a cluster of flowers, Xiao Chen still remained very calm. Carmina’s ability as a practitioner was promising as expected, she was actually at the realm of Exuvia already. Although it was hard to guess her real power, it was already enough to answer a certain question. To make a practitioner like this to greet the client with a smile, there must be a big problem. It could even be said that the Moonflower Castle was not an ordinary place.

The ******* fatty on the other side had already toasted again and again with the four girls. The lovely laughter and the sound of toasting blended together. The fatty’s eyes were already emitting green light as he swept his glance past the four beautiful girls.

“Why is Lord Xiao so quiet? Have a drink.” Carmina was like a beautiful snake. Her snow-white arm was holding the wine-cup before Xiao Chen’s eyes and made a beautiful maneuver. Even if she was sitting beside Xiao Chen, part of her limbs were still able to make such a beautiful posture.

“Brother, you should let it all out. You don’t know how envious is this big brother of you. How I wish I could just switch places with you.” The fatty smiled and said, “Miss Carmina, I’ll leave my brother to you.”

The young girls who were around the fatty opened their mouths to say in succession, “All of us will offer one cup to Lord Xiao.”

For a moment, this place was bustling with noise and excitement, how very lively. The bewitching dance, when paired together with the beautiful song of the lute, it was truly intoxicating.

At the distance, there was a fairy maiden as beautiful as the ice and snow. Nearby, there was a bewitching maiden that was sexy and bold. The sound of cheers filled the Intoxicating House.

Xiao Chen was not an inflexible guy. He was only taking a guess at how powerful the Moonflower Castle was, so he was absent-minded for a short while. Now that he had regained his consciousness, he completely let loose. This was the so-called ‘to join in the fun’. Being too old-fashioned was not good for people and himself.

“Your enchanting beauty has intoxicated the mortal realm.
When the spring breeze blows, the willows sway,
Bravery is short-lived while a woman’s love is everlasting,
My will to fight has wavered……”

Carmila danced lightly like a butterfly. When paired along with the pleasant song, it was enough to intoxicate a man. She started to dance right beside Xiao Chen. The other girls were also wrapped around the fatty as they started to dance. They even pulled the fatty and made him dance along clumsily.

And just at this time, a few more girls appeared. They sat in front of the few musical instruments on the classical stage and started to play the song in place of Lyria. Lyria herself stepped into the center of the hall and started to dance. Her dance was very elegant and substantially different from the passionate dance of Carmina. Her movements were as gentle as the wind, like a willow that had been brushed into motion.

At the same time, another four girls came into the hall. They got behind Lyria and started to move as in a dance with their frail bodies. Carmina brought the other four girls along with her to Lyria’s side.

In but a moment, the hall was filled with music and dance, it made one unable to free themselves from the intoxication. Especially when Lyria, who possessed a beautiful voice, also joined the dance, it really made one feel the extraordinary charm. The discrepancy between her and Carmina was too big, which gave people an extremely distinctive perception.

What made people even more intoxicated was that, Lyria also entangled herself with Xiao Chen. A girl who seemed ice-cold actually possessed this kind of attitude, it really made one surprised.

He could feel that soft body as well as the delicate fragrance. Such an intimate body contact could make anyone’s imagination run wild.

The fatty at the side was very astonished. After thinking for a while, it seemed like he thought of something.

Only until Lyria had separated from Xiao Chen, and joined up with Carmina to dance in the center of the hall did the fatty said in a low voice, “Something’s not right, they never treated any client like this before.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but he had raised his guard. He could only think of one possibility. The people of this place might have already heard of his achievements on the dragon island. But it was nothing to worry about, that was not a secret. If one had enough power, they could probably find out everything that happened on the dragon island. The only thing he was concerned about was that he had no idea what they were planning. Could it be that they wanted to entice him, or could they tell that Keke and Tenax were out of the ordinary?

Keke and Tenax at the side didn’t understand what was going on at all. They only curiously watched the dancing-girls while sitting on the soft chair.

While appreciating the pretty girls dancing in front, the fatty chatted with Xiao Chen. Their topics mostly covered some things pertaining the warbeasts.

“The circumstances in Celestial City right now are very complicated. The Dragon Kings actually made an appearance. There are even quite a few people who brought their sacred beasts here. If Tenax can come out on top. Oh, that will be so……” In the end, the fatty was talking in his sleep.

“Do you know how many Dragon Kings have come altogether?”

“More or less around two. I investigated for a long time, but I couldn’t find their origins. I couldn’t even find any records of the two Dragon Kings’ battles. It is classified as top-secret by a few warbeast castles. Even my family is no exception. Those antiques didn’t want me to get in touch with the Dragon Kings.”

Xiao Chen frowned as he heard these. He originally wanted to use the fatty’s connection to get to the bottom of this, but he never thought they’d be this cautious.

“Tenax definitely cannot clash with those sacred beasts at the moment. What we should do now is to quickly awaken its hidden potential. From a professional’s point of view, its power has been greatly suppressed. I believe that if we develop it properly, it will absolutely not be inferior to those sacred beasts.” The fatty had become serious for once. Looking at Tenax at the side, he came to this conclusion.

Xiao Chen was toasted by those girls in the Intoxicating House unceasingly. He started to feel a little dizzy. It seemed like they knew he was a practitioner, so they didn’t permit him to use his secret arts to break down the wine. In the end, he helplessly looked for an excuse to go out and take a breather. He wanted to distil the wine.

The moonlight was gentle. The entire sky was filled with stars.

Just at this time, he actually saw a familiar figure. That person was also standing beside the flowerbed and distilling the wine.

“What are you doing here?!” The voice was as elegant as the sounds of nature, but it was filled with hostility. There was a hint of surprise and anger, it seemed like that person felt animosity towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was surprised, it was actually Yan Qingcheng who was dressed up as a man. He laughed at once and said, “So it was you, chick.”

Although the beautiful Yan Qingcheng was dressing up as a man, it was still impossible to conceal her beauty. Her smooth skin, her clear eyes, her slender body, as well as her beautiful face, they were like the fresh blooms after winter. She was as beautiful as the naturally formed jade. She was truly elegant and ethereal. The men’s clothes only served to enhance her beauty. Right now, she was like a goblet of intelligence. It even made the bright moon in the sky lose its splendor.

When Xiao Chen said the word “chick”, he was being very sarcastic. In this kind of place, it made the word even more meaningful. It made Yan Qingcheng extremely angry.

“You… you… shameless beast!” Yan Qingcheng was very furious, she felt humiliated.

Xiao Chen found this to be very amusing. In the past, they were either in a life and death battle or he was suppressing her with overwhelming strength. This was his first time seeing this side of her, he wanted to tease her even more, “What? Is this unacceptable? Little girl, you don’t have the qualifications to say that to me. Didn’t you also come to this kind of place? But I am curious, why did a girl come to this kind of place? Could it be because you have a peculiar ‘taste’?”

