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Episode 18 Rebellion in the Kingdom ②

While grasping Eril’s hand, I looked outside the carriage.

At first look, it was your usual noble district, but there was one thing different. The smell of blood.

In front of every mansion, the kingdom’s army, now the rebel army, stationed their troops. Apparently, a lot of supporters of the prince were killed. Despite the fact that the rebel army occupied the capital, the district was wrapped in silence.

It took us an hour to reach the main gate, the sun was already on the west. When we got off from the carriage, we saw a big commotion involving the soldiers and the people. The atmosphere was ready to erupt at any moment.

At that moment, a part of the wyverns flew towards us from the roof of the royal palace. They raised a big roar and landed in front of the gate. The commotion died down like it was never there.

With this as a sign, a few men appeared above the gate and the silver-haired man loudly proclaimed.

「Listen, people! I’m the marshal of the Juka Kingdom, Shigea Karugi! Today, we, the kingdom’s army, decided to abolish the corrupted king and his aides, and establish a new Kingdom! We will destroy this rotten and corrupted regime and establish a new powerful kingdom! For the kingdom to be reborn there is a need to spill blood! The kingdom will change in the spilled blood! First, we will deal with those who caused this kingdom to rot and make one step closer to the powerful kingdom! 」

The soldiers loudly cheered. With this as a sign, a lot of people appeared atop the wall. Apparently, the soldiers dragged them. Men, woman, even children. They wore the expensive clothes, most likely, they were of the royal blood. Some ladies were screaming like crazy, but soldiers beat them up and made them silent. Among them was a man who kept screaming ignoring the soldiers.

「Someone, kill Karugi! Kill him! Right before us!! Kiyo-san! Someone! Shoot! Tosuka! Saio! What are you doing!? Shoot these people! 」

This is probably the king. His body is like that of a pig. His face was void of any traces of royalty. In addition, he was naked. And by his side, there were four girls, with their bodies exposed too. They were probably captured together on a bed and dragged here as they were. They closed their legs, bent their bodies and were staying there quietly.

While looking at the king with disdainful eyes, Karugi lifted his right hand. Then the soldiers expressionlessly dropped the royal family from the wall. Shouts and screams blended in the air. The people collided with the ground, some of them were dead, some of they lost their consciousness, and the unfortunate ones were crippled. The wyvern greedily ate the people then. The wyverns on the roof also landed to partake in it. Truly a picture of Avi hell.

The people were brought atop the wall once again. Most likely, it is the opposing nobility. There were people who couldn’t move on their own. These people, under the sign of Karugi were pushed down too. They too became the wyvern’s prey.

Scattering the blood and pieces of meat around, the wyverns returned to the palace’s roof. Then, the gate opened and the marquis Versam, Mrs. Elsa, Falco, who lost both of his arms, and his highness appeared.

「Is barrier master, Rinos, here? If you are here, then come out! 」

「Rinos-dono, our lord is calling for you. Please return to your master. Please step forward」

Said the grinning Madoisen. Without sparing him a glance, I step forward. Eril follows me from behind.

「Oh, isn’t it Eril! I’m in luck today. You will be mine. M-Marshal, I will take Eril. You don’t mind, right? You truly have a nice body. These boobs, that ***. I will lick all of your body. Hihihihi」

Laughed the slender man next to Karugi. Eril was glaring with a「Shitty duke….」. Apparently, this man is the brother of the king, duke Hira.

「So you are Rinos. Were you the one who laid the barriers around them? I thought of cutting them down but wasn’t able to make a scratch. Nice skills. I like you. From today, you will be serving me and become my shield」

「Understood, But there is a condition. I want the Master, marquis Versam, lady Eril, the teacher Falco and his highness to be released. If you are willing to accept」

「Know your place!!!!!!!」 [1]

Karugi shouted loudly.

「You are a slave! You are the captured property. You can either serve me or die, there is no other choice! If you are willing to serve, I can leave you with your life! Nothing more! Those people will be killed! 」

The three people under the barrier are restrained, but there are no visible wounds on them. I’m more worried about Falco. The blood has stopped, but he was twitching unconsciously. His aura is still present, he is still holding up. The recovery magic needs to be applied as soon as possible. First things first, let’s cast the barrier of Falco too.

「I have a thing to ask from you. Tell us the method to unlock the treasury of the Versam family」

「Then, at least, let me treat Falco’s wounds. If he dies, I will never talk」

「It seems you do not understand where you stand, Hey, Shen, do it!」

A man appeared next to Karugi. His appearance was completely unexpected by me.


  1. That was fast, I thought he had amounted to more. 

Episode 17 Rebellion in the Kingdom

「O-0ccupied? Are you saying that the kingdom’s army rebelled? 」

「Rebellion is a bit too harsh of a word. Pledging to return the kingdom on the right way is a proper thing to do」

「Who is the mastermind? Could it be general Karugi…」

「I didn’t come here to chat with you. The one who we seek is the barrier master-dono. Rinos-dono, we are ordered to courteously escort you to the royal palace. Eril-dono, there is an order to deliver you to the royal palace, but it doesn’t require you to be「alive」. In case you resist, we will be forced to resort to extreme measures. As long as I bring back your head, it is all right」

「My status is that of a slave. Just as your follow orders of your lord, I can’t accept any invitations without Master’s approval」

「There is no reason to worry. We will bring you straight to the Versam couple. They are currently detained by us. Shouldn’t slaves return to their masters? If I remember correctly, wasn’t you ordered to return by the sunset? 」

「I want to see a proof that the Master is in your hands」

While laughing, the man received something wrapped in cloth from another soldier and carelessly threw it at me.

