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Chapter 8 – Confessing to Self? (Part 2)

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2181 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1499 words
Editor(s): Fire

Though she suggested that, it was true she did want to rest herself.

During the later part of the game, the whole world was shrouded in an oppressive atmosphere. She once had many friends, but none of them could make her lay down everything and share her innermost feelings with them.

Sometimes, she would even envy couples. They might not be as strong as her, nor could they survive till the end, but to be able to embrace their loved ones and welcome death together may perhaps be a form of salvation.

To walk till the end by one’s lonesome self was truly very exhausting.

Even after reincarnation, she had to quickly adapt to all the changes around her and formulate a plan for this life without even a moment of respite. She had been straining herself since the start, it was about time to relax a little.

Shaelyn removed her shoes and sat on the boulder by the stream to soak her legs in the water. The ice-cold sensation brought an involuntary sigh to her mouth.

It had been much too long since she had relaxed like this.

Lamont just stood behind her, not knowing what to do.

“What are you standing there for?” Shaelyn turned her head to gaze at him and smiled, “Try soaking your legs, it’s pretty comfortable.”

Lamont hesitated momentarily before he voiced out, “Shouldn’t we seize the time we have to gather supplies?”

“Hah… There’s no need to be in such a rush. A low-level instance doesn’t have that many certain death situations. Besides, we still have a one-hour grace period,” Shaelyn lightly swayed her feet to feel the refreshing coolness of the flowing stream, “Other than having fun accomplishing the goal of the game, don’t we also need to enjoy the game itself?”1

Whilst thinking about that, Lamont sat down beside her, albeit with a little distance away.

“Why are you sitting so far away?” Shaelyn forcefully pulled him to her side and stuck to him like glue. She then rested her head on Lamont’s shoulder, causing him to stiffen up.

“You’ve never experienced something like this before, right?” She asked.

Of course he didn’t. This doofus never even held hands with girls before.

Lamont didn’t know what Shaelyn was thinking, so he only replied with a short answer.

“Then… you’ll be able to frequently experience this from now on,” Shaelyn lifted his hands and continued softly, “I’ll become someone you can rely on, your girlfriend.”

Did she really want to start dating her past self?

Of course not.

She didn’t even consider herself a girl.

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As for how she was able to act so feminine, that was because she didn’t pointlessly insist on being a guy.2

After experiencing death once, she had already thought through a lot of things.

In this life, her goal was very simple— Other than surviving the catastrophe, her other goal was to fulfill her past life’s regrets.

Whose regrets, you ask? Obviously the doofus beside her.

She didn’t plan to put herself out there and spoon-feed this guy. She just wanted to teach him not to be so dense so that he would be able to find a girlfriend by himself in the future. According to the system, so long as she accomplishes the system’s goal, she’ll be able to turn back into Lamont and share three sets of memories. One from her past life, another from Shaelyn’s perspective, and the other from the current Lamont.

In other words, the experiences of the current Lamont could also have a slight effect on her when they merge in the future.

——At least that’s what the system said.

If the system dared to lie to her……

Well, even if it did, there was nothing she could do in retaliation either.

【The host is having a dangerous thought. I advise the host to trust me for the system will never lie.】

Oh, really?

【Except when the system is bugged.】


She suddenly didn’t want to think about matters regarding the distant future anymore.

After resting on Lamont’s shoulder for a while, she opened her eyes, “…Nngh, I’ve rested enough. Let’s go.”

“Huh? You’ve had enough?” Lamont said without thinking, “You sure you don’t want to rest a little longer?”3

Although his initial excitement towards the game was high, after experiencing having a girl leaning against his body… he couldn’t help but want to experience that a little longer.

“No need,” Shaelyn naturally knew what this guy was thinking about, but she didn’t plan to entertain him, “For now… I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“Help me…” She suddenly lifted her legs from the water and directly placed them on Lamont’s lap, “Wipe my legs~!”

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It was a free cleaning service, it would be a waste not to use it.

The surprise Lamont received this time wasn’t light, but more than that, with a pair of dripping wet legs pressing against his stomach, he didn’t know where to place his hands.

He had never taken the initiative to have close contact with girls before. The last few times were all initiated by Shaelyn, and now… she wants him to wipe her legs?

Can I… really do it?

