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Demon Sword Maiden

Sword Demon Maiden Maiden of the Cursed Blade (妖刀姬) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Carrot Sauce (罗将神) and translated by Aoi. It is ongoing with 1759 Chapters.

Alternative titles: Demon Sword Maiden, Blade Maiden
Category: Ecchi, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Martial Arts, Shoujo Ai, Yuri 

Status: On-going, 4 Chapters/Week.

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Maiden of the Cursed Blade revolves around a boy who was sent to a dark, mysterious parallel world in the body of his beautiful senior sister, Lily. The lone girl ran into the night parade of a hundred demons the very day she arrived; seeking survival amongst the warrior’s dispute in a chaotic world, and forging her own demon sword! This is an unimaginable other world adventure!
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39 Red Dragons Are Bad With Cold

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「Big Sister Iris, don’t sleep, let’s go and play. It’s snowing again」

「Un…’s cold, it’s bothersome, and I’m in a mood to sleep, maybe another time」

「How terrible…….Marion and Jessica are sleeping too. Why?」


Iris wasn’t the only one engaged in inactivity.

For some reason, the two climbed into Iris’ bed and clung to her from both sides as they trembled.

「Red dragons are bad with cold…..」

Said Jessica in a surprisingly listless voice.

「Yes……when it falls below a certain point all our energy just goes off somewhere…… was okay the last time, but today is no good. I can’t leave the bed」

Hearing Marion, Iris nodded convinced.

Indeed, today was colder than ever before.

At such a cold day, climbing under the blanket is a matter of course.

Iris felt warmer that way too.

But why did the dragon pair chose this place to sleep of all others?

「They have a house of their own, right? Can’t they just sleep there?」

「It’s warmer like this……..and I wanted to sleep with Iris-chan too……」

「Mother came all the way here for such a weird reason…..j-just to be clear, It’s not like I wanted to sleep with Iris!」

「Ara, you could just stay behind, you know? You didn’t have to follow your mother here」

「T-This…..I came here to see Punigami!」


Punigami stood on the floor all this time as he carried Eclipse on top.

「Do you want to play with Punigami, shall we switch then?」

Eclipse, the Kind, took Marion’s words seriously.

「I’m happy, but Punigami won’t fit onto the bed. It’s cold to get out, so I’ll decline」

「Okay, Then today Punigami is my chair」


Punigami wobbled joyously.

Even so, Punigami, who should have been frozen already, showed no signs of that.

Even though his body was mostly water, it didn’t mean he was weak to cold.

Well, thinking on a deeper level, everyone’s body was full of water too.

However, they won’t easily freeze at low temperatures.

Somehow mysterious, thought Iris under the blanket when the gate of the church suddenly opened.

「I’m Katie Astley, an Inquisitor of Supreme Divine Will Cult! Please cooperate with my investigation!」

Supreme Divine Will Cult. Inquisitor.

A name I have a recollection of.

It’s an organization that collects information about various gods around the world.

But before all that.

「It’s cold! Close the door! 」

Screamed iris.

「Right…..I’ll spit flames if you don’t…..」

「Mother can easily incinerate a village… better hurry up…………..」

The dragon pair complained.

「Ne, ne. Hurry up and close it. The snow is going to enter」


「Ah, sure」

Hearing everyone’s complaints, the Inquisitor, Katie, obediently turned around and closed the doors.

But even though she did it, Muriel and Sheryl barged immediately after.

Katie pursed her lips as she closed the doors again.

「No ja? Why are you looking so down?」

「…..It’s nothing!」

「D-Don’t scare me…….」

Muriel hid behind Sheryl.

「Katie-san, you can’t scare Muriel-sama like that! Muriel-sama has a delicate personality!」

「Ah, I apologize……」

Katie bowed in apology. She seemed to have an honest personality.

Well then, since the gates are closed and the cold wind has no way in, let’s hear why Katie came here. Or so Iris thought when she noticed an important detail.

「Waa, a stranger!」

Iris screamed, hid under the blanket, and hugged Marion.

「Eh? What happened?」

Said Katie in surprise.

「Iris-sama is extremely shy around strangers. She’s like this every time she meets one」

「Eeh………even though she’s a Guardian Deity….?」

「One’s shyness doesn’t correlate with one’s abilities as a Guardian Deity. Besides, there are always gods who refuse to appear before people」

「There are……but according to my knowledge and Supreme Divine Will Cult’s records, there are none who hide under the blanket to hide from people……..」

「Gods come in many varieties. Investigating that is Katie-san’s job, right?」

「Haa……..well……it is…….」

Katie let out a voice of bewilderment.

If it were, it would be a low priority work for sure. It’s better not to force it.

「You can just forget about your investigation. Spend a night in the village and come again tomorrow」

Iris stated from under the blanket.

「No, this can’t be done」

Having said so, Katie pulled on the blanket.

Iris faced Katie at close range.

「Wa, wa, a human, a human so close, what should I doooo?!」

In her panic, Iris strengthened her hold on Marion.

Marion and Jessica too, apparently feeling the cold, hugged her even tighter.

「Uu…cold……blanket…….it there isn’t any there is still Iris-chan’s warmth…..」

「Ah, Mother is cheating……split Iris with me…..」

「Hieee……because I’m being hugged by two people I can’t escape…….」

She very much wanted to hide under the bed, but Mario and Jessica won’t let her.

Of course, she could just fly away, but that would be too cruel.

As she thought about her escape plan, Katie brought her face closer.

「Hiyaa, so close….someone save me…….!」

「Stay strong, Iris-sama!」

「I don’t really understand but stay strong, Big Sister Iris」


She heard irresponsible cheers from the side.

「Umu…..there is a presence of divine power……..」

「I-Is that so…..? Whatever just maintain the distance……」

Iris was about to die from tension.

Maybe because of the dragon family on her sides she could endure it, although barely. Otherwise, it would’ve been an instant death.

「And please return the blanket…..」

「Cold…’s too cold…..」

The dragons trembled so hard the bed trembled with them.

「Is it that cold…….? Then let’s do it. Giga Inferno Flame!」

Katie exaggeratedly screamed and powered her magic.

The surroundings faintly became warmer.

「Ah, somehow it’s warm」

「It’s warm. I can move again」

Marion and Jessica seemed relieved as they relaxed their hold on Iris.

However, relaxed doesn’t mean separated.

Iris still couldn’t escape under the bed.

「F-For such a cool spell its effect is rather underwhelming…….」

Having calmed down somewhat, Iris decided to try speaking with Katie.

「I’m weak in magic department, so I need at least this much drive to make it work」

「I-Is that so……sounds problematic….」

「However, it’s useful to fight the cold. By the way, I use Giga Cocytus Blizzard when it’s hot to cool down!」

「I see…….very convenient…….」

Iris could blow a mountain away or freeze everything until the horizon, but regulating temperature might require some training.

In that regard, Katie’s magic that can set the temperature just right by using everything she has is quite convenient.

「Amazing, stay in this village until the winter ends」

「Dragon Breath has needlessly big range……you have a valuable talent」

The dragons showed their admiration.

「Fufufu. After all, I’m an Inquisitor capable of investigations by myself, despite being a novice! And I have a few questions to ask! Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama! In short, it’s a matter of you being evil gods or not!」

「What is an evil god?」

Eclipse innocently inquired.

Seeing this, Katie thought for a little before answering.

「Eclipse-sama is clear of all suspicions, Eclipse-sama is too adorable to be an evil god」

「Is that so? Wai」

Eclipse felt happy despite her ignorance.

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38 Inquisition

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There are many gods in this world.

There are gods watching over this world from Heaven as well as the gods born in it, ignorant of Heaven’s existence

Serving as the self-proclaimed temple for all those gods was『Supreme Divine Will Cult』. [1]

A group that records information about every god, their believers, their deeds, and legends.

Upon discovering another god, Supreme Divine Will Cult will launch an investigation.

It’d be good for a god to be acknowledged by them, but there are times when they deem a god evil. In that case, there will be Evil God Slayers dispatched immediately.

There are indeed evil gods hostile to humanity in existence.

After all, a god is a being that turns people’s belief into his own power.

In exchange, a god will hear their wishes and fulfill them if possible.

In such a way, a god worshipped by evildoers fulfills their malevolent wishes.

An evil god has to be purified before he builds his power. If it’s impossible then sealed of slaughtered.

It has to be done, otherwise, there is a possibility of the worst-case scenario and the world being destroyed.

And now, an inquisitor of Supreme Divine Will Cult was heading towards the land of Baroness Silverlight.

That land was nothing but a wasteland just a while ago.

It became lush with vegetation, a beautiful lake appeared, and the village came into being once again.

Reputedly, it was the work of the Goddess named Iris Crisis.

However, according to Supreme Divine Will Cult’s records, that land worshipped the Goddess known as Muriel.

Iris Crisis was never heard of.

There was a need to investigate.

If she is an evil goddess then she has to be dealt with as fast as possible.

Steeling her determination, the Inquisitor, Katie Astley, walked the snowy road.

Still fifteen years old. A girl wearing glasses, who became an inquisitor just half a year ago, in other words, a rookie.

Despite her being a rookie, she was entrusted with a solo investigation.

Because I’m outstanding. Katie carried a certain arrogance within herself.

She didn’t utter a single complaint despite the cold weather.

「So cold…..」

She accidentally slipped, but since no one was nearby to hear it, she was safe.

However, it would be troublesome once she arrived at the Silverlight Barony, so she needed a countermeasure.

There she chose to ignite a flame with her magic.

「Giga Inferno Flame!」[2]

Katie tenderly screamed, channeled her magical power, and unleashed the spell.

However, with Katie’s magical power being utterly weak, not even a spark was born.

She could only slightly warm her body by squeezing every last bit of her magical power.

Just enough to ward off the cold.

「I’m by no means weak. I’m not combat-oriented, that’s all. The right person in right place! 」

She muttered trying to inspire herself and walked forwards.

Eventually, she arrived at the Silverlight Barony.

The children in the village were making snowmen or playing with snowballs.

Since adults couldn’t farm in winter, they either drank beer by the sides as they watched the children, or lazed at their homes.

At the entrance of the village, Katie took off a whistle from her neck, put it in her mouth, and blew with all her power.

Being startled, the villagers gathered their attention on Katie.

「I’m Katie Astley, an Inquisitor of Supreme Divine Will cult! I’m here to investigate the Guardian Deity of this village! I’m counting on your cooperation! 」

There are inquisitors, who use Supreme Divine Will Cult’s name as a shield to completely ignore the will of the locals.

However, Supreme Divine Will Temple is nothing but an organization that records the gods and guides the people in their faith.

By no means, it’s an apostle of the gods.

As long as there are no obvious signs of heresy, there was no need to lose decorum, thought Katie.

「Inquisitor? Etto, I’m the Lord, Baroness Sheryl Silverlight. Why did you come to such a small village……? I don’t remember anything dubious happening」

A young blonde girl came out from the crowd.

According to the information Katie received, she was eighteen.

Only three years older than Katie.

「Greetings to Your Excellency, the Baroness. There is nothing to be worried about. But according to the records of Supreme Divine Will Cult, this land was supposed to worship a Goddess-sama known as Muriel. Yet I’ve heard something about Iris Crisis being worshipped here now」

「Eeh, well. You did well with your investigation….」

「Because it’s the duty of Supreme Divine Will Cult!」

Having said so, Katie puffed her chest.

That being said, it wasn’t difficult to investigate the village.

In the first place, it rather stands out when two hundred-year-old wilderness suddenly turns into the land of green.

The name of the goddess living in that land quickly comes up after a slight investigation.

Thanks to Sheryl with her「Our Guardian Deity is amazing! 」propaganda, Iris Crisis’ name reached the ears of Supreme Divine Will Cult whether they wanted or not.

「Hey, Inquisitor or whatever you are. Don’t write This Mistress off just yet. This Mistress is worshipped just fine even now. Iris is just a bonus. This Mistress in the true Chief Goddess! 」

A pink-haired girl stood beside Sheryl. Her age was about or slightly below Katie’s. She was weirdly arrogant too.

「……And you are? 」

「This Mistress is Muriel. The Guardian Deity of this land since three hundred years ago」

「What are you saying? There is no way a Guardian Deity will play snow games together with children…..tte, what? I sense the presence of divine! 」

Katie was an outstanding inquisitor despite being a novice.

She could easily perceive the presence of the divine.

「Of course, because This Mistress is the Guardian Deity」

「Fo-Forgive me for my offense! I couldn’t recognize Muriel-sama……however, what about the Goddess-sama named Iris………?」

「Iris and her little sister are taking a nap in the church. Do you want to see them?」

Little sister?

