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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 139 Part 2

The Hololive English girls should finish revealing their new outfits sometime around when this goes live I think.
Have any of you liked the ones they’ve seen?

Honestly I’ve found them super underwhelming.
Then again I have found very few of the Japanese ones to be that good too.
I guess I just have a thing for the iconic original outfits?

I’m like that about anime figures too. I only ever buy the canon or default outfits unless it’s really iconic or special.
Like movie ones or temporary transformations. I can enjoy those.
But unique casual ones or swimwear for the sake of swimwear, not really a fan.

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» Chapter 139 Part 2 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 139 Part 1

My friends turned our Final Fantasy Free Company into some kind of suicide cult.
They found the highest point in the world you can jump from and kept jumping off to see if they could rez the previous person to jump off before they hit the floor and also died.

Fun Fact, Red Mages are clearly the superior Serial Resurrectors.

The end result was several of us dead at the bottom of a cliff laughing at each other.
We tried calling for a Rez but nobody had the humour to come view our pile of corpses.
I was even getting wet in a small stream…

Miserable treatment honestly.

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» Chapter 139 Part 1 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 387

I already knew exactly what my pre-chapter ramble would be for this chapter.
That is:
Woe be me having to tidy my room.

My kickstarter stuff is shipping soon with over 30 books and bonuses.
That means I need to find space for it all!
Ah my room is an organised hellscape and now I need to remove the hellscape part of the organisation.

I’ll just do it tomorrow.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 112 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 138 Part 2

As promised, here is the second in our daily uploads of chapters for this novel!
We’ve ground to cover to catch up for the temporary leave of absence.

I do wonder what will happen to my readership numbers once this comes to and end though.
It’s gonna be a huge spike for this month…but I don’t know what proportion of people read my posts from this novel alone compared to the others I ramble on.
At the very least I doubt that Blue Sky gets anywhere near as many.

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» Chapter 138 Part 2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 384

Some of these chapters are starting to feel really long.
I should check the earlier chapters and see if they’ve actually got longer or shorter over time.

It’s weird how things change when looking at them over different periods of time.

Like it looks like something has got longer compared to ten chapters ago but is actually shorter compared to 100 or something.
I wonder why.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 109 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 138 Part 1

We’re back!
Sorry for the absence!

I did vaguely warn you on the last post for this novel but the translator was AWOL for a period.
Anyway, we have all the chapters now!
Everything is here!

And as I mentioned for those who may or may not read Blue Sky.
We have a special bonus!

Since we have all the chapters now, as a special reward there will be one chapter posted every day until we reach the end!
After that it’s anyone’s guess as to if the translation will continue as the author puts out newer chapters.

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» Chapter 138 Part 1 «

Blue Sky Chapter 79

Good news everyone!
Oh wait I probably just triggered someone’s reference detector without actually meaning to.

Anyway, Not Sure Another World will finally be returning!
Not sure why I’m announcing this here but. Starting…tomorrow?…I think?…Well starting at some time this week I will be posting one chapter every day to well and truly spam you with juicy content to read!

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» Chapter 79 «

Blue Sky Chapter 78

Well Eighty-Six or 86 or however you want to write it… wait I got sidetracked.
This anime is doing pretty well. I only partially read the first novel to get a feel for if I’d like it so the anime is a refreshing change.
It’s a heavy show, so I have to watch it between the many many slice of life shows this season.

Most importantly it’s a very convenient way to get into a pseudo-cyberpunk mindset ready for your tabletop rpg session the next day haha.

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» Chapter 78 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 382

I tried playing Final Fantasy XIV with some fancy shaders and I could start to here my gpu whine.
I think this is a sign to stop using heavily outdated hardware that can’t keep up with my gpu.

Even though my gpu is basically current generation, my CPU and RAM are essentially a decade obsolete and can’t keep pace.
The bottleneck has got really bad lately because I bought a HD monitor, and it’s struggling to refresh fast enough haha.

I get screen tearing whenever my CPU has to do any work. To think I’d get screen tearing from my CPU of all things. That’s supposed to be the one non-factor.
Well…it’s not technically my CPU, but rather the motherboard and RAM that are outdated along with my CPU. Basically nothing else can keep up with my GPU.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 107 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 381

I ate an entire pack of biscuits and drank a can of diet coke an a can of pepsi max before getting ready for bed.
Surprising absolutely nobody, my stomach now hates me.

I do some dumb things once in a while oftenly every few days on a regular basis.

Still not sure why I had one of each type instead of two cans on the same.
But oh well.
Life is life.

The biscuits were nice though, turned out we had some chocolate hobnobs muhahahaha. My favourite. I ate them all of course.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 106 «

Blue Sky Chapter 77

My Final Fantasy 14 wedding is in a few days.
I’m getting nervous for some reason.
To think that I’d get the same anxiety from attending a real social event as a virtual one.
Well I guess because it’s one of those events that depend on organisation I can fear things going wrong.

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» Chapter 77 «