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Chapter 2: Do You Think I Can Do It?

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The air in the early morning was somewhat stifling, and Bai Jingjing’s little heart thumped wildly.

She lifted her small hand to press against her chest, trying to calm her heartbeat… but something was wrong. Her chest was too large, blocking her hand, and she couldn’t reach it.

First, she needed to calm down, then confirm it carefully.

This time, Bai Jingjing didn’t dare to use her hand. She closed her two soft, little white legs together and gently felt them.

She was sure; she had really changed.

She had woken up that morning to find herself a girl.

But why?

The young girl rubbed her head, vaguely remembering her last thought before falling asleep the previous night.

At that time, it seemed that she had indeed wished to become a girl. Specifically, she had wished to become a beautiful young girl with “a pretty face, fair skin, large chest, long legs, and slender waist.”


Bai Jingjing reached for the smartphone on her bedside table, turned on the front camera, and saw a beautiful little face appearing on the screen.

Extremely beautiful and super cute!

Soft cherry-white long hair, a gentle small face, and a pair of beautiful wine-red eyes with curved lashes—soft and gentle.

Bai Jingjing was sure that with this appearance, she would be the school beauty in any middle school.

As for why it was middle school, well… partly because she hadn’t attended high school much, and partly because she looked a bit young.

Bai Jingjing was sure she was 19, but after becoming a girl, her face resembled that of a 14-year-old girl.

Next, without needing her phone, she just had to look down to see her well-developed chest.

She understood now; the face and chest had balanced out in age. Her face was five years younger, and her chest, five years older.

Good, two requirements were satisfied. Next was fair skin. For this, Bai Jingjing didn’t need her phone; she stretched out her arm in the sunlight, and her tender arm was like white porcelain.

It wasn’t a matter of being fair or not; it surpassed even the snow.

Then there was the slender waist, feeling it was enough to know, and since it felt so good, Bai Jingjing touched it a bit more.

Finally, the legs.

There was no full-length mirror at home, and she couldn’t see with her phone. Bai Jingjing initially tried to look down, but her view was obstructed by her chest.

Light travels in a straight line; it couldn’t be helped.

However, when she put on her trousers and noticed that they weren’t shorter even though she had become shorter, it indicated that her legs were relatively longer than before.

Though she couldn’t see them, through the comparison of her trousers and the probing of her hands, Bai Jingjing confirmed she had a pair of slender and smooth legs.

All conditions were met. The wish she had made in her mind before going to sleep last night had become reality.

Bai Jingjing looked at the sunlight seeping through the windowsill, feeling a bit dazed.

Why had she had such a thought before going to sleep?

Right, it was because only such a beautiful girl could find the administrator in the group and earn some extra money.


Bai Jingjing picked up her phone, opened QQ, found the administrator “Eylla” through the group members, and initiated a private chat. Her little heart started pounding.

Should she do it?

The young girl gritted her teeth.

Do it!

She had already changed, and backing out now would lead to retribution.

Though she hadn’t attended high school, Bai Jingjing had read many books in her spare time. She knew the saying, “Refusing what Heaven offers, you suffer for it.”

Bai Jingjing’s small hand moved, and she typed out a few words—

【Sister La, are you there?】


In the city center of the provincial capital, nestled within the Pearl residential area known for its upscale apartments, a beautiful young girl had just awoken in one of the tranquil buildings.

Luo Xuan had no sign of sleepiness, but her mood wasn’t particularly good at the moment.

It was a struggle to introduce her friend to this new opportunity, and the first thing he did was ask for a young girl.

And Luo Xuan hadn’t even reached that stage herself.

The key issue was that if you were looking for a girl, you should have realistic expectations. Luo Xuan had interviewed many people the previous night, and none were suitable.

Some had photos that looked great due to Photoshop but were immediately exposed when a video was sent, with various distortions making it obvious.

Her friend was pressuring her, stating that the weekend was in two days, and by tomorrow evening or the next morning, she must deliver the girl.

“Deliver what?” Luo Xuan thought, frustrated by the high demands that even she couldn’t meet.

At that moment, a new message popped up on QQ, and she clicked to open it—

【Little White: La Sister, are you there?】

Luo Xuan rubbed her hair.

Little White—she had an impression of this member of the group.

As one of the few artists known as “Madam” in the group, besides her excellent drawing skills, Little White’s biggest impression was her pleasant personality. Many people who had asked her for commissions had praised her.

She was gentle and patient, listening to all requests, carefully explaining if something couldn’t be done, and very accommodating to last-minute changes.

If it were anyone else, Luo Xuan might have pretended to still be asleep, but since it was the highly-regarded “Madam” artist of the group, she respectfully replied: 【I’m here, what’s up?】

【Little White: Have you found someone for that thing you mentioned in the group yesterday?】

【Eylla: Not yet, no suitable candidates.】

【Little White: How about this girl then?】

Immediately after, a video was sent over.

Luo Xuan clicked to open it, and her phone screen was instantly filled with an incredibly adorable beautiful young girl.

With slightly parted lips, wine-red eyes blinking, and cherry-white long hair gently swaying—she was super cute!

Seemingly to validate Luo Xuan’s requirement of “good-looking, fair-skinned, large-chested, long-legged, slender-waisted,” the girl in the screen deliberately showed her whole body.

Her figure was perfect, as if she had walked right out of an anime.

To prove that the camera wasn’t deceptive, the girl in the screen even spun around.

Hmm, there were no distortions in space, but Luo Xuan was almost dazzled by the view.

After sending the video, Bai Jingjing held her phone, anxiously waiting.

Her heartbeat accelerated, and she tried to press her chest to calm it down… but naturally, she was blocked again and couldn’t touch.

Distance doesn’t reveal strength; barriers block the heart’s desires.

About half a minute later, the other party’s reply came.

【Eylla: Is this someone from our group?】

【Little White: Yes…】

【Eylla: When did our group have such an amazing girl?】

Bai Jingjing guiltily looked at the floor, thinking that if she told the truth, it might not be believed. The girl had only existed for half an hour.

【Eylla: Never mind that, hurry and send me her contact information.】

Bai Jingjing lightly bit her lip, hesitating for a moment before finally making up her mind.

【Little White: Actually, that’s me.】

The other party was silent for over ten seconds, then sent a shocked emoticon.

A few seconds later, a second message arrived.

【Eylla: Can you come to the provincial city as soon as possible? The sooner, the better. I’ll reimburse you for the travel expenses, even for first-class.】

【Little White: No need, I can take the subway.】

【Eylla: …What?】

This response baffled her.

【Little White: I’m in the dammed area of the provincial city. I can take the subway into town.】


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