I didn’t hear any of that, Katie tilted her head.

「By little sister you mean….」

「Iris’ little sister, Eclipse. In short, there are three Guardian Deities in this village」

「It can’t be! I could understand if it was a big city, but in such a remote village………ah, I’m terribly sorry!」

「Hm! We are just a small remote village after all」

The Lord, Sheryl, puffed her cheeks and became angry.

But that’s about it.

Even if it’s a noble, no one is brave enough to use violence against a member of Supreme Divine Will Cult. However, this statement still was close enough to warrant a spanking.

Nevertheless, the Baroness, Sheryl, proved her tolerance by stopping at an angry facial expression.

Or maybe she didn’t think anything else. Somehow, she gave that impression.

「No, I mean small compared to a grand city……this village has only been established not even a year ago. It’s marvelous if you keep that detail in mind. It proves the leadership skills of Your Excellency. I’m deeply impressed」

「Eh, is that so? Fufu, you have a sweet tongue, mou」

Sheryl’s attitude made a swift turnaround.

Her mentality was incredibly simple.

Katie only noticed as she said that, but this village’s scale was a bit too big considering it existed for only a few months.

Is Sheryl really an outstanding lord?

Katie secretly reevaluated Sheryl in her mind.

Still, having three Guardian Deities was a bit too much for a village.

The gods usually lose their power without faith.

In extreme cases, they can’t even maintain their physical form.

Of course, one person can worship multiple gods, but his zeal will definitely suffer.

As a result, it was common to have big cities support multiple deities.

This village’s population was about a hundred, no matter how you count.

Having three Guardian Deities with such numbers was…suspicious.

「Etto, I have a question. There were no Guardian Deities besides Muriel-sama before, am I right? Just when did Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama appeared? 」

「Un….I wonder. When I came here, Iris-sama already lived in the church. Eclipse-sama came about a month ago, I guess? She came her following Iris-sama’s steps」

「Came? In other words, she didn’t “materialize” from people’s faith but came from elsewhere?」

「That’s right」

「I see… the way, do you know where she came from?」

「Etto, I have a feeling I’ve heard of it but ended up forgetting. Can’t you ask her directly? Iris-sama is amazing, you know? She made the wilderness green again, created this lake, and even revived Muriel-sama!」

「Indeed. This Mistress indebted to Iris」

「Revived? Can you explain in detail?」

「Alright. Listen to This Mistress’ tale」

Muriel explained in high spirits.

Katie knew about her suddenly losing power two hundred years ago and people leaving this place. Everything according to Supreme Divine Will Cult’s records.

However, an unknown Goddess appeared and revived the village as well as Muriel. It was the first time Katie heard of it.

It was a matter of course.

The Silverlight Barony was a forgotten land.

The records weren’t up to date.

That’s why Katie came to investigate.

「Ans she’s cute! Eclipse-sama doesn’t lose too!」

「Haa……I see. I very much look forward to meeting Iris-sama and Eclipse-sama」

Cute or not is not the point, but the power capable of turning a wilderness into a grassland and reviving Muriel was troubling.

It’s not easy to revive a god.

Perhaps she is an evil god.

Unfortunately, wicked wishes can easily make a god strong.

The villagers seemed like the good people…….but it wasn’t the time to relax.

Katie was resolved to fulfill her duties.

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  1. Might rename that in the future, feel a bit weird. Accepting suggestions. 
  2. Sounds lukewarm. 

37 Snowball Warfare

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The last days of December.

Muriel completely mixed with the village in just a few days.

At night, she slept with Iris and Eclipse on the bed, at sunset she immediately ran down the hill and played with the children.

According to Sheryl, she enjoyed bigger popularity compared to Iris, who almost never shows her face.

Hearing this, Iris could only groan in frustration.

「But Big Sister Iris never comes out of the church. Let’s visit the village from time to time」

Eclipse preached to the frustrated Iris.

「No way, there are people there……」

「They are good people, though?」

「That’s not the problem」

When judging people as good or bad it almost sounds like she has a problem with their attitude.

But Iris was scared of talking with strangers, no matter their disposition.

In other words, the problem lied with Iris, not with people themselves.

Iris being Iris had an unshakable shut-in disposition.

「You’re a NEET. So I conclude」

「Why are you sounding so cool? You are just an embodiment of sloth」


Marion and Punigami mercilessly made fun of her.

Hearing the truth from a scary dragon and slime, Iris crawled under the blanket to escape reality.

There she fell asleep until the lunch of the next day.

As she opened her eyes, she saw no one else on the bed.

Strangely chilly.

Her breathing turned white.

Iris, wrapped in a blanket, decided to go out the church.

There she saw a pure white expanse of snow.


She leaked a voice of admiration.

So surprisingly beautiful, chilling on the skin, sparkling, with a soft feeling coming from her feet.

After all, this was the first time for Iris to witness snow.

The previously green hill, houses’ roofs, the forest, everything was white until the very horizon.

The change was even more impressive compared to the time when the lake appeared.

For the world to change so much in a day was truly impressive.

Even in such a frozen world, the kids were as active as ever.

They threw balls of snow at each other as they played.

Of course, Eclipse and Muriel were among them.

「Seems fun…..」

Or so she muttered but didn’t have the courage to join them.

She just watched from the top of the hill.

At that time, a body of snow appeared and climbed the hill.

It was Punigami with Sheryl and Marion on his back.


「Good morning, Iris-sama! Please look, it’s snow! 」

「I’m here to pick you up. You aren’t going to miss on this too, right? 」

Apparently, they came here to bring Iris down.

Iris wanted to go.

She wanted to join the game of throwing snowballs.

But, she was scared.

「…….No, I mean. I’ll tactfully decline」

「What are you saying?! At this rate, your body will merge with the church. Go and play with everyone, at least today! 」

「That’s right. It’s the first snow. Pure white. It’s only this beautiful now, it’ll swiftly melt, mix with the mud, and become dirty. Let’s go! 」


Sheryl and Marion pulled her by the hands with Punigami pushing from behind.

「Wa, wait, wait! I’ll wait! Just let me change! 」

「Then hurry up! Ah, I’ll help you change myself! 」

「Foul play, Marion-san! I’ll participate too! 」


Then, Iris was dragged into the church stripped of her pajamas and changed into her usual attire.

After that, Punigami brought her down the hill before she noticed.

Marion followed closely behind.

Must be noted that Sheryl tried to catch up but stumbled midway and rolled down like a ball.

Gaining in size, she easily overtook Punigami and rolled into the village.

Right where the kids played.

「No ja! Here comes a giant snowball! That’s cheating! 」

「You can’t use such big snowball in a snowball fight!」

Eclipse stood before the giant snowball and 「Ei」held out her hands.

The giant snowball’s momentum was but a trifle for Eclipse.

It stopped easily.

Then it broke in halves and Sheryl came out with spinning eyes.

「Wa, the snowball gave birth to Sheryl」

「Since she was born from a snowball, let’s call her Yukiko-chan」

「Hie……don’t casually rename people……」

Sheryl didn’t forget to complain despite her spinning eyes.

She seemed to be okay.

「Sheryl as clumsy as always」


Iris and Punigami sighed in exasperation.

「Well, humans aren’t as strong as we are…..can’t help it, I suppose?」

Or so Marion tried to defend her.

However the kids around them 「Sheryl-sama is a role model of a human being」「We aren’t that clumsy」didn’t share her sentiment.

「H-How cruel…..」

Sheryl unsteadily got up with teary-eyes.

She didn’t lose her vigor despite the spectacular roll.

「Well then. Since Iris-sama was safely delivered let’s restart the snow fight……Iris-sama, you can’t just hide behind Punigami」

「Eh, but……」

There were unknown children besides the usual members present here.

To play with them required tremendous courage.

She thought she gathered enough courage on top of the hill, but when it came to it there wasn’t enough.

「Iris’ shut-in disposition is troublesome…..ei!」

Without any warning, Muriel smashed a snowball into Iris’  face.

「…..What are you doing……ei!」

Of course, there was an immediate counterattack.

Then Muriel threw again.

Eventually it escalated into a skirmish.

「I see, so this is a snowball fight. Ei, ei!」

「Iris, I’ll join your side!」

Marion too started throwing snowballs at Muriel.

「Then I shall be Muriel’s ally」


「So Punigami-sama is Iris-sama’s comrade? Then I shall assist Muriel-sama」

In that manner, the two camps engaged in snowball warfare.

Although there were no rules about winning or losing established.

For now, hitting an opponent with a snowball was good and getting hit was bad.

Nevertheless, it was fun.

Iris forgot about her desire to shut herself in and had fun playing with snowballs.

When the sun set, everyone sat on the ground exhausted.

The snow has been completely trampled and there was no that fluffy feeling anymore.

Perhaps it’s time to go back, thought Iris when Jessica came.

「Arara, Everyone played to their heart’s content. I made some butter roasted potatoes. Is someone interested? 」

As expected of Jessica.

She predicted that everyone must be hungry after such an intense fight.

Nice timing indeed.

Of course,「Me!」 everyone raised their hands.

Everyone happily ate their share.

With this, Iris completely accepted the children – or so everyone thought.

How could I do something so grand, that night Iris trembled under the blanket.

「Big Sister Iris…… only had a snowball fight…….」

Even Eclipse felt a wave of exasperation.

「My, my. Can’t be a Guardian Deity like that. This Mistress is essential to this village」


They said many things, but Iris wasted too much mental power interacting with strangers.

She decided to stay inside for at least three days to recover her mental energy.

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36 Everyone is Welcome Except Villains

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「Even though Muriel-sama is currently like this, you were a proper Guardian Deity-sama two hundred years ago, right?」

Sheryl casually asked.

「Indeed. This Mistress was born three hundred years ago and performed as a splendid Guardian Deity of this land for the next hundred years. By the way, I’ll appreciate if you won’t say something like『currently like this』again」

「Then why did you suddenly lose your divine powers?」

「No clue. This Mistress felt everyone’s faith…….but it wasn’t converted into divine power……as the Guardian Deity I’ve failed to protect this land, pathetic….」

Having remembered those days, Muriel burst into crying again.

Seeing this, Eclipse patted her.

「How mysterious. The matter of Muriel-sama losing her power two hundred years ago needs to be investigated eventually. However, Muriel-sama defended this land for hundred years, be proud of yourself. Here, an offering」

Sheryl took out chocolate from her pocket and handed it to Muriel.

「Mogumogu……….delicious. Sheryl is a good fellow. As long as it’s something This Mistress can do, she’ll fulfill one wish of yours」

「Is that true? Then don’t mind if I do……..our lake is beautiful and there are no problems with water, but there’s no fish. Many villagers want to eat some fish, please do something」

「Umumu……this wish exceeds This Mistress’ power…..」

「Of course, doing it after Muriel-sama’s power comes back will do」

「I see, understood. This Mistress has to get my powers back as soon as possible. As of now, this Mistress is powerless……This Mistress can only contribute to the village by picking up garbage」

「No, no. I can’t let a Goddess do such a thing. Muriel-sama should just stay in the church. It’s important to have the Goddess in the church after all」

「B-But isn’t there Iris and Eclipse already…..」

Said Muriel in a low voice.

Apparently, her previous self-confidence was a front while she’s deeply concerned about her own powerlessness.

Seeing her like this, one would want to cheer her up a little.

「Eclipse and I somehow ended up worshipped but we are actually demons. I think we do need a real goddess after all」

「Right. Muriel is needed」

「I-I see……there is no true goddess here besides This Mistress. Gufufu, confidence is welling up inside of me! 」

Muriel grinned widely.

She looked quite depressed previously, but it didn’t take long for her to regain her vigor.

Having such a robust mentality is terrifyingly good.

「For now, let’s introduce Muriel to the villagers. Come on, come on, let’s go」

「Very well」

Sheryl took Muriel down the hill.

Eclipse tailed behind them.

Punigami and Marion wanted to follow too, but since Iris won’t move away from the church, they came back halfway.

「Hey, are you not going?」


「But, you know. I don’t want to appear before people………..go without me. I’ll watch from here…..」

「Haa…..what a disappointing personality. A good fit for Muriel」


「H-Hey, you two, aren’t you going overboard?!」

「Not at all. Well, your shut-in tendencies are well-known……….It’s pitiful to leave you here alone, so I shall accompany you」

「T-Thanks, Marion…..If you want to stay, you’re always welcome……..」

Iris felt her face getting hot as she said that.

The recipient, Marion, somewhat blushed too.

Strangely shy.


「When did you become so close?」Said Punigami.

