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Chapter 5: Need Guidance… Right?

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Why has it come to this?

Luo Xuan put down her water glass and sighed quietly.

A couple of days ago, her good friend had been feeling down. Although she didn’t say it explicitly, she wanted Luo Xuan to find a way for her to relax.

Luo Xuan casually suggested her own yuri (girls’ love) circle, promoting the idea that “girls being together will be very happy.”

She had said it offhandedly, never expecting her friend to agree. But before Luo Xuan could rejoice, her eccentric friend insisted on something real, saying she wouldn’t engage in virtual shipping or cyberpunk spiritual romance. If she wanted the experience, Luo Xuan needed to find her a real girlfriend – even a paid one would do.

Luo Xuan said it wasn’t that simple, not something that could happen just by asking, especially with such high demands.

Her friend immediately responded, challenging her ability and questioning her reputation in the circle.

Whether it was a provocation or not, it fueled Luo Xuan’s determination, and she set about finding someone right away.

Luo Xuan had initially thought she would find a suitable girl, interview her, brief her on what to pay attention to, then send her off to her friend’s place, and that would be that.

However, after some twists and turns, she finally found the perfect cute girl, only to discover that she was an innocent one, quite different from the experienced members in her group.

She even said she needed Luo Xuan’s guidance.

This put Luo Xuan in a dilemma. Bai Jingjing might be innocent, but so was she, Luo Xuan. Discussing theory with the group was one thing, but when it came to actual practice, she had no idea what to do.

If it were someone else, Luo Xuan might have brushed them off, but Bai Jingjing was so well-behaved that it made her soft-hearted.


A new message notification sounded on her phone, and Luo Xuan picked it up to read.

【Chuxia: Did you find her? If not, never mind.】

That was her good friend.

Luo Xuan’s eyebrows arched as she typed back: 【Why wouldn’t I find her? I was about to tell you that I found a girl who fits your requirements.】

Never doubt “Miss Eylla’s” connections in the circle!

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【Chuxia: Really? Have you explained my situation to her? You know I’m… not easy to get along with.】

【Eylla: Don’t worry, I’ll train her first.】

After sending that message, Bai Jingjing came out, dressed.

A simple girls’ T-shirt, youthfully worn on Bai Jingjing’s body, especially with the exuding scent of coconut milk, was a picture of youthfulness.

What kind of underwear she had changed into was, of course, invisible, only the pale swan neck with a light pink strap could be seen.

She wore white hot pants that revealed almost her entire fair thighs. If you ignored her face and chest, her outfit would be a perfect beautiful JK (high school girl).

If you looked at her face, she’d appear as a middle school student!

“By the way, I forgot to ask you,” Luo Xuan quickly inquired, “how old are you?”

“19,” Bai Jingjing calmly answered, “I have an ID card.”

Though she didn’t look it, that was how it was, a face that seemed to have evenly distributed five years between itself and her body.

“I see, that’s good,” Luo Xuan was a bit surprised but relieved, “Let me first tell you what you need to pay attention to.”

She pulled out a picture on her phone and placed it in front of Bai Jingjing.

It was a group photo, with a black-haired ice-queen standing next to Luo Xuan, who looked a few years older, her expression very cold.

But she was truly beautiful, with an amazing figure, full of mature charm.

“She’s called Xia Chu, my good friend, and she’ll be your employer,” Luo Xuan explained, “Just like me, she lives alone in a place not far from here.”

Bai Jingjing pulled up a chair to sit across from her, nodding her little head to signal that she was listening.

“She doesn’t have a fixed office job; she spends her days at home working on financial stuff like stocks, funds, and the like,” Luo Xuan paused for a moment before continuing slowly, “Due to some past issues, her temperament isn’t the best, so she might not be easy to get along with. Can you… handle that?”

Originally, the plan was to just hand over the girl, and whatever happened afterward was up to them—after all, one was paying, and the other was accepting money to do the job.

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However, faced with Bai Jingjing, an obedient and adorable young girl, Luo Xuan felt a pang of reluctance and wanted to hear Bai Jingjing’s opinion.

Bai Jingjing patiently waited for her to finish, then gently smiled, “I can do that. I’m actually quite good at handling this sort of thing.”

During her years in the hospital, she often encountered neighboring patients with quirky tempers and various postoperative syndromes, but she had managed to maintain good relations with everyone so far. Occasionally, she even helped take care of them when she had some free time.

“You’re good at this? …Alright, if you can handle it, that’s fine. Besides, don’t act too deliberately; avoid artificial coquetry or anything like that. Just be natural, and take care of her daily needs.”

Luo Xuan rattled off some words of caution, most of which were probably useless, sometimes repeating herself several times.

There was no other reason for it; she just didn’t have any experience as or with a girlfriend and didn’t know exactly what to do, so she just spoke as things came to mind.

Bai Jingjing just listened quietly without interrupting.

“…Anyway, that’s about it,” Luo Xuan picked up her cup and took a sip of water, “Any questions?”

“Yes,” Bai Jingjing looked at her innocently, “What about the ‘sticking together’ part?”

“…What?” Luo Xuan blinked in surprise.

“Sticking together, or intimacy,” Bai Jingjing said softly, “The duties of a girlfriend.”

“This ‘sticking together,’ yes, two girls being girlfriends, the duty of a girlfriend…right,” Luo Xuan stammered, a little flustered, “Yes, there is such, um, a situation.”

Now they were in uncharted territory.

“So, before I go there tomorrow,” Bai Jingjing said seriously, “Can Sister Luo teach me a bit? I have no experience in this area and don’t really know how to do it.”

But I don’t know how to do it either!

The thought flashed through Luo Xuan’s mind, but she didn’t dare say it out loud.

As the renowned Miss Eylla in the yuri circle, if people found out she was a novice with no practical experience, where would her prestige be?

“But this sort of thing isn’t easy to teach,” Luo Xuan’s eyes darted away, “I don’t know how to explain it so that you’ll understand and grasp the concept…”

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“It’s okay, no need to complicate things,” Bai Jingjing’s gaze remained pure, “Sister Luo, you just need to demonstrate with me once, hands-on, and I’ll get it.”

“What, you mean let me…with you…”

But the person hiring you to be a girlfriend is Xia Chu, my good friend. It’s not right for us to do this…

…is it?

Luo Xuan’s face turned a shade redder, as the faint scent of coconut in the air sent her heart racing.


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