It seemed like Yan Qingcheng had drank too much, her face was flushed and her eyes were somewhat watery. Hearing these words from Xiao Chen made her so angry that her feet became unstable. After swaying for a little while, she cursed in a low voice, “You scoundrel…. You immoral beast! Do you think everyone comes here only to do bad things like you?!”

There were three halls in the rose garden; Intoxicating House, Thousand Sweets Chamber, and Graceful Chamber. Xiao Chen looked around and found that Yan Qing Cheng came from the Graceful Chamber. He laughed and said, “Then what did you come here for? To recite poems and paint with the others? Or to come and have a tea party?”

“It’s none of your business!”

“I guess you do have a peculiar taste after all……”


Yan Qingcheng transformed into a purple light and slashed at Xiao Chen five times with her palm blade. She left behind one elegant afterimage after another in the rose garden. But the series of attacks were all blocked by Xiao Chen. In the end, he even grabbed her wrist.

“Let go! I’m not going to argue with you. This is not an ordinary place, nobody dares to cause trouble here.” Yan Qingcheng said in a low voice. She was furious and resentful that her wrist had been grabbed, but she didn’t dare to raise her voice.

It was easy to tell that she was drunk. Her cheeks were flushed, and the fragrance of the girl had been covered up by the smell of wine. It was obvious that she had a little too much to drink.

“Don’t make your move if you know you can’t beat me.” Xiao Chen turned around and left. At the same time, he mumbled, “Be careful. A girl shouldn’t come to this kind of place. Your patriarch had betrothed you to me……”

Although the voice was low, Yan Qingcheng could hear everything clearly. She already drank until her head went dizzy, there was no hint of her usual clear-headedness as she shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense. Otherwise I’m not done with you!”

“I am not making this up. Didn’t you start practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God already? Your patriarch already told me, you cannot be too far away from me…… When that time comes, other than me, who else can you marry……”

Although Xiao Chen whispered with a faintly discernible voice, it was heard by Yan Qingcheng. She immediately blowed up, “How can the patriarch be like this, he even told you these…… Xiao Chen, you are talking nonsense, I’m going to kill you at all cost!”

“Hah! As if I’m scared?!” Xiao Chen looked at her with a provocative glance, then he continued to walk towards the Intoxicating House. He thought about the reason why Yan Qingcheng came to this kind of place while walking, there must had been some reason.”

Yan Qingcheng forced the wine out of her body, then she also walked towards the Intoxicating House, and said, “Fine! I really am not done with you today, but we will not fight with martial arts. Since we are at this place, we will follow the rules here. Let’s have a drinking contest.”

Xiao Chen saw Yan Qingcheng ran over. Although she had already forced the wine out of her body system, she still hadn’t really sobered up. He only looked at her provocatively. The frivolous words that came later caused Yan Qingcheng to run over while panting with rage.

“Little girl, can you really?”

“Didn’t expect that this scoundrel was this repulsive. I will make you drunk for one month straight!”

When the fatty saw that Xiao Chen came back with a youth, he was in a daze. On the other hand, Lyria and Carmina had a peculiar expression. It seemed like they had figured something out. The eight gorgeous dancing-girls at the side had incomparably passionate eyes. That was because Yan Qingcheng was seriously too beautiful and charming.

After a long time later, the fatty started to chuckle. He could already tell that this was a genuine stunning beauty. He whispered to Xiao Chen, “Brother, you are so capable. This kind of outstanding beauty can really make one feel ashamed of one’s inferiority. She’s so beautiful that it makes people feel dizzy just looking at her. And you are actually able to bring her to this kind of place……”

Yan Qingcheng didn’t say much after she entered the hall. She just kept pouring wine and drank ten cups in succession. After that, she looked at Xiao Chen provocatively. Each cup could hold a bottle or two of wine. In other words, she downed half a kilo of strong wine in one breath.

Xiao Chen also didn’t say much and drank ten cups in succession. Looking at the two drinking, Carmina, Lyria, and the other girls cheered for them. The fatty even incited them.

This was a chaotic drinking bout. Not long later, Carmina got beside Xiao Chen and said, “Where did this pretty friend of yours come from? Her alcohol tolerance is quite high. I went to the Graceful Chamber just now and all the sisters were dead drunk on the ground. They were all done in by her.”

“Everyone in the hall, come and drink.” While Yan Qingcheng didn’t have the intention to let Xiao Chen go, it seemed like she wouldn’t let the fatty, Lyria, Carmina, and the others off either.

Carmina and Lyria had a barely tolerable expression. They made the beautiful girls at the side go up and drink with Yan Qingcheng. But Yan Qingcheng grabbed the two of them, and didn’t let them escape. It seemed like she wanted to make Xiao Chen drunk and make the two of them go down with him. As for the fatty, he was already seeing stars.

“I know you girls are practitioners, no one is allowed to cheat in a drinking bout. I will not let you go and purify the wine.” Yan Qing Cheng looked at everyone provocatively, but her cheeks were already flushed.

It was pretty lively within the Intoxicating House. The fatty was the very first to fall down on the red carpet not far away. He was hugging two gorgeous girls with saliva overflowing from his mouth.

Another drinking bout was about to begin. A stunning beauty dressing as a man, while drinking along with two exceptionally beautiful girls, she forced Xiao Chen to drink. It was exceptionally bewitching.

Yan Qingcheng’s alcohol tolerance really made Xiao Chen dumbstruck. He resigned to his fate and fell on the ground. He was extremely angry as he thought to himself: Mother @#%¥, this woman… sure can drink. I’m actually drunk…

In the end, Yan Qingcheng propped up Carmina and Lyria who were already drunk. She emitted two rays of peculiar light from her eyes. If Xiao Chen was clear-headed, he would have known that it was a hypnotization technique. It could make one speak out the secrets in their heart.

She looked face to face with Lyria, then she asked in a barely audible voice, “Talk, is it true that the Moonflower Castle is hiding a Dragon King……?”

“Yes… That’s right…”

Yan Qingcheng was also spent. After getting a satisfied answer, she also collapsed and fell towards Xiao Chen……

The hall gradually became quiet. Other than the three girls on the classical stage, everyone else was already drunk.

Keke and Tenax were a little puzzled. They were enjoying the fine food at the side and quietly looked at these events unfolding.

The three girls on the classical stage looked at each other in dismay. After that, they walked over and took a glance at Xiao Chen first. One of the girls said, “He has the heroic spirit of a man, but not as handsome as the other one.”

Their sight fixed on Yan Qingcheng’s body. Looking at her dream-like face, one of the girls sighed, “Is he really a man? If he is actually a woman, I would lose all my confidence. He’s really too pretty.”

