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Hero King Chapter 22

HOOOOLLLAAAAAAA AMIGOS!!! So, it’s about mid of July now. How’s everyone doing? I hope y’all are going great with life. And if you’re not, don’t tell me about it! Hmph!

Just kidding xD If your life is not where you want it to be currently, just take it easy for a bit, remember that there are people out there who probably care about you even if you don’t know or don’t care to know about it.
Just go take a ride on a rollercoaster, jump off an airplane with a parachute or go do some bungee jumping. Those usually cheer me up… Not good enough for you? Fine, just drink some tea then, tch tch~

Or I guess you can always just read this chapter and enjoy yourself… Don’t forget to like, comment and shoutout to us~ wink

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