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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Change

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The sun was gradually rising, and though it was not even April, it felt as if summer was about to arrive early.

In a small rented house on the outskirts of the provincial capital, it was already getting hot. Bai Jin looked at the planning chart on the table, feeling a headache.

The money that needs to be earned during this time:

The half-year debt that must be paid
A better computer and digital tablet
Entrance fee for the Provincial Art University
If admitted, at least half a year’s living expenses and other costs in the center of the provincial capital.
“It’s too difficult,” the youth sighed lightly, “Where can I find so much money?”

He was only 19 years old this year, and he should not have to bear such a heavy burden, but life is unpredictable. A few years ago, his family encountered a series of misfortunes, and his parents fell seriously ill. The whole family sold their assets, left the small city, and sought medical treatment in the provincial capital.

At that time, Bai Jin had just started high school. He was an art student who loved to draw and had taken a long-term leave of absence. However, as his parents’ conditions worsened, Bai Jin had to drop out completely, taking care of them in the hospital and practicing his drawing in the corners of the hospital during his free time.

But, despite all his efforts, his ailing parents passed away last winter, leaving Bai Jin alone and with a portion of debt.

The debt was not too worrisome, as Bai Jin’s drawing skills were decent. He could take orders online for custom illustrations, earning enough to sustain himself and pay off part of the debt without too much pressure.

The main issue was…

“There are still three or four months until August; I wonder if I need to start earlier.”

Bai Jin looked through the window in the direction of the city center, even though he couldn’t see anything.

The rented house on the outskirts was not good, and the rent was not particularly cheap. Bai Jin remained in this city because the provincial capital had the best art university, something he had always wished for.

However, since he dropped out shortly after starting high school and didn’t go through the college entrance examination process, he needed a significant sum of money to enter the Provincial Art University.

What to do?

At this moment, his mobile QQ displayed a highlighted message in the “Lily Garden” QQ group. An administrator had sent a message, mentioning all members.

“Lily Garden, huh…”

As the name suggests, this was a small group for fans of yuri (a genre focusing on love between women). Bai Jin was in the group not only because of some interest but mainly because some people in the group would hire him for customized yuri illustrations or comic strips.

The administrator who had mentioned everyone was someone he had heard of: a well-known, rich, and beautiful young lady in the group and even the wider community, nicknamed “Eylla.”

【Eylla: @All members, girls in the group, anyone interested in taking a short-term job to earn some quick money?】

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The young lady’s name was prominent, and usually, a single word from her in the group would summon a hundred responses. This time was no exception.

【What, what? What’s going on?】

【Sis La, what quick money?】

【Waiting for details.】

【Eylla: Nothing big, under my recommendation, a friend of mine wants to experience the feeling of Yuri. Is there any girl who is willing to be her temporary girlfriend for a few days? Let me make it clear; you’ll have to act like a real girlfriend.】

【Ah, what?】

【Is it that thrilling?】

Among the group members watching the fun, someone pinpointed the core issue—

【Sis La, is your real-life friend from your social circle?】

The young lady understood her meaning and replied directly: 【Yes, just as you think, a wealthy lady. And don’t worry, she’s very beautiful.】

The thoughts of the girls in the group suddenly became lively.

【Is it that good? I can try.】

【Money doesn’t matter, mainly want to give the young lady a real experience of beauty.】

However, there were a few smart ones among the group members. They typed to ask: 【What requirements does the young lady have?】

【Eylla: Yes, and very strict. She wants someone beautiful too, simply put, good-looking, fair skin, large chest, long legs, thin waist… In short, any girl interested and confident, send me a message for an interview.】

The requirements were high, and many people in the group backed off, but there were still some who wanted to try, opening private chats. The group became a bit quieter.

Bai Jin quietly turned off his phone, sighing.

Earning extra money, how nice that would be.

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But it had nothing to do with him, just an ordinary homebody.

Better go to sleep early, get up early tomorrow, and think about how to make some money.

After washing and lying down, as Bai Jin was closing his eyes, a hazy thought flashed through his mind—

Why wasn’t he a beautiful girl with good looks, fair skin, a large chest, long legs, and a thin waist?


After the young man fell asleep, a meteor seemed to streak across the night sky, but unfortunately, the thick haze and clouds hid most of the starlight, and no one noticed.

Some incredible changes were happening.

The figure under the bedcovers slowly shrank, gradually becoming delicate, and outlined a graceful curve.

The documents in the drawer changed a few words, even the ID changed a few numbers, and the original name.

“Bai Jin” disappeared, and the new name on the identity card was “Bai Jingjing.”

The small rental room remained quiet and serene, only the breathing became shallow, and the air seemed to carry a pleasant fragrance.

The night quietly passed.

In the city’s April, the sun came out at seven o’clock, and the sunlight passed through the curtains of the rental room and fell on the floor.

The air in the room became a bit stuffy, and Bai Jingjing felt it hard to breathe.

Her chest felt heavy, as if something was pressing on it, and she couldn’t catch her breath.

She groggily reached into the blankets and felt something.

Indeed, her chest was being pressed by something large.

Hmm, it was a bit soft. But it made it difficult for her to breathe; she needed to push it away quickly and get back to sleep.

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She pushed, but it didn’t budge.

She used some force, and it hurt a bit. Bai Jingjing quickly let go… hey, guess what? It bounced back!

It felt as if it was growing on her body.

Wait, growing on her body?

Bai Jingjing finally realized something was wrong and opened her eyes wide, lifted the blankets, and struggled to sit up.

Something was not right; her strength had lessened, even sitting up became difficult, her body felt heavy… or more precisely, her chest felt heavy.

A beautiful girl with gorgeous cherry-blossom-colored hair was sitting on the small bed, her adorable little face full of confusion.

Her wine-red eyes blinked thoughtfully, then she looked down.


She was so dazzled by her own whiteness that she swayed and lay back down.

Stay calm, first stay calm, don’t panic, the bigger the problem, the less it helps to panic.


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