They couldn’t help but caress Yan Qingcheng’s jade-like face with their slender fingers. However, they retracted their hands as if electrocuted, and shouted in surprise, “A woman, she’s actually a woman!”

“No wonder. How can a man be this pretty? She’s really too beautiful!”

“I bet only the legendary flower empress in the Moonflower Castle can be compared to her.”

“The empress of the Spellbind Castle should also be comparable.”

Looking at the beautiful Yan Qingcheng, the three of them were very jealous.

“Making my heart beat for nothing. And she’s actually a woman. Hmph! Unforgivable.”

Hearing these words, the youngest among them who were only sixteen or seventeen years old giggled naughtily and said, “Why don’t we do this instead?” ⌈1

Speaking until here, they started to fiddle with Yan Qingcheng’s posture.

Yan Qingcheng was originally on top of Xiao Chen, but after getting fiddled by them, their posture became incomparably dubious. Not only was Yan Qingcheng caught in Xiao Chen’s embrace, one of her hands was inserted into Xiao Chen’s cloth. And Xiao Chen’s bulky hand was buried into Yan Qing Cheng’s bra by that naughty girl.

“Hehe… I look forward to the time they wake up.”

“Aren’t we a little too wicked? Hehehe.”

“No, it’s pretty fun. Hehe……”

After the three girls left the hall. Keke and Tenax’s eyes lit up. They quietly left this place and moved stealthily into the depths of the Moonflower Castle. ⌈2


  1. Silva: I think I know where this is going… 
  2. Silva: Trouble abounds! 

Chapter 140 – Transcendental Beauty

The Moonflower Castle occupied too much space, it was practically a temple in heaven. Carvings of dragons and phoenixes lined up at both sides of the marble steps, all the way from that golden entrance to the main street. This was definitely not allowed in the mortal world. Only the imperial household could make use of dragon and phoenix marble steps.

The glazed roof tile and golden door were gleaming with luster. The magnificent castle was unusually imposing, but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Outside of the golden door, sixteen good-looking girls were standing on both sides of the marble steps. In each side were lined eight girls. Their attitudes could even be said to have nothing in common. Some were passionate and busty, others were sweet and attractive, there were also some cute and charming ones. It was extremely alluring, each of them had their own merits.

“Hehe…… How about it?” The fatty smiled complacently and said, “These are only the little ones used for entertaining the customer. The real beauties are in the castle.”

The marble passage and golden door made those lovely young ladies even more beautiful and seductive in contrast. It truly deserved to be called the highest quality brothel as the fatty had said.

Xiao Chen secretly clicked his tongue and followed the fatty into the castle. The inside could be said to be richly ornamented, the gold and jade were glorious in splendor. It was not something the red light districts on the mortal world could compare to. This was entirely built with the imperial castle in mind.

The fatty already passed that tomcat to his subordinates. And those subordinates automatically stopped outside of the main hall. They didn’t follow them into the castle, it seemed like people of their status were not allowed to enter.

Within the castle, huge flower vases were lined up in front of the screens. ⌈1⌋ The surfaces of the flower vases were smooth and crystal clear. There were even some very rare pictures of celebrities hanging on the walls. The clients did not make any noise, the sound of moaning couldn’t be heard, this didn’t seem like a brothel at all.

“So it was actually Lord Zhuge who had graced us with your presence.” A beautiful lady around the age of twenty five or twenty six came to greet them. She didn’t have the bewitching smile commonly found on prostitutes. It was the kind of light smile that made one feel comfortable. Her red lips, white teeth, and glittering eyes were very pleasing.

Even in the mortal world, Xiao Chen had never went to the red light district before. He could be said to have lived his life cleanly. However, he had also heard of a few things regarding the red light district. Was this the rumored brothel keeper? But she didn’t look like one no matter how he looked at her. She didn’t have that kind of seductive charm, her image was more like that of a sweet-tempered and talented girl.

“Shirley! Long time no see. You still remember me? Little brother missed you so much.” Zhuge Liang’s pair of eyes immediately lit up.

“How can I forget about Lord Zhuge, you are one of our esteemed clients.” Her smile contained a hint of flattery. It caused the fatty’s stout body to shudder. He couldn’t help but take two steps forward. It seemed like he wanted to take one more step, but he still endured it in the end. He seemed somewhat apprehensive as he chuckled and said, “Shirley, you sure know how to talk. With my social status, I can only come a few times annually. Every client here is from some renowned family or another, I do not deserve to be called an esteemed client.”

“Hehe, Lord Zhuge is too modest. Everyone knows about Zhuge Liang from the Amber Warbeast Castle; a pair of discerning eyes, the most capable huntsman. In a short few years, you have already found more than ten extraordinary warbeasts. You are the star of Celestial City.”

The fatty started to chuckle, clearly feeling very cheerful.

“Lord Zhuge, you still haven’t introduced this friend of yours to me.”

“My bad, my bad. He is Xiao Chen, a practitioner with unlimited potential. He even has the financial backing of a rare warbeast.” The fatty chuckled and introduced to Xiao Chen, “This is one of the eight most beautiful flowers in the Moonflower Castle, Lady Shirley. She is a famous person in Celestial City.”

Hearing the few words, “rare warbeast”, lady Shirley was clearly excited, but that peculiar expression disappeared quickly. She smiled lightly and said, “Greetings to Lord Xiao. Lord Xiao seems like a character of strength, one look is all I need to see that you’re a talented person. I’m sure your name will spread all over Celestial City in the future.”

“Greetings to miss Shirley.” Xiao Chen was very calm, but he was secretly observing this girl. That was because when she just entered the room, her expression changed slightly when she looked at Xiao Chen. Could it be that she had heard of him before? Xiao Chen became wary of her.

Shirley stared at Tenax with her clear eyes. The astonishment in her eyes was hard to cover up, she seemed to be very amazed and said, “This must be that rare warbeast you were talking about. Although I don’t understand too much about warbeasts, I have heard of many things. Based on this basis, I have a feeling that if this little beast is nurtured properly, its name will definitely shake the entire world sooner or later. Congratulations in advance, Lord Xiao.”

“Then can we please ask of lady Shirley to compromise, and allow us to go in with the little beasts?”

“No problem. If it was anyone else, I would definitely not allow it. Warbeasts are not allowed in the Moonflower Castle, but just this time, I will make an exception for both of you. After all, such a rare warbeast should be kept beside you.” Soon after, she smiled gently and said, “Please come in, I will no longer waste your valuable time.”

There were many halls in the Moonflower Castle, each occupied a wide area. After passing through this hall, Xiao Chen and company were led to the back. The halls in the courtyard were linked by the hallway. Little bridge was built above the running water. The pavilion was filled with mountains of flowers, it could be said to be refined yet beautiful.

