Chapter 89 – Unforeseen Encounter

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1327 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Merc could feel the uncomfortable sensation of people’s gazes gathering on her as she walked along the street.

Every person she passed gave her a sidelong glance, and a few of the more blatant ones even paused and threw her a regretful look as they walked away. Some followed Merc as if they wanted to speak with her, but they would eventually turn around and walk away without saying anything. They were undoubtedly intimidated by Merc’s unrealistic beauty.

I can’t relax…

Merc, who was the sole center of attention, sighed inwardly with a blank expression on her face in response to these reactions.

It was the day after Merc had agreed to dress up and put on padding. It was, in other words, the day she was going to seduce the Count. Merc was walking in the direction of the Guild, all dressed up and with her padding packed bosom.

Merc was now dressed in a modest girly dress borrowed from Kena.
The dress was not overly showy, but it still looked attractive, with laces on the bust and modest frills on the sleeves and hem, it struck a perfect equilibrium.

She was also wearing makeup on her face, giving her a more mature appearance.
Kenna had expertly combed her golden hair, which was typically a mess, giving it a gleam that would make anyone’s eyes widen.
Her jade green eyes, which were made even more enigmatic by her makeup, appeared captivating, and anyone who met Merc’s gaze had a surprised expression on their face as if their soul had been sucked out of them.
Merc’s face was flawless, as was typical of elves, and her lovely white skin had a delicate texture that could be identified even from afar. Her slim figure was well-proportioned, with a large bosom to accompany it.

It would have been hard for her to remain unnoticed.

Even Merc would have fallen head over heels in love with herself. That was the level of impact she radiated.

“To think that I’d change this much…”

Merc could tell that everyone’s gaze was fixed on her, so she whispered softly. Merc was well aware of her own attractiveness. After all, she had previously lived as a man. She could naturally appraise a woman’s attractiveness from a man’s perspective. Furthermore, the elves in her village, who were on average vastly more attractive than humans, had often assured her that she was gorgeous.

That was why Merc had no reservations about it. She objectively thought of herself as attractive, and there was no reason for her to dispute it.

However, now…

Her new look, which was more feminine than normal, was so stunning that her adventuring self couldn’t even compare.

If there were a goddess of beauty, she would most likely resemble this. Merc was so self-assured in her attractiveness that she could proudly proclaim it. And she had breasts as well.

I guess the matter with my appearance is settled. The question is what should I do now… There’s some time until 9 am.

Merc deduced that her appearance was flawless based on the reactions of those around her. The only thing left was to unexpectedly meet the Count, but it was still too early for the agreed time.
Walking back and forth on the street would be weird, and simply standing outside, with her current appearance, would undoubtedly draw attention. Merc needed to kill time somewhere she could relax and remain unnoticed.

On the other hand, she might miss the Count passing by if she stayed inside a restaurant or a general shop.

Where should I go… That’s right! I should just go to the Guild.

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After some thought, Merc discovered what might be regarded as the ideal location. Namely, the Adventurers’ Guild.

Merc had initially headed in the direction of the Guild solely to ensure that she arrived in time to ambush the Count.
However, after more consideration, she realized that the Guild would be an ideal location to monitor the Count’s activities. Astard had previously informed Merc of the Count’s physical characteristics, and by being inside the Guild she could leave at the same moment the Count emerged from the back following his talk with the Guildmaster. All she had to do afterwards was follow the Count out of the guild and down his path. Then pursue the Count’s carriage, which would arrive later, catch up with it, and let it naturally run over her. This, Merc thought, was a brilliant scheme.

Aside from adventurers, the guild was visited by a variety of people with various circumstances. Strong warriors, gallant knights, gorgeous widows, and snotty brats could all be found inside.

The Adventurer’s Guild seemed like a natural place to meet such folks. In the Guild, a gorgeous town girl would not get much notice.

After making up her mind, Merc headed to the Guild.

She’d previously paid a visit to the Adventurers’ Guild on her first day in Logholt. Rather, her initial and sole reason for visiting Logholt was to visit the Adventurers’ Guild because of the exam. She’d also had her Adventurer License issued here.

As a result, Merc had no trouble getting to the Guild. When she arrived there, Merc put her palm on the front doorknob.

The door opened from the inside at that point, and Merc swiftly withdrew her arm back and took a step back.

“I’m sorry.”

A lady exited the guild and noticed Merc near the door. The lady exclaimed in surprise when she first saw Merc, and when she got a better look at Merc’s face, her eyes widened, showing a surprised expression.

Giggling inwardly to herself, Merc stepped aside and urged the woman, who had frozen at the Guild’s doorway, to come outside.

“Oh… I-I’m sorry…”

The woman walked out after being urged by Merc, but she couldn’t keep her gaze away from her.

This is awkward…

To avoid the woman’s attention, Merc swiftly closed the door as soon as she arrived. Merc could finally take a breather after that.

Fortunately, the Guild was not too packed at this time of day. There were only a handful of people inside.

Furthermore, because the Guild’s entrance was usually bustling, there weren’t many people who had the time to look at who was coming in and out.

As a result, few people noticed Merc. Even though just a few people noticed her, they didn’t look away. Rather, they were mesmerized by Merc’s looks and couldn’t tear their gaze away.

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Even if they were doing something else, those who spotted Merc were drawn to her every move.

This is awkward…

With an oblivious expression on her face, Merc sat down on a couch as the number of eyes on her progressively increased. 

She attempted to replicate the woman’s sitting posture, which Kenna had shown her. It entailed sitting with her legs crossed, knees touching and keeping her skirt tucked down so that she didn’t show anything. Because she’d practiced it so many times the night before, Merc assumed she’d been able to accomplish it smoothly.

Merc could tell she’d done a decent job based on the looks she got from the onlookers.

Good… Now I’ll just sit here until the Count shows himself.

Merc chose to avoid the onlookers’ stares by straightening her back and directing her gaze to the ground. She simply had to stay in this posture until the Count emerged from the Guild’s rear. Merc withstood the piercing stares by maintaining that aim.

“Oh my!”

As Merc focused her attention on the ground, a familiar, lively voice sprang out.

Merc turned to see even though she had a bad feeling about it. Nevertheless, it was just for a fraction of a second and she swiftly averted her gaze.

W-W-What is that woman doing here?!

Merc averted her gaze, but Totoara, the blue-haired, big-breasted girl who had raised her voice, was unmistakably looking at Merc.


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