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Chapter 11 – Proposal to Mate

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2110 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1443 words
Editor(s): Lio

The area discovered by Shaelyn was indeed a cave, quite a spacious one at that. Moreover, the ceiling of the cave protrudes outwards to form a natural awning, making it the perfect place to spend the night.

Furthermore, in consideration of the enemies they could possibly encounter at night, the overgrown weeds near the cave entrance could not only provide cover for them but also help them get away easily if something did happen.

Although safety was still a concern, it should at least be a lot safer than sleeping in an open field.

Since they had secured an area to sleep, the next step was to prepare dinner.

The supplies box provided them with survival tools, but in regards to food and other such things, they must provide for themselves. This was a pretty easy task for Shaelyn, what with her prior hunting experiences, the right tools, and a little bit of luck. It didn’t take too long for her to come back with the spoils of her hunt, a wild boar.

Lamont, who was following by her side all this time, had an astonished and stupefied expression.

When Shaelyn pointed out the goal of this game was to survive in the wilderness, he honestly thought that it was his time to show off. After all, he had watched enough shows of the related genre, he was a military addict who finally got his hands on a gun, and adding on to that, his rich experience in hunting games had given him extensive knowledge in the weak points of their prey.

Once all these factors were put together, he should’ve been unbeatable in this instance.

Starting from the most basic points, he understood that the head, the heart, and the lungs being the target’s weakest points was a massive misconception by most people. Not to mention that Lamont also had experience tracking down the prey.

From that point of view, it seemed as though this setting was specially prepared by the game for Lamont to show off.

But then, how did it turn actually out? Shaelyn noticed the wild boar’s footprints and tracked it down before him, then she took it down with one shot of her large-caliber handgun before he could even take aim with his Desert Eagle.

He was… quite despondent.

He didn’t know Shaelyn was actually this strong…

Shaelyn knew what Lamont was thinking upon noticing the disappointed look on his face. Though it felt like utter nonsense to her. She was capable of doing anything he could do and possessed even more skills than him, where could he even begin to compare?

She naturally knew he wanted to show off, who wouldn’t want a chance to prove themselves in front of a pretty girl? But now wasn’t the time and place for him to do that. Just a bit of carelessness and they could get a party wipe, that was why she didn’t take his feelings into consideration.

However… if there was a chance, she would let him put on a show for a bit.

“Lamont, can you help me carry this guy back?” After confirming the kill, Shaelyn asked Lamont while tilting her head, then she continued with a smile, “Or should we carry it together?”

“Ah, no need, I’ll be fine by myself,” Lamont tossed his grievance to the back of his head and walked over as he put his gun away. He lifted up the wild boar on his shoulder in one go and said, “I can handle this little bit of… Oof—! I can… handle this weight…”

Why is this so friggin heavy!

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Seeing how unsteady he was on his feet, Shaelyn asked in concern, “Are you okay? Want me to help?”

“No!” Lamont clenched his teeth, “Let’s go, I’ll be fine!”


Just keep it up then, keep it up and suffer by yourself… idiot.

It was fortunate the cave wasn’t too far from here so it wasn’t an impossible task to carry the spoils back by himself. After that was done, the next agenda was to collect firewood and prepare dinner.

“Lamont, can you go collect some dry woods from nearby? I’ll prepare the meat.” While instructing Lamont, Shaelyn retrieved the knife and readied herself to cut the meat.

Lamont immediately cut in, “Are you sure? Should I cut the meat instead?”

Was it really a good idea to let a girl do such a bloody deed?

Wouldn’t she be scared?1

“I’ll be fine, my dad taught me some survival skills when we went on an overseas trip once. I have done this before.” Shaelyn played the almighty father card.

Lamont easily bought that lie, “Oh… fine then, I’ll go collect the firewood.”

Then he suddenly realized that… Shaelyn was a lot different from what he imagined.

He originally thought that she was a graceful young lady from a wealthy family, but now… the impression she gave him was more like a strong-willed girl.

But… yeah, she’s quite compatible with me… I like her.

Shaelyn momentarily glanced at Lamont’s back as he left the cave, then she bowed her head and prepared to cut the meat.

She knew this kind of setting was a bit too excessive, especially for a rich young lady like herself. However, other than that, she didn’t know how else to explain her skills as there were no other alternatives.

Actually, Lamont preferred the cute and helpless-looking girls, more so the types that relied on him.

Of course, Shaelyn could act like that to please Lamont, but it was impossible for her to maintain the act forever. To be blunter, those types of girls wouldn’t be able to get far in this game. If they didn’t become a leech, then they’d become cannon fodder in the war, or both.

During the late stage of the game, the true powerhouse would only rely on themselves, and only themselves. No matter how close they were to their friends, it was illogical to entrust their lives to them. Even if their friends were the trustworthy sort, they might not necessarily have enough strength to carry the burden.

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A time will come when Lamont eventually understood all this. With his personality, he wouldn’t allow a leech to follow him. Therefore, Shaelyn had to make him understand that she was not a powerless damsel to prevent the future where she was abandoned.

The question of whether to put up an act or not… Shaelyn could do that, yes, but that depended on the situation. As the saying goes, if you keep up the act for too long, you might eventually come to believe your own lie. She couldn’t allow herself to relax, because once she did, she might not be able to maintain her tension anymore.

This was especially true since she had already experienced death once. Sometimes, acceptance wasn’t necessarily a good thing. It was just that… she wasn’t sure if Lamont would like the current ways she acted.

Although she never experienced it herself in the past, she knew very well that… Lamont, her past self, wasn’t too interested in able women.

Sigh… Maybe I should let Lamont show off for a bit.

【Suggestion: The host can propose to conduct copulation with the main body. If the main body becomes engrossed with the host’s body2, it will be unlikely for the main body to abandon the host.】


【The host can be at ease, this body was made to be 100% compatible with the main body.】

“In other words, you made this body as Lamont’s personal sex toy?” Shaelyn fiercely stabbed the wild boar twice to give vent as she asked with a low, threatening tone.

【……A girl shouldn’t use such vulgar language.】

“Then stop proposing such a ridiculous idea in the future. I won’t do it!”

【Why is the host rejecting the idea? Isn’t copulation the oldest kind of happiness that humans strive for?3

“Then why don’t you go copulate with that bugged system inside Lamont?”

【……Impossible to accomplish.】

“Then shut up.” After pausing for a while, Shaelyn continued, “That reminds me, the first instance has already started, don’t you have any tips?”


【Bonus Mission: You’ll gain 100 bonus points for each member of the Idol Safekeeping Association you defeated.】
【Bonus Mission: You’ll gain 3,000 bonus points for clearing the instance.】
【Extra Mission: Clearing the instance with S-rank evaluation will grant you one gacha ticket.】

Shaelyn became silent for a moment as she read over the three missions that were issued at once.

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“Don’t tell me you forgot about it until I reminded you?”

【System Delay, a common occurrence.4


  1. Silva: Oh please, who do you think prepared all your meals since you were kids? It was your mom.
  2. Lio: As expected of a higher(?) entity, suggesting to seduce Lamont with her body as if it was an obvious option from the start.
  3. Lio: True.
  4. Lio: Ah yes, the famous “lag” excuse.
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