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Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened

Worlds Unknown Worlds Unknown: The Enlightened is a Original Novel written by Alruna Zelenia.

The author is a lover of Female-to-Female pairing, so she wrote a lot of Fan Fiction surrounding the Yuri genre. This is one of her greatest original work yet, if you’re a fan of Girl’s Love yourself, try to give this novel a spin!

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Shoujo Ai, Yuri

Status: On-going, updated fortnightly

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Evelyn Princess Summer (to clarify: she’s not a princess), a young, achieved and smart woman at the peak of her career but a chance meeting with a mysterious woman completely derailed her life. She found out that not only do supernatural creatures exist, but a demon wanted her destroyed and another demoness was trying to enslave her. She was given two options: die or accept being a slave. But maybe she could make her own path. Would Evelyn even make it out of this disaster alive? Follow Evelyn’s adventure as she was continually tested against the fragility of her human life.

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