“Was that courtesan just now the brothel keeper?” Xiao Chen asked the fatty in a low voice.

Zhuge Liang jolted for a moment. He looked at the pretty girl who was leading the way before he said to Xiao Chen with a voice only the two of them could hear, “Mother f——! Lower your voice buddy! It’s fine as long as you know, but if they hear what you said, they might peel off our skin! The power behind them is quite big. This Moonflower Castle is definitely powerful enough to stand side by side with a few warbeast castles.

For a brothel to actually be this large-scale, Xiao Chen was seriously a little shocked. Looking at the fatty’s apprehensive appearance, it was easy to tell that this “Flower Castle” not only looked imposing on the outside, even the power inside must be one that not many people dared to provoke.

“Oh, I understand. I can already tell, that courtesan was indeed out of the ordinary. No matter how I looked at her, she didn’t look like a prostitute. Her image was more like that of a talented beauty than a brothel keeper.”

It seemed like the pure girl who was leading the way in front heard these words, she turned around to cast a glance at Xiao Chen.

When the fatty heard these, he hastily grabbed Xiao Chen’s hand and said in a low voice, “I say brother, stop speaking nonsense! This is not the kind of brothel you think it is. The courtesans here have really high status, they normally don’t meet with just any clients and only exchange a few words with the esteemed guests. You mustn’t provoke them, they will never sell themselves short. Only the area behind here is the real brothel.”

After passing through four halls in total, Xiao Chen and company finally came to a stop. They could already hear the sound of singing and dancing at this place, and yet they were still unable to hear the sound of moaning.

Someone came to receive them in the big hall. A beautiful girl using a tray to hold up a booklet arrived in front of them. She said with a melodious voice, “Please choose your courtesan.”

The fatty was startled and asked, “We can choose today?”

“That’s right, courtesan Shirley has instructed us to properly entertain the two lords.” The girl was only fifteen to sixteen years old, she was at a delicate age. The girl was sizing up the two of them curiously.

“Brother, we sure have good luck today.” The fatty smiled and explained to Xiao Chen, “There are ten big gardens in the Moonflower Castle. Normally, it is the girls in the gardens who choose the person they want to meet, not the other way around. Only those first class clients get the privilege to choose.” ⌈2

Xiao Chen found it a little hard to understand. Why was the root and branch inverted? How did they do business like this? Was it because the men who came to this place were cheap? It was actually them who got picked by the courtesan instead. He felt that it was too absurd. Who was the one that got to enjoy in the end?

As if he could see Xiao Chen’s dissatisfaction, the fatty smiled and said, “Even if we don’t get the right to choose, the girls here will not let the clients leave disappointed. Otherwise how would they dare to do this.” Soon after, he lowered his voice, “No matter what kind of business, as long as they can make it to the top, they will have this kind of boldness and vision. Of course, they will ultimately guarantee the client’s satisfaction.”

“Did the lords make up their minds?”

The fatty flipped the beauties list, and then he said, “Then I will choose the ⌈Intoxicating House⌋ from the ⌈Rose Garden⌋.”

Following a crooked lane that lead to an isolated place, they passed through two castle halls. The fragrance of flowers ahead was thick and penetrated deeply into their hearts. There was a small stream and the flowers were colorful and lovely. Naturally, the one that bloomed the most abundant was still the rose. The fragrance from hundreds of flowers lingered in the rose garden.

The fatty explained to Xiao Chen, “There are ten big gardens in the Moonflower Castle. Each garden has a few bedrooms or women’s chambers. The one I chose is the Intoxicating House of the rose garden. I have already heard one of the girls there is delicate and charming, the other one is lucid and elegant. They are a rare ice and fire pair. Definitely the two queens of this rose garden.”

The quality was so carefully selected, Xiao Chen was extremely amazed. This place was really out of ordinary.

“Please enter.” A cunning voice rang out from beside them. Xiao Chen turned around just to see a youngster with red lips and white teeth. However, that voice really left a bad impression, it was too sissy.

The fatty Zhuge Liang laughed secretly and explained in a low voice, “This is the court eunuch of the rose garden. He can walk around the garden, but cannot enter the ⌈bedroom⌋ or ⌈chamber⌋.”

Xiao Chen felt a little dizzy, they even had a court eunuch. This…… was completely built according to the standards of the imperial castle.

There were three halls in the rose garden, namely; Intoxicating House, Thousand Sweets Chamber, and Graceful Chamber. Although there were a limited number of courtesans, the expenditure was really high. A single bedroom or chamber could cost an ordinary people up to half a year of their living expenses.

Walking past the quiet flower garden with dwarf bamboos growing alongside the road, they arrived in front of the entrance to the Intoxicating House. The court eunuch stopped and did not continue forward. The bluish-green curtain was spread open by the two servant girls at both sides as they invited Xiao Chen and company into the house.

It was already nighttime. Regardless of the garden or within the house, the bewitching rose lamps were already lit up.

With regards to the two who brought along two little beasts, the servant girls were very curious and kept sizing them up.

“Please enter the art hall.” The servant girls led the way in front.

The fatty started to explain again, “The art hall is the place where we can appreciate art in the Intoxicating House. After that, we will go to the bed chamber. Hehe…… Let us go drink and appreciate some art first.”

When Xiao Chen and the fatty stepped into the splendid and magnificent hall, a jingling sound rang out. It was a gentle and beautiful sound, as if it was the sound of nine fairies descending.

“Your enchanting beauty has intoxicated the mortal realm.
When the spring breeze blows, the willows sway,
Bravery is short-lived while a woman’s love is everlasting,
My will to fight has wavered……” ⌈3

The musical notes from the lute entered their ears. At the same time, a bewitching song started to play.

A faint fragrance was drifting in the castle hall. It was as enticing as the sweet smell of orchids. On top of the classical stage, there was an elegant girl with black hair that flowed like a waterfall and pupils like that of water. She was brimming with wisdom and single-mindedly devoted to playing the lute. Without any trace of carelessness, there was only the flowery rhythm of the verse.

“This is the Intoxicating House’s lady Lyria.” The fatty introduced in a low voice. At the same time, he chuckled and said, “How about it? This trip is worth it, right? This kind of girl is usually kept hidden from the public eyes, there’s no way we can see her on ordinary days.”

Xiao Chen lamented, this kind of girl was indeed hard to see. If she was put elsewhere, nobody would be able to tell she was a courtesan. She looked like a girl from a wealthy family, a princess that was raised in a noble house. However, from what the fatty was saying, Lyria was merely one of the queen of flowers in the rose garden of Moonflower Castle. One couldn’t help but feel shocked and exclaim in admiration.

