Chapter 48 – The Entire Island’s Appearance

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3070 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1898 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After Mirabelle woke up, she saw that there was a blanket covering her. She then looked at the fire burning next to her.

‘Kirsten probably helped put a blanket on me.’

Kirsten had also started the fire and put on dry pajamas. She felt much warmer after staying by the toasty fire.

Mirabelle thus opened the secret passageway leading above.

“The rain stopped…”

Mirabelle opened the sewer cover-like opening to its maximum. The bright morning sun stung her eyes as she slowly climbed out.

When Mirabelle turned around, she was astonished by the scene reflected in her eyes.

Mirabelle hurriedly climbed down, pushed Kirsten on the shoulder, and woke her up. Kirsten drowsily opened her eyes to look at Mirabelle.

“What is it? Mirabelle…”

“Come with me to look at the really beautiful scenery outside…” Mirabelle spoke excitedly to Kirsten before climbing out again.

Kirsten yawned as she walked over without paying it much attention. When she looked at the distant sun, she was also stunned by this scene which was rarely seen even once in a hundred years.

“This, this is-”

Now that the rain was finished, a warm and pleasant breeze brushed past their faces. The sun was rising in the hazy gray sky as the scene of a brightening day after the rain appeared before them. The nearby plants and flowers were dripping with dew, as yesterday’s rainwater had nourished the entire island. But, Mirabelle wouldn’t have woken Kirsten up so early if it was only for this scenery.

“It’s a rainbow… there’s a rainbow by the clouds, Mirabelle…”
“Ahh… I knew that already… Otherwise, why would I have specially called you over?”

Mirabelle’s gaze intersected with Kirsten’s. It was a gaze of mutual trust. Right after that, the sun slowly climbed up into the blue sky.

“The seven-colored rainbow is so beautiful…”
“Indeed, it’s beautiful. It’s a creation of nature. You only have the chance to see it after it rains. Plus…”

Mirabelle stopped speaking at this point, so Kirsten looked over at her.

Kirsten didn’t expect that Mirabelle would suddenly walk forward a few steps and smile at her while saying, “It’s wonderful that I’m able to see the rainbow here together with you…”

Would she continue to live here with Kirsten for the rest of her life if she remained unable to leave this island? Living on this island for eternity.

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Mirabelle shook her head and got rid of that idea. No matter what happened, she absolutely had to leave this island. That was because Mirabelle understood that this place wasn’t her ending point, nor was it Kirsten’s ending point.

This island was a beginning for the two of them, a brand new beginning.

“Hey, Kirsten, should we build a home first? We can use the wood nearby to build a house…”
“Indeed, it’s quite inconvenient to not have a house. It’s not like we can sleep down here every day. It’s bad to procrastinate, so let’s start right now. Mirabelle, go find some branches, and I’ll go cut wood to start building a house with…”

The two of them worked hard for an entire day. When they finished constructing a lakeside house – they then began to decorate their little house.

“At any rate, this is as much as we can do today…”
“Kirsten is so amazing. You even know how to construct a house…”
“Well, it’s just something minor, so it’s pretty easy. Rather than that, you really helped me out so much. You made the door, right?”

Although it was just a small wooden home shaped like a matchbox with a roof, the two of them had made this prototype home in just a single day. However, it would be really difficult to rebuild the original two-story home that they lived in.

“Well, we can move in here after organizing our luggage. I’ve already made the doors for the rooms, and we can finish the rest of the work tomorrow. Mirabelle, you… you’ll be sleeping together with me in the same room, right?”

Kirsten’s face reddened as she made this request. Right when she requested this, she felt her own face beginning to burn up.

‘Why? Why did I make such an embarrassing request?’

‘To be honest, Mirabelle made two or three doors without paying it much attention. She probably isn’t going to sleep together with me?’ Kirsten thought this as she snuck glances towards Mirabelle’s direction.

“Of course I will. I don’t like sleeping by myself anyways. I’ll feel more secure when I sleep together with someone else. Besides, this door leads to the lake, so of course we’ll make this into the bathroom…”
“I see. Since that’s the case, let’s start moving our luggage…”

Kirsten said this to Mirabelle in order to conceal her own embarrassment.

The two of them moved their luggage to the wooden house. It now seemed like a warm little home after they organized things slightly.

“Mmm, as for food, the food I brought can last for about five or six more days. For these five to six days, how about we finish arranging everything in the house?”
“Okay, as you like…”
“This really makes me recall when I just arrived at this island…”

Kirsten had a nostalgic expression as she recalled something from the past.

Mirabelle asked with curiosity, “In that case, did you also do something similar to this when you first arrived on this island?”

