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Chapter 4: A Good Coconut

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Legend has it that in that distant place, there is a type of coconut that doesn’t have a husk. Its snow-white flesh is crystal clear under the sunlight, and the coconut milk tastes rich and intoxicating when drunk.

Luo Xuan didn’t know if the rumor was true, but she did feel a bit dizzy now, even though she hadn’t consumed any, just glanced at it a few times.

No, why is it a band-aid?

“I… don’t have any spare underwear,” Bai Jingjing’s young face turned red, as she said embarrassedly, “The last one accidentally broke.”

This was the excuse she had finally come up with.

Luo Xuan suddenly understood.

Indeed, judging by this girl’s appearance, one could tell she was financially struggling, and her underwear was probably purchased a long time ago.

She could imagine the girl wearing her small underwear from before, not expecting her growth to keep increasing until one day or maybe a couple of days ago, she stretched in the morning, and heard a “crack,” a strap or button broke.

Unless absolutely necessary, why would Bai Jingjing use a band-aid? Her eyes were so pure.

Luo Xuan gradually understood everything.

“You can’t wear it like this,” she finally managed to avert her eyes, “What’s your size? I’ll go down and buy you one… clothes too, mine definitely won’t fit you.”

When she had looked earlier, she had made a mental comparison, Luo Xuan already had an impressive development level among girls, but was still a bit smaller than Bai Jingjing.

This girl, she really looked like she had walked out of a comic.

But Bai Jingjing tilted her head, “What size?”

“It’s your, size,” Luo Xuan explained, “The specific number measured with a soft ruler.”

Bai Jingjing blinked in confusion.

She didn’t know.

A few minutes later, Bai Jingjing came out of the room dressed, holding a soft ruler, “Sister Luo, I think it’s like this.”

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Luo Xuan leaned closer to see the scale on the soft ruler.

On the soft ruler, there was a faint fragrance of coconut milk, rich and intoxicating, just like the legend.

“I, I know,” Luo Xuan hastily stepped back, “I’ll go downstairs to buy it for you right now, wait for me.”

She hurried out to breathe fresh air and calm herself.

Luo Xuan left, and Bai Jingjing didn’t dare run around the house, returning to sit in the living room.

How wonderful, Sister Luo is so nice.

Just like the people in the circle described her, Luo Xuan was indeed the lady they had imagined, with beautiful light golden hair that naturally curled at the ends, an exquisite face, and a graceful figure. Putting aside herself, Luo Xuan was the prettiest girl with the best figure Bai Jingjing had ever seen.

If she hadn’t become a girl, Bai Jingjing would have found it hard to interact with her.

And for Luo Xuan, Bai Jingjing felt a strange gratitude.

Although she didn’t know why, her transformation had come from a wish suddenly made the night before sleeping. And this wish had come from something Luo Xuan had said in the group.

How wonderful, truly wonderful.

Luo Xuan was not feeling very well right now.

It wasn’t the coconut milk. The main issue was when she went to her usual clothing store on the street and told the familiar shopkeeper she needed to buy underwear of that size, the shopkeeper’s look at her became a bit strange.

“Little Luo, isn’t this size of underwear a bit, premature for you?”

She might never need it in her life.

Luo Xuan’s face turned red, “I’m not buying it for myself, I’m… I’m buying it for someone else.”

The shopkeeper became even more puzzled. Who was this “someone else” that you would intimately help buy underwear for, and you seem quite willing too?

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“Alright then, so what style do you plan to buy,” the shopkeeper probed, “Something more mature or a girlish style?”

“Girlish style.” Luo Xuan didn’t hesitate.

Understood, the other person is a young girl.

Luo Xuan went out to buy clothes, and Bai Jingjing wasn’t idling either.

She treasured this hard-won opportunity to work, so she seized the time and actively sought advice.

She didn’t have many connections and knew few people, but fortunately, everyone she did know was worldly, like this small group of artists who had drawn many Yuri works.

【Little Bai: Dear masters, may I ask, if two girls fall in love, what would they do?】

Bai Jingjing had a good reputation in the group; although she wasn’t often present, she was very approachable, and people liked her.

【Isn’t this Little Bai, our dear? Working on another Yuri piece?】

【This is simple; you’ve asked the right people. We’ve drawn countless.】

【What type do you need? Everyday or supernatural? Suitable for all ages or a bit spicy?】

【Little Bai: Everyday, suitable for all ages, and a bit spicy… I guess all of them.】

Bai Jingjing remembered that Luo Xuan said yesterday in the recruitment requirements that girlfriends must do everything that girlfriends do.

So, that would include the spicy stuff, too?

Jingjing wasn’t very clear about that. Anyway, she decided to learn first and ask questions later.

【Easy, I’ll send you a compressed file. When I need materials and inspiration, I use these.】

【I have some too; I’ll package it for you.】

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The artists in the small group were all very enthusiastic, and in no time, they sent many works. Bai Jingjing thanked them one by one, downloaded them, and watched them carefully.

In no time, her young face turned red.

Luo Xuan spent a bit more time in the clothing store.

She bought several bras, all recommended by the store manager. She didn’t look closely. After all, this type of lingerie was beyond her knowledge.

“Little Luo, I strongly recommend these few sets; they’re very useful,” the store manager guaranteed.

Luo Xuan held the shopping bag, slightly puzzled.

What did she mean by useful? Was it that they were comfortable to wear?

Probably so.

“Help me choose some more clothes that match this style.”

“No problem, what style do you want?”

After spending quite some time, Luo Xuan finally headed home with a big bag.

Taking the elevator up, opening the door, and walking down the hallway, she saw Bai Jingjing sitting there, quietly looking at her phone.

On the small table was half a glass of lemon water, and on the sofa, the clothes Luo Xuan had taken out earlier were neatly folded. The coconut milk girl sat quietly beside them, looking so harmonious.

It was as if there should always have been someone like this in her home.

“Sister Luo, you’re back.”

Bai Jingjing heard footsteps, put down her phone, stood up to greet her, and took the shopping bag from her hands.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Luo Xuan felt that Bai Jingjing’s cute little face seemed a bit rosier.

The coconut milk scent was even stronger, too.

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“Cough, I’ve brought you the lingerie and clothes,” Luo Xuan picked up the glass and took a sip of lemon water, dispelling the wild thoughts in her mind, “You can go to the room and try them on.”

Something was wrong; the illusion was too strong. Even the lemon water seemed to have a hint of coconut milk fragrance.


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