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Chapter 5 – The God’s Realm

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2403 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1576 words
Editor(s): Fire, Lio

It didn’t take them too long to tidy up the room.

While Lamont was sweeping, Shaelyn was observing him while leaning against the door frame.

This was the first time since she reincarnated that she examined her past self this closely.

Just based on appearance alone, Lamont was indeed a masculine man. Since he regularly exercised and played sports all year round, he had developed a good build. The thin summer clothes he wore perfectly showcased his muscles that oozed with manly charm. It was just the right size, not overly-developed nor too untrained either.

At this point, even Shaelyn didn’t have anything to complain about. In “The God’s Realm,” the player’s base stats were based upon their physical state, so that body of hers had actually helped her through many difficulties in the early game.

Actually, aside from his dense personality, Shaelyn felt that Lamont was actually pretty acceptable. Apart from his physical state, Lamont’s mental fortitude also passed her evaluation. It was thanks to her mental fortitude that she was able to get that far on her own.

Even so, sometimes she wished there was someone who could share the burden alongside her so that she could relax and not wear herself out.

As Lamont in her past life, she still ultimately fell before daybreak. Therefore, as Shaelyn in this life… she determined she might as well walk down this path along with the present Lamont.

She was clearer than anyone on how exhausting it had felt to not be able to find someone to share your thoughts with, that was why she didn’t wish for her present self to experience the same thing.

If the system didn’t lie to her, then she would turn back into Lamont by the end of the journey. All of these experiences will become nothing more than just memories, but at least she would have beautiful memories.

The phone rang at this time. Shaelyn accepted the call and heard the butler’s voice, “Mistress, the game capsule has arrived. Should we install it now?”

“Send it over then. I’m at home.” With those words, Shaelyn hung up the call.

The butler quickly went to work. He employed a few men to deliver the two game capsules in a jiffy.

Upon noticing Lamont in the room, the butler was visibly confused, “This is…”

Lamont naturally tensed up a little.

This person was surely employed by her father. Would he report that his daughter had brought some guy to her room?

However, Shaelyn quickly dispelled his apprehension. She directly embraced Lamont’s arm and smiled towards the butler, “My boyfriend, Lamont.”

Lamont was gobsmacked.

She just went straight to the point?
Really? Is it really fine like this?!
Can’t she be a little more tactful? With my current status, I am not a good match for Shaelyn. What if her father disagrees?

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But unexpectedly, the butler didn’t say anything and just nodded, “Understood.”

After they finished installing the game capsules, they didn’t overstay their welcome and immediately left.

This made Lamont enter another round of daze.

Huh… That’s it?

They suddenly learned that their mistress had hooked up with a boyfriend out of nowhere, shouldn’t they be more interested in his background and such?

Wasn’t that reaction a bit too lackluster?

“Don’t worry,” Shaelyn released his arm and said, “My family isn’t too strict with me. My dad also supports free love, so long as I can take responsibility for myself.”

She naturally knew what Lamont was thinking. It was impossible for her to not take this into account. Since the system had set up this identity for her, it had already eliminated all the obstacles. If she couldn’t even get in touch with Lamont, then her status would be an annoyance instead.

“Ah… Is that so,” Lamont nodded with complex emotions swirling within him.

Shaelyn didn’t entertain this topic for much longer and pulled Lamont before the game capsules, “I hear that you love gaming? Have you heard of The God’s Realm?”

Lamont paused for a moment, “The hottest game that’s been spreading around the net? Yeah.”

Don’t tell me these two capsules are…

“These are the game capsules for The God’s Realm. I begged my father to get me the first set,” Shaelyn revealed a brilliant smile and continued, “Do you want to try it?”

The game capsules of The God’s Realm were being shipped out in batches as it would be too suspicious to ship out in large amounts all at once. Even though their goal was not to earn money, the first batch was still pretty hard to get.

Her past self didn’t get the first batch, but the third. Additionally, since she was unfamiliar with the rules of the game, she had fallen behind by quite a bit.

This time, however, she planned to pull Lamont and herself to the top 1 and 2 respectively.

Naturally, Lamont as the top, and she, the second.

