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Chapter 3: Innocence… Right?

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Putting down her phone, Luo Xuan lay back down, still feeling a sense of unreality.

Time was tight. She asked “Xiao Bai” to come over as soon as possible, and the other party agreed to leave immediately, but taking the subway would take some time.

She’s really easy to talk to, just like the reputation she has in the group.

Last night, Luo Xuan had spent several hours searching without finding a single girl that was even remotely suitable. But today, after waking up, a cute girl who far exceeded her expectations had actively sought her out. It felt like a dream.

Luo Xuan closed her eyes, remembering the video that had been sent earlier. The young girl twirled in front of the camera, her movements round and swaying.

Perhaps because she had just gotten out of bed, she was wearing something like a loose sleepshirt, the neckline too loose, allowing one to see right through it.

Luo Xuan finally understood why her ID was called Xiao Bai (Little White).

That was really white.

And also, maybe it should be called Da Bai (Big White)?

In any case, the only problem was that Xiao Bai’s face looked a little young, like a junior high school student.

Oh no, she was so surprised at the time that she forgot to ask her age.


Bai Jingjing had just tidied up her quilt and was sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling a bit troubled.

She had already noticed the changes in her ID and some contract documents. The name changes were undoubtedly a surprise.

However, her clothes hadn’t changed.

There weren’t many clothes in her wardrobe to begin with, and naturally, they were all men’s. How was she going to dress to go out?

Going to a nearby mall would waste too much time as she wasn’t familiar with the area.

Bai Jingjing thought it over carefully.

With her pair of long legs, the pants were the right length. Finding a belt to tie should make them passable. She could wear a loose shirt, and though it would be too big, at least the buttons at the neckline could be fastened, so nothing would be exposed.

The only problem was the underwear.

Or rather, the protective barrier around her chest.

There was no way to make do with this. Without it, there was simply nothing, no matter what.

Bai Jingjing had tried walking a few steps like this earlier. The swaying was manageable, but there was a strange sensation.

She looked at the bedside table, on which there was only her phone, a small lamp, and some unopened band-aids.



Half an hour later, Bai Jingjing was on the subway heading to the urban area.

It was a workday, not too early or late in the morning—past the peak commuting hours but still before noon, so there weren’t many people on the subway.

Bai Jingjing found a seat and sat down carefully, quietly massaging her shoulders.

She wasn’t used to the heaviness in her chest, and the swaying along the way made her shoulders ache.

Dressed rather shabbily and with her head lowered, she looked like a country girl, attracting no attention from those around her.

Occasional glances came her way but lingered only on her beautiful cherry blossom-colored long hair.

The long subway ride finally reached its destination, and Bai Jingjing took out her phone, following the address “Eylla” had provided to navigate her way.


“Ding Dong~”

“Coming, coming.”

Luo Xuan had been waiting at home for a while. Upon hearing the doorbell, she rushed to open the door at once.

“Little… Bai?”


The girl was standing at the door. Seeing this face, even more delicate and adorable than in the video, Luo Xuan finally believed that there had been no use of beauty filters or enhancements during the video shoot.

And her voice was also very pleasant, soft, and gentle to the ear.

But this outfit…

“Come in and have a seat,” Luo Xuan beckoned her into the house, then curiously asked, “By the way, this outfit you’re wearing is…?”

Bai Jingjing paused in her steps, her mouth slightly agape: “The weather got hot so quickly, I didn’t have time to prepare summer clothes.”

In reality, she hadn’t prepared any girl’s clothes.

“Oh, I see.”

Luo Xuan casually responded. She wasn’t sure if such oversized clothes had a gender distinction, but the coarse quality of the garment was apparent at a glance.

It was fraying, as though someone had kicked it.

She seemed to understand why Bai Jingjing had taken this job.

Bai Jingjing slowly walked into the room, occasionally glancing at Luo Xuan’s figure.

Frankly speaking, this was her first encounter with such a beautiful girl. She appeared to be a few years older than herself, just in her early twenties.

Pretty big sister, how nice.

“You sit for a while. I’ll explain a few things to you,” Luo Xuan called her to the living room, “Would you like something to drink?”