The fragrance drifted into the hall as a figure came out from behind the screen with graceful dance steps. Her three sizes were well proportioned. She was so beautiful that it made one feel dizzy. Her figure was as pretty as a picture. Her fiery long hair fluttered about like the passionate flame. Her beautiful face was incomparably sweet and charming. Her pair of eyes were so clear, as if they could start talking any time. Her exquisite nose stood out. She was licking her moist red lips with her tongue, it could even be said to be extremely lovely. Her snow-white neck was like jade, and her boobies stood upright. Her waist was thin and curvy, and her buttocks were perfectly round. She had long and slender legs.

This was definitely an alluring woman. She wore a black fishnet style skintight dress, which exposed most of her snow-white skin. Her exquisite curves were clearly outlined, a white scarf was draped over her shoulders and fluttered along with her dance steps. It made her flicker with unlimited youthfulness and vitality.

Her fiery long hair and snow-white skin, when paired with the black fishnet style skintight dress and the fluffy white scarf, it gave people an intense visual impact.

“This is Carmina. Just like Lyria, she is the queen of the rose garden.”

She was really as passionate and bold as fire. The complete opposite of Lyria.

While the musical notes of the lute were playing, Lyria was also sizing up the two clients with her beautiful and intelligent eyes. Her jade-like fingers were skipping on the string like the fairies, it was gentle and coordinated. Words failed to describe how spectacular it was.

While Carmina’s dance grew bolder and more passionate, her graceful, delicate body had already danced over. She twirled around Xiao Chen and the fatty like an exquisite butterfly.

The music and dance from the queens of flowers could already be considered the best treatment, there was no need for any flowery words. This was already enough to intoxicate a man.

Xiao Chen could already tell; Carmina should be a practitioner, and a pretty powerful one to boot. Otherwise it was impossible for her sweet and charming body to be this flexible. Dancing around in circle, Carmina had already got beside Xiao Chen. She twisted her hands around Xiao Chen’s body and made a very daring action; she lightly pecked Xiao Chen’s earlobe. Her body was incomparably hot, and carrying with it, a hint of fragrance. Her hands twisted around Xiao Chen like a vine. The eyes of the fatty, who was just at the side, already widened. He gulped down the saliva with difficulty.


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Chapter 139 – Celestial City

The south desolate mountain woods, cutting across thousands of miles, it was vast without boundary.

Xiao Chen and company passed through many mountains and a great number of ravines. Walking past the endless sea of greenery, they could finally see the Celestial City.

The magnificent Celestial City, it was brimming with the vicissitudes of time. The city wall was tall and massive, it was about thirty meters tall, and more than ten steeds could run side by side on top of it. The tall city gate was even more majestic, it was just like a watchtower that fell from the heaven dome; simple yet imposing. It was truly fitting for such a famous city.

The moat was about ten meters wide, and a few dozen meters deep. Although the moat was filled with water lilies, and a shoal of fish was moving about, if one examined carefully, they could actually see ferocious crocodiles and bloodthirsty fishes roaming about.

Without a doubt, Celestial City was a grand and majestic ancient city. It was the most renowned city in the south desolate region.

There were all kinds of legends regarding this ancient city. It was possible to tell just from its name, “Celestial City”, that it had a connection to the celestial emperor. The ancient city was shrouded in a veil of mystery.

“We’re finally here.”

While looking at the big city in front, Xiao Chen walked over there with Tenax and company.

Walking past the suspension bridge, they got through the moat and entered the city gate. Surprisingly, no one came to interrogate or block this lone man.

Celestial City was a bustling and thriving ancient city; there was an endless stream of horses and carriages, the main street was bustling with activities, a great number of stores stood at both sides of the avenue, and the sound of merchants touting their wares could be heard.

“High quality lesser dragon skin, only for a hundred gold coins.”

“Thousand year ginseng, genuine old ginseng king.”

“New restaurant open for business, big discount on the first day of opening……”

“The strongest warbeast……”

“Candied fruits……”

It was truly a lively and bustling big city; people of all ages were crowded together on the streets. There were all kinds of people, it could even be said there were many different kinds of races. There were blondies with blue eyes, black-haired persons with tanned skin, green hair, yellow hair, and even the tall and bulky beastmen.

Xiao Chen and company pushed their way through the crowd. They were truly overwhelmed. He spent most of his recent days in the desolate forest, it felt so long since he entered this kind of big city.

The Celestial City had a population close to two million people. It was a big city not just in name, but also in reality. Just imagine how much resources they had to spend on a daily basis. Apart from importing the resources from many cities and towns in the surroundings, the most important was still the Grand Canal that flowed from the North. The canal made it possible to import an endless stream of supplies.

“Let’s go, we will be staying here for a long time.” Xiao Chen was very fond of the flourishing Celestial City. He led Qinguang Wang and company to forge ahead.

The crowd did not have any peculiar expression when they saw Keke and Tenax, because that was more than normal. There were quite a few warbeast castles in Celestial City, it was an extremely common practice to have a warbeast. In fact, there were so many people with exotic creatures on the main street.

Xiao Chen and company took up residence in a big tavern. After freshening up, they prepared to go take a stroll and familiarize themselves with the big city. The three skeletons did not accompany them, they were not interested in the city. The two little beasts on the other hand, were looking forward to explore this bustling city. All of these fresh experiences roused their curiosity. They followed Xiao Chen and set out together.

They walked about randomly, and asked for the direction to the warbeast street. They inevitably had to pass through the antique street to get there. The majority of the people who came to this place were the middle-aged and elderly people. Only these people would like antiques. Xiao Chen conveniently bought a few pendants on the way. Ignoring Keke and Tenax’s opposition, Xiao Chen put the pendants on them. There was a certain charm when the crystal clear ancient jades were paired up with them.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen saw a familiar back figure at the corner of the street.

“Eh, how come she is also here?”

That was actually Yan Qing Cheng. She obviously hadn’t noticed Xiao Chen yet. Xiao Chen was in deep thought and observed at a distant place for a while. He found the imprint of the Undying Sect hidden in an antique store. That was obviously the Undying Sect’s little communication point.

Warbeast street; one warbeast arena after another lined up on both sides of the street. Loud beastly roars transmitted from the inside occasionally. Endless streams of people were coming and going on the main street, it was practically a boiling cauldron of voices. This place was clearly more bustling than the other areas of the city.

The color of the sky already darkened, but this was the warbeast street, everything had just begun. There were even more people participating in the warbeast arena at night. Xiao Chen felt a little hungry, he brought the two little beasts and stepped into a restaurant. The restaurant was facing the street and business seemed very good.

He did not choose a private room, instead Xiao Chen chose a seat by the window on the second floor. He listened to the others bragging while enjoying the meal.

“Hey, that was really too strange. That Lynx Dragon was not really a dragon, and yet, no worthy adversary appeared even after it swept the entire arena. What’s more, it is still in the growing stage.”

