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Chapter 15 – Inglis, 12 years old (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2175 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1059 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

On the day of the inspection, the prep room in the Marquis’ castle was buzzing.

「How gorgeous! You look stunning!」
「It’s as if you’ve just stepped out of a painting!」
「For someone so young, you’re as charming as an adult!」1

The maidservants sighed at the vision that was one Inglis Eux.

「That should do it! I also tied up your hair, young miss Inglis. Good things are really meant for the right person in the right place, isn’t it? This gown was literally made with you in mind.」

The seamstress that lived near the castle smiled as she finished the touch-up on Inglis’ hairdo.
Tonight would be the welcoming banquet for the emissaries from the royal capital.
Thus, the seamstress was summoned to the castle to help the females prepare their wardrobe for the banquet.

The gown Inglis wore was the same red gown that she had tried on the last time she was at the shop.
Her parents had bought it for her to attend the banquet tonight.

「Ah, thank you. But still, this is a little embarrassing…」 2

Inglis said shyly.
While she didn’t mind getting dressed up and complimented by people like Rafinha or the seamstress to whom she was closer to, she was rather unused to the attention that she had garnered from everyone in the prep room.

Even though she had been the spotlight of her numerous subjects as a King in her previous life, this was a different kind of attention.
This had proved to be quite embarrassing for her.

「What are you saying now, young miss. You’ll be center of the attention once you enter the venue this evening, you know that, right? Now, smile and flutter around like you always do! Please practice on it.」 3

「Erm… Like this?」

When she twirled around, the hem of her gown and her hair swayed gently with the momentum.
The smile on her face elicited coos from the maidservants in the room due to how adorable and lovely she looked.

「I-, I knew it, this is embarrassing…」
「Now now. Please straighten your back, puff up your chest and hold your head up high. You’ll look more beautiful that way, after all.」
「Glis~ Are you done~? Oh! You’re done! Hmm~ You look as pretty as ever!」

Donned in a beautiful yellow dress, Rafinha walked over to check on the progress of Inglis’ preparation and was delighted at the sight of the older girl.
Rafinha herself also looked gorgeous dressed in her gown with a flower hairpin in her hair.
Upon hearing Rafinha’s compliments, Inglis’ mood immediately brightened and she also felt distinctly cuter.

「You too, Rani. You look so cute in that. Really!」
「I do~? If I stand next to you, Glis, I’ll be but just a foil for you, you know?」
「That’s not true! You’re really cute. I’m moved when I think that the little cutesy pie Rani has grown into this!」

Looking back, Inglis couldn’t believe that the little baby girl had grown into this beautiful young lady. Time sure flew by.
Although Inglis was not her mother, she wondered whether this feeling she had in her heart for the younger girl was parental love.
Her heart felt full just by thinking of how much the girl standing in front of her had grown.

「Ahahaha. What’s that, you sound like a grandpa. But, still, thanks Glis. If Glis said so, then I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’m also not used to wearing gowns, so it’s making me kind of nervous.」
「You two look great! Now that the preps are all done, you girls are ready, so~ break a leg out there!」

The seamstress said while pushing on Inglis’ back.

「Alright! Let’s go, Glis!」
「Yes, let’s.」

Rafinha held Inglis’ hand as she led the way to the venue for the banquet.
The banquet would be held right at the castle, in a large room facing the courtyard on the first floor.
As soon as they approached the room, they were met with a young female knight, named Ada who had an intrepid, stiff look on her face.

Despite her young age, she served as the vice commander of the chivalric order of Ymir.
Unfortunately, Ryuk had been deployed to aid another territory of the country.
Therefore, she was the one in charge of security for today’s event.

「Oh my, young lady Rafinha and young miss Inglis, you two look wonderful! You’re as cute as buttons!」

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The two young girls often accompanied Ada when she was sent off to subjugate magic stone beasts.
Plus, the three of them usually trained together so they were rather close with one another.
The knight also appointed herself the responsibility of looking after them since they were all females.

「Thank you, Ada.」
「Thank you very much.」
「Go on, you may head inside. I’m sure the Marquis is waiting for you two. Please enjoy yourselves.」

Ada said with a smile. Immediately after that though, her face stiffened a little as she continued.

「But, just in case, I would appreciate it if you can survey the area for me. I don’t think such an individual would show up in Ymir but I heard some rumours about an anti-Highlanders guerilla organization. It would be a disaster if something happened to the envoy.」 4

「You’re such a worrywart, Ada. Ymir is just a rural area, that kind of thing doesn’t concern us, you know?」
「Rani. With my father absent, Ms. Ada is currently the one responsible for our people’s safety. Let’s just cooperate, okay?」

Although Inglis chided the younger girl, she would have liked to test her combat skills against the perpetrator if they had dared to show up.

「You have a point. Ada told us that because she believed in our abilities, right?」

Ada had informed them of that information because Rafinha was a High Grade Rune holder — the highest grade rune currently available in the chivalric order, plus even though Inglis possessed no runes herself, her swordsmanship was impressive.

「Of course. I shall leave it to you two.」
「Alright. Then, we’re off.」
「Understood. Well then, godspeed.」

Only then did Inglis and Rafinha enter the room.
As they did, all gaze fell upon them, mainly on Inglis though.


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