I unwrapped it and looked inside. Inside there were….two arms. The two arms were cut off from the shoulder. I could recognize these arms.

「I-It can’t be!」

「As you might have guessed, this is an arm of the great magician Falco」

It was bloody, but the clothes were the same as my teacher’s. More than anything, there was *, his favorite item「Skull’s Gold Ring」, on his hand.

「Yo-you *******!!」

Eril was enraged and slashed at the man. It was a fast slash, but the man dodged it easily. He is formidable. I looked into his status.

Rukua Madoisen (Swordsman, 41 years old)
HP: 822
MP: 103
Sword Arts LV4
Quick Draw LV4
Body Recovery LV4
Body Strengthening LV4
Evasion LV4
High-speed sword dance LV3 [1] Eyes of Truth LV4
Curse LV2

He is a monster far above Eril. He continued to dodge Eril’s attacks without much effort.

「Good moves, but too bad. If you trained for a little longer, we could have fought a more satisfying match」

The moment Madoisen put his hand on the sword’s handle, Eril was cut.

「….So you have a barrier cast on you. It’s not impenetrable….but it will be a waste of time. All right, let’s bring you with us」

「And what if I refuse?」

「The Versam couple, Falco and the prince will die」

「Falco is…..But the barrier protects the aunt and the prince!! You can’t kill them! 」

「We will starve them to death」


「Without any water or food, you will naturally die. No matter how strong is the barrier, it will be over in a few days. If you come with me, they will die painlessly. However, if you are planning to escape, they will die in the midst of suffering」

「Are you still a human?! You were supposed to serve this kingdom!! To follow you…」

「My lady, let’s go together as Madoisen-san says」

「Rinos! Do you to go with these guys?!」

「I’m worried about the Master and his highness. Even more, Falco lost both of his arms. He might really die if won’t help him」

「…….I got it」

「As expected of the barrier master-dono, you understand how it works. Well then, let’s go meet our lord」

「I only have a little favor to ask. If possible, I want to meet my master, the teacher and his highness」

「I don’t mind if it is just that. I will definitely provide you an opportunity」

We entered the north gate and boarded on the carriage that was already prepared for us. Leisurely, the carriage proceeded to the main gate of the royal palace.

There were soldiers in the front and the back, but there were only two of us inside. Eril was looking out of the window, without paying attention to me. I didn’t know what to say and just stared at her.

…Eril cried. Trying to deceive me, she suppressed her voice and cried. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand.

「Don’t worry, my lady. The enemy is aiming for me. I will use myself as a bargaining chip to exchange for Master’s life. Let’s talk with the mastermind behind this rebellion. Let’s do what we can」

「Uu….Rinos….Hick, hick, hick」

Tears fell from her eyes as if from the broken dam. She gripped my hand to the extent it was painful. Her sadness and frustration were without bounds.

The carriage was slowly closing on the main gate.


  1. I tried. 

Chapter 222 – Nine Parts of Stone Statue

The monstrous Ranga Sword that shook the world since ancient times had unexpectedly broke free from the underworld. From this, one was able to tell how mysterious and terrifying it was.

Xiao Chen and Oxman remained silent for a long time. There were much too many things people on their level wouldn’t be able to comprehend. However, precisely because of this, their feeling to become more powerful was stronger than ever. They wished one day, they could reach those level and rise to a higher realm.

Xiao Chen’s party had already trodden on the barren land of the nether world for fifteen days. According to Emperor Jiang’s words, they should be getting close to the Ninth Underworld Platform.

They travelled with lightning speed all the way. Xiao Chen wanted to get there as soon as possible and find out Keke’s current situation.

By the sixteenth day, Xiao Chen’s party had already covered at least tens of thousands of miles. Although they still didn’t find the so-called Ninth Underworld Platform, they knew that they were undoubtedly getting closer and closer.

And just at this time, a faintly discernible chanting sound transmitted into their ears. It seemed like there was a senior monk chanting sutras in the Northwest. A divine fluctuation was slightly rippling in the underworld.

In this gloomy underworld, the holy attribute was very obvious as well as unusual. Therefore, Xiao Chen’s party detected it in the first moments.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Oxman was born with a tendency towards curiosity, he urged the Black Dragon King and Xiao Chen to run towards the northwest with him.

After advancing for a few dozen miles, the brilliant golden light spilled over. It was so bright in front of them, as if daytime had descended upon the underworld. The praying sound came from there precisely.

It was an old Buddhist temple. The entire temple seemed to be plated in a layer of golden luster, it was shining like the morning sun. Endless amounts of Buddhist power leaked out from the temple like ripples of water.

“The underworld’s Buddhist temple!” The fatty looked pensive as he said, “Could this be where the great Ksitigarbha stayed in the past?”

Xiao Chen’s party really didn’t want to get close to the temple. They were only surveying it on top of a brown mountain twenty or so miles away.

“Buddha is the embodiment of benevolence!”

The voice abruptly resounded on the mountaintop, right behind Xiao Chen’s party. Before then, they actually did not detect anyone approaching.


The sacred sword hidden in the Black Dragon King’s back was unsheathed immediately as the holy light enveloped them.

Xiao Chen and Oxman turned around to look, and they only saw a skinny old monk standing in front of the precipice. His long white eyebrows hanged down from the corner of his eyes all the way to his cheeks. His skin was dried up and his figure was so thin the bones were clearly visible. He was standing there quietly like a bamboo stick. With both palms placed together, he was reciting the sutra.

