Chapter 51 – Mia Tatar

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3090 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1832 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When Mirabelle woke up again, she found that she was under an unfamiliar blanket.

“I… where am I?”

Kirsten immediately ran over to Mirabelle’s side and helped her up when she noticed that Mirabelle had woken up.

“Are you alright? You collapsed as you were talking…”
“I… what exactly happened to me?”

Mirabelle asked Kirsten, but Kirsten waved her hand to indicate that she had no idea.

“Who knows? Even the doctor wasn’t able to find out what illness you had…”
“Is that so?”

Mirabelle glanced at her thigh which was under her shorts. There was a marking there, the blood slave marking that a certain vampire had left on her body before.

This was no illness. It was an eternal pain that she would never be able to break free from.

“I don’t think this is an illness. I just sometimes feel dizzy. Let’s hurry back…”

Mirabelle forced herself to smile and crawled out of the bed.

She wanted to leave here as soon as possible. She didn’t want to get Kirsten involved because of herself.

“If this is a clinic in town, we need to hurry and leave, since we really can’t stay here for long…”
“You don’t need to be that nervous. This is a hospital run by a friend of my master. She’s a doctor that I trust. That’s why I brought you to her clinic…”
“Even so, I still think that it would be best for us to leave as soon as possible. We really won’t be able to escape this time if we’re discovered again…”
“No need to worry about such a thing. I’ve already closed my clinic. I’ve locked the front door, so you two don’t need to mind anything and can rest here for a while…”

At this moment, the doctor pushed the door open and entered the room.

She stood in front of Mirabelle and looked at the latter’s small and delicate body.

“Kirsten, so she’s your girlfriend? Why aren’t you willing to marry her? The two of you seem like a good match…”
“I… she and I both believe that marriage is something that should only be done once in a lifetime, so we don’t want to be forced by someone else to get married…”
“Is that so? Still, what you say is reasonable. You two are such romantics. I’m even beginning to get envious of you two…”

The doctor had a really deep and meaningful expression as she looked at the two elves who both had red faces. The doctor then opened the room’s door again.

“Now then, I need to go take care of my other patients. You should rest until night time before you go back. At that time, I have a way to deceive their eyes so you can go out…”

The doctor then closed the door after saying this.

Mirabelle could only helplessly go back to her bed after she heard the door being locked.

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“Honestly, we wasted an entire day’s worth of time. We were clearly supposed to use today for hunting…”
“No! What would we do if you collapsed in the middle of hunting?”

As Mirabelle sat on the bed, Kirsten objected to her thoughts about wanting to hunt.

“D… don’t say something so silly. I won’t make such a mistake…”
“Master’s friend talked to me already. Your body is really weak, and she recommends that you get some extra rest. Otherwise, you’ll be injured during hunting…”
“But, I have something I absolutely must do, Kirsten. I can’t live an idle life on this island. If I don’t become stronger, I’ll end up losing you as well one day. I’ve told you before, right? I don’t want to see for a third time a scene that will make me fall apart…”

Mirabelle was now already treating Kristen as someone even more important than her adopted mother.

Kirsten looked at Mirabelle’s resolute eyes. Those resolute eyes were proof of how important she was in Mirabelle’s heart. Kirsten obviously noticed this as well.

At the same time, Kirsten also felt Mirabelle’s determination from her eyes. Thus, Kirsten smiled in a doting manner.

“Since… since that’s the case, I understand. I’ll let you go with me, but the prerequisite is that it’s under my protection…”
“Hasn’t it always been like that?”
“You’re right, ehehe…”

Kirsten hugged Mirabelle’s arm and rubbed her face against that slender arm.

“W… why is it funny…”
“It’s not that it’s funny, I’m just so happy. I can feel happiness with Mirabelle at my side…”
“Ever since I came to this island, haven’t we always been together? Strange Kirsten…”

Mirabelle embarrassedly turned her head away as Kirsten clenched onto her arm. Although Mirabelle was acting tough, she was actually quite happy as well in her heart.

Mirabelle glanced outside the window. The sun was currently setting. It was almost nighttime. They were waiting for the night to arrive. Kirsten had never imagined that she would enter the forest at night time since the magical beasts would become much wilder.

However, Kirsten was unable to find a chance to leave the town. Kirsten had secretly slipped in when the guards were eating lunch. There wouldn’t be such a good chance again for leaving the city.

Thus, the three of them made a plan to have the doctor go chat with the guards in order to distract them.