Kirsten was standing in the kitchen in the living room, while Mirabelle was sitting on the now carpeted floor.

There was no furniture yet in this house, so they could only eat dinner while sitting on the floor.

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Mirabelle felt that this was a really fresh experience. She had never experienced eating while sitting on the floor even once before in her past life.

Her home in her past life was a luxurious mansion, after all. It didn’t have any Japanese-style rooms.

Mirabelle had often seen before in stories and manga about how the main character would sit on tatami mats and eat together with his or her friends.

Mirabelle never expected that she would be able to personally experience such a thing.

“About that… At that time, my master had taken me in. My original home was a house that my master gave to me after her death. My master taught me hunting as well. She was such a nice person…”
“Kirsten, did you like your master?”
“I did. As her disciple, I respected her as a grand person. I would always think about wanting to become someone like master as well. I’d be able to pass through the forest and go anywhere that I wanted…”
“What? Could it be that your master could even take on SS rank magical beasts…?”
“Basically. Although she couldn’t defeat them, she had strength approximately equal to an SS rank magical beast’s…”

When Kirsten talked about her master, she appeared to be obviously emotional. She really wanted to tell everything about herself and her master to Mirabelle, so that the person she liked the most could know more about her. She also really wanted to tell her master that she had found someone she deeply loved.

Although Kirsten and Mirabelle were of the same gender, Kirsten had to admit that she was deeply attracted to Mirabelle.

“Hey, dinner is almost ready… hurry and wash your hands…”
“Ohh, I’m going out for a little bit…”

Mirabelle ran outside and washed her small hands in the lake water.

When Mirabelle returned, Kirsten had already placed the pot on top of a wooden board. Right after that, Kirsten also went outside to wash her hands.

Kirsten and Mirabelle sat next to the pot and ate dinner together like a husband and wife would.

“By the way, if your master was so strong, why didn’t she leave this island?”
“About that, I’ve asked the same question as you before. But at that time, she said that she didn’t want to leave this island because it held special meaning for her. However, I don’t know what that special meaning was, and she died before she could tell me…”
“And then? How did she die?”

If Kirsten’s master really had power on the level of an SS rank magical beast’s, then she had to be at least level 400 or more. Just how had such a powerful elf died?

“She died of illness. She died of an illness in her own room. After that, her friend and I worked together to bury her in a distant graveyard, a place that she requested herself…”
“Is that so? I made you remember something sad. I’m so sorry…”
“It’s fine. Mirabelle is the person who’s treated me the best since my master’s death, so it’s okay to tell you…”

Kirsten was already viewing Mirabelle as her lover, someone even more important than her master. This was a secret that Kirsten hid in her heart.

After dinner, Mirabelle wanted to go out for a walk. Kirsten washed dishes as she told Mirabelle to be careful and to come back early.

After Mirabelle left the home, she began walking deep into the forest. She stood by the cliff and looked down from up high to gaze into the distance.

From this place, she was able to see the entire island’s appearance. She had come here for the sake of seeing the entire island.

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At this time, Mirabelle closed her eyes. She obtained a complete minimap of the entire island. All the originally shadowy locations were now completely visible.

“This island really is out of the ordinary. It should be very difficult to leave this island anytime soon.”

Without even mentioning a transportation method to go across the sea, even reaching the shoreline seemed quite difficult. The outskirts of the island was almost completely filled with S rank magical beasts. If she wanted to leave, she would have to reach a minimum of level 100. Only after she obtained her two personal skills would she be able to fight together with Kirsten to leave this island.

“My next sidequest is to kill this magical beast…”

After Kirsten finished washing the dishes, she pushed the door open and walked out of her home. Right when she opened the door, she saw that Mirabelle was sitting by the cliffside.

“Mirabelle, don’t sit in such a place. It’s really dangerous… something really bad will happen if you fall off…”

Kirsten carried Mirabelle away like she would a precious treasure. She then carried Mirabelle farther inland.

“The moon is so beautiful. It really is different to look at the moon and stars from a high location compared to being on the ground. It’s as if I can touch the moon and stars…”
“Indeed so. Wasn’t it worth it to choose this location?”
“Yeah, it really was worth it. I can basically draw a map of the entire island now…”
“Mirabelle, I never knew that you actually had such a talent!? How surprising…”

Kirsten was really impressed as she said this to Mirabelle. She discovered another one of Mirabelle’s talents, which made her feel like she understood Mirabelle even more now.

“I can probably draw a basic map. Rest assured…”

Mirabelle could only say that it was a basic map so that Kirsten wouldn’t be suspicious. But actually, she already had the entire island’s map etched into her mind.


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