The gray-colored gown he was wearing seemed like it hadn’t been washed for hundreds of years already. It was extremely dirty and was covered in the vicissitudes of time. Not to mentioned the broken kasaya robe ⌈1⌋, it had already lost its original shape and covered his body like a fishnet.

Not to mention Xiao Chen, anyone would be extremely shocked to suddenly run into an old monk in this gloomy underworld. The instant Xiao Chen and Oxman looked at him, the first thing that crossed their mind was; is this old man a human or a ghost?

“Are you a real monk, or a ghost monk?” Oxman raised his guard.

“This poor monk’s body already died two hundred years ago. Back in those days, I was a hermit monk. I am currently taking up temporary residence in the great Ksitigarbha’s temple.”

“Hermit monk? Your ascetic practice led you to the great Ksitigarbha’s temple?” Oxman asked in astonishment.

“The great Ksitigarbha has not shown himself for a few millennia already. The numbers of evil spirits and greater demons have increased without end. As a result, many of the ancient temples has been occupied by the demons. This poor monk had no choice but to wander about everywhere, and it finally led me to this ancient temple that was once built by the great Ksitigarbha personally.” The old monk pointed at the brightly lit location in front before he continued, “That place is the last of the holy lands in the underworld. The other temples have already become the nests of devils. Even if the great Ksitigarbha is to make a reappearance, it wouldn’t be easy to retake those temples either, because this is no longer just a problem regarding the savage ghosts. A few exceptional demons with corporeal bodies had entered the underworld from the world of living and occupied those temples. By the way, will you follow this old man to the temple?”

“Nonono, I appreciate your kindness, but we will decline.” Oxman hastily waved his hand. To follow a ghost monk to his nest? He wouldn’t dare to go even if you beat him to death.

The old monk smiled and said, “You guys need not be afraid. I am not an evil spirit. I am merely a soul that has dedicated all its life to Buddhism. It’s not like there are only ghost monks in the great Ksitigarbha’s temple, there are two living monks with the bloodline of the great Ksitigarbha in the temple.”

“Nonono, we are in a rush, we really don’t want to be a bother.” Oxman was unwilling to go no matter what.

“Alright, if you insist, this poor monk won’t force you. However, I have one request. May I request the three of you to donate a few drops of blood? The evil spirits in the underworld are really too violent. Recently, even this ancient temple is on the verge of collapse.”

“This… alright.” Oxman and Xiao Chen cast a glance at one another as they agreed helplessly. This old monk seemed to possess unfathomable strength, if he was plotting to murder them, there was no need to spend so much effort.

In fact, what the old monk really wanted was the blood of the Dragon King. After using a jade bottle to store the few drops of blood, he recited a sutra to express his gratitude.

In the end, he once again invited them in earnest, “Before this poor monk’s corporeal body died, I had a great divination ability. Although I can’t completely forecast what will happen in the future, I could still feel them to some extent. I felt that a great treasure is about to be unearthed in the great Ksitigarbha temple, and it is related to the three of you. Therefore, I will ask again, consider it my repayment for your kind donation.”

Even if it was an old holy temple, it was currently occupied by ghost monks. The little fatty Oxman really did not want to go, but after pondering for awhile, Xiao Chen decided to go and take a look.

Just as they were getting close to the brilliant temple, Xiao Chen knew that the old monk was not lying. That was because the burial cloth, Suiren Gimlet, and the two stone legs were trembling simultaneously. This made Xiao Chen look at the old monk with a whole new level of respect. This old monk might have been a powerful monk in his past life. One must know that the divination technique was one of the most profound divine abilities.

Xiao Chen couldn’t calm down and dug out the two mysterious stone legs in succession. Could it be that he was about to find another parts?

Although it was an ancient temple in the underworld, the loud chant was overwhelming. Although the great majority of them was ghost monks, they were able to maintain their Buddhist power despite being a ghost. In a sense, they already couldn’t be considered an evil spirit, but a soul filled with pure Buddhist power.

Many old monks looked on as they entered the temple, but they didn’t say anything and continued to chant loudly in their respective seats. Although they were ghost monks, their chants possessed more holy aura than what many called the “Highest Enlightenment” in the living world. This was really ironic.

With a slight fluctuation, the Suiren Gimlet separated from Xiao Chen’s body and flew towards one of the most desolate temples.


A rumbling sound transmitted not long later as a few ancient temples topple over. The Suiren Gimlet flew back, and to his surprise, Xiao Chen found that there was another item attached to it; a stone arm about the size of a fingertip.

Many ghost monks gathered because of the disturbance, there were even two old monks flying over.

“Who dares destroy the ancient temple built personally by the great Ksitigarbha?” The two old monks had skinny corporeal bodies. They were the only monks left with the bloodline of Ksitigarbha.

The ghost monk who invited Xiao Chen’s party stepped forward to transmit a spiritual message to explain everything.

The two old monks gazed at Xiao Chen with a piercing glance. Noticing the stone arm in his hand, they had incomparably complicated expressions.

One of the old monks shuddered and said, “There was a rumor that the compassionate and intelligent Ksitigarbha had once been at a loss. He occasionally muttered to himself that, ‘The status had been divided into nine parts, three of them fell into the underworld’. Apart from this, nobody knows of its origin. As for this arm, they say that back in those days, the great Ksitigarbha had prostrated himself in worship before it and sealed it under the temple like a sacred treasure. It is said that, Tongtian, who dared to challenge ancestor god Youchaoshi, lost his Ranga Sword in the underworld during his battle with Laozi. By coincidence, it fell onto where one parts of the stone statue was hidden. Since then, the Ranga Sword couldn’t be pulled out anymore.”

