Chapter 47 – Important Person?

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3193 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1865 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle smiled now that she had the space and angle to shoot.


Mirabelle notched an arrow and aimed at the place that she felt was strange earlier. She aimed at that location and released.

Right when she released, the arrow flew directly over with a whoosh sound. The arrow landed accurately at the spot that she felt was strange. A large patch of cliff suddenly began to vanish.

“It really was that type of magical beast. Kirsten, let’s go in and take a look. I think this way leads up to the top…”

Mirabelle called to Kirsten, but Kirsten was still staring blankly at Mirabelle. Only when Mirabelle patted Kirsten on the back of her hand did she return to her senses.

“What’s the matter? Kirsten…”
“It’s nothing. We should hurry and go.”

Kirsten returned to normal after she entered the cave. She was carrying Mirabelle on her back once again.

“What were you thinking just now? Could you tell me if it’s possible?”
“Nothing, I was just thinking about how you discovered this place at the foot of the mountain, that’s all…”

Kirsten changed the topic in an effort to distract Mirabelle.

“There was a camouflaged magical beast at the foot of the mountain just now. It was capable of camouflaging itself as a part of the scenery. It’s the same type as the tree demon, but it simply disguised itself as a different object. Additionally, if there’s this type of magical beast at the foot of the mountain, that also means there should be stairs leading up inside here.”

“Eh~ Mirabelle really knows a lot about these things. But, weren’t you always being treated as a blood slave by the vampires? How did you learn about these things?”
“I read… read books… the vampires had many books about such things. While I was being enslaved by them, I could read books when I was bored…”
“Is that so? Mirabelle is really amazing. You even know how to read the vampire language…”

Kirsten had an impressed expression as she walked.

Mirabelle awkwardly scratched her head and then explained, “I learned it from that elf who was traveling the world. It was just a small portion of their words…”

“Oh, I see… by the way, Mirabelle, was your master female or male?”
“Of course my master was female. How could I possibly have a male master?”

Although Kirsten felt somewhat reassured to hear that Mirabelle had a female master, she was still worried about if Mirabelle had given her heart over to her master.

“Mirabelle, do you like that person?”
“Like? No, I hate her the most. More accurately, I really loathe her. It’s her fault that I became all alone. She killed my best friend and my adoptive mother! I’m going to make her taste such pain from my hate sooner or later…”
“So that’s what happened. Sorry for making you remember this…”

Kirsten had an expression of understanding after she learned this. However, she also knew that she needed to pay more attention to not bringing up topics that would hurt Mirabelle.

“So, you want to take revenge against that person?”
“Yeah, but regrettably, I don’t have any way to do it. She’s far too strong…”
“Even stronger than me?”

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Kirsten pointed at herself while walking through the cave passageway.

“Yeah, about ten times or so stronger than you…”
“Ten times!? No way…”

Mirabelle wasn’t trying to scare her. Heather really did have such terrifying power. Her strength was so much that it was impossible to measure.

In that case, even if ten Kirstens fought together against Heather, it wouldn’t be any more to Heather than ripping apart a piece of paper.

“No matter what, there’s still a long path, so I’ll try walking down this path…”

Mirabelle was referring to two things, both this cave path leading upwards, and of course her path of revenge.

To be honest, choosing to escape would be the easiest path. Mirabelle was hesitating about this since she was far too weak. In front of Heather, she was as insignificant as an ant.

“If that’s how it is, then I’ll have to keep carrying you down this path, am I right?”

Kirsten was also referring to two things, just like Mirabelle.

“Ah, thank you…”

Mirabelle awkwardly turned her head after she heard this.

“That’s why I hope that you can achieve my wish, Mirabelle. Let’s go all over the world and have the best trip ever. I want to try seeing everything, no matter what type of scenery it is.”
“Isn’t your wish far too big?”
“If that’s what you insist on claiming, your wish isn’t any different from mine…”

Kirsten was referring to how Mirabelle wanted to take revenge on a monster like Heather.

“There’s no method anywhere for an absolute victory. How are we supposed to know if it will succeed or not unless we try?”

Kirsten became even more enchanted with Mirabelle after she said that. Not only was Mirabelle’s side profile extremely cute, but she also seemed really cool.

The two elves kept going upwards. They would always pick the path leading upwards whenever there was a fork on the road. Finally, the two of them arrived on top of the mountain.

“It’s still raining outside…”
“I’ll go cut some wood to start a fire first. After that, we can rest in the cave from earlier. We’ll build our home after the rain stops…”

Kirsten placed Mirabelle on the wall in the cave. Kirsten then took an axe to cut tree branches with.

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Anyways, it really was cold because of the rain.

‘I must be feeling really cold because I’m soaked from the rain.’

Mirabelle took off her soggy clothes and changed into pink pajamas which were relatively dry.

“Honestly, Kirsten is surprisingly childish. She’s still wearing such pajamas despite being my age. It’s such a surprise.”

Mirabelle put on her clothes and checked her interface. She hadn’t had any time to check her stats since killing the S rank magical beast, Hell Melgash.

Now, she had some free time.

Thus, Mirabelle clicked confirm on the quest to hunt the S Rank Hell Melgash. She instantly leveled up by about five or six levels.

Mirabelle looked at her stats.

Name: Mirabelle Brillana.
Sex: Female.
Age: 15.
Species: Elf (Blood Slave: if your blood isn’t sucked for one day, you’ll go into withdrawal.)
Level: 41
HP: 4100/4100 (super recovery ability: it is impossible for your HP to reach zero, and your HP regeneration is increased by 50%.)
MP: 30/3600
Strength: 131
Dexterity: 142
Endurance: 100
Intelligence: 600 (Mirabelle’s special ability: super memory)
Physical attack: 180
Accuracy: 116
Dodge: 20.6%
Critical rate: 1.3%
Skills: Level Analysis, Data Modification, Blood Scent (suppressed)

Her dodge and critical rate hadn’t increased at all? To be honest, although these two stats were difficult to increase, they were definitely really useful.

Having 100% dodge meant she could dodge every single enemy attack. However, that would still use up her stamina. She needed to increase her Endurance by a lot more.

It was the same for critical hits. Every single hit would be a critical hit at 100%.

However, the prerequisite for this being useful was that you had to have a sufficiently strong physical attack first. A critical hit was an amplification of your base physical attack, after all.

It really was quite easy to level in the early stages. Mirabelle could level up simply by completing these sidequests.

However, more and more experience would be required in the later levels, especially after level 300. It wouldn’t be possible to level once even after completing three sidequests. That was just how RPG games were. It would be really hard to level up in the later stages.

Yet, that was also part of the joy of playing an RPG game.

“Phew, it’s so cold… Kirsten’s still not back yet?”

If it wasn’t for Mirabelle being unable to move, she would have gone out to find Kirsten already. She was having difficulty with the cold, and she was also a bit worried.

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“I’m so sleepy and tired…”

Mirabelle’s vision gradually became hazy. She had completely exhausted all of her energy because of what happened today. She was rather sleepