Chapter 90 – Keepers of the Wind

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1138 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

For a brief moment, Merc was baffled by Totoara’s presence, but she soon realized that Totoara, like herself, was an adventurer. An adventurer visiting the Adventurers’ Guild was nothing unusual. Totoara may have arrived to accept or report on a request.

Nonetheless, Totoara’s presence was very disastrous for Merc.

Merc’s senses clearly let her know that Totoara was looking at her. And not only that, Merc could feel Totoara getting closer.

“No it can’t be… But, still…”

Totoara was mumbling something while glancing at Merc, clearly undecided.
They’d traveled together all the way from Ende to Logholt. They’d also been in close proximity.

It wouldn’t be unusual if Totoara could see through Merc’s disguise. To begin with, calling it a disguise was an exaggeration. Merc was only dressed up and had a touch of make-up on. There was no way Totoara wouldn’t be able to see through her.

If Merc’s actual identity were to be revealed here, she’d be in serious danger.
Merc’s outfit would naturally intrigue Totoara, and many around her would certainly be attracted to her.
Count Fonan would be on high alert if he discovered Merc was an adventurer. The operation would have failed at that point.

This is bad! I must do something…

Doctor Glodel’s life was on the line. Merc couldn’t allow the operation to go up in smoke.

“E-Excuse me…”

Totoara, who was finally in front of Merc, greeted her after Merc had made up her mind.

Merc did not raise her head, instead shifting her eyes to Totoara.


Then, in the softest voice she could conjure, Merc replied shortly in the most elegant manner she could think of.

Totoara was gobsmacked by Merc’s unexpected remark.

“Huh? So you’re, not, Merc… Uh… How can that be…”
“Is there something wrong?”

After Merc questioned her with a smile, Totoara began boldly analyzing Merc’s appearance.

Totoara’s attention was drawn to every inch of Merc’s body, her hair, her eyes, and so on. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Totoara figured it out at any given point.

I’m done!

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Totoara’s eyes narrowed slightly as she peered carefully into Merc’s face as if she had finally seen through Merc.

However, after that Totoara’s eyes widened as she lowered her attention slightly and glanced at Merc’s chest, which was accentuated by the padding. She then shook her head to the side.

“Yea, no way! You’re not Merc! Ah! Please excuse me. I mistook you for a friend…”

Totoara may well have been influenced by Merc’s modest chest because when she saw Merc’s present bosom, she was shocked. She’d quickly asserted that it was a different person.

Merc was relieved, but she was inclined to inquire as to how Totoara had arrived at that conclusion.

How rude of her to judge a woman by her chest…

Merc thought to herself while observing Totoara’s bosom. Totoara’s behavior was truly uncivilized.

“There you are! Hey, Totoara! What are you…”

Merc was sneaking looks at Totoara’s chest when a man she recognized approached Totoara from behind.

He had a thick beard and appeared to be a bandit at first glance.

He had an aura of aloofness about him, yet upon closer inspection, one could see that the man stood in a highly efficient manner. He was unquestionably powerful. Merc realized who he was at that moment.

He’s the leader of the mountain bandits I came across during the exam… His name, I believe, was Zal.

Zal had been one of the examiners during Merc’s adventurer exam, just like Totoara.

It was no surprise that he was accompanying Totoara considering they were both in the same party. The way Zal’s attitude changed as soon as he noticed Merc, on the other hand, was weird.


He froze as he stared into Merc’s eyes, then murmured something in a trance before pushing Totoara away and standing in front of Merc.

“Ouch! What are you doing, Zal?!”

Zal’s stare was fixated on Merc, and he paid no attention to Totoara’s outcry.

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“Ahem. Please pardon me, young lady. It appears that my colleague has caused you some trouble. Would you want to join me for lunch so I can make amends?”

Zal bowed his head respectfully to Merc.

His gaze remained fixated on Merc, causing his beard to permeate Merc’s field of vision, which irritated her. Merc shook her head from side to side in a weary manner.

“I’m afraid I will have to decline. I have plans after this.”

Zal straightened up and showed his apparent displeasure when Merc declined with a cool and ladylike voice.

“I see… That is most unfortunate. If there is anything else, feel free to contact me. My name is Zal. I’m a Grade 3 Adventurer from the party Keepers of the Wind. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

When he regained composure, Zal winked while stroking his mustache between his index finger and thumb and smiled at Merc. Is he trying to act cool or something?

“Don’t hit on such respectable ladies, you brute! Besides, with your creepy attitude and that beard, what good is that gentleman approach?”
“Shut up! You’re annoying, so please just shut up, Totoara!”

After insulting Zal, Totoara gave him a disgusted glare.

“That aside, did you talk with the Guildmaster? Did you get the Magic Stone that we can use to contact the Duke directly?”
“What? Oh, that. No, I didn’t. He’s apparently talking with someone. They told me he wouldn’t be long and that we should wait.”
“I see… Well, it’s not like it’s a big deal, so we can just sit back and wait.”
“That’s right. And since we have Zetesta on the other side, I’m confident he’ll get it to the Duke without a hitch.”

Zal and Totoara’s tones abruptly shifted, leading Merc to deduce that they weren’t just conversing but were, in fact, discussing work.

It was impossible to tell what they were talking about because it was too abstract, but as long as they were both in the public light, they would converse in a way that only they could comprehend. In the first place, Merc was uninterested in their conversation.

There were more important things at hand.

Like the room in the rear of the guild that had just opened to reveal a well-dressed man, visible over Zal’s shoulder.

The man had piercing, sharp eyes, thick lips, and a large, hooked nose. All of this matched the descriptions of Count Fonan given to Merc by Astard.

He’s here…

This was undeniably the Count, based on the timing and his look. After seeing him, Merc casually stood up.

“It was a pleasure meeting you. I wish you a fine day.”

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Merc remarked this as she raised the hems of her skirt and bailed on the two of them, exiting the guild swiftly.


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