Hearing this, Xiao Chen was unable to remain calm. It looked like this mediocre-looking stone statue possessed some kind of unknown history. All of a sudden, he thought of a possibility and asked in reflex, “Could the stone statue be ancestor god Suirenshi’s body?”

Although the stone statue was really small, the ancestor god’s divine abilities were unfathomable. It wouldn’t be out of the question if he petrified and became like this after death. Moreover, this was found by the stone artifact, Suiren Gimlet. And even the burial cloth reacted to it.

The ghost monk who led Xiao Chen’s party to the temple could be said to be an extraordinary existence while living. He had practiced the divination technique, if nothing unexpected were to happen, it wouldn’t be strange if he became a Buddha. That kind of him shook his head and said, “That is definitely not the case. By the time the stone statue was divided into nine, ancestor god Suirenshi was still alive. You can actually find a little clue from some nameless ancient scriptures. When I was in the world of the living, I had obtained a certain ancient scriptures. It was not the Buddhist scripture, there was only a few pages left. There were some very fuzzy records among them. The general idea is that Suirenshi, Youchaoshi, and a few other ancestor gods had divided a few stone artifacts and one piece of stone statue among themselves equally. I am not sure if the nine parts were referring to the stone statue, but the stone artifact in your hand is very similar to one of the artifacts mentioned in the scripture.”

Hearing these, everyone was very shocked. Other than feeling shocked, the two living monks with Ksitigarbha’s bloodline even saluted to the ghost monk who once came from the living world. At this moment, they could already tell he was not an ordinary individual.

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked, he originally thought this Suiren Gimlet was a divine artifact that Suirenshi had created when he achieved enlightenment, but it turned out that he obtained it by chance. It seems that, this stone statue was really not that simple! It gave people unlimited imagination…

“This must be fate, since you guys obtained it, you should take it with you.” The two living monks did not try to make things too difficult for Xiao Chen’s party.

With the direction pointed out by the ghost monk, Xiao Chen’s party finally arrived at the Ninth Underworld Platform in three days. They could already spot a huge mountain-like shadow from a distance.

And during this three day, Xiao Chen found to his surprise, an astonishing change occurred to the stone statue hidden in his body.The two stone legs that formed the lower limbs were no longer upright. They were actually in a cross-legged position. Moreover, the legs and left arm were actually connected by a faint light. The light made up each parts of the missing body, other than the legs and left arm. He (or she) was sitting quietly within Xiao Chen’s chest, as if he/she was meditating in silence.

There was no incongruity. On the contrary, it seemed to have become one with Xiao Chen, it was that natural and harmonious. What Xiao Chen didn’t dare to believe was that, even the Suiren Gimet was reduced to the size of a fingernail and appeared on the left palm of the stone statue. The palm was facing upward and supported the gimlet.


  1. Reference image of: Kasaya 

Chapter 2 Hideta Empire Arc

Chapter 1 Juka Kingdom Arc

Chapter 117 – I don’t want any of the ones she wants

Although this bid was public, it was only for the relatives of staffs at the school and some students with the ability. The reason for this was because the school didn’t want people from the society to enter.

However, Huaxia University was a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, there are plenty of students with powerful backgrounds, so there was an ocean of people at the auction.

“Boss, it seems like today seems rather difficult!” Chu Gao said as he looked at the room full of people.

“Hehe, whether it is going to be difficult is the business of you, the general manager. I only look at results! Which is the ownership of a hundred percent of the shops!” I patted Chu Gao’s shoulders and said. “No need to worry about the money, just call out the price as you like!”

Chu Gao nodded, he already understood the importance of his responsibility.

Although I faced it with the attitude of messing around, since I’m going to do it, I had to do it to the very best. After discussing a bit with Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing, we decided the name of the new company to be New Century Corporation.

The reason we chose this name was because I treated this company as a completely new beginning. I hoped that it would be different to my other two companies. Chu Gao was a talented person that I had faith in, but he still lacked experience. He was different from Zhao Junsheng and Su Yuanchao. The two of them were old foxes that had been in the business world for half their lives, I could let them manage a large corporation that was quickly expanding without any worries, but Chu Gao was only someone that just got into it. That’s why, I didn’t want his success to come too quickly. I hoped that he can use his own abilities to turn New Century Corporation into a new business mothership that was no worse than Shuguang and East Asia Motion.

As for the shares, I decided to give 5% to Chu Gao. Chu Gao didn’t refuse, since he knows that his fate will be closely linked with New Century in the future.

“4 million, Guangwei offers 4 million!” said the auctioneer.

“4.1 million!”

“4.3 million!”

I signaled Chu Gao, causing him to raise the plate, “5 million!”

Everyone on scene immediately looked towards Chu Gao, this is too crazy for him to add 700 thousand in one go, right?”

“5 million once, 5 million twice, 5 million three times. Deal! Congratulations New Century Corporation for purchasing shop a01!” Chu Gao had already gotten the shop when everyone was still shocked.

Due to Chu Gao making a good start, the price of the second shop instantly shot up and reached the price of 5.5 million.

“5.6 million!” that Guangwei company called again.

Yang Wei! That person was called Yang Wei! The name flashed across my mind, he was the karate club captain or something that went against Ding Wenfeng!

It seems like this person’s ability shouldn’t be underestimated!

However, we were determined to get everything this time. When Chu Gao named the price of 6 million, Yang Wei clenched his teeth. 6 million was indeed a bit too much for a shop of 220 square meters.

After that, New Century used the same method to get nearly half of the shops. The actions of New Century caught everyone’s attention, a lot of people even directly gave up after Chu Gao called out a price.

From the looks of New Century, anyone could tell that New Century was going to be very successful in the future!

Yang Wei clenched his teeth in anger. He got internal news that Liu Yue’s engagement with Situ Liang was cancelled, causing him to get extremely happy! This way, he had a chance to enter into the core of the Liu family! As long as he was capable enough, it wasn’t an issue for him to become the new family head. This investment in this business street also became the place where Yang Wei wanted to train himself. However, it was obvious that the New Century Corporation was determined to take down everything by themselves!

“7 million!” The following shop was a 350 square meter shop with a basement, the starting price was 6.8 million.

“8 million!” A female voice rang out. This was the only person aside from Chu Gao who dared to put a price increase of a hundred thousand! The entire room was shocked, did a black horse just pop out?

My head buzzed! It’s her! It’s actually her! This voice was still fresh in my mind.

I slowly turned over and saw that beautiful face once again. It’s her, it was the girl that I stole the first time from like brute! She dressed very formally today, unlike the fieriness of the other day at all.

If it wasn’t because I could remember her face clearly, I would even thought that I recognized her wrongly. However, my instincts told me that it couldn’t be a mistake, it was her! However, would a girl that can take out 8 million go and sell her body?!

My mind instantly turned blank. When Chu Gao, who was beside me, was just about to raise his plate, I quickly stopped him and shouted, “Put it down, don’t compete with her!”

I don’t know why I had such an unusual action, but I really lose it a bit. My voice was very loud, causing many of the people to turn and look out way.

The girl probably heard it as well and turned around weirdly. It was obvious that her body froze and her face turned pale when she saw me. She stared at me fiercely for a while, then turned back slowly.

“Boss, what happened?” Chu Gao looked at me, who had an equally pale expression, and said.

“Nothing,” I sighed. “Just let her have the shop.”

“Boss, aren’t we going to get everything?” Chu Gao asked.

“Just don’t ask, I don’t want any of the ones she want,” I said slowly.

Although Chu Gao didn’t understand, he still nodded.

The following shop was a connected shop to the previous one. She still got it with the price of 8 million.

Afterwards, she did not bid for anything else, so Chu Gao got everything with a high price. It seems like her target was just those two shops.

16 million! This wasn’t something that a normal student could afford! Just who was she?

Due to New Century’s weird action of letting others have two shops worth 8 million, other companies entered the bids once again after they reacted, while Chu Gao started his oppressive price calling once again.

This caused the companies to regret it a lot. They lost two chances for no reason.

What they didn’t understand was why New Century intentionally allowed others to have those two shops, but it didn’t matter anymore, because the auction as already finished.

Aside from New Century Corporation as the biggest winner, the girl was the only other buyer.

After the auction finished, although I wanted to sign the contract as New Century’s representative at the same time as the girl, I still decided to let Chu Gao go after thinking about my identity.

“When you sign the contract, help me take a look at her name,” I said to Chu Gao.

Chu Gao nodded, and thought, so Boss got interested in that girl, no wonder he wanted to let her have the shop!

Chu Gao instantly became a famous person in Huaxia University. Both the journalists from the school newspaper and the school tv channel all recorded this classical moment.

Chu Gao was pretty good mentally, so he could act naturally towards the media, even though it was his first time. He even had a smile on his face. This caused all the girls in Huaxia University that wanted a rich boyfriend to try and find out about Chu Gao’s background!

You have to know, New Century actually paid 4 hundred something million!

Chu Gao was also able to sneak a peak at the girl’s contract when they were signing it.

Meng Qingqing!


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Chapter 116 – Business Street

I thought about it briefly. Although the starting point was very low, having this thought was a good idea! Starting a business was an enjoyment of the process, if I really set the starting point high, then it would have the reverse effect!

“This idea is pretty good!” I praised, “We can cooperate with some famous computer companies, and only sell some branded computers. This way, the after-sales service would be much more convenient, allowing us to avoid a lot of unneeded trouble!”

“Yeah! I’m also thinking that! Also, right now, some universities in Hong Kong has already started to sign contracts with some factories about selling student computers, which means that they sell a few discounted models specifically for students. This would also reduce the burden for students buying computers!” said Chu Gao.

“Very good! Then go and do it! I already sent the initial investment of five million into the account!” I said. “Although you can freely manipulate the funds, you have to do your accounts properly! I will check them any time!”

“Naturally! Hehe!” Chu Gao laughed.

It truly was as Chu Gao had said, the dirt road behind the university town became a business street after a quick renewal. The empty rooms on the ground floor of the university town were all turned into shops for public bids.

“Chu Gao, did you find out that if the bids of the school’s business street are totally public, or just a show for the internal people?” I asked. This is because, a lot of the shops within the school were used to give to the relatives of the staffs’ family.

“It should be a fair competition. I have asked about it. The school is auctioning the shops, the highest price gets it!” said Chu Gao.

“Oh!” I nodded. “Did you find out what is the approximate lowest price and final price?”

“The size of each shop is different, but I would estimate the lowest price for the auction to be at least twenty thousand per square meter!” said Chu Gao.

“What do you think about it?” I asked.

“Boss, I think that if we have the spare cash, we should buy a set. I essentially grew up here, judging from my experiences, the price of the land for the business street behind our school would at least double in less than two years. Of course, if we really don’t have the money, then we can rent a place from one of the purchasers!” said Chu Gao.

“Mhmm, the price of houses increasing is natural!” I said with a bit of praise. “How much money would we need if we wanted to get all of it?”

“All of it?!” Chu Gao exclaimed.

“Yes, all,” I nodded.

“Boss! The five million we have can only get one at most!” Chu Gao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Who said that we only have five million? The five million was funding for registering!” I said. “Don’t worry about the money! Just say how much do we need!”

“Ugh… There is about forty shops that is being auctioned by the school this time. Each one is between two hundred to six hundred square meters. That would approximately total up to twenty thousand square meters. If we calculate it using the lowest price, it would be two hundred million, but if some company enters into the competition, it would need at least three hundred million!” said Chu Gao.

“Alright! I will prepare five hundred million for the company! What you have to do know is clearly understand about the details of the auction, then do a detailed proposal!” I said.

“Five hundred million!” Chu Gao exclaimed in shock as he looked at me.

I smiled and nodded, “Chu Gao, five hundred million isn’t actually much. If we actually do it properly, we can earn tens or twenties of five hundred million!”

“Alright, boss, I will definitely work hard!” Chu Gao said excitedly.

May 1999 arrived in the blink of an eye.

During this period of time, I went to the bar nearby a few times once again and saw the owner of the bar, Wang-ge.

“Wang-ge, is the girl you find for me last time still working here?” I asked.

I don’t know why, but I still could not forget her after so long. This wasn’t a good sign. I felt like I was an extremely possessive person, I cannot allow anyone of the women I slept with to stay on the streets. Furthermore, this feeling became more and more intense!

Under this sort of circumstance, I can no longer go out for this sort of one-night stand. Otherwise, Zhao Yanyan would definitely murder me if I bring a few prostitues home!

“About this… Young Master Liu! Last time, she was a virgin, so she no longer came after that one time!” Wang-ge said perfunctorily. It was true that she was a virgin, however, he didn’t speak about the weird actions of the girl last time since he didn’t want to cause trouble for me.

“Virgin?!” I was shocked. I couldn’t be more drunk that night, my actions were pretty much crazed and violent. I didn’t think that it was actually the first time for the girl that was underneath me! When I thought back to her painful scream, I could only feel heartache!

How did I not realize this! If it really was like this, was what I did too much?

“Do you have her contact?” I took a deep breath and asked.

“She only left a phone number last time!” said Wang-ge.

“Give it to me,” I decided that I must find her and give her a reasonable explanation. Regardless of whether she accepts or not, I didn’t want her to come to this sort of messed up place again.

“Lil’ Three, find the contact for the bird that served Young Master Liu last time!” Wnag-ge ordered.

Hearing Wang-ge say “bird”, I felt rather uncomfortable in my heart. I frowned, but didn’t say anything in the end.

However, my expression did not escape Wang-ge’s eyes. People like him had gotten the fiery eyes of truth for observing things due to staying at the bottom of society.

“What is it, Young Master Liu, did you… get interested in that girl?” asked Wang-ge.

“Kind of,” I didn’t explain.

“Young Master Liu, just listen to me for a moment. The girl seems to have quite a complicated background. I think you should leave it so you don’t get into unnecessary trouble!” Wang-ge said with a weird expression.

I nodded and didn’t pay it any head. Complicated. Hehe. I interpreted Wang-ge’s words as the girl might have been forced out to sell herself since her family has some trouble, and that Wang-ge was afraid of me dumping money into it.

I called the number Wang-ge gave me, but the results showed that the number had been stopped. I sighed helplessly. It seems like she didn’t want anyone to disturb her.

On May 20th, the public auction for the shops on the business street started in the main conference room of Huaxia University’s main building.

Chu Gao and I participated in the auction in the names of students starting a business.

Zhao Yanyan and Yu Ting also came with us. Chen Weier was chosen to be a worker for the school, so I was also able to get a lot of first-hand information about the auction.

The auction seemed to be very good. The school was not going to consider any internal relationships and would refuse anyone that wanted to buy something using the minimum price through relationships, since the logistics group behind the school aimed to make money from this auction.

Since the business street was underneath the university town and had a stable customer base, it had a very good potential for continued development. Since there was no clear regulations for the types of shops, it means that once you buy the shop, you had complete control over it.


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Chapter 115 – Starting a business at school

A young man gazed at the computer screen with eyes full of savage light.

“Liang-ge, do you have confidence in killing him?” asked a teenager beside him.

“Ninety percent! He got lucky when I didn’t kill him last time!” The young man replied plainly.

“Hehe, Liang-ge, then I…” the teenager asked with a bit of hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I won’t chuck you away! I only thought of such a plan after you provided me with such important information! No matter what, we are comrades! Although I’m not a good person, I’m not the kind of person to destroy anyone that helped me!” said the young man after looking towards the teenager.

“Sure! I, Liu Kesheng, will put my life and everything I have in your hands!” said the teenager.

“You didn’t hide any, right? They didn’t find much money when your father fell, I think that it should all be in your hands, right?” The young man gazed at Liu Kesheng and said. “I used all my money already, if you have any, then take it out.”

“Liang-ge! I already said it before, even if I, Liu Kesheng, have to throw everything I have into it, I take Liu Lei down with me!” Liu Kesheng took out a gold card and said. “This is a gold card from the Swiss bank, the money my father left me is inside. A part of the money is also the money I took from the Daxing Gang when I was working there!”

“Daxing Gang, hmmph! Good job!” The young man snorted and said. “Not bad! With your financial aid, I will definitely cause that Liu Lei to disappear from this planet this time!”

March had arrived in the blink of an eye. That was when school started in Huaxia University once again, and it was the time when I arrived at the nostalgic dorm room. In this period of time, my mood has improved. I no longer drowned myself in alcohol, and I never went to that bar again.

Although I really wanted to go, another voice in my heart told me not to.

“Big bro! Where did you go before!” Huang Wenjing and Chu Gao said excitedly when they saw me.

“Hehe, there was some issues at home, so I didn’t stay at the dorm!’ I chuckled. “Oh yeah, where’s Ouyang Tianqi?”

“Oh him, he got locked up by his family for some sort of special training. Apparently it’s to enter some sort of competition,” said Huang Wenjing.

I nodded and it might be due to entering that Martial Competition. I know Ouyang Tianqi was also someone of the Six Renowned Families, so he would enter the competition as well.

“Oh yeah, Professor Dong Yuchen is researching about something. Both Chu Gao and I were honorably chosen into the research group, but Professor Dong seemed to have reached some sort of trouble. Oh yeah, boss, Professor Dong told you to go and find him!” said Huang Wenjing.

“Oh, okay!” I nodded.

In the afternoon, I arrived at Professor Dong’s office after cleaning up a bit. Professor Dong was reading, and when he saw me, he greeted me and told me to sit down.

“Professor Dong, you were looking for me?” I asked.

“Oh, Xiao Liu came, I’ll pour a glass of water for you!” With that, Professor Dong got ready to get up.

“No need, Professor Dong! No need to trouble yourself!” I quickly said.

“Alright!” Professor Dong sat back down and said, “It’s like this! The thing about starting a company I talked to you a while back, ran into some trouble!”

“Ran into trouble?” I asked. “What’s going on?”

“The project startup fund didn’t pass our project! It’s too unreasonable! A student actually had so much power, and didn’t even give me face! He directly shut my proposal down! This is too much! Too much!” Professor Dong shook his head and said.

“Startup fund? Is it the one Zhang Jiaming is responsible for?” I asked.

“Yes! You know him?” asked Professor Dong.

“I know him! But if you want to ask me to go and find him, it might make it worse! This brat is actually my rival in love!” I shrugged.” However, didn’t the dean already approved of this project?”

“Yes, but the final decision for the funding is still in Zhang Jiaming’s hands! That’s because this Huaxia Investments was operated by Zhang Jiaming’s father’s investment company, so the school found it difficult to offend him!” Professor Dong shook his head.

“Hehe! It’s like this! It’s alright! It’s just a shame that without the funding, our research project will be stalled!” Professor Dong said in pity.

“Is there any other ways?” I didn’t want to see the old professor being sad, since people like him placed more important in research than anyone!

“Ai! Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, do you know any companies outside that can invest into us?” Professor Dong asked casually.

“Oh, how much does this project approximately need?” I asked.

“It needs at least two million!” said Professor Dong.

“How about this! Professor Dong, register the company in my name. I will be responsible for the funding, then I’ll hire Professor Dong as a consultant! I can give you a portion of the shares!” I replied.

“You have the money?” asked Professor Dong.

“Yes! My parents own a factory, so they can provide us with some of the money!” I said.

“Great! Great! I thought that we would have to give up on the research!” said Professor Dong. “Just leave the shares. However, if they research this topic successfully, I hope that you don’t casually sell the patent!”

“Naturally!” I said. “Then let’s leave it at that, I’ll go back and plan first!”

After saying farewell to Professor Dong, I returned to my dorm. No matter what, my two bros had admitted me as boss, so I feel like I have to include them in all the good stuff!

Thus, I told them about starting up a company. I decided to start a new company and Professor Dong’s topic was just one of its projects. This company could be diversified, not only limited to computing, it can consider any projects with potential!

Chu Gao and Huang Wenjing were both very excited and expressed their willingness to join.

Thus, after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to let Chu Gao be the general manager since he had a better overview of things. Although Huang Wenjing was smart, it was mostly in computing, so I decided to let him be responsible for stuff to do with computers.

“Boss! I already registered the company!” Chu Gao handed a pile of documents to me.

“Mhmm, not bad!” I was very satisfied about Chu Gao’s efficiency in work!

“Boss, I thought of a project, hear it out! I heart that the school wanted to develop the street behind the University Town that Huaxia University newly built into a business street. I want to rent to buy a shop there in order to sell computers! You also know that it was very inconvenient for students at school to go and buy it from Zhongguang Village. Not only was there a lot of evil merchants, the quality couldn’t be assured either! We can establish a computer selling company that targeted students!” said Chu Gao. “This way, even if our research project doesn’t work out, we can ensure that the company has a stable income!”


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Chapter 114 – Meeting a female thief

“Four wives! Hmmph, you still came out to have fun when you have four at home. I look down on people like you the most! Today, this lady will act out justice for the heavens and destroy you, lecherous monster!” With that, she swung her knife towards my lower body!

I immediately got pissed. Even a person made out of rock would have a bit of temper.

I immediately snatched away the knife in her hands and threw it casually, causing it to stab onto the door. Just how could her speed be a match for mine, so I easily praised her underneath!

“Lecherous thief, what do you want to do!” The girl shouted.

“What I want to do? I should be asking you what you want to do!” I couldn’t get more angry. A little chick like this was actually so sinister.

“I’m telling you, if you dare to make a move on a single hair of this lady, I… I swear we will be eternal enemies! I definitely would not let you go! I’ll cause you to suffer the consequences! I will make you regret your entire life! I will make you disappear from this planet…” The girl’s threats caused me to get even more angry! Who the heck did I piss off? I was just drinking in order to wash away my troubles, but who would have thought that I would meet a female thief when I wake up that continuously calls me a lecherous thief!

Hehe, aren’t you screaming! Aren’t you shouting! The primal lust in my heart ignited.

The girl’s call for help caused me to get extremely excited. I felt just like when I played games with Chen Weier?

Games? Could this girl also be a master in this? Just now I had thought that she was a female thief, now it looks to be very possible!