「W-We aren’t that close! It’s normal, totally normal!」


Making somewhat unconvinced Punigami their chair, Marion and Iris gazed down the hill.

Sheryl gathered the villagers to introduce Muriel.

Although currently powerless, she is the goddess of the times long past, she might get her powers back eventually, so let’s have faith in her…….her introduction was all over the place.

Apparently, the villagers thought the more deities the better and cheered loudly.

Muriel rejoiced at being the center of attention after more than hundred years. 「Wai, wai」she spun around overjoyed.

Marion’s mother, Jessica watched Muriel with a smile from the side.

「Ah, Mother seems to like Muriel a lot」

「If Jessica-san says something like taking Muriel as her daughter」

「M-Mother only has me as the daughter!」

Marion took seriously, as she latched onto Iris’ shoulder and rocked it with full force.

「Wa, wa, restrain your draconic powers a little. You’ll tear my pajamas. It was obviously a joke」

「R-Right….that’s right! Mou, don’t say such weird things, Iris」

「Sorry, sorry」

She apologized, though she actually thought if it’s Jessica-san she might actually say something along those lines.

But putting it into words would make Marion rampage again, so silence was essential.

After a while, Muriel together with Eclipse and the village’s kids begun playing hide-and-seek and tags.

Then, the Lord, Her Excellency Baroness Sheryl Silverlight, joined them in making a commotion. What a carefree noble.

After a while, Muriel came back to the top of the hill.

Jessica, Eclipse, and Sheryl followed right behind her.

「People are as nice as before. It was fun」

「Muriel is fast on her legs. Did you suddenly get better?」

「Umu, that might be so. It’s definitely due to everyone’s acceptance!」

「Wai, Muriel became better. Banzai」


Muriel and Eclipse seemed to get along very well.

Sheryl and Jessica gazed at the two with a nonchalant smile.

「The number of cuties increased again. I want to bring her back and adopt her~」

「What are you saying, Mother?! You can’t do that!」

「Fufu, just kidding」


Marion patted her chest.

However, there was suspicious luster in Jessica’s eyes.

Perhaps she didn’t give up on making Muriel her daughter after all.

Or more like, there might be a notion to make everyone present her daughters.

Well, Iris liked Jessica, so she didn’t mind being treated like a daughter.

One way or another, Muriel successfully blended with the villagers.

This village had high weirdo affinity in the first place.

Everyone is welcome except villains.

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35 Rock Paper Scissors!

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「Haha, so you’ve materialized relying on Iris’s magical power. And you are arguing over who is a greater Guardian Deity」

「Indeed. I’m glad you are this perceptive」

Muriel nodded in satisfaction.

Then Marion put her hand on her chin as she flexed her brains a little.

Soon enough she opened her mouth to bring everyone’s attention to a fundamental point.

「Before deciding who is greater……..isn’t Muriel incapable of materializing without Iris present? Doesn’t this make the whole argument pointless?」


Something white came out of Muriel’s mouth.

In the next moment, she powerlessly collapsed on Punigami.

「I-It’s bad! She doesn’t breathe! Furthermore, she gradually turns transparent!」

Sheryl raised a flustered scream.

「W-Will returning that thing do!?」

Iris grabbed the white stuff and forcefully stuffed Muriel’s mouth with it.

Her breathing came back as she immediately revived.

Apparently, that white blob was Iris’s magical power she shared let out a while ago.

「I’ve witnessed a flower garden there for a moment…..」

「Emm……is this my fault…..?」

Marion cautiously asked.

「It’s not really your fault…Muriel just seems to be physically and mentally weak, please be careful in the future」

「What kind of animal is she…….」

「Discard your fears! This Mistress won’t die so easily. Just now was a feeble attempt to face reality, nothing more!」

「No, face it properly. Is this how the Guardian Deity should conduct herself?」


「I-It’s bad!」

This time it was Marion who shoved that white thing down her throat.

「I’ve seen the garden once again」

「Please postpone your departure to the flowery garden………it obstructs the flow of the conversation」

「I apologize. I’ll try to hold back next time」

Muriel nodded full of self-confidence.

Radiating so much confidence after everything that happened requires some serious mental fortitude.

The true Guardian Deity is indeed impressive, Iris thought to herself.

「Well then, Muriel. Is it okay to count myself as a winner?」

「No, wait. This Mistress might be incapable of materializing without your magical power…..but a match is different! Let’s compare our contributions to the village!」

「Even if you say that…… does one measure contribution?」

「Let’s ask the villagers who they see as a better Guardian Deity」

「Haa…..then let’s try asking the Lord, Sheryl, first」

「Me? Let’s see……first thing first Iris-sama is amazing. She turned this wilderness green, revived the underground river and even made a lake! Thanks to that we had a great harvest of potatoes this year! Above all else, she is cuter than anything!」

Said Sheryl with pride as if she did everything herself.

Iris, who listened by the side, slightly blushed.

「What about this Mistress?」

「Eh, about Muriel-sama……? Well, you know…..」

「There should be something! I’ve worked incredibly hard, you know!? 」

「My apologies……My Silverlight family gave up on this land almost two hundred years ago…….there are almost to record left about those times, I know absolutely nothing about Muriel-sama」

「Horrible……. then what about current Mistress?」

「The current Muriel-sama….emm, weak at arm-wrestling, faints at every little thing, and has overflowing self-confidence despite the previous points…………..」


Muriel furiously swung her hands.

「Emm, wait for a bit. I’ll try to come up with something positive……..ah, yes! You are stunningly beautiful! From this perspective, you can absolutely compete with Iris-sama!」

「I see! This Mistress is indeed a beauty! What else!?」

「More…….emm, my powers are inadequate to come up with something else…….」

Powerlessly muttered Sheryl.

「Impossible……then let’s hear This Mistress’ good points from a perspective of a dragon. Different species would definitely discover something」

「Eh? Don’t ask me such difficult questions please」


Hearing Marion’s merciless reply, she was about to spat out the white blob again.

At the last moment, she covered her mouth with her hands forcibly swallowing it down.

「Fuu……..barely avoided a lethal strike」


「Maybe you should give up already?」said Punigami, who became Muriel’s chair since a while ago.

Unfortunately, only Iris could understand his words. so Muriel remained ignorant.

「Then how about a demon, Eclipse…….? Praise This Mistress ever so slightly please…….」

The original goal of comparing merits vanished into thin air replaced with a desire to ease her own mental wounds.

「Let’s see. I won’t get bored watching Muriel. It’s fun. Stay here forever」

As expected of Eclipse.

She praised Muriel with a smile.

She transmitted her true feelings without resorting to flattery.

Although unrelated, Iris had a hard time forgetting that smile of hers.

「Ooh……Eclipse is a good child…….in other words it’s This Mistress’ victory?」

「Emm…..I think Big Sister Iris would make a better Guardian Deity though…..?」

Knowing there was no trace of insincerity, Muriel received an overwhelming amount of damage.


The white blob accelerated to unseen before speed as it pierced through stained glass and flew into the sky.

Iris grew black wings, soared into the sky, grabbed the thing mid-flight, returned to the church, and stuffed it back in Muriel’s mouth.

「The most gigantic flower garden I’ve ever seen…….」

「It would be better not to push yourself. Let’s say you’ve won, so give me Punigami back」

Feeling tired, Iris decided to hand the victory to Muriel.

Of course, she didn’t plan to give up on Punigami, on this point alone Iris will not yield.

「This Mistress understands. Have Punigami back」

Muriel said in a contented voice as she got down from Punigami.


Punigami came to Iris’ side.

Since that’s the case, might as well sit.

「Here we go」


「Having Iris on top calms me down after all」Punigami pleasantly said.

Iris patted his surface in gratitude.

「Well then. Since this matter is settled, let’s have another match!」

「Eh? It’s okay if you win, though」

「No, This Mistress won’t be convinced by a given victory. This is the last one, This Mistress promises」

「I see……well, if it’s the last one then it’s okay」

「Alright. Let’s do it together……rock paper scissors!」

Unexpectedly, it was rock paper scissors.

Muriel brought out scissors.

Iris saw through her body movements and made paper to lose on purpose.

「Oh, I did it! This Mistress has won! With this, This Mistress became the undisputed number one Guardian Deity of this land, with everyone present as a witness!」

「Wai, congratulations」

Eclipse was the only one to congratulate rejoicing Muriel.

The rest only silently clapped.

Can you really proclaim yourself number one Guardian Deity by winning a game of rock paper scissors?

Is there any meaning in becoming one anyway?

Only Muriel knows the answers.

No, perhaps she doesn’t too.

GA Novel decided to publish the work!

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Chapter 94 – Golden-Haired Lion King’s Roar

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“Beibei……I can help you find your car……so can you please stop using your chest to tempt me……” Xiao Chen was reluctant to part with the motion beside his body.

“Brother-in-law, if you can help Beibei find her car, I can give you a chest-job~!” Jin Beibei replied.

“Cough cough, Beibei, how can you sell your body for a car?” Seeing that Jin Beibei was becoming more and more outrageous, Cheng Mengying instantly warned her angrily: “Moreover, he’s your brother-in-law!”

“Haha, cousin Mengying has finally admitted that he’s brother-in-law!” Jin Beibei suddenly grabbed the mistake in Cheng Mengying’s words.

“I’m going to be played stupid by you one day!” Only then did Cheng Mengying discovered the error in her words and glared at Jin Beibei: “Isn’t it because of you calling him brother-in-law all day long and making me confused! Hey, Xiao Chen, don’t get any funny thoughts!”

“I know; let’s now go find the car.” Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t regard Cheng Mengying’s slip of the tongue as the truth.

“Looks like you know your place!” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen’s indifferent manner, she suddenly felt a little angry. How come you don’t have even the slightest bit of thoughts for me?

Xiao Chen turned around and started taking big strides towards the outside of the school. Jin Beibei became anxious and chased after Xiao Chen, then holding him: “Brother-in-law, you’re not going to sample my scent?”

Jin Beibei’s voice was a little loud and by chance, Director Xu had also come to the parking lot to prepare and go out for something, so as a result, he had come just in time to see this act between Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen and was frightened! Could it be that Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen broke their engagement so that Xiao Chen could be together with Jin Beibei?

Jin Beibei is part of the Jin Clan, which is also a famous aristocratic family. It seems like I have even more reason not to offend Xiao Chen; because offending Jin Beibei is more troublesome than offending Cheng Mengying!

Wait a second, didn’t Jin Beibei just call Xiao Chen ‘brother-in-law’? What kind of meaning is this? Is it possible that the matter of Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen having their engagement broken is fake and was done for other people to see? Then wouldn’t that mean that this pair of sisters is Xiao Chen’s……the circle of aristocrats is really chaotic.

But Director Xu wouldn’t dare speak irresponsibly even if he were beaten to death. He could only pretend to not see this, board his car and drive away.

Xiao Chen stared blankly as he was being held by Jin Beibei: “What scent?”

“Brother-in-law, didn’t you take advantage of cousin Mengying’s scent to sniff out where her bracelet was? So this time wouldn’t you need to smell me in order to sniff out where my lost car is? Afterwards you can conveniently take some small advantages……” Jin Beibei stated matter-of-factly.

“……” Xiao Chen’s face darkened. He glanced to the side to see the young lady’s ill expression and hastily said: “When did I take advantage of Mengying? It was really for the purpose of finding the bracelet!”

“Then why can’t you smell my scent now to seek for the car?” Jin Beibei asked while grinning happily.

Cheng Mengying stared fixedly at Xiao Chen as she listened to these words, ready to flip out at any time! Indeed, how come Xiao Chen didn’t need to sniff Jin Beibei to find the car, could it be that he was intentionally taking advantage of her when they were searching for her bracelet?

“I certainly depend on scent to seek out things, but it’s not just you sitting in the car; Mengying has also sat in it!” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled as he explained: “I’ve already remembered Mengying’s scent, not to mention very clearly, so I don’t need to sniff you.”

“Is that so?” Jin Beibei was instantly disappointed upon hearing this.

“Hmph, why would you remember this young lady’s scent!” Although Cheng Mengying spoke like this, she was suddenly very happy at heart. Xiao Chen, have you finally begun to pay attention to this young lady? Otherwise why would you remember my scent? Hmmhmmph, you definitely like me, so you must be deliberately putting up an act and not saying anything. Just you wait, I’ll expose you one of these days!

Xiao Chen walked in the front while Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei followed behind. The two girls’ stamina wasn’t too bad and adding the fact that Xiao Chen wasn’t walking too quickly, the journey wasn’t too tiring.