That was because she knew the strength of her past self… In other words, she knew how strong Lamont could be. He could be considered a law-defying existence, a cheat-like existence in the system’s terminology.

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It was unfortunate, but her current self probably wouldn’t get that strong.

However, with all her experiences, even if she didn’t have sufficient power, she was confident that she could still become strong.

As for whether Lamont would obediently listen to her and play the game with her, she didn’t even need to think twice about it——

Putting aside whether he was invited by his girlfriend or not, there was no way Lamont would refuse if a virtual reality game capsule was delivered right in front of him. He was basically a game addict and had tried out almost all the games available in the market. His gaming experience was unparalleled and this too was a strong point for him because [The God’s Realm] was essentially a game at its core. If they view it as simply a game, they could gain unexpected advantages.1

According to plan, Lamont accepted very readily. In fact, he couldn’t even contain his excitement, “So this is the game capsule? You… actually like to play games too, huh?”

“Of course!” The corners of Shaelyn’s lips curved up slightly and she made an appropriately endearing remark, “Though not many people know, but I’m actually a gamer too.”

It was a critical hit!2

Lamont was feeling so high, he nearly fainted.

What could be more wonderful than this? A girlfriend who appeared out of nowhere and even gifted him the one game he was yearning for!

If not to keep up his appearance, he would really spin three times on the spot and shout at the top of his lungs twice.

Shaelyn merely observed Lamont’s continuously changing expression with a smile.

Tsk… Youngster, can’t even keep his own cool.

“Alright, that’s enough standing around. Why don’t we log in and try the game?” After helping Lamont open his capsule, Shaelyn got into the other one and said, “I heard the game is also known as the second world. Since they boasted it that highly, why don’t we go take a look?”

“Yeah!” At this moment, Lamont finally made a firm decision like a real man for the first time3, “Let’s give it a try!”

I don’t care anymore! Even if this is a dream! I will just enjoy it to the fullest!

He lied in the capsule and the lip slowly came to a close. A synthetic voice could be heard soon after, “Player logging in for the first time, please shut your eyes.”

Hearing that, Lamont took a deep breath and shut his eyes as instructed.

Following that, his consciousness sunk into darkness.

Soon after, the whole world around him was suddenly replaced by dazzling light and a paradise-like scenery appeared before him. It was no surprise that he entered a dazed state for a moment.4

He remained still until the system’s voice rang out again, “Please modify the player’s appearance.”

After that, the dazzling light around him faded away and Lamont found himself in a villa.

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The villa hall was very spacious and to his right was a curtain wall with a full view of the beach and sea. In front of him was a full-body mirror reflecting his avatar which looked exactly the same as himself.

Lamont stared at it blankly for a while before he visualized a different avatar in his mind.

At the same time, his appearance changed and became exactly as he had imagined.

“Oh my god! This is like straight out of a science fiction novel!”

Trying to restrain his overflowing excitement, Lamont decided to set his avatar to his original appearance. After all, he wasn’t really that dissatisfied with his face or body.

The system’s voice rang out timely——

“Avatar confirmed.”
“Player identity verified.”

With that, a virtual panel popped up before his eyes.

【Name: Lamont】
【Age: 21】
【Currently viewing Player Info.】

“……Must we use our real names?” Lamont frowned slightly, “And how did it know my name?”

“The game is linked to every country’s residential database, so the players can only register with their real info. But that’s only limited to your name, so it doesn’t matter. You can change your appearance anyway,” Shaelyn’s voice came from behind, causing Lamont to turn around unconsciously.

Then he froze for the nth times today.5

Shaelyn also used her original appearance.

But instead… She was wearing a bikini.6


  1. Silva: Because you can experience death repeatedly in the game without consequences? That could indeed be an advantage if you can learn how not to die so much.
    Lio: I think that it just helps you adapt to [The God’s Realm], since adaptability is almost necessary when playing a new game.
  2. Lio: Girl gamers are pretty rare, so it’s understandable.
  3. Lio: I pity Lamont if that’s his first time making a firm decision.
  4. Lio: Damn, Lamont is really getting comboed with all of these stuns.
  5. Lio: For those counting, that’s the fourth time.
  6. Silva: *whistle*
    Lio: Damn what a cliffhanger.
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