Hehe, since you want to play, then I’ll accompany you to the end! Am I supposed to be afraid of you!

“Scream, the louder you scream, the more excited I’ll get!” Since I thought everything through, then I’ll just okay with her to the end. It’s going to feel pretty good occasionally having an one night stand after surpassing my lust for more than a month!

The girl already wasn’t wearing much clothes, and when I pulled, the small tank top on the girl immediately came off.

The girl wiggled forcefully underneath me in an attempt to escape from my restrain, but how could she match me.

I casually flipped over the girl’s leather skirt, and teared a hole in her stockings.

“No! I’m begging you, let me go! I can give you money! Give you fifty thousand… No, five hundred thousand!” Seeing that her struggle was futile, the girl started to beg.

I thought to myself, this girl is truly acting to the point!

The girl let out a painful and despairing scream as tears begun to flow.

Under the influence of alcohol, I was in a nearly crazed state. Some of it was due to my anger with the girl, some of it due to the sadness of losing Liu Yue…

After letting it all out, the feeling from the alcohol came back. I blurrily put on my clothes and walked out of the room. So, I was still in this bar!

Lil’ Three walked over and smiled naughtily, “Young Master Liu, how is it? Are you satisfied?”

Hearing that, I immediately understood. So, this brat had organized everything! However, to be honest, the feeling of that chick just now definitely wasn’t bad. How did he know that I liked this sort of play?

I patted Lil’ Three’s shoulders and said, “Good! Not bad!” Then when I saw Lil’ Three’s anxious expression, I immediately understood and asked, “That girl wasn’t cheap, right?”

“Ugh… Yes…” Lil’ Three was a bit awkward having his thoughts known.

I shook my head and said, “Don’t mind with me, you are just working for someone else as well!” I took out several thousand kuai and stuff it in his hands, “This is for you!” Then, I handed him a bank card and said, “Go and swipe it for ten thousand kuai, I’ll put in the password to pay everything with the alcohol money just now!”

Lil’ Three didn’t think that I would be so generous. This means that the bar earned fifty thousand just from being a pimp! Of course, they had to pay for several bottles of Maotai, but that’s nothing!

Lil’ Three went to swipe the card happily and continuously thanked me.

I waved my hand and blurrily walked out of the bar. Then, I waved my hand to catch a taxi before leaving.

Hehe, this girlie really wasn’t bad. She was tasty! While on the taxi, I continued to think back towards the sex earlier. If I have the chance in the future, I’ll get Lil’ Three to call her out for me to play with again.

Under the influence, my brain also started having loads of thoughts. Normally speaking, I would definitely not be interested in calling a prostitute, or at the very least, I have to check if she has any disease when I call despite me being pretty much immune already.

However, I had played with her without caring at all today. That proves that I was truly drunk!

Meng Qingqing tearfully collected her ripped clothes, while being so regretful. Why did she just had to do this sort of shitty investigation, causing her to even lose her chastity!

Yet, she didn’t even know what the person that took her chastity called!

I, Meng Qingqing swears to be your eternal enemy! Ming Qingqing yelled in her head.

As she looked on the clean bedsheets covered in red dots, Meng Qingqing felt a sourness in her heart. Her first time was actually just gone like that!

Meng Qingqing put on her ripped clothes inside, then wrapped herself firmly in her coat.

She surveyed the situation in the room, then tearfully put the bedsheets into her LV bag, causing her bag to become really full.

If Lil’ Three was observant, he would definitely be able to tell that Meng Qingqing’s clothing and the LV bag was worth definitely eighty to a hundred thousand!

Yet. Lil’ Three was just a waiter at the bottom of society. He merely got a thousand something kuai of salary and several thousand kuai of tips. Although he had a bit of money, he was still very distant from the upper class.

Meng Qingqing resisted the intense pain in ther lower body and walked out of the room like a crab. Seeing that, Lil’ Three felt a sense of joy in her heart, it seems like she really was a virgin, no wonder Young Master Liu was so satisfied!

Lil’ Three took out the fifty thousand kuai that he had prepared and handed it to Meng Qingqing and said, “Here, this is the fifty thousand kuai we agreed on!”

Meng Qingqing momentarily blanked after seeing the money in Liil’ Three’s hands, then immediately recalled that this was the price she had set with the bar.

Back then, Meng Qingqing was just saying, she never thought to really sell her body.

Fifty thousand kuai, was she only worth fifty thousand kuai!

Meng Qingqing felt a sourness in her heart, then immediately smacked the money away and yelled, “**** off! **** off!” T hen, she hurriedly ran out of the bar, while ignoring the intense pain in her lower body. She got onto her red Ferrari, then sped away.

Lil’ Three looked at the money on the floor in confusion and muttered, “The ****? Is she sick in the bed or something? She doesn’t want money after selling herself?”

Seeing that Wang-ge walked in through the bar door, Lil’ Three said to him, “Wang-ge, do you think that girl has some issues? She actually didn’t want money after doing it?” Lil’ Three pointed at the floor of money.

Wang-ge shook his head with a serious expression, “lil’ Three, did you really find out about that girlie’s background? She doesn’t seem to be someone from this circle!”

“She said to me that her family owes other people money, so she only came out to sell herself without any other choice!” Lil’ Three answered.

Her family lacks money? If they do, then would she be driving a Ferrari? Wang-ge shook his head and sighed, “This girl seems to have an impressive background!”

“What, Wang-ge, you’re scared of her causing trouble for us?” Lil’ Three smiled.

“Not us! I’m scared that our act of good will would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for Young Master Liu!” Wang-ge exclaimed.


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