Jin Beibei was eager to find the car, so she didn’t feel how many roads were walked. On the other hand, the young lady was thinking of seeing whether or not Xiao Chen really remembered her scent and if he could really find the car.

After the trio walked for about an hour, they arrived at the gate of a large house with a courtyard. In Songning City, which was considered a flourishing metropolis, there were only a few of this type of single family villas constructed, not to mentioned that it even had a garden, which made this courtyard even more uncommon.

Yet, the trio were currently standing in front of such a building. Xiao Chen slightly knit his brows: “Whose place is this? The car should be inside!”

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei also hadn’t come here before, so they were also baffled at this moment. But when Jin Beibei heard that the car was inside, she threw away all hesitations in her mind and straightforwardly rushed into the courtyard!

Who had she, Jin Beibei, ever feared in Songning City? Her family also owned this sort of courtyard, so she directly wanted to go in to look for the car.

However, before Jin Beibei even walked in, a person in a black suit walked out from the courtyard and stopped Jin Beibei by speaking in a booming voice: “Who is it? This is private property, not a place to play around, quickly leave!”

“I’m here to search for my car, my car is inside.” Unexpectedly, Jin Beibei believed Xiao Chen as she pointed towards the inside of courtyard and spoke confidently.

“Your car? You ran all the way here to search for your car?” The black suited person felt that this situation was a bit laughable: “Do you not know where this is? This is the aristocratic clan, Chen Clan’s, domain; how could it have your car? Stop looking for trouble when you have spare time, quickly leave!”

“I have to go in!” Jin Beibei said as she went to bypass the black suited person and rush in.

But how could the black suited person possibly allow her to go in? He pulled on Jin Beibei’s shirt collar and threw her back, causing her to lose balance and fall flat onto her back.

“You….you better watch out!” Jin Beibei dejectedly crawled back up. Even though she was fearless, she knew that rushing headfirst at this time was definitely out of question. This black suited guard’s Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist power was exposed when he threw her, so it was simply impossible for her to rush in.

Furthermore, when Jin Beibei heard that this place was Chen Clan’s domain, she instantly understood that her car was stolen by that ******* Chen Jinpeng!

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen had also heard the black suited guard’s words. Seeing the opposite party throw Jin Beibei down, Xiao Chen was a little angry and was calculating whether or not he should teach the guard a lesson. But after thinking about the fact that this was Chen Clan’s domain and fearing that he might expose his strength, he decided that he could only secretly think up a solution.

Since this place was Chen Clan’s, it was no wonder that it was so big. However, Xiao Chen had never come here before in the past because at that time, Chen Jinpeng was only the second young master and didn’t have sufficient qualifications to invite him home to be a guest.

Cheng Mengying helped Jin Beibei up and whispered: “Beibei, let it be, this car was originally Chen Jinpeng’s and he’s gotten back his lost property, so what can we do about it? Look at that fiendish guard, we wouldn’t be able to defeat him. Even though you were thrown down, you didn’t suffer any loss, so let’s leave.”

“No way!” Jin Beibei gnashed her teeth as she categorically said: “Since this Chen Jinpeng dares to go against me, then I definitely can’t let him off! As brother-in-law’s little brother, he didn’t have the slightest consciousness to act like a little brother! Because he’s such a rebel, I, Jin Beibei, will substitute for heaven to dish out punishment; if I can’t go in, then I’ll ask my grandpa to avenge me!”

Just as Xiao Chen was thinking up ways to screw over the guard, go in, and bring out the car, he heard Jin Beibei’s words, so there was temporarily no need for him to start. He had heard of Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King’s1 reputation before; it was quite awe-inspiring. On the aristocratic clan level, it was a well-known superstar’s reputation. If he was going to appear personally, then Xiao Chen didn’t need to get involved.

As he was contemplating, Jin Beibei took out her cellphone and dialed a number.

“My treasured granddaughter Beibei, you finally remembered to give grandpa a call!” After the call connected, a sound like that of a gigantic bell came through from the other side, clearly very happy about seeing Jin Beibei’s call.

“Grandpa~ I’ve been bullied!” Jin Beibei turned her voice into one like she’d been sobbing: “Grandpa, you have to avenge me!”

“What?! Who dares bully my, Golden-Haired Lion King’s granddaughter?! Which little ******* doesn’t want to live anymore, wait for your grandpa to chop him into two!” Golden-Haired Lion King flew into a rage when he heard Jin Beibei’s grievance.

“It’s Chen Clan’s Chen Jinpeng! He stole away Beibei’s car; Beibei, cousin Mengying and brother-in-law went to go look for the car together, but the result was the guard not letting Beibei go in and even threw Beibei down hard on her bottom, nearly making her butt split into 4 parts!” Jin Beibei complained.

“Chen Clan was it? There’s no need to be anxious Beibei, grandpa will go avenge you right now!” Golden-Haired Lion King immediately hung up to rush over to Chen Clan’s courtyard. Although he was slightly puzzled as to who this “brother-in-law” was, he cared more about Jin Beibei’s safety at this time so he didn’t ask too much.

Xiao Chen and the young lady glanced at each other, both feeling helpless at what to do with her. But since Old Master Jin was going to appear personally, there was no reason for them to worry and all they needed to do was wait.

Although Jin Beibei called for backup, that black suited guard didn’t hear what she said clearly, so he paid no attention to her. This was the domain of the aristocratic clan ‘Chen Clan’, so who would dare come make trouble? Even if 8 to 10 people came, they would have to give up any idea of going in.

As expected, Old Master Jin came extremely quickly. After only just several minutes, Xiao Chen could see a Jeep Wrangler speeding over with a person with golden hair fluttering in the wind sitting in the copilot; it was Old Master Jin, Golden-Haired Lion King!

“Beibei, are you okay?” Old Master Jin jumped out of the car and came over to examine Jin Beibei.

“I’m fine for now, but the car is still inside and they bullied Beibei.” Jin Beibei pointed at Chen Clan’s courtyard as she spoke.

“Wait for grandpa to avenge you!” Old Master Jin pulled out a blade from his back and pointed it at Chen Clan’s entrance as he shouted: “Chen Wushen, get your old *** out here to receive your death!”

At this time, the black suited person was frightened by Old Master Jin’s pressure. Old Master Jin was a character every aristocratic clan heavily guarded again; this black suited guard recognized this personage, so he instantly dared not to show off his might. From what it seemed like, the young lady that he’d thrown was this Old Master Jin’s granddaughter? ****, I’m finished!

Old Master Jin’s ‘Lion Roar’ was a skill that made him famous. The sound so loud that it caused the entire Chen Clan courtyard to tremble, as if a small earthquake passed through.

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  1. TLN: I will be using the LNMTL translation for this term “金毛狮王”. At this time, I am unsure whether or not this is his name conjugated with the character “王”. If it is, then his title is “King Jin Maoshi”. 

Chapter 93 – Car Lost Once More

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Xiao Chen didn’t try evading it another time. Although there wasn’t a lot of money, as the saying goes, even if a grasshopper was smaller, it’s still meat1. The third auxiliary medicine had already been settled, but the fourth auxiliary medicine wasn’t even a work-in-progress! Xiao Chen discovered how bitter his own life was, needing to calculate how to manage money every day, an auxiliary medicine could only last for three days; it felt too frugal.

After arriving to the classroom, Tang Tang handed over a bag with deep-fried breadstick to Zheng Xiaokun and gave the remainder to Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei.

Cheng Mengying originally didn’t want to accept, but Jin Beibei was actually impolite about it. She directly pulled one out and stuffed it into her mouth: “Deep-fried breadstick is delicious, cousin Mengying, you should eat too!”

“I’m not eating, you eat by yourself!” Cheng Mengying was slightly speechless. The more she looked at Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen, the more she felt herself to be correct; they were two gluttons who only knew how to eat.

But after watching for a while, she discovered that Jin Beibei was eating with great relish and couldn’t help but also tear a little piece. She placed it into her mouth to chew and sure enough, it was very delicious and was a refreshing tastiness.

“Mengying, you’re eating deep-fried breadstick? It just so happens that I also haven’t eaten anything in the morning, how about giving me a bit to eat?” Lou Zhenming was just about to come over and worm his way into being friends with Cheng Mengying. Smelling the fragrance of deep-fried breadsticks, he consequently reached out to take one and put it into his mouth.

Cheng Mengying gave him a glance and didn’t say anything.

“If you eat deep-fried breadstick, then you have to pay cash.” Jin Beibei opened her mouth to say.

“You’re……demanding payment?” Lou Zhenming stared blankly: “Did I not treat you guys to a meal at Jade Sea Sky Palace?”

“Was that your money? Or was it Yue Shaoqun’s?” Jin Beibei counter-asked.

“This……then how much money, I’ll buy it.” Lou Zhenming had no other choice to say this; he’d already eaten the deep-fried breadstick and couldn’t exactly just spit it out. Besides, if he did do so, wouldn’t that be acting shamelessly? He’d lost quite a lot of impression points in front of Cheng Mengying recently, so he was currently striving to redeem himself.

“1,000 RMB for one.” Jin Beibei said.

“Geh!” Lou Zhenming nearly spit out the half of the deep-fried breadstick he was chewing on. But he was just thinking that the deep-fried breadstick was extremely expensive and didn’t really throw it onto the ground: “Am I not hearing wrongly? Is this deep-fried breadstick a gold bar?”

“That’s right, Jin Beibei’s deep-fried breadstick, otherwise known as ‘Gold Bar’2.” Jin Beibei replied: “Bring out the cash.”

“Uh, okay, I’ll give it in a little bit.” Lou Zhenming didn’t want to bicker with Jin Beibei; the longer it went on, the more he would suffer losses. It would be better to just buy some relief. In any case, it was only 1,000 RMB. For an average person, it would be a sky-high price, but for him, Lou Zhenming, it was just some change.

And to be honest, this deep-fried breadstick is really delicious! It was more delicious than any deep-fried breadstick that he’d eaten before and this was his only comfort; 1,000 for a deep-fried breadstick only showed how much it stood out from the rest of its kind.

“Mengying, this deep-fried breadstick is quite delicious, where did you buy it? Maybe someday I can buy you some?” The more Lou Zhenming ate, the more he felt that it was delicious and before he knew it, he had unconsciously eaten seven.

“Xiao Chen made them at the morning market street.” Cheng Mengying lightly responded.

“Oh, morning market street……” Lou Zhenming felt a little unwell when he heard that Xiao Chen made them; were they for courting Cheng Mengying’s favor? But after recalling that Xiao Chen would either die or become disabled tonight, he immediately felt better.

Seeing Cheng Mengying not speak any further, Lou Zhenming got up and prepared to leave, but was stopped by Jin Beibei’s call: “Hey, are you leaving without paying?”

“Ah?” Lou Zhenming stood in place for a moment, then recalled that he still had to give money. Helplessly fishing out his wallet, he took out 7,000 RMB and prepared to give it to Jin Beibei.

“Don’t you still owe me 93,000 RMB from last time? How about giving it to me together?” Jin Beibei directly snatched Lou Zhenming’s wallet and poured out all the money inside. After counting it, she couldn’t help but curl her lips after realizing that it was a bit more than 10,000 RMB: “Broke ***, this sum can be regarded as interest. 7,000 plus 93,000 happens to be 100,000; you should return it to me as soon as possible!”

Lou Zhenming felt the world spinning as he felt anger rise up from his anus. He nearly went berserk on the spot, but remembering that Jin Beibei wasn’t one to be offended and Cheng Mengying was by the side, and that offending her would also bring no profit: “Okay……I’ll give it to you as soon as possible……”

“En, move quickly or else the interest will hike sharply.” Jin Beibei held out her hand as a meaningless gesture.

Lou Zhenming nearly fell down after stumbling away. He’d only eaten several deep-fried breadsticks, but before he even paid for them, it became a staggering 100,000 with a high interest.


Zheng Xiaokun unceasingly praised the deep-fried breadstick he was eating: “Tang Tang, your craftsmanship has gotten better; it wasn’t so delicious in the past, but now it’s still so soft and crisp after cooling down!”

“Xiao Chen’s the one who made it.” Tang Tang shrugged: “Originally there was some soy milk, but it was spilled by someone who bumped it, I’ll bring you some next time.”

“Aight, Xiao Chen, you’re the pupil that surpasses his teacher, the disciple that surpasses his master!” Zheng Xiaokun didn’t question him and brushed it off as common for someone to be good at something after doing it once, not considering how much of a conflict it had with what happened before.

“It’s not bad, you should pass by someday in the early morning to eat it fresh out of the boiler.” Xiao Chen said.

