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Chapter 18 – Inglis, 12 years old (6)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2096 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 959 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「I also think he’s creepy, just not as much as Mr. Leon thinks so. What about you, Glis?」

Still following after Leon, Rafinha pouted.

「You’re right he is, a little bit.」

Indeed as she said, Rahal didn’t grow into a proper gentleman at all.

「I wonder if all Highlanders are like that. If so, I think it’ll be hard for me to like them.」
「Well, this is coming from me who’s seen quite a lot of Highlanders but I think most of them are like that. This also applies to Highland-born Highlanders.」

Leon shrugged.

「From the oh-so-great Highlanders’ standpoint, we Midlanders are like the poor and needy, crawling on the same mud we s̲h̲i̲t̲ on. In fact, we need the Artifacts they give to protect our lives down here. Of course we’ll be taken as some lowly cretins. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, all we can do is to kowtow before them so they will give us the Artifacts.」

Inglis was convinced that the relationship between the Highland and Midland was just like how Leon described.
Although, since Ymir was largely a rural area, the region didn’t really hook the attention of the Highlanders.

「Our lifeline is literally in their grasp. That’s why, regardless of what you have in mind, just maintain your smile before them, you got me? The two are you are such cutiepies. Give it a year or two, you’ll be proper ladies. So if you’re being shamed, groped here and there, touched up and down, just bear with it. Even I got treated like some underdog by them. I’ll even lick their shoes if I have to!」1

Is that something he should laugh about? What a happy-go-lucky person. Inglis thought

「Aahahaha! That’s funny! Mr. Leon, I didn’t know you can joke!」

Rafinha was entertained, being all smiles.

「Of course. After all, my looks can’t even begin to compare with my colleague Raphael’s. So, I’m running this well-spoken mouth of mine to attract ladies like you two… Oh, there she is! This way, girls!」

Said Leon as he led the two to a tree that stood on the courtyard, right outside the venue.
A single figure of a person was there, holding what seemed to be a glass of wine.

Her outward appearance was that of a late teenage girl, with her illusory glossy blonde hair. Her deep, blue eyes felt like they would suck you into them.
Except for herself and Rafinha, Inglis never saw a girl more beautiful than the one in front of her. 2 Despite being at a night party, she wore a knight armor instead of an evening gown.
There was a pair of twin swords hanging on her hips. 3

Seeing from how she decided to be alone, away from the hustle and bustle, just like the sublimity of a feline living in isolation, Inglis could tell that it wouldn’t be an easy task to get close to her. On the other hand, she also felt that this girl must be quite lonely.

Towards such a dainty girl, Leon approached her as high strung as ever.

「Yo, Eris! Don’t alienate yourself in such a place, come in and have some fun. The foods inside are quite delish, you know?」

The girl he called by the name Eris sighed.
The expression she had as she stared into Leon was much like a cat bearing a grudge against someone who ruffled its fur without consent. 4 But what really took Inglis by surprise was that the girl could only be seen as an unfriendly little girl, no matter how she looked at her.

A girl like this was a Hyrule Menace?
And they said she could transform into an Ultimate Artifact?
Unless Inglis saw it with her own two eyes, she really couldn’t quite believe it yet.

「Precisely because I don’t want to, I’m staying here. Don’t bother me.」
「Oh come on, don’t be like that. You’ve got some guests. These girls want to meet you.」
「Huh? Me?」
「The none other. They’re Raphael’s little sister Rafinha and his cousin Inglis!」

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As soon as Leon introduced Inglis and Rafinha to her, Eris the Hyrule Menace was wide-eyed and suddenly lashed out in rage.

「You utter idiot! Stop it!」

It was a loud yell addressed to Leon.
However, the yell was not enough, it seemed. Her hand also found its way to Leon’s cheek.

「Ooouuuch! Lay off with the violence, these girls were looking forward to meeting you, you know?」

That threatening attitude she showed was conveyed to both Inglis and Rafinha as well.

「U-, umm… what is—?」

Upon receiving the surprised Rafinha’s question, Eris avoided meeting her eyes.

「I-, I’m sorry…!」

Leaving only those words, she left the place as though trying to flee.

「E-, err… Mr. Leon, did we do something bad…?」
「Ah, perhaps we should apologize to her…?」
「No, it’s fine. It’s not your fault. It was me who couldn’t read the atmosphere. Sorry for surprising you two. Then, why don’t we go back inside and have some grub while I talk about Raphael’s recent development? Don’t you want to hear it?」
「Yay! Is big brother Rafa doing alright?」
「Oh, he’s doing very well. He’s a rather competent guy, after all, he’s been achieving feats after feats. I’ll tell you about him bit by bit.」

Inglis squinted her eyes at the elated Rafinha.
The wish Rafinha had was regarding Raphael’s wellbeing, and she could hear it through Leon.
Tentatively, that could mean that her wish might come true too.

It was then…


Shrieks were heard from within the venue. 5


  1. Sil- well, my impression of Highlanders just got smashed to smithereens.
    Al- Wait, you mean it hadn’t already before this? xD
  2. Al- *cough* Narcissist alert *cough* Plus, what about the goddess you saw in your previous life? Forgot about her already? Or maybe you just don’t consider goddesses as people… Hmm…
  3. Mab- RAW: A pair of male and female twin swords.
  4. Al- *laughs* I love cats~ They’re the absolute best!
  5. Al- Oohhh, finally some action, I’m growing mushrooms over here already!!

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