“In my opinion, that Lynx Dragon is still not a match for that gold-furred beast in the Hughes Warbeast Arena. That one is really too savage. It is still just a cub, but it tore apart a lesser dragon king that was about ten times its body weight.”

“That Frost Dracolion that appeared in the Morass Warbeast Arena was also very terrifying. It was only two meters long, but it actually crushed a fifteen meters long primal beast.”

“A lot of intellectual beasts have appeared in the warbeast arenas recently. All of them are of the rarely seen variety. I suppose if they are nurtured properly, they might grow up into a sacred beast later.”

“Exactly! The monsters that appeared recently are very strong, and they are still in the infancy stage. I bet they could be sold for a sky-high price. I wonder if those owners will sell them or not.”

“Hoh… although they are very powerful, they are only challenging some nameless warbeast arenas. Only those who can come out alive after challenging those warbeast castles can be regarded as out of ordinary.”

“Don’t you guys find it strange? How come all kinds of intellectual beasts appeared in Celestial City at the same time? And they all are of those rarely seen varieties. As far as I know, those might really be young sacred beasts. One that is capable of standing side by side the dragons and phoenixes.”

“Hush, lower your voice! I have also heard the rumors that there might be a few young sacred beasts that came from those big cities in the North. I don’t know whether it is true or not.”

“I heard on the grapevine that it was because the young Dragon Kings had made an appearance in those warbeast castles before. I suppose those people brought the sacred beasts here in hope of challenging the young Dragon Kings.”

“Is that true?! Those young Dragon Kings that came from the dragon island actually appeared here? How many have shown up?”

“I don’t know how many have showed up, but they definitely did make an appearance. Those people definitely brought the young sacred beasts here to challenge the little Dragon Kings. You should know that if they let the young sacred beasts fight with the little Dragon Kings, it will definitely allow the young sacred beasts to grow up faster.”

“It really makes people look forward to it. You think it’s possible for a sacred beast more powerful than the Dragon Kings to appear? Otherwise it is impossible for those people to take the risks.”

“I can’t wait! If that is really true, I daresay the warbeast castles in other big cities will respond instantly and rush towards Celestial City. When that time comes, there will definitely be a good show. Just think about it, the strongest warbeasts from a few dozen big cities, sacred beast versus sacred beast, dragon king versus dragon king, sacred beast versus dragon king. There’s so much to look forward to!”


Everyone in the restaurant was discussing spiritedly. It was exactly the time for dinner, every kind of news spread the fastest at this kind of occasion.

Xiao Chen felt this meal was really worth it. He got to hear many useful information. The Dragon Kings had appeared at this place, but which ones could they be? When he was still on the dragon island, Xiao Chen had seen those eleven Dragon Kings. He even knew who those Dragon Kings were following.

However, he heard that a chaotic warfare took place after the divine ship sent those people back to the immortal’s mainland. In order to fight over the Dragon Kings, even demigods had made their moves. Some Dragon Kings had probably changed owner a long time ago. It was still unknown whether Lawrence and Yizhen came out unscathed.

Sitting by the window, everything on the main street could be seen clearly. Although the color of the sky had already darkened, the stream of people was still flowing without an end in sight. Many warbeast arenas were already brightly lit.

“******* fatty……” Xiao Chen shouted. He actually saw the ******* fatty Zhuge Liang. That guy was currently holding a snow-white tomcat and taking a stroll. Behind him were a few bulky men leading a few lesser dragons. He looked like a self-indulgent guy.

“What the f—, WHO dares insult me?!” Surely, not many people had called this ******* fatty like this before. That’s why he started to look for the person immediately after hearing “******* fatty”. He spotted Xiao Chen on the second floor of the restaurant just as he raised his head. Zhuge Liang’s eyes immediately glinted with gold radiance, as if he had seen a big pile of gold coins laying right before his eyes.

“So it was brother Xiao, hahaha…… this is too good, I finally see you again.” It was easy to tell the ******* fatty was very surprised. His two eyes emitted green light as he shouted, “Did you bring Tenax with you?”

When Xiao Chen and the ******* fatty left the restaurant together, they heard people talking behind their back, “Isn’t that the fatty from Amber Warbeast Castle? That guy’s eyesight is very keen. Don’t tell me, those little beasts with the youngster just now are some rarely seen warbeasts?”

Haha……” The ******* fatty was especially joyful. When he looked at Tenax, it was as if he had been slapped by money and beautiful women. After that, he turned his head back to look at Xiao Chen, and said, “Brother, I’m really too happy to be able to see you again. Last time was really too close. Damn it, we actually got lost in the uncultivated jungle and almost couldn’t make it back anymore. Forget about it, we should have a good talk tonight. This night is on me, this fat brother will let you play until you drop.”

The fatty was carrying the snow-white tomcat and walked beside Xiao Chen. He introduced from time to time, “When it comes to the most flourishing district, look no further than this area of Celestial City. There’s no place better than this. I’m not just talking about the warbeast castles. The best restaurants, red light districts, and casinos can be found here. Hehe, this fat brother will bring you to the best place to have fun……”

Looking at the ******* fatty’s smile, Keke really wanted to go up there and scratch him for a little while. It was stopped by Xiao Chen just in the nick of time. The tough little dragon was also grinding its teeth at the fatty constantly.

Not long later, they arrived in front of a dazzling castle. Xiao Chen was a little dumbstruck. This…… seemed like a castle only the imperial household would be permitted to build, if it was in the mortal world, that is. It was really too grand and magnificent.

“Hehe, how about it?” The fatty smiled — that was a lascivious smile no matter how they looked at it — before he continued, “This is the ⌈Moonflower Castle⌋, we will let loose at this place tonight. After a few days, we will go to the ⌈Spellbind Castle⌋ to appreciate some flowers. Hehe…… brother, I am indeed spending money in large amounts. You must know that even I am only willing to come to this kind of place once or twice a year. The standard here is the absolute best in the entire continent.” ⌈1


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Chapter 138 – None can Resist

A youth in his prime, with high status, was always the most arrogant guy. How could they not be?

Kadiva was from a rather famous family in the Celestial City, he always did whatever he wanted to do. This time, he kept this a secret from his family and led his trusted aide to come and search for some legendary warbeast in the south desolate region. Never did he expect most of his soldiers would perish after entering the south desolate region for only a dozen of days. Only five of them remained, and when he saw the tough little dragon today, how could he not tell that Tenax was out of the ordinary.

After secretly watching Tenax challenging a few vicious beasts and emerging victorious, Kadiva had already come to a conclusion; this must be the strongest type among the inferior dragons, it should have at least one-third of dragon blood flowing in its veins, or perhaps it might be a real dragon stranded in the south desolate region.