“OK! If there’s time, I’ll come lend a hand, but you should know of my family situation. My dad calls me for morning exercise every day until I can’t run any longer!” Zheng Xiaokun felt a little depressed: “Oh right, I say, Xiao Chen, there’s still a matter I haven’t cashed in with you; I feel bitter with you hiding the truth from me! You were actually Xiao Clan’s young master Xiao?”

Xiao Chen paused for a moment then looked at Tang Tang.

“I told him yesterday night. In any case, Lou Zhenming knew it, so this piece of news will spread out in the aristocratic clan junior circle sooner or later.” Tang Tang explained.

Xiao Chen thought about it and realized it really would be like this. Within the aristocratic clan circle, there were no secrets that could be kept. Since Lou Zhenming knew of it, then Zheng Xiaokun would probably know it soon enough, so he couldn’t help but bitterly smile: “Can I not try to be low-key? I’m already this miserable, there’s no reason for me to make it public.”

“True enough.” Zheng Xiaokun nodded: “I didn’t think that we were people of the same level before, but your and Tang Tang’s life experience is so similar; a withdrawn engagement and being driven away from your clans; no wonder you guys have so much in common to speak of……”

Speaking up until here, Zheng Xiaokun felt a little sad. From what he could see now, it seemed like Xiao Chen and Tang Tang getting closer was more and more correct and with his3 position, it was even easier for Xiao Chen to pursue Tang Tang.

The status of an aristocratic clan junior was radiant, but sometimes it was also a shackle.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m from Xiao Clan; if you respect me, we can be good brothers.” Xiao Chen spoke with a smile.

“That’s right!” Zheng Xiaokun nodded: “I used to really admire Tang Tang, but facing you now, I can’t help but say I’m convinced that your mental adaptability is truly too formidable.”

Formidable? Xiao Chen forced a smile. If he didn’t disguise himself in the past and didn’t meet Tian Lao, then would he have truly jumped off the cliff to commit suicide? Perhaps not, but he definitely wouldn’t have such self-confidence.

With the ring of the exam preparation bell, Xiao Chen shut off his cell phone to avoid Lou Zhenming trying some other dirty trick.

On the other hand, Lou Zhenming placed all his hopes onto tonight’s underground boxing match and didn’t have any thoughts for anything else.

The morning exam passed by in the flash of an eye with Lou Zhenming not trying any petty actions.

After handing over the paper, Xiao Chen prepared to leave to eat something with Tang Tang and Zheng Xiaokun since no one was treating lunch today, but just as they walked to the school entrance, Xiao Chen’s cell phone rang out not long after it started up.

Glancing at the caller ID, it was unexpectedly Jin Beibei. Xiao Chen hurriedly answered the call: “Beibei, is there something wrong?”

“Brother-in-law, it’s bad, my car is gone!” Jin Beibei cried out in alarm from the other side of the call.

“What? Your car is gone?” Xiao Chen stared blankly for a second.

“Yea yea, that Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei car that was stopped at the school’s parking lot, but when cousin Mengying and I arrived at the parking lot and prepared to drive out for a meal, the car seemed disappeared!” Jin Beibei spoke anxiously: “Brother-in-law, do you think my car was abducted by aliens?”

“……” Xiao Chen was a bit dumbfounded: “Wouldn’t it be that your car was too awesome that someone stole it?”

“Maybe, therefore I called you for help. Brother-in-law, you’re a Transformer so you can definitely help me find it, right?” Jin Beibei noted the matter of Xiao Chen helping Cheng Mengying find her bracelet.

“Okay, then wait for me.” Xiao Chen hung up and had no other choice but to apologetically look at Tang Tang and Zheng Xiaokun: “Jin Beibei’s car is gone; she called for me to come over and take a look.”

“Why is she calling you when it’s her car that’s gone?” Tang Tang knit her eyebrows, obviously a little unhappy: “They look for you whenever they have a problem, do they think you’re omnipotent?”

“Heh……” Xiao Chen indifferently laughed: “I’m just a servant.”

Zheng Xiaokun was actually shocked at this time: “What servant? Xiao Chen, what’s going on? How come Jin Beibei calls for you when losing her car?”

“Tang Tang, you didn’t tell him?” Xiao Chen was also shocked. Looking at Zheng Xiaokun’s appearance, it was obvious that he didn’t know the matter between him and Cheng Mengying.

“How would I dare to speak irresponsibly; the matter of you being young master Xiao will soon be spread out in the aristocratic clan circle, but it seems like the circumstance of you and Cheng Mengying living together is something that only a few people know?” Tang Tang innocently replied.

“Pff……wha?” Zheng Xiaokun’s eyes widened: “Xiao Chen, it can’t be? You and Cheng Mengying……living together?! Didn’t you guys……have your engagement broken? How……”

“Alright, let Tang Tang explain it to you, I’m going to leave first.” Xiao Chen shook his head then quickly walked towards the parking lot.

After Xiao Chen left, Tang Tang then spoke of the relationship between Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying to Zheng Xiaokun. Zheng Xiaokun originally thought that Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were lovers and was quite happy because it meant that it was impossible for Xiao Chen and Tang Tang to be so, but now hearing it and discovering that Xiao Chen was only a manservant, he was a bit disappointed.

Naturally, Tang Tang also saw the change in Zheng Xiaokun’s mood, but she didn’t say anything.

Xiao Chen hurriedly arrived at the school’s parking lot and saw the empty-as-could-be spot that Jin Beibei parked at with Jin Beibei anxiously glancing here and there. When she saw Xiao Chen, she instantly acted like she was looking at her last life-saving straw. She quickly went over and wailed as she pulled on Xiao Chen’s arm and shook it back and forth: “Brother-in-law, quickly help me find the car, I feel so anxious that I could die!”

Perhaps it was because Jin Beibei was too worried that she didn’t have the slightest awareness that her chest was bigger than others. So when she shook, her chest rubbed back and forth on Xiao Chen’s arm, back and forth. The one being rubbed, Xiao Chen, felt a fire grow within him; is this temptation, enticement, or seduction?4

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  1. TLN: This author has a grasshopper fetish, other authors have ‘mosquito meat is still meat’ fetish. Basically a little is better than none. 
  2. TLN: The pun is lost on English readers, but it goes like this: in Chinese, the phrase for “Jin Beibei’s deep-fried breadstick” is “金贝贝牌油条” with “金贝贝” being her name and “油条” as the food. Jin Beibei shortens the phrase to “金条”, her surname, which means gold, and the last character of the food, which can also be translated as bar/stick. Thus, ‘Gold Bar’. 
  3. TLN: Reference to himself, Zheng Xiaokun. 
  4. TLN: The same Chinese is used 3 times, but the same word in Chinese can mean different, but similar words in English. Thus, temptation, enticement, and seduction. 

Chapter 92 – Xiao Chen’s Younger Sister

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Just as Qi Zhigao was about to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, he had no option but stop his hand upon seeing Yue Shaoqun. Inside school, Yue Shaoqun’s prestige was very high and Qi Zhigao was also his little brother, therefore he was one of the people that immediately knew that Yue Shaoqun and Tang Tang’s relationship was broken off right after it happened. Only then did he dare to humiliate Tang Tang, otherwise he wouldn’t dare mess around even if he was given the guts to do so.

“There are too many young thugs in this school, as a matter of fact, this young master Qi was just about to kill me; I have to learn how to run away quickly!” Xiao Chen said with a bitter face.

“Uh……” Yue Shaoqun stared blankly for a second, then turned to look at Qi Zhigao and was frightened. Why was blood flowing out of Qi Zhigao’s mouth? What happened?

“Zhigao, what’s going on? You’re……”

“Brot’r Qun, yu hab to gib me justice1……” Qi Zhigao croaked out; his cheek was hit swollen so his speaking wasn’t so clear.

“So what happened?” Yue Shaoqun turned to look at Xiao Xiao: “Xiao Xiao, how about you explain!”

A move like this made it seem like Yue Shaoqun wasn’t siding with Xiao Chen and was actually looking after his little brother Qi Zhigao’s face.

Xiao Xiao actually didn’t add any superfluous elements to her recounting, but rather told it as it was; speaking of how Qi Zhigao’s car almost crashed into Tang Tang, then how he scolded Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, afterwards speaking of how Xiao Chen smashed Qi Zhigao’s car and wrapping it all up with the slap.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Xiao knew that it wouldn’t be good to speak ill of Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in front of Yue Shaoqun that she just told the truth.

Hearing Xiao Xiao’s words, Yue Shaoqun instantly relaxed. If Xiao Chen was creating trouble for no reason, then it wouldn’t be good for him to stick his head into this matter today. But now, his complexion slightly sunk as he said to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, you are at fault in this matter, how can you be so unyielding after bumping into someone else? We aristocratic clan juniors must be honest, righteous, just, and shouldn’t take advantage of our position to bully others. Therefore, this matter shall be considered finished as both sides were hit! What do you think?”

These words coming out of Yue Shaoqun’s mouth didn’t appear sudden; Yue Shaoqun had always posed himself as an honorable gentleman and was the righteous leader of the aristocratic clan junior generation. Thus, even though Qi Zhigao was a bit unable to accept this, it wouldn’t be good for him to refute him: “Brother Qun, the matter before can be regarded as my wrong, but Xiao Chen hitting me and smashing my car, isn’t this matter a bit too excessive?”

“You bumped into Tang Tang, so him hitting you will be considered getting even.” Yue Shaoqun looked at Qi Zhigao’s ragged car and the corners of his mouth twitched as he said: “Since your car’s like this, I’ll buy you a new one! No matter what you say, Xiao Chen is my good brother, let the matter pass this way.”

“Eh?” Qi Zhigao stared blankly. There was nothing he wanted to say before, but now that Yue Shaoqun shielded Xiao Chen a bit and even took out some money to compensate him, he thought: What kind of train of thought is this? Can it be that Xiao Chen still has some big background that hasn’t been uncovered? Otherwise why would Yue Shaoqun go so far?

“Young master Xiao, Tang Tang, since there’s nothing else, you guys should go ahead first. It’s almost time to test, go prepare yourselves.” Yue Shaoqun planned to send away Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in order to speak with Qi Zhigao and Xiao Xiao.

“Oh, since young master Qun is going to be the guarantor, then I won’t schools. But if I have any difficulties, then young master Qun definitely has to help me settle it!” Xiao Chen said as he patted Yue Shaoqun’s shoulder.

“Ok……no problem.” Yue Shaoqun sucked in a deep breath and nodded while he was incomparably depressed in his heart. I threw off my fiancée, I am ******* FREE!

After Xiao Chen and Tang Tang left, Yue Shaoqun instantly lowered his voice to speak to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, sorry for making you suffer hardship!”

“Brother Qun, what tune are you singing?” Qi Zhigao was immensely confused.

“I’ve been studying a way to break my engagement in these past few days; the current Tang Tang has someone to rely on and it’s the perfect opportunity. If something troublesome happens to Xiao Chen, then Tang Tang will lose her person to rely on and if she wants to return to me, how will I still be able to break the engagement?” Yue Shaoqun bitterly smiled as he spoke: “Zhigao, you understand brother, right? I’ll buy a better car for you.”

“So it’s like this……” Qi Zhigao was feeling a bit unwell in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face: “Since there’s a reason, then forget it. How can I let Brother Qun buy me a car, I can just fix this car.”

“Alright, I’ve taken down this favor!” Yue Shaoqun was tricked out of a huge amount of money in meal expenses at Jade Sea Sky Palace so he didn’t have too much money on hand. Seeing Qi Zhigao not accept, he also pushed along the boat with a nod, then hurriedly turned around to leave because he also needed to take the exam.

Watching Yue Shaoqun’s departing back, Qi Zhigao’s eyes flashed as a smear of gloominess went past. For good or bad, he was a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist, a well-known figure in the junior generation, when had he ever received this type of grievance?

If Yue Shaoqun had a different reason, then he would’ve let it pass. However, it was unexpectedly this kind of bullshit unlucky personal reason; how could such a person still claim himself to be an honorable gentleman? Unconsciously, Qi Zhigao didn’t have as much faith in Yue Shaoqun as he used to have.

What Yue Shaoqun didn’t know was that his way of handling things already gave rise to the discontentment of two little brothers. But even if he knew, what could he do about it? Would he just not cast off Tang Tang?

“I’m unable to swallow this attitude!” Qi Zhigao didn’t go to school, instead taking out his cellphone and prepared to give a 4S a call to tow his car.

“Zhigao, let it be, since Brother Qun opened his mouth, then just avoid my waste brother. Let him live a few more days and don’t spoil Brother Qun’s business.” Xiao Xiao lightly said: “You repair your car, I’ll go to school.”