“You don’t want to?” Shaelyn shook her legs.

Ah… this guy is too slow
I threw the bait yet he didn’t dare to bite, just how spineless can he be?

Lamont had a thigh complex, but that wasn’t all… He used to think he had a thing for flat-chest, but later on, he found that he was actually into big breasts. Then fast-forward in time, he discovered that he was also interested in pantyhose. It was then he realized he had a complex for legs… But in the end, he was merely a big pervert.

And what about Shaelyn? Her looks were entirely based on Lamont’s taste, every aspect of her could satisfy his fetishes. That was the very reason why Lamont hesitated to touch her even if she initiated it.

If it was too good to be true, people would start doubting if it was real.

Such as the dream he had earlier this morning.

He was afraid this was also a dream, so he wanted it to last a little longer.

And thus, Shaelyn gave up on the notion.

She knew her past self was a closet pervert, but she didn’t expect him to be such a scaredy-cat.

It seems like… it won’t be easy to turn this guy around…

Shaelyn casually rubbed her legs against his clothes to wipe off the water, then she put on her shoes and got up, “Alright, let’s go. We can put our mind at ease the earlier we get the supplies.”

The first batch of supplies was spread out near the player’s starting point, and they were pretty easy to procure. This was so they could make sure the players could sufficiently defend themselves should they run into danger.

The supplies were packed into a small black box and the inside was filled to the brim with guns and magazines.4

There were five guns, all different models. Among them was a semi-automatic pistol known as the Desert Eagle5.

However, there were only a limited number of magazines. Each gun only came with two matching magazines.

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Apart from those, there were also some basic survival tools at the bottom of the box, such as knives, flints, and so on.

Although there were only a few bullets available, these items were enough to make Lamont excited. He directly picked up the Desert Eagle and examined it with a huge grin as though it was his wife, “Woah… Is this really a gun? This feeling, this weight… Damn, I love this game already.”6

It was said that man’s three biggest interests were cars, pistols, and ball games.7 Lamont was not an exception to this. He had been a fan of militaristic weapons for the longest time now and had a deep understanding of the various types of guns.8 Just that he had never held a real gun before.

Now that he had a gun in his hands, he immediately put that knowledge to use. He pulled the slide and fixed it in place, loaded the magazines then allowed the slide to bounce back, and finally released the safety switch in one smooth motion.9

Just when he was about to show off to Shaelyn, he found that she was already in a shooting position with an M1911 pistol and fired three consecutive shots. She seemed much more proficient than him as all the bullets found their marks on three unknown fruits on the tree.

That caused him surprises to no end.

Shaelyn very fluidly locked the safety switch and glanced at Lamont with her head askew. She then explained with a slight smile, “My dad took me overseas to play with real guns during senior high. It’s been a while since I last touched one so I’m a bit rusty.”





  1. Lio: Ah yes, the good old phrase of the importance of the journey, not the destination.
  2. Lio: Ain’t that rare, a gb mc that doesn’t pointlessly fight back against being the opposite gender.
  3. Lio: Weren’t you the one that wanted to hurry and gather supplies?
  4. Silva: Wuh…? Guns and bullets? Are you telling me there’s no magic in this world? I would be very disappointed if that’s the case…
  6. Silva: So you’re into FPS game? That’s not my cup of tea… Though I suppose I’ve been rediscovering my preference lately in Final Fantasy 14. I thought I liked close-combat classes like Rogue, but lately, I find myself more comfortable with long-ranged DPS. I mean, when you are fighting at close-range, it’s hard to notice what’s going on in the surroundings and you easily lose sight of what’s going on in the heat of battle. Close combat is not meant for me… nuh-uh.
  7. Silva: Really? Cause I definitely am not interested in any of the three. Maybe I’m not a man after all.
    Fire: Don’t kid yourself now
  8. Silva: Ok, I can be sure now I won’t like this novel. If this novel is going to be based on the author’s interest, which are cars, pistols, and ball games, you can be sure there’s going to be a lot of gun terms in this novel.

    The author thus far has already covered both ball games and guns, now it’s just cars left.

  9. Silva: Wasted 30 minutes researching this sh*t cuz I have zero idea about how a gun works.
  10. Lio: *sfx* Manly pride shattered
    …Or whatever is left of it.
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