When he thought about the dragons in the south desolate region, his blood started to boil. Legend said that in the ancient past, a few incomparably powerful dragons did not get sealed on the dragon island, they lived in seclusion at the south desolate region. If this tough little dragon was their descendent……

Kadiva was so excited that he couldn’t stop his body from shaking. The descendent of the most powerful ancient dragon that escaped the fate of getting sealed on the dragon island, this was simply a blessing from the heavens. If he could subdue this tough little dragon, perhaps it might not even be inferior to those genuine Dragon Kings that departed from the dragon island.

The descendent of the strongest dragon!

After Kadiva had this deduction, he immediately led his trusted aide into action. They stealthily caught up to Tenax and surrounded it from every direction. What made him most happy was that the tough little dragon was very keen and discovered them in the first moments, and yet, it didn’t run away. It provoked them and took the initiative to take up a challenge. With such an arrogant personality, it made Kadiva even more convinced. It might really be the descendent of those dragons!

They must be decisive, they must not miss this chance and let it get away.

The battle to subdue the descendent of the strongest dragon had thus began.

However, just when it looked like everything went smoothly, an outsider like this unexpectedly appeared. Kadiva was in a really bad mood, the Celestial City was known as the biggest city in the south desolate region, and he came from one of the largest and most influential families in the Celestial City. He was always the one making others yield to him, how could he tolerate other people meddling in his business.

Despite seeing that Xiao Chen’s ability was very profound, his superiority complex made him unable to think highly of any practitioners.

“I am telling to truth, look at how it is following me so familiarly. If this is a wild beast, how is it possible for it to acknowledge me so easily.” Xiao Chen tried to explain one last time. He didn’t want to get into a conflict if at all possible.

But the blond-haired youth at the opposite side did not buy it, he was still as arrogant as before and said impatiently, “Stop wasting my time, I found it first and you still want to vie for it? This is obviously a wild beast. I don’t want to make things hard for you, the ancient road is over there, you can be on your way. Let’s not get in each other’s way.”

Kadiva’s words were very obvious; Scram, I have already laid my eyes on this warbeast, if you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to so anymore.

How could Xiao Chen not understand his underlying meaning? The other party clearly wanted to rely on his status and the experts beside him to forcefully take over Tenax. This was the truth of the world, strength represented everything. If it was any ordinary young practitioner, they might have yielded already. That was because they could recognize the family crest on the left sleeve of the youngster. That was the emblem of a powerful family in the Celestial City, a super influential family that controlled a warbeast castle, it was an existence that many practitioners were unwilling to provoke.

But Xiao Chen did not know of this, and even if he knew, it meant nothing to him. With his personality and the strength he currently possessed, he wouldn’t hesitate to dispose of them, because it was impossible for him to hand over Tenax to the other party. The more he came to understand the tough little beast, the more he became interested in Tenax. He was expecting some kind of possibility to take place.

Once he made his decision, he wouldn’t continue to drag his feet in the mud. Knowing that it was unlikely for the other party to change their mind, Xiao Chen immediately assumed a battle stance. The glaring rays of light emitted from his body were throbbing like the blazing flame, and yet, they looked like a divine armor protecting him from harm. At this moment, they were unable to look at Xiao Chen from up close.

“Hey, this joker is so arrogant, he actually took the initiative.” Kadiva was very angry. Nobody had ever provoked him before, it was always him doing the provocation. Especially this guy who looked like a hermit no matter how he looked at him, this guy actually dared to offend him.

Kadiva was an expert at the level of Exuvia Third Celestial Layer, he could be considered an expert among the youth generation, especially among the nobility. However, this “expert” depended on who he was dealing with. He did not know how deep was Xiao Chen’s power, but the man beside him had already felt it ever so faintly. That man was his shadow, a bodyguard who grew up along with him. He was a Sixth Celestial Layer expert who specialized in protecting him. He was one of the bodyguards that were nurtured by their family since young age, and was very loyal to the family.

“Young master……” Kadiva’s bodyguard lightly pulled the lower hem of his shirt, then he said in a low voice, “This guy is more powerful than me and he has already revealed killing intent.”

Speaking until here, the bodyguard faced Xiao Chen, and said, “We are from the Reagan family. Will this friend be willing to sell us this warbeast? We will not treat you unfairly.” Obviously, he had already detected Xiao Chen’s killing intent. He was fully aware of how very terrifying was this man before his eyes and didn’t want to fight with Xiao Chen. Because the bodyguards grew up with their respective masters since childhood, they could speak on behalf of their masters sometimes.

“That is impossible.” Xiao Chen refused very bluntly.

“Arrest him!” Kadiva of the Reagan Family couldn’t tolerate it any longer, he directly issued the order.

The girls floating in the sky were Psychics, they were very beautiful and seemed to be persons of mixed blood. They possessed the classical beauty of the East, and also the noble traits of the West, but even so, their charming appearances couldn’t be concealed. Their pupils were bright and intelligent, and their light blue hair were fluttering like water ripples.

They were the collateral relatives of the Reagan family, their blood relationship with this influential family of Celestial City was already thinned out a long time ago. However, due to their strength and outstanding appearance, they were still appreciated by the family and so they frequently mingled together with a few direct descendants of the Reagan family. As far as this chaotic relationship between man and woman was concerned, the elder of the Reagan family always turned a blind eye to it.

Three of the female Psychics dropped three rays of green light, they launched spiritual attacks and took the initiative to attack Xiao Chen.

Meanwhile, Kadiva already raised a sharp sword and rushed over personally.

Xiao Chen quickly dodged to the side to avoid the attacks from the three Psychics, then he rushed straight towards Kadiva. His fingers emitted a glaring sword-qi as if they were a double-edged sword. Xiao Chen attacked this youth from the Reagan family with a diagonal slash.

The sword-qi produced a sharp sound as it cut through the air. The face of the bodyguard at the side turned pale. He could clearly feel Xiao Chen’s terrifying strength at this very moment. After a loud shout, he raised his speed to the limit. His speed already surpassed that of Kadiva. After concentrating his power in the metal sword held in his hand, the sword became translucent and actually started to tremble. The sword-qi was extremely rich and powerful. He faced Xiao Chen head on with this strike.


The sound of the sword-qi slashing the air was exceptionally ear-piercing!

However, the bodyguard’s sword-qi was simply unable to stop the sword-qi emitted from Xiao Chen’s adamantium-like fingers. The adamantium fingers smashed a few dozens of sword-qi and then it made direct contact with the sharp sword held by the bodyguard.

With a clear crisp sound, the sword in the bodyguard’s hand exploded like the fireworks. The energy flow dispersed in all directions when the sword was destroyed. As if the bodyguard had been hit by a stormy sea, his body trembled violently. He could see a gold radiance rushing into his hand from that sword hilt. The bodyguard fell back at high speed. Although his right arm trembled incessantly, he used some kind of excellent martial art to neutralize the terrifying energy that entered his body.