“Ah……okay, Xiao Xiao, it’s been truly embarrassing to incur your ridicule. Ai, I’ll bring you to go for a spin another day……” Qi Zhigao promptly replied.

Xiao Xiao waved, then quickly walked towards Second High’s junior high school section.

Second High’s junior high school section’s teaching quality was better than First High’s junior high school section, but that wasn’t the case for the senior high school section; it was quite the strange phenomenon.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang directly went to the classroom. Tang Tang had some soy milk on her and it was quite sticky, so she needed to go to the washroom to wash up.

“Xiao Chen, how could you be so impulsive? Don’t you know that you have enough enemies as it is? Lou Zhenming hasn’t left matters alone, yet you go provoke Qi Zhigao?” Tang Tang glared at Xiao Chen with a bit of rage.

“Isn’t this because he wanted to make you kneel and lick?” Xiao Chen smiled: “Relax, I saw that Yue Shaoqun’s car was coming, that’s why I annoyed him.”

“Oh……that’s fine, but you’ve still offended him like this.” Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief: “Yue Shaoqun misunderstood us being together and had no other choice but to help you for his despicable goal, but have you not thought of what to do once he successfully breaks the engagement?”

“Isn’t it fine to take things one step at a time.” Xiao Chen indifferently smiled. When he becomes a Fourth Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, he would definitely possess a certain amount of authority to speak at that time. Although he couldn’t proclaim that he could dominate the aristocratic clans, the aristocratic clans wouldn’t dare to despise him at the very least.

Tang Tang took off her school uniform in preparation to go wash it, but taking it off in such a matter caused something to ‘pa!’ onto the floor.

“Your thing fell.” Xiao Chen said as he bent over to help Tang Tang pick up and hand over the thing. It was an bank card.

“Huh? This isn’t mine!” Tang Tang took the bank card in surprise; her card wasn’t even from this bank.

“It fell out from your pocket so I shouldn’t be wrong.” Xiao Chen was also somewhat baffled. He took back the bankcard to take a look and actually discovered a tag on the backside of the bankcard. On it was 6 numbers, evidently the pin of the card.

“Who placed the card over here, even giving the password?” Tang Tang was instantly perplexed. If one wanted to say that someone lost it in her pocket, then that was impossible. It was definitely meticulously placed into her clothes pocket and had the pin on it, so it was obviously given to her.

“Who knows? Maybe it’s from the morning market street?” Xiao Chen was also unable to make heads or tails of this situation, who’d be able to give Tang Tang a present?

“Hold on a second, there’s a slip of paper in my pocket!” Because a card dropped out of her pocket, Tang Tang felt the insides of her pocket and actually found a soaked slip of paper.

The writing on the slip of paper was already starting to become somewhat fuzzy because Tang Tang had just soaked her clothes in the wash basin, but after looking at it carefully, she could still make out some words——“give to Xiao Chen”.

“It’s for me?” Xiao Chen had a weird expression as Tang Tang handed over the slip of paper. After meticulously looking it over, Xiao Chen didn’t know who placed it into Tang Tang’s pocket because it was already fading away. But even if it was clear, he probably wouldn’t have recognized the handwriting.

“Seems so.” Tang Tang nodded.

“It can’t be that it’s that kid, Yue Shaoqun, giving capital to me for chasing you2?” Xiao Chen pondered and couldn’t think of any other person who would give him money. The only suspicious person was Yue Shaoqun since this kid wanted him and Tang Tang to get together, so giving him activity funds was within reason.

“Capital to pursue me?” Tang Tang stared blankly for a second before immediately blushing a bit: “Seems like Yue Shaoqun is really willing to bleed in order to cast me aside!”

“Don’t worry about him, since it’s for me, I’ll go check how much is inside after we finish the exam.” Since it was free money, Xiao Chen naturally receive it in stride.

“No need to go through all that trouble, I have a mini mobile card reader with me, you just need to swipe.” As Tang Tang was speaking, she took out the mobile card reader and inserted it into the headphone jack, then handed it over to Xiao Chen.

“****, so advanced?” When Xiao Chen swiped the card and discovered that there was only 20,000 RMB, he instantly became disappointed: “Yue Shaoqun really is a little miser, only giving me 20,000, aren’t you worth a bit too little?”

“It’s fine, 20,000 is already pretty good.” Tang Tang actually didn’t think too much into it: “We would need to sell quite a bit of deep-fried breadsticks to earn this, so I think it’s a lot.”

“Okay!” Xiao Chen gave the card to Tang Tang: “I haven’t given back the money I borrowed from you last time, so I’ll give you this. The extra 10,000 RMB can be considered me pursuing you.”

“Pff……” Tang Tang laughed: “Such a way of pursuing girls? What a tyrant, straightforwardly smashing money down!”

“Haha, it’s just a joke, take it.” Xiao Chen chuckled immediately afterwards.

“Aren’t you short on cash? What’s the point of giving it to me? I don’t have a use for it, it’s better if you keep it.” Tang Tang waved and handed back the card to Xiao Chen: “Go, let’s take the exam.”

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  1. TLN: “Brother Qun, you have to give me justice……” in case you truly cannot read that line. 
  2. TLN: The original phrase is ‘chasing girls capital’, but I changed it to fit more into the situation since there’s obviously only 1 person that YSQ wants XC to pursue. 

[Vol.2] Chapter 34 – Garden of Swaying Trees and Flowing Water

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As I fixed my eyes on the crystals approaching at a high speed I let out a small breath and started to run with gentle movements.

 Now that I’ve removed Cherry Blossoms Prototype I can’t do much. Because I gave priority to the healing magic, I used less magical power than usual for body reinforcement.

 Though I take pride in the fact that among this area’s martial artists no one can catch up to my output even if they put their all into it. However, standing up to that powerful demonic beast, that’s just completely useless.

 Under the present conditions of all my abilities having declined, it’s impossible for me to smash those crystals like a while ago. Therefore, I actually can only use one method.

 It’s simple, really.

 I’ll continue dodging until my fist is healed. Other than that there’s nothing else I can do.

 Every hit would certainly cause a fatal injury so I have to avoid everything this rain of death, in which it wouldn’t be unusual to die in, has to offer without exception.

 That’s the way I chose.

 The flying crystals aimed at me as I was running and hit the ground at a tremendous speed.

 The sharp crystals shook the ground with its great momentum and deeply pierced into the soil.
……It’s not too difficult to imagine that being my body instead.

 If those crimson fangs where to hit — for example my abdomen, my bones would be smashed, my internal organs would be crushed and pierced, the wound in my torso would widen ending in cutting my body in two.

 Then it would just pierce the ground as if nothing happened. With only the bare minimum of magical power used to move my body it would just penetrate me as if I didn’t use any at all. That’s the offensive power that crystal hid.

 Every crystal approaching me held such a future for me.

 Thus, I had to dodge every one of those red crystals.

“(Good grief, how did that Alma break this?)”

 While those crystals aiming for my shadow hit the ground one after the other what incidentally floated through my mind was the face of my disciple.

 Although, I was watching her while I attended school, but the present Alma grew up so much, however, the past me …… can’t even walk shoulder to shoulder with the present me.

 Then how did you defeat Tarisberg? Where you just blessed with good luck — or is it this thing about the individual differences Monica was talking about?

 The word Tarisberg is said to be used to collectively refer to gigantic beasts which negate magic. They say that each one takes on a different appearance, their size and strength also seem to differ.
Then Alma’s opponent should have been somewhat weaker than this one.

 I dodged the accurately aimed crystal by somersaulting to the back and avoided the subsequent projectile reaching the ground by putting some power in my right hand and jumping to the right side.

 ……Fumu, although it’s not perfectly healed, looks like it recovered enough so that I won’t feel any pain if it’s something of this degree, huh?

 I glanced at the forest of red crystals which was created in the blink of an eye and raised my right hand, swung my dangling wrist.

 While I was thinking, both of my hands have recovered to some extent. However, looks like it will still take some time before I can use all my power, huh?

 After I checked the condition of my fist I looked up at Tarisberg. The reason for that was because I felt suspicious as the crystals that poured down on me like rain just a while ago suddenly stopped.

 I thought that if it finished I could quickly complete my fist’s treatment and be a little bit more at ease but, as I thought, that legendary beast isn’t lenient.

 There, crimson crystals were forming in rows again.

 ──While avoiding the attacks I noticed that the trajectory of the crystals Tarisberg shoots have two patterns.

 One is a bullet which has some aim to it, but it is shot disorderly as if “assuming that it will miss”.
As one can imagine, there’s no way those are going to hit if I stay completely still. Therefore, its aim isn’t the hostile individual, namely me, but an attack aiming for that area.

 It’s a seemingly meaningless attack. Its accuracy is even lower than a casually shot attack, like this it’s a technique that will never hit.

 However, combined with the other type, its effect is tremendous.

 The other trajectory is a simple and therefore powerful “precisely aimed” bullet.

 I’m interested how that giant is able to aim for such a small mark like me, but that’s fine.

 What’s important is that it aims for my approximate position.

 However, its trajectory is linear and other than troublesome magic it isn’t guided, so as long as one is agile enough it can be easily avoided.

 So those randomly shot crystals become troublesome.

 If you don’t move you won’t get hit, in other words, if you move there’s a possibility of getting hit.

 Move the target with precisely aimed shots and kill it with bullets purposely aimed loosely.

 This is very crafty for a new-born monster.

 It has a big body, can destroy the attributes’ power and it’s also clever.

 Having found one more reason for this monster being a monster, my mouth twisted into a smile.

 Cunning and brutal, splendid, splendid. Rather it seems to be without competition.
I confirmed my fist’s condition again. As before it’s not enough to crush the crystals with force, but precise movements are possible.

 Perfect, isn’t it?.……It’s just the right opportunity to try that out.

“–Original technique, “Swaying Trees””

 While remembering a certain woman I murmured that newly created name.

 It wasn’t really necessary for me to say it out loud as there’s no one who knows about the technique and no one can ask a beast who doesn’t even understand words.

 The stance used is “Flowing Water” which is excellent for receiving attacks. To avoid the intense “movements” of that barrage raining down since a while ago I have to be as “calm” as a clear stream.

 Very small, thin and weak magical power started to circle around me.

 It was basically like using magical power to build a defensive wall. However, it just doesn’t have any defensive properties to it. It won’t pose any hindrance so it’s as good as if nothing was there.

 It’s impossible to defend against those crystals coming this way with this. If I get hit directly it’ll end the way I just imagined.

 Then why did I stop walking?  

 ──It’s extremely simple, it’s no longer necessary to dodge.

The crystals aimed at me approached and broke through the magic I spread around me.

 Obviously. As I said some time ago, it doesn’t have any defensive properties.

 At this moment the crystal was an arm’s length away from me. It’s too late to try and dodge it now. If it was the same as before the crystal would simply drill through my body

 However, that won’t be my future. Even if it didn’t fulfil the role of Armor and it was already broken through.

 Still, this — is the strongest and most absolute defence I can use as of now.

 I guessed every possible attack and took the Running Water stance, excellent in receiving.

 I stretched out my hand to the crystal as the stance demanded — and swung my hand as if trying to swat away an insect.

 Just when I thought the crystal would shred the arm I launched at it, at that moment, the crystal finally broke with the attack power of “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”, as seen before.

 Like an insect which got hit away it missed its target and was send flying to a place somewhere behind me.

 A bulky, massive crystal gave off a huge sound behind me and pierced the ground.

“Kuku, as expected, looks like you were surprised.”

Looking at Tarisberg’s expression filled with hatred, I could clearly see bewilderment floating over it. Noticing that I laughed wickedly.

 As long as it has some intelligence it would be surprised.

 Regardless of the magical power I put inside my body, the magical power I expanded outside my body to receive the crystal was weak and even compared to the average person it was inferior.

 Even so, those crystal bullets which crushed trees and gouged out the ground were deflected with that minimum amount of magical power.

 Its surprise only lasted for an instant when a rage similar to the flames of hell appeared on Tarisberg’s face as if it’s most praised weapon got laughed at.

 In the next moment, all the crystals lined up in the sky were launched towards me at once.

 As I thought, there were two types of trajectories. So if I stay at this place I have to take on a part of that army.

 The thin magical power was still revolving around me.

 No matter how huge its mass is– those crystals are too small to kill me the way I am now.

 ”Swaying Trees” which spreads a thin film of weak magical power around me.

 Its nature is not “defensive” but “analytical”.

 I expanded my magical power which can be said to be a part of myself and made it surround me.

 Naturally, attacks aimed at me will first touch that magical flow before me.

