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Unexpected Adventures of a Temporary Girlfriend

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Please be aware that this is not a full-fledged project but rather a teaser designed to give you a taste of the story’s potential.
Its primary purpose is to help patrons make informed decisions about which novel they would like to support for a full translation.
For more information, check out this post: Introducing Machine Translated Teasers!
Temporary Girlfriend Reborn as a Beautiful Girl: The Unexpected Adventures of a Temporary Girlfriend (重生为美少女的我想要和她们贴贴) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Vanilla and Pudding (香草和布丁).

Category: Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo-Ai

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Upon waking up, I find myself transformed into a beautiful girl with a youthful face, and I’ve been rented by big sisters and little sisters alike to be a temporary girlfriend. What should a girlfriend do? Well, I’ll do it. I can do anything, and I can learn what I don’t know. But wait a minute, wasn’t it supposed to be just temporary? Why do you all want to keep refilling the cup endlessly?

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