“Please give this map to those children. This is a highly accurate map. Tell them to copy the map and to always carry one on themselves. I’ll be leaving the map to you, doctor…”
“Okay, okay, no problem. I’ll definitely tell them your message. It’s about time now, so I’m going to chat with the guards. You should take advantage of this time to hurry and leave.”

The doctor placed the map in her pocket. She then walked over towards the guards.

“Ah… um… I drank so much today. I never expected that the wine I made myself would taste so good… Sisters over there, would you like to have some as well?”
“Doctor Judy, how come you’re drunk again!? Shall we help you back home?”
“I’m not drunk! Do you think I’d get drunk from just two or three glasses? That’s impossible! You’re underestimating me! You two, come drink a glass with me and see just how good my alcohol capacity is…”
“Wait, Doctor Judy!”
“Doctor Judy, we’re still on guard duty. We can’t drink right now. Besides, nobody will be on the night watch if we get drunk…”
“Stop caring so much. Who would possibly come at such a time?”

Judy then collapsed on the ground and started snoring with a bright red face.

“Honestly, even if it’s nighttime already, must she really drink so much?”
“In the end, we have to go to the trouble of taking her home…”
“What should we do about guarding the entrance then?”
“Let’s just leave the entrance alone for a bit. She lives really close anyways, so we might as well just take her home…”

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The two guards carried Doctor Judy together and headed for her home.

Mirabelle and Kirsten secretly slipped out of the town gate while the two guards were away from their post.

They went straight for the town gate, but –

“Wait, Lady Kirsten…”

The voice that came from behind them really scared Mirabelle and Kirsten, as both of them were really tense. When they turned around, they saw that Mia Tatar was standing right at the town gate.

“Mia, did you need something?”

Kirsten and Mirabelle both believed that Mia definitely wasn’t here for anything good, so both of them immediately went on guard. If Mia shouted for guards to come and catch them, the two of them wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Lady Kirsten, Lady Mirabelle, thank you both…”

However, they didn’t expect that Mia Tatar would lower her head respectfully to them.

Kirsten and Mirabelle exchanged glances. Both of them were rather curious.

“Thank us? I don’t think we did anything that you need to thank us for?”
“No, you helped me to find Reyne. That’s why I’m thanking you…”
“Reyne? Could it be that you and Reyne…”

Kirsten and Mirabelle exchanged glances. As if the two of them were connected in their hearts, they could both guess what the other was thinking.

Indeed, both Mirabelle and Kirsten had guessed that perhaps Mia and Reyne had become a couple.

“T… that’s right, which is why I’m saying thank you, Lady Kirsten and Lady Mirabelle. Also, I must apologize because my guard was the one who reported about the two of you seeing each other naked. I didn’t know about this before, which caused you to be jailed. I’m so sorry…”

Mia even kowtowed on the ground as she apologized to the two of them.

But as she kneeled, Kirsten walked over and helped her up by her slender shoulder.

“It’s fine. We just can’t come back anymore. It’s not like they’re trying to kill us.”
“But it’s all my fault that Lady Kirsten was forced to leave her home…”

As Mia said this, various emotions flashed through Kirsten’s eyes.

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Was this her home…?

Kirsten raised her head to look at the town gate which seemed so familiar. It was as if every scene here contained a memory of her and her master.

Kirsten tightly closed her eyes and sighed deeply.


Mirabelle used her small hand to pull on Kirsten’s clothing and gently called out her name. Kirsten directly and gently patted Mirabelle’s small head.

“It’s fine. I’m happy as long as I can be together with her. We can make new memories at new places, so it’s fine. I no longer care about such a thing…”

Saying that she didn’t care was definitely a lie. Mirabelle could tell just from looking at her expression.

“Hey! What are you doing there!?”
“This is bad; the guards have returned. We’re going to leave first. Otherwise, it will be bad if we’re captured. Goodbye, Mia…”

As Kirsten said this, she picked up Mirabelle by the waist and started running towards the deep part of the forest.

“Lady Mia, those two just now were…?”
“I was bored and decided to take a walk. Nobody was beside me, that’s what you’re going to tell your boss, understand?”

Mia gave an order to the two guards, who could only hesitantly agree.

“Yes, we understand…”

Mia Tatar’s status was still a mystery.

Mia glanced back at the deep part of the forest and smiled.

‘Thank you, Lady Kirsten and Lady Mirabelle. I hope that both of you will remain safe.’

Mia prayed in her mind as she walked towards her own home.

Mirabelle was in charge of choosing the direction and using arrows to kill any magical beasts that they passed.

Kirsten was in charge of running as quickly as possible towards their new home.

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“That’s definitely the right direction. Hurry…”

Mirabelle kept pointing at the direction her mental minimap indicated while being carried.


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