 If it were only that, then this magical flow doesn’t have any meaning to it. There’s no way for it to stop the attack or weaken its power.

 However, the flowing magical power can accurately read the direction of the approaching attack.

 But just ejecting it doesn’t have that effect. It can only accurately read the strength and direction of a huge force touching it simply because the flowing magical power is in motion.

 And after I can see the powers flow I can swallow it using the Shijima style and manipulate it.

 ──Well, one would get it without me saying it, but I used Sonia’s “Fragrant Body” as basis for “Swaying Trees”.

 Although it’s not to the extent of Sonia’s Fragrant Body with which she can feel an attack’s origin and trajectory even with her eyes closed by reading the wind’s flow, it can read the all the trajectories of attacks while seeing them with one’s eyes and as long as one can grasp the flow of power this can show a great effect while using little magical power.

 I’m proud of this “Swaying Trees” which is like a big tree getting swayed by a rivers flow, not putting shame to the name “Flowing Water”.

 I deflected the approaching crystal with slight power.
 Something like changing the direction of powers is mere child’s play before the “Flowing Water” stance.

 I only have to slightly change the direction of said power without having to use any of my own power. With that alone I can make those crystals fly in a different direction without them ever getting to injure my body.

 How much time passed, I wonder.

 The crystal rain stopped leaving my surroundings to look like a pincushion.

 Nonetheless, the place where I’m standing, similar like a spotlight illuminating a dark stage, maintained a clean, circular shape.

“……Oh, ran out of ammunition, huh?”

 In the end I’m unhurt.

 The crimson crystals shot out with fiery passion didn’t give my body a single scratch and just made the ground look like Tarisberg’s back.

 If I knew “Swaying Trees” had that much of an effect I would have been great if I used it earlier, but unfortunately I can’t move my body as I please in the sky so it would be difficult to perform such precise movements even if I can read the attacks.

 At first glance it seems like the strongest defensive skill but it is still inadequate when compared with Sonia’s skill.
……Regretfully, it isn’t effective on enemies like Chester who can change the direction of their force in the middle of their attack.

 However, it’s true that it’s effective against long-ranged attacks. I became stronger again. One could put it like that.

 Now, while I was thinking those things──

 I repeatedly opened and closed my hand.……Perfect. I might even be able to fight Chester like this.

 I strongly clenched my fist and looked at Tarisberg.

 I felt like there was some perplexity mixed in that angry expression.

 Then I looked around incidentally.

 The mountains that were covered in trees looked tattered caused by the crystal bullets and Tarisberg’s own movements.

 All of that was aimed at me so this horrible sight the collateral damage, so to speak.

 ……I’d prefer to not cause any more damage to nature.

 Let’s end it this time for good.

I feel slightly reluctant, but this isn’t much different from torment.

 Additionally, right. It’s the individual differences. If an existence weaker than this one existed, then there surely is one exceeding this one getting born somewhere.

“I can’t, stop here”

 The magical power around my body snapped and sparks looking like scattering petals fell down.

 I changed my stance to “Surging Waves”.

 I can’t just stay here if I want to aim for the top and further above.

 I clad my body and reached heaven’s domain.

 The magical power exceeding my limits poured pain instead of blood into my muscles.

 A domain I never imagined reaching was now present in my body. Surely the world will spread out further beyond the clouds.

 If that’s the case then I have to blow those clouds away here and now.

“──Shijima style, secret technique “Inexplicable Change”.”

 With this I shall end it and move on to the next step.

 With clear intentions, I murmured the name of the domain I finally could reach my hand out to.

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[Vol.2] Chapter 33 – Crimson Crystal Dragon Fang

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 I loosely clenched my fist without any clear form and drained the strain from my body.
 In front of this gigantic beast, I took the Shijima style’s offensive stance, Surging Waves.
 Even though I’m more proficient in Flowing Water rather than Surging Waves, Flowing Water is a stance one should only consider using against people even among the techniques from the anti-person combat focused Shijima style.
 Hitting, throwing and grappling. Among these three basic elements of martial arts, Flowing Water consists out of “throwing” and “grappling” movements which are tailored to deal with humanoid bodies and aren’t supposed to be used on such a non-standard opponent.
 Simply put, it doesn’t make any sense to use throwing or grappling techniques on such a bulky opponent.
 Nevertheless, it’s defensive and counter capabilities stay unchanged — in the end, they go hand in hand. Being up against that bulky body a drawn-out battle seems unfavourable as I don’t know how much damage it will do to the vicinity.

 ──Therefore, I took the Surging Waves stance.
 If it’s this posture with hitting as its main aspect I won’t have to change anything even if my opponent has a huge body.
 Though the way of fighting might demand a little change, but that is within expectations.

 Looking at me who now took a clear fighting posture Tarisberg raised a groan.
 Its expression was stained with anger so that even I, who is of a different species, could immediately understand it.
 Something along the lines of, that dwarfish creature is too cocky, huh? They certainly were feelings of killing, not suited for a match.


 The dark magical power surrounding Tarisberg swelled and its groan changed into a roar.
 Tarisberg kicked the land supporting its big body scooping it out and ran towards me.
 Behind its behaviour was only its intent to kill, but that charge with its overwhelming mass was stubbornly straightforward and rather monotonous.
That speed, however, was spectacular. This great mass and enormous magical power followed by that speed.
Everything was so straightforward, but all it made me think about was a simple death more than anything.
 If Magic and Sorcery don’t work stopping this would certainly be troublesome. Just this intense charge alone must have slaughtered many elves.

 It’s as though it could only see me. Tarisberg didn’t pay the trees any heed and just went through them as if it was out to conquer the wilderness.
 It’s different from the boar I fought the other day. As expected, it’s troublesome to take that head-on.
 It’s not impossible now if I activate “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” — but if I take that power head on I can’t avoid receiving damage. It’s not a wise choice to use this now that I have yet to uncover all of the enemy’s cards.

 Therefore I kicked the ground and flew high into the sky.
 It’s higher than Tarisberg’s body height so it looked somewhat shrunken.
 Needless to say, I’m out of the range of its charge. Tarisberg lost sight of my body again.

 However, this leap’s purpose wasn’t just to dodge the charge.
 When Tarisberg’s running body was right under me — I turned my legs towards the sky and folded them.
 As soon as I took a breath I released magical power from my feet. No, rather than release it should be called expansion, shouldn’t it?
 I made a scaffold with plain magical power something lesser than sorcery. Not to stand on, but to kick off from.


 After I put some spirit behind that short breath I instantaneously put force into my feet.
 As I leapt from the sky to the ground I swallowed the gravitational force and turned into a bullet.

 I fixed my posture mid-air and headed straight for Tarisberg’s back.
 I, who had a force far exceeding this small body’s weight behind him, landed feet first on Tarisberg’s back crushing its crystals.

 While raising a sorrowful voice Tarisberg’s body stiffened.
 With his forefoot raised, it stopped its charge and Tarisberg’s body stumbled.

 Putting power in my feet I remained on Tarisberg’s back and observed it.
 There were dark coloured crystals, which could be said to represent this creepy monster, growing on its back — Those who crumbled spew out magical power and disappeared as if they melted in the air.

 It’s more or less as Monica said.
 ”Dark Coloured Crystals” are said to not be able to keep its form and disappear by releasing its magical power when they are crushed to small pieces.
 I wanted to check it myself just to be sure, but the crystal growing on Tarisberg’s body are undoubtedly “Dark Coloured Crystals”.
 If that’s the case, then how much magical power does that monster have when it’s covered in this many crystals — looks like I probably shouldn’t go for a battle of attrition.

 And now another thing I wanted to try.
 I used some power and lit fire magic around my fist.

“……As expected, huh?”

 The fire magic after it was touched by the dark magical power emitted from the broken crystals disappeared and was neutralized as if it was blown out like a candle.
 ……looks like it’s true that Tarisberg is able to destroy magic.
 Rather, should we say that it has the power to dissolve the connections of processed magical power?
 Seeing as it didn’t interfere with Cherry Blossoms Prototype it won’t act on magical power used to strengthen one’s body. And — it doesn’t interfere with healing magic which is protected by a film of colourless magical power either.
 Looking at the power of the fire magic and the moment it’s neutralized, it seems like the ability of Tarisberg’s magical power is to invalidate the attribute of processed magical power.
That characteristic doesn’t really concern me, but it certainly is the natural enemy of the elves. As soon as that magical power which springs forth endlessly is touched Magic and Sorcery simply get destroyed.
 That means if it charges with that kind of magical power surrounding it like just now, ways to stop it are very limited.

 Looks like I ought to do something here after all.
 On Tarisberg’s back, I filled my open right hand with power. The bones gave off a dull sound as I clutched it properly, turning it into a weapon.
 There shouldn’t be any way for it to counterattack in this situation in which I took Tarisberg’s back.
 I put all my power into Cherry Blossoms Prototype and hammered my clenched fist down. This should determine it.
 I’d like to fighting more if I could, but this body isn’t mine alone now, the fate of this beautiful city rests upon my shoulders.

 Feeling bad for it is meaningless, huh? Even if it’s perhaps caused by the crystal fragments, this creature is like a lump of hatred. As long as it lives it has to curse every living being.
 If it’s like that, I’ll resolutely attack it. It was at that moment that my fist held a clear intent to kill.


 A voice filled with muffled resentment sounded and I covered my ears in the spur of the moment.
 This couldn’t be compared to the pain filled voice it raised before — feeling like my whole body was engraved with its resentment I unintentionally frowned.
 Even this roar is some kind of attack. As I thought about it, it created a dissonance appealing to the heart.
 However, the true value of that monster showed from this point on.


 I saw the crystals I just crushed by landing on them growing back from Tarisberg’s body again.
 How the hell did they grow back out in such a short time — This question floated through my mind for merely an instant, but after that, I had an unpleasant premonition running through me.
If I stay here something bad will happen. I didn’t have any basis for that. Strictly put it’s an instinct born from having fought for so many years, so I kicked the big dragon’s back without hesitation.
 Soon after having jumped up into the sky while feeling the intense burden of that excessive acceleration using “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” I knew my feeling was right.

 Dark coloured crystals were protruding from the big dragon’s back. A huge crystal as big as a human child was heading my way who was in the sky


 I unintentionally clicked my tongue faced with this unexpected action.
 The newly grown crystals gave off a dry sound like flint stones hitting against each other while they filled the sky and started to approach me. One should call that quantity over quality.
 It was a barrage of volcanic bomb like projectiles having huge mass and great speed. Clenching my teeth I enhanced the strength of Cherry Blossoms Prototype as the scenery drastically changed in an instant as if a disaster hit.

 I raised my concentration while gritting my teeth from the acute pain running through me.
 As the world slowed down I found a rather narrow open place inside that hail of bullets flooding towards me.
 I formed a scaffold with magical power, jumped to that open space and turned around towards an imminent bullet.
 If possible I wanted to get out of the attack’s range but that’s not possible inside this relentless sky.
 Avoiding this crystal storm is as challenging as trying not to get wet in a rainstorm.
 Therefore, I’ll just repel those that might become fatal and attack the others!


 The fist clad in Cherry Blossoms Prototyp’s glow drew traces in the sky.
 While hitting and sometimes repelling the bullets rushing towards me as I cut through the sky — I gradually approached the ground.
 The time it took me to fall felt like an eternity.
 I finally reached the ground accompanied by a sound that seemed like a chorus of screams similar to glass breaking.
 Those large mass/ high-speed crystal bullets left scars everywhere on my body.
 They were caused by shards of crystals I crushed, but the fist I used to destroy them was the most damaged.
“Gu, uh……”

 Even though I was strengthened by “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” the bones still broke and my fingers were crushed.
 Though I take pride in my high pain resistance, faced with this pain I still let out a slight sound.
 I clasped my fist — or should I say it was locked in that form? I could hardly even open the fist changed into something that seemed like an unshapely mud ball due to the fracture and pain.

 I, who received more damage than I anticipated by that unexpected attack, cancelled “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”.
 My aim was to treat my broken fist.
 While deploying “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”, one has to constantly mobilize healing magic, but as the body is destroyed at the same rate as it is healed it’s not possible for the healing magic to lean towards the positive.
 Though one’s life isn’t endangered, it’s a huge problem as one’s offensive power declines.
 Still, I won’t be able to land the blow to finish off that monster with this fist. I strengthened my body to the limit with body strengthening magic and deployed healing magic with emphasis on my right hand.