Bai Jingjing saw a teapot on the table with a few lemon slices in it.

“Lemon water will do.” The girl answered softly.

Once the water was poured, the two sat opposite each other and began to introduce themselves.

Luo Xuan was a bit nervous.

Partly because it was her first time interacting with such a pretty and adorable girl, and partly because, in truth… she didn’t quite understand.

Yes, as a senior administrator in the Yuri Garden QQ group, a person of significance in the circle known as “Miss Ai La,” she was, in fact, a pure girl without any practical experience.

She chatted with everyone in the group about various things, from XP to playing styles, feeling at home with her keyboard. But when it came to practical knowledge, she was exposed.

“My friend’s temper is a bit strange, I’ll tell you the details later. Now, let’s discuss what you need to do. Specifically… well, I told you last night, it’s what a real girlfriend would do…” Luo Xuan’s voice gradually faltered, “Girlfriend, you know, that, uh… you understand, right?”

She didn’t know how to explain, fearing that her shallow “knowledge” would give her away and she’d be secretly mocked by Bai Jingjing.

She thought that since Bai Jingjing had dared to accept this job, she must be skilled, not inferior to the other experienced girls in the group.

But Bai Jingjing tilted her head, and her wine-red pupils spelled out two words:

Don’t understand.

Having just become a girl, there was much she didn’t understand and needed to be taught.

Blinking her cute eyes, looking at Luo Xuan so adorably, she finally understood something, “You… don’t understand?”

“Mm, not exactly,” Bai Jingjing answered softly, “I might need big sister’s guidance.”

Work must be done diligently; one shouldn’t assume. If you don’t know, you learn.

That’s called having the right attitude.

Luo Xuan breathed a sigh of relief; since Bai Jingjing also didn’t understand, she didn’t have to worry about being laughed at.

However, her pretty face flushed, “Guidance is not urgent now; we still have some time… Oh, change into some clothes first. I have plenty; we’ll see what suits you.”

With that, she began to rummage for some summer dresses.

Bai Jingjing also sighed in relief; the temperature had risen today, and wearing such a large coat was a bit hot.

But the moment her small hand touched the zipper, something felt off.

“Luo big sister,” the girl’s soft voice sought help, “Can you help me pull the zipper? It’s stuck.”

“I’ll try.”

Without thinking, Luo Xuan reached out, grasped the zipper, and pulled it down a bit with a little force.

The collar opened slightly, revealing half a jade bowl.


Before Luo Xuan could think more, Bai Jingjing’s small hand tugged, smoothly pulling the zipper open.

What caught the eye wasn’t just the soft white cushion but also a band-aid.

Hmm? Hmm?

It took Luo Xuan quite some time to lift her eyes, only to find Bai Jingjing quietly looking at her, her eyes filled with innocence.

“You… don’t understand?” Luo Xuan finally deciphered.

“Mm, not particularly,” Bai Jingjing replied softly, “I might need sister’s guidance.”

Work has to be meticulous; assumptions can’t be made, learning is necessary when you don’t know.

That’s called having a proper attitude.

Luo Xuan exhaled in relief, and Bai Jingjing’s lack of understanding meant she didn’t have to worry about being mocked.

But her pretty face quickly turned red, “Guidance in that, uh, can wait, we have time… Right, change into something first. I have many clothes; we’ll find what suits you.”

Saying this, she brought out several summer dresses.

Bai Jingjing also sighed in relief; it was hot today, and the large coat was a bit warm.

But as her small hand touched the zipper, she knew something was wrong.

“Luo big sister,” the young girl asked softly, “Can you help pull the zipper? It’s stuck.”

“I’ll try.”

Without thinking too much, Luo Xuan reached out, grabbed the zipper, and pulled it down a bit.

The neckline opened slightly, and half a jade bowl came into view.


Before Luo Xuan could think further, Bai Jingjing’s small hand pulled the zipper open smoothly.

What was striking was not just the soft white pillow but also a band-aid.

Hmm, hmm?

It took Luo Xuan a good while to raise her eyes and find Bai Jingjing quietly looking at her, her eyes filled with innocence.


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