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Chapter 4 – Straight Ball

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2081 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1393 words
Editor(s): Fire

Lamont had a sweet dream that night.

He dreamt that he accepted Shaelyn’s proposal and officially became lovers.

In the dream, she brought him to the beach, and inside the waterfront villa, he pushed her onto the bed and took off her clothes piece by piece…

It was then his phone vibrated and roused him from his dream.

He groggily picked up the phone with a bit of displeasure, “Hello? Who is this?”

It was such a nice dream, and yet…

“Have you decided yet? Want to go grab breakfast together?” Shaelyn’s voice was heard through the phone.

Lamont’s mind went from being idle to instantly running at full throttle, “Ah… o-of course, I’ll be there soon. Wait for me.”

“Mhm, I’ll wait at the main entrance of the west dining hall.”

After hanging up the call, Lamont peeked at the time, and it was only 8 AM.

It was the weekend, so none of his roommates were awake yet.

He slapped his face to wake himself up and then got off the bed… only to feel his wet underwear rubbing against his crotch.1

“Oh great…”

Ten odd minutes after the call, Shaelyn finally met up with Lamont.

It seemed that he got up in a rush as his clothes were still a little messy.

Ugh, I can’t stand to look at him.

In any case, this could also be considered as going on a date with a girl. Even if he was in a rush, the least he could do was to make himself look presentable.

No wonder he couldn’t find a girlfriend.

Even if she was cursing at Lamont in her heart, the latter was still her past self, so Shaelyn endured it and helped him tidy up instead, “There’s no need to be in such a rush, I don’t mind waiting a little longer.”

Lamont’s body stiffened up.

She’s actually helping me tidy up my clothes?
In a public space no less, in front of all the students!

The peanut gallery2 was looking at them, dumbfounded.

Why is she… doing this for me?
Could she really have fallen for me?

“It’s done,” Finished with her task, Shaelyn held Lamont’s hand in a very natural fashion and smiled, “Let’s go eat.”

Lamont’s brain stopped working then.

We…… We’re holding hands……
My first time…… holding a girl’s hand……
So, a girl’s hands are this soft……

“Lamont?” Shaelyn called out to him before he was completely lost in thought.

“Cough…” Lamont coughed lightly to gloss it over, “Yeah, let’s go together…”

Shaelyn smiled sweetly at him, then turned away and rolled her eyes at an angle he couldn’t see.

Idiot, idiot, idiot!
Was I really such a hopeless case before?
Can’t he be a little more outspoken? Who cares if it’s a honeypot or a honey trap, can’t you at least bite it first? Even if it leads to a disaster, you at least have to enjoy it in the beginning, don’t you?
Urggghhhh, frigging idiot!

The more she looked at that guy, the more revolting she felt.

Even if she knew she managed to reach that height in her past life, now that she looked back at her past self, she even started to doubt if this guy could get as high.

If it was like this, wouldn’t it be better to reincarnate her as one of Lamont’s best friends? At least the camaraderie between brotherhood was stronger than the relationship between boys and girls?

【According to calculations, as the same sex, the highest friendship level between the main body and host can only reach up to 87%. Meanwhile, as the opposite sex, the friendship level can reach as high as 1000%.】


There’s one extra zero.

【Answer, the value’s indeed correct.】

“What’s up?” Seeing that Shaelyn had stopped eating, Lamont asked in concern, “Are the noodles not to your taste?”

Shaelyn returned to her senses and tilted her head as she eyed at Lamont, then she shook her head, “I’m just thinking about the matter from yesterday, have you already decided yet?”

“Ah…” Lamont didn’t expect her to get straight to the point. He paused for a moment before he nodded hesitantly, “Sure… we can start as friends, and…”

“Then let’s move after we eat?”
“……That fast?”
“Because I really want to stay together with you, even as friends.”

Lamont gradually stopped thinking.

He wasn’t able to cope with such a straightforward approach due to his inexperience with women.

Shaelyn, on the other hand, was still smiling warmly.