 As I fixed my eyes upon it while cold sweat showed on my face, that huge beast neighed.
 It was a heartless voice, I could feel more hatred in it than in the beginning.
 ──Earlier, Tarisberg let the crystals on its back grow and shot them the moment I emitted thirst for blood.
 When I think about that groan of pain and that timing I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.
“It’s sensitive to a person’s malice…… or something like that?”

 Hearing that sound I changed my speculation in desperation while clenching my teeth feeling the pain in my hanging arm.
 In this state, it’s impossible for me to attack it until I finished my treatment. While dodging its attacks, I’ll prepare to counterattack. That’s it for now.
 I opened both my eyes wide, appearing as if I’m prepared for whatever might come my way.
 The time it takes for my fist to completely heal — should be about 2 minutes or so, huh? Until that time comes intense movements should be avoided.
The moment I thought that a scene I didn’t want to see for a while jumped into my eyes.
“Tch, what a pain……”

 Red crystals filled the sky as far as I could see.
 Are you telling me that those things not only grow on its back but can also be formed from nothing?
 And it can also shoot them.
 This is quite troublesome. I even said I hate long distance attacks.

 However, even if I complain it won’t change anything.
 In my present condition, I can’t fight that. I have to somehow deal with it though, huh.

 The red splinters lined up in the sky.
 Their arrangement was reminiscent of that dragon’s fangs.
 In order to focus on the approaching threat I took a small breath — then, like a closing jaw, the lined up
crystals were released.

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Chapter 91 – Smashing A Car + Slapping A Face

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Xiao Chen and Tang Tang received the stall and packed the remaining deep-fried breadsticks and soy milk into several shares. The dough that wasn’t deep-fried was left to the grandma in the grocery store, then they went to school.

The several shares of breakfast were for Zheng Xiaokun1, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. In any case, Tang Tang and Cheng Mengying were now able to see face to face and also understood each other’s status, so there was no need to be secretive.

After entering the school gate, the two saw a golden bright glittering Porsche Panamera in the parking lot. This rank of car in Second High is relatively rare because Second High isn’t like First High, it doesn’t have too many wealthy students. Although there wasn’t a lack of aristocratic clan young masters, Yue Shaoqun belonged to those that were hypocrites, not wanting to drive this type of grand car in fear of people saying that he acts like a pretentious prick. On the other hand, Lou Zhenming wanted to drive this car but his father wouldn’t let him.

“Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car?” Tang Tang was surprised: “Is this supposed to be ‘Nouveau Riche Jin’ or ‘Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’2?”

“Who knows, this girl likes doing wacky stuff.” Xiao Chen shook his head.

“Hey, what are your feelings on Jin Beibei calling you brother-in-law?” Tang Tang couldn’t help but ask as she had already held in this question for a day.

“Jin Beibei? Brother-in-law?” Xiao Chen stared in confusion for a second then immediately smiled bitterly: “What am I supposed to even feel? It needs Cheng Mengying’s recognition to be valid, she and I are matters of the past3.”

“Seems like you’re self-aware.” Tang Tang was very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “Don’t be angry, I’m just fearing that you’ll be trapped.”

“Relax, if there’s an opportunity, I’ll make Beibei recognize you as an older cousin.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

“Daring to play a joke on me, be careful as I’ll be depending on you if I don’t get married in the future!” Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.

“Okay, I was fearing that I wouldn’t be able to marry a wife!” Xiao Chen actually nodded with deadpan seriousness: “I heard that a wife costs millions nowadays; you have to buy a car, a house, where would I get that money from? I also lose money instead of gain it, so I have to hurry and grab this offer.”

“Then it’ll be settled just like this!” Tang Tang heartily laughed.

Just as the two people were conversing, a Range Rover swept past Xiao Chen and Tang Tang. The car swept past so close that it almost stuck to Tang Tang, which caused Tang Tang to let go of the soy milk in her hands and nearly fall to the ground.

However, the soy milk actually smashed into the Land Rover car and covered the shiny car body with a milky-white sticky thing.

Xiao Chen creased his brows and was about to flare up, but Tang Tang pulled on his arm and hinted him to not be impulsive. Clearly, Tang Tang knew who the owner of this car was.

“Blind girl, look at where you’re going, did you not see my car coming over?” Xiao Chen didn’t want to find fault with him, but the person driving the car was unwilling to be forgiving. The person immediately stopped the car and pushed open the door to get out. But when he saw the people who “dirtied” his car was Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, he was actually shocked!

As for Xiao Chen, he also recognized who this person was; he was from the Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ Qi Clan, their little young master Qi Zhigao, and also Xiao Chen’s little sister, Xiao Xiao’s, pursuer. Before Xiao Chen was driven away from Xiao Clan, this kid readily called him ‘Brother Chen’ very respectfully.

Of course, that was all in the past. The current Xiao Chen had no relationship with Xiao Clan and was the target of scorn for everyone. If Qi Zhigao still respected Xiao Chen, then that would be strange! The original Xiao Chen was a waste, so it was even more impossible to respect him again.

With regards to Tang Tang, Qi Zhigao didn’t really care. She was driven away from Tang Clan and he’d heard that young master Qun thoroughly severed ties with her, so there was even less to fear. But for Xiao Chen, Qi Zhigao subconsciously gave a glance to the inside of the car.

At this time, the Land Rover’s copilot seat door opened and a 15-16 year-old young lady with big eyes jumped out. When Xiao Chen saw her, his look faintly congealed. This person was his younger sister, his Second Uncle’s child Xiao Xiao!

“Xiao Xiao, your……older brother dirtied my car, about this matter, what do you say should be done……” Qi Zhigao clearly hesitated due to Xiao Xiao, not daring to straightforwardly scold Xiao Chen.

Xiao Xiao gave Xiao Chen an icy, arrogant glance and snorted: “Isn’t this my waste older brother? Little Qi, why are you being serious with a waste, do you find it fun?”

“Ha, you’re right!” Qi Zhigao could hear disdaining towards Xiao Chen from Xiao Xiao’s tone. It seemed like they already didn’t have any relationship just like in the rumors, thus he spoke proudly towards Xiao Chen: “Considering Xiao Xiao’s face, I’ll let this matter slide by. Still haven’t quickly made yourself scarce?”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist, feeling a slight ache in his heart. In the past when he was in the clan, Xiao Xiao was very respectful towards him, her older brother, but now……

Xiao Chen smiled in self-derision. Xiao Xiao was Xiao Clan’s cultivation genius and was already a Third Layer Inner Strength expert when she was smaller. But because she’s a girl, she was bound to get married. Otherwise, the position of Clan Head would have undoubtedly been Xiao Xiao’s.

But even so, Xiao Xiao still had a very high status in Xiao Clan. Even inside the entire aristocratic circle, she also had a very high popularity with many pursuers. This Qi Zhigao was one of the excellent ones among her pursuers; he was young and possessed Third Layer Inner Strength power. Within the aristocratic clan junior generation, he was classified as a top existence.

“Tang Tang yeah? Wipe my car clean and you won’t need to compensate for my loss.” Qi Zhigao let off Xiao Chen, but his anger hadn’t scattered, so he vented on Tang Tang: “Of course, you’ll have to kneel and lick; lick my car clean!”

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to let it pass, but after hearing Qi Zhigao’s words, a nameless fire fled out from between his ribcage4!

So what if Qi Zhigao possessed the strength of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist? Xiao Chen was currently a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and had some immortal art abilities, so he had more than enough to meet a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist head-on.

He could endure anything else, but for some unknown reason, Xiao Chen was unable to tolerate it when it came to matters involving Tang Tang. An example was last time when he killed Chen Jinkun; it was actually a very dangerous action, but Xiao Chen still acted on it.

Some matters that touched upon Xiao Chen’s bottom line, Xiao Chen had to resist.

Tang Tang had been together with Xiao Chen these past few days and the two people could be said to be in harmony with each other; sometimes one movement or one expression was all that was needed to know what the other person wanted to do. Seeing Xiao Chen get angry, Tang Tang hurriedly pulled on him, hinting him not to be impulsive.

Originally, Xiao Chen already made an enemy out of Lou Zhenming. If a Qi Zhigao was added on top of that, then he wouldn’t be able to have peaceful days at Second High!

“Hu……” Xiao Chen took in a deep breath, then the smiling expression of the corners of his mouth lifting up flashed past. He directly struck Qi Zhigao’s Land Rover car, lifting up his leg and trampled down on the car. Instantly, a ‘bang!’ sounded out and the Land Rover car door suddenly caved in and a huge hole emerged.

Yet Xiao Chen didn’t seemed to be satisfied. He began continuously kicking and after several kicks, the Land Rover car’s door was kicked down. This still didn’t satisfy Xiao Chen as he kicked with even more vigor; the Land Rover was kicked beyond all recognition by Xiao Chen’s flying kicks!

Tang Tang was flabbergasted, she didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be this impulsive!

Xiao Xiao was also dumbstruck as she looked at this loser older brother with an unbelieving gaze. However, she knew about Xiao Chen’s work outs since young and understood where Xiao Chen’s brute force came from.

The most shocked was Qi Zhigao. He didn’t know what madness possessed Xiao Chen and looked at Xiao Chen stupefied: “You……what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you want to clean the car? I’m helping you clean it, using my foot as the cleaner!” Xiao Chen spoke as he kicked. The pretty decent car instantaneously became something that could be taken to a scrapyard.

“Are you seeking death?” Qi Zhigao finally recovered his mental facilities. Both his eyes turned scarlet-red and seemed to spray out fire: “Previously I didn’t want to pay attention to you because you’re Xiao Xiao’s former older brother, but since you don’t want the face I’m giving you, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Today you will stay here and be buried along with your dad!”

Xiao Xiao wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked at Xiao Chen. She didn’t understand what Xiao Chen was doing; was it to help Tang Tang out of a predicament?

She and Qi Zhigao were students of Second High’s junior high school section and usually didn’t have too many interactions with Second High’s senior high school section. The two schools’ school building and sports field were separate, with only the parking lot being shared, so this was the reason why she didn’t know of the going-ons between Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“Pa!” Xiao Chen gave Qi Zhigao a slap to his face and beat him stupid. Red blood flowed down the corner of Qi Zhigao’s mouth; this was his most unimaginable day. He was thinking, am I dreaming?

The past dandy young master Xiao Chen didn’t dare to hit him, but this ‘driven-away-from-clan’ loser surprisingly dared hit him? Certainly, Qi Zhigao wasn’t on guard, otherwise how would a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist be hit by someone like Xiao Chen?

As a matter of fact, he could also see that Xiao Chen wasn’t even a First Layer Inner Strength Martialist and only had a bit of brute strength. Thus, he was assured that he had the backing to chide Xiao Chen; the result was being hit while he was being inattentive.

“You can insult me, but it is absolutely not fine if you insult my father.” Xiao Chen coldly looked at Qi Zhigao……then suddenly turned around. This was a magnificent turning around catching the people present unaware and unable to understand what Xiao Chen wanted to do.

All they saw was Xiao Chen suddenly turn around to shout: “Young master Qun~ thanks for your warm hospitality these past few days, but I really think that I’m unsuited to stay in Second High; I’ll have to transfer schools, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day!”

Xiao Chen’s spiritual consciousness is quite strong; when he was trampling the car just a moment ago, he’d already discovered Yue Shaoqun driving over from a not so far away place. At this moment, after he finished slapping Qi Zhigao, Yue Shaoqun just happened to be driving by.

“Screech!” Yue Shaoqun stepped on the emergency break and stopped the car right next to Xiao Chen, then hurriedly got out and anxiously asked: “What happened young master Xiao, why do you want to transfer out?”

It wasn’t weird for Yue Shaoqun to feel nervous. He’d done many things these past few days, even offending his own little brother Lou Zhenming, all in order to suck up to Xiao Chen and make this kid solidify his status as Tang Tang’s boyfriend.

Now that this matter had progressed a little and Tang Tang’s grandfather even answered that he’d consider rescinding the engagement, how could he let this Xiao Chen actually transfer schools? Would that even be right to himself? If this Xiao Chen transferred schools, wouldn’t he go back to square one regarding the matter with Tang Tang?

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  1. TLN: Did I ever say that I screwed up and the Deng was actually supposed to be ‘Zheng’? Yeah…I don’t know what I was smoking when I substituted it for Deng. 
  2. TLN: Tang Tang means ‘is the car her clan’s car that she vandalized or is it hers’. 
  3. TLN: Term used here is ‘老黄历’ which is sort of like the lunar calendar with fortunes on it(maybe a lunar almanac?). 
  4. TLN: The author was probably thinking about another way to write ‘heart’ and came up with this. It’s technically not wrong and he’s fulfilling his more word count = more money, so I really can’t blame him. I’m also being troll by translating it, so……haha.