His will was completely crushed at this moment, he clearly felt that he was far from being Xiao Chen’s opponent. He cried out in alarm, “Are you Windfeathers or the Solitary Sword Demon…… or perhaps Zhao Chongyang?”

He continuously declared the names of a few first-rate youth experts of the Southern region. He was truly a little apprehensive towards someone with such strength.

But Xiao Chen did not stop there, he continued to forge ahead like a sharp blade. He suddenly clenched his fist and sent the punch directly towards Kadiva. At this moment, Kadiva also coincidentally got before his eyes.

With an explosive sound, the long sword broke into pieces. Xiao Chen passed through the shattered light screen and bumped into Kadiva’s palm.

“Snap! Snap!”

The sound of bones snapping could be heard, it was especially ear-piercing in this occasion.

A spiral energy directly flowed into Kadiva’s right arm. His arm already turned into twisted dough. ⌈1⌋ Although the arm did not break into pieces, it was already deformed. That arm was completely useless now.

“Ah!!!!!!” Kadiva screamed at the top of his lung, his face distorted in pain.

This series of movements happened in only an instant. It was so quick that they could see nothing but a blur. Regardless of whether it was the bodyguard or the three female Psychics in the sky, they could only launch a single attack. There was simply not enough time to offer support to Kadiva.

“Run! Quick!” The bodyguard pushed Kadiva who was still screaming to the side, then he rushed forward by himself. He knew this enemy was really too formidable, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop him. The three Psychics dived down from the sky. After securing Kadiva, they immediately flew towards the sky.

Tenax finally made its move. A divine radiance emitted from its single horn and shot down one female Psychic from the sky with a “swoosh”. After that, it rushed over there fiercely.

At the same time, a human figure jumped down from a tall tree at a distant place. The one who hid there was Lunhui Wang. The sneak attack caused one female Psychic to stagger, but she still didn’t fall down in the end.

Xiao Chen rushed forward like a demon, going straight for the bodyguard who remained behind without any flashy movement. The palm blade was as sharp as a divine blade, the glaring rays of light directly collided with the bodyguard’s fist. Another bone snapping sound reverberated. Along with a gloomy snort, the bodyguard was sent flying away.

“My friend, anyone can make mistakes, you should forgive them when possible.” The bodyguard was holding his already twisted arm.

Xiao Chen was really calm, and said, “If people don’t offend me, I will not make trouble for them. It’s not like I didn’t give you a chance, but you guys insisted on forcing my hand.”

“You…… You must know that the Reagan family is very powerful. Kadiva is the seventh grandson of the chief…… the chief pampered him a lot.”

“Exactly because I know you guys come from a powerful family that I cannot let a single one of you get away.”

The bodyguard immediately understood Xiao Chen’s intention. Since they already made their moves, it was impossible to turn back anymore. The most effective method to silence them was to kill them all.

“Kill!” The bodyguard rushed over again without a hint of fear.

But that was clearly a futile effort. There was no chance for someone at the Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer to win against an expert at the peak of Exuvia Eighth Celestial Layer.

Xiao Chen was like flickering light and passing shadows. With the palm blade in front, his entire body almost seemed transparent. Transforming into an unstoppable divine blade, he dashed forward in a straight line.

His speed was really too fast. What’s more, with the bodyguard’s own speed, it resulted with a “pfff” as blood gushed forth. The bodyguard was actually chopped in half. His upper body and lower body fell at opposite sides.

Xiao Chen directly bore through his body. With the divine radiance protecting his body, he did not get encroached by the blood. With such speed and power, if he was seen by his peers, they would certainly be shocked.

With his speed not decreasing, Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and flew towards the sky. ⌈2

It was a very funny scene, by the time he caught up, he found that the two female Psychics were already trapped in the sky by a ball of light. It was actually Keke who just returned after finding some spiritual items. It found them running away from the party so it undertook the task to capture them.

And Kadiva had actually used a scroll to fly high into the sky, and flee towards the Celestial City.

Xiao Chen sneered. With the Undying Divine Wing as his trump card, how could he let Kadiva escape? Increasing his speed to the limit, he quickly caught up to Kadiva.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Hearing the lofty sound behind him, Kadiva turned his head around to take a look. He was so scared that his soul had literally left his body. Xiao Chen spread out a pair of divine wing while emitting killing intent. He was already not more than three meters behind Kadiva.

He never thought that Xiao Chen could actually fly, this kind of martial artist was really too terrifying. At this moment, he no longer had an arrogant look in his face. There was only fear.


His terrified expression continued to spread. Kadiva detested himself very much at this moment. If he was not that arrogant just now, perhaps they could’ve avoided this terrifying situation.

He recalled what the elders in the family had warned him; “Don’t rashly make an enemy out of practitioners outside of Celestial City. The foundation of the family is only at Celestial City, the outside world is still not something we can control.”

“Don’t kill me!”

“Give me a reason.”

Looking at Xiao Chen’s ice-cold expression, Kadiva’s body shuddered. Even the flying scroll that was carrying him started to sway.

“I come from the Reagan family. If you kill me, you will be in huge trouble.”

“There will be more trouble if I don’t kill you!”

Without any more superfluous words, Xiao Chen made his move. A chilly divine light flashed through and blood splashed everywhere. Kadiva’s head flew out. ⌈3

The scroll that was carrying the headless corpse fell towards the ground diagonally.

Xiao Chen flew back the way he came.

He hinted for Keke to release one of the Psychics. Xiao Chen wanted to try if he could catch up to a Psychic with the Undying Divine Wings. That charming girl let out a screech and made a run for it while sticking close to the forest. She witnessed everything just now, she was already extremely scared of Xiao Chen. Right now, she only wished she could return to the Celestial City as soon as possible.

Xiao Chen obviously wouldn’t give her such an opportunity. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings, increased his speed to the limit, and caught up to the female Psychic in almost an instant. At this moment, Xiao Chen did not show any kindness; blood splashed everywhere, the pretty female Psychic was also chopped in half. Her corpse fell in the mountain woods.

Xiao Chen was very satisfied with the Undying Divine Wings. This was practically the Psychics and Spell Master’s nemesis. He believed this would definitely become their worst nightmare.

A clean sweep; three female Psychics, one bodyguard, and Kadiva, all of them were exterminated. Xiao Chen had a mood swing. He didn’t think he was ruthless, because it was justified self-defense, it was all for survival.

Because he had killed these people, Xiao Chen did not feel anxious on his journey. Only until half a month later did they slow down their pace. After that, in another five more days, they finally left the south desolate region. The Celestial City was already in sight.


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