She would really lose all her face if she couldn’t even hold sway over her past self.

It wasn’t a tall task to move since Lamont didn’t have much luggage to begin with. Other than his computer and books, he only had a pitiful selection of clothes. He was never big on clothes, so long as they could be worn, that was all that mattered.

In fact, Shaelyn was also the same in this regard… More precisely, she didn’t care about the boy’s attire, but as she was kind of a closet pervert, she had done a little research on what kind of clothes would look good on girls.3

Though, she was a bit conflicted to apply the knowledge on herself.

It was worth mentioning that, as the daughter of a big conglomerate, it was impossible for Shaelyn to live in a shabby apartment. Though she said it was co-renting, her family had brought a suite for her in the high-class district next to the campus. In other words, this was where she’s currently staying.

That’s why Lamont was a little speechless when she brought him here, “This is… where we’re staying?”

Goodness gracious… just how much is the rent here?

“This is the room my father bought for me, no rental fees required,” Shaelyn pulled him into the room without giving him the chance to say anything, then she closed the door, “But it feels so lonely to live here by myself, that’s why I want you to come over…”

Lamont stopped his feet and suddenly said, “Then I can’t live here! What if other people start gossiping about you? I bet your father won’t be happy with this either…”

With her back facing him, Shaelyn heaved a sigh.

He really is… an idiot.
Always so unnecessarily persistent and making himself appear as a good guy. Even though I’ve laid my feelings bare and he knows how I feel, he still tried to remain upright and make the dumbest choices.
*It’s not like there’s only one way to become a good guy, you doofus.”

Trying to restrain herself from roasting him, Shaelyn turned around and directly pulled Lamont into her embrace, “I won’t let go until you promise to stay.”


“I’ll let go once you promise.”

Feeling the softness pressing against him, Lamont momentarily blanked out, “No… Shaelyn… this is bad…”

“I don’t care,” Shaelyn hugged him tighter, “I won’t let go until you agree. You can either carry me back like this or we can stay like this until we die of hunger.”

The ultimate coaxing technique, let’s see if you can continue to reject me with this.

As the proverb said; only you can understand yourself. She was perfectly aware of what kind of girlfriend she wanted in her past life, so it was completely possible for her to become Lamont’s dream girlfriend. If even after she went this far and he didn’t fall for this trick, she would have to start doubting whether this guy was really herself.

As she anticipated, Lamont caved in before long, “Ah… okay… I’ll stay so… please don’t be like this…”

Shaelyn released him at once with a brilliant smile, then took his luggage into the room, “Yay! So you’ll stay? You cannot go back on your words alright?

Looking at the rear view of the sly girl who clearly just got away with what she wanted, Lamont couldn’t help but think she was a little cute.

He didn’t know what she was scheming, but there was nothing of value on him that she could have wanted.

After all, she was the baby daughter of the Lux Conglomerate…

Therefore… there might be a slight possibility… that she had really fallen for him?

With those thoughts in mind, Lamont unconsciously leaked a smile.

“Fine, I’ll stay here from now on.”



  1. Silva: I don’t even remember the last time I had a wet dream * smile meaningfully *

    Fire: Uh huh… Too much information.

    Silva: You want more information? In the dream, I was holding hands with my crush, in front of my grandma’s house, and she pressed her breasts against my arm, man those feels heavenly, even in my dream, and I wet myself after waking up. JUST from holding arms a little intimately.

    Fire: Man, you’ve told that before, but this is even more unneeded information…

  2. Fire: Wat…

    Silva: want some peanuts?

    Fire: Listen here kids, if a Silva offers you some peanuts, DO NOT accept them. That’s Fire’s safety reminder, thank you.

    Silva: What, they’re not for you to eat, but to throw at the gallery.

    Fire: It’s still suspicious since it’s from you

  3. Silva: Well, that sounds exactly like me. Mhm…

    Fire: You pervert

    Silva: What do you mean pervert, crossdressing and playing as female in games are normal nowadays!

    Fire: Playing as female in games, sure, but crossdressing…?

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