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Chapter 16 – Inglis, 12 years old (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1842 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 945 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「Waah! Everyone is looking at you, Glis!」

Rafinha revelled in the attention given to Inglis, even though Inglis herself didn’t really relish in the extra scrutiny.
She could still stomach the looks that she received from the females, though they might be a little embarrassing for her.
Those could be considered looks one gave when appreciating a piece of beautiful artwork, thus, they didn’t bother her as much.

Whereas, the leers that she was subjected to by the males were something entirely different and they were not as pleasing. Especially since this was the first time that she had been on the receiving end of this kind of attention.
While Inglis might only be 12 years old, her mature profile would let her pass as a ripe 15-year-old girl. And in this era, a female at the age of 15 was considered an adult and could be courted by the male population.

Inglis’ face, hair, slender legs, and especially her cleavage that was visible through the revealing cut of her dress were being ogled by the lustful males. 1

In her previous life as a male, she had been one of the offenders of such behaviours too. When a beautiful woman showed up on an evening party like this, Inglis wouldn’t have been able to help herself but to appreciate her beauty.
It was just a slight interest on her part as a male, but now that she was on the receiving end of those same eyes, she finally realized just how uncomfortable it was to be exposed to those probing and ogling gazes.

Only now did she wonder just how the females in her previous life had felt when they were in her position.
And although she knew that it was too late, Inglis told herself that she needed to reflect on it since this was simply impolite. 2

「R, Rani…! Let me borrow your hand!」

In spite of herself, Inglis took shelter behind Rafinha’s back.

「What’s wrong with you, Glis? You shouldn’t hide away, everyone is looking at you.」
「Th-, that’s exactly why…! I’m being looked at weirdly!」
「You look so adult, after all, Glis. Isn’t it good, you’re popular you know? I envy you.」
「D-, don’t say something stupid…!」3

Inglis thought that perhaps this kind of attention would not be as unpleasant for an actual, inside-out woman. 4

But of course, this was not the case for her because even though she was reborn as a female, her mentality stayed that of a male. Thus, this current predicament of hers was akin to be lusted by people of the same sex.
She could only express disgust for this kind of attention.

「Huu… Anyway, let’s go to where lord Marquis is already!」
「I-, I understand, Glis.」

She would leave the venue the very second they were done greeting the envoy.
With Inglis following closely behind her, Rafinha scanned the room for her father.
When they reached the innermost part of the venue, they spotted him leisurely conversing with the guests.


Having recognized the two, the Marquis grinned joyously.

「Ooh, if it isn’t Rafinha and Inglis! You two look wonderful in your gowns. Precisely the flowers needed to make the banquet bloom! You two have grown so big before I even noticed it.」

After which, he introduced them to the people around him.

「Let me introduce you. They are my daughter Rafinha and my niece Inglis.」
「I’m Rafinha. Nice to meet you.」
「My name is Inglis. Thank you for having me tonight.」

Just like the ladies they were, Inglis and Rafinha curtsied politely.

「Ooh. So you two are the girls Raphael has been telling me about. Best regards!」

A man donning a Knight’s apparel in his late twenties said that with a smile.

「Wah! You know Big Brother Rafa!?」
「Yeah, well…」
「Mr. Leon here is a Holy Knight who works alongside Raphael in the capital.」
「Holy Knight!!!」

That was the rank given to the Knights who had been permitted by the King to handle the ultimate Artifacts. In other words, the Holy Knights were all Special Grade Rune holders.
And, true to that, the Rune that was sitting on Leon’s hand was a rainbow-colored Rune, which indicated that it was indeed a Special Grade Rune.

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「I apologize for being here instead of Raphael. This mission was supposed to be assigned to him so that he can visit his family but he has been bogged down with a lot of responsibilities recently.」

Leon smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his head. For a Holy Knight, he didn’t seem to be as stiff with regulations, this was also revealed by his more casual clothes and his sparse facial hair. 5

「This gentleman here is Sir Shioni, the inspector.」
「Beautiful young ladies. Pleased to make your acquaintances.」

A man in his forties with a distinguishable mustache greeted.

「And the envoy sent by the Highland is the one over there.」

A young man at the end of Marquis Wilford’s line of sight turned his head to them.
If Inglis’ eyes weren’t pulling a trick on her, then his face was one that she was familiar with.

「Ra-, Mr. Rahal…!?」

It was Rahal, the son of Mr. Lambert who was the head of a group of armed peddlers.

「Hey there! Been a while, hasn’t it, Inglis?」

Rahal grinned. The impression on his face wasn’t much different from when he was a boy.
It seemed like Inglis was right after all.
However, just how did Rahal end up coming here with the status of a Highlander? 6


  1. Al- Hmmm, I shouldn’t be saying this as a female myself but… serves you right, Inglis? xD
  2. Al- Yip, you have to step into our shoes and try it for yourselves to know!
  3. Sil- Hehehe… Is this what they call Gap Moe?
    Al- Ah wells, Rani will find out in a few more years~
  4. Al- No, this kind of attention is just as unpleasant, Glis!
  5. Al- he has like barely 10 hairs on his face, does that even count? xD
  6. Al- Let me guess, all Highlanders are sorcerers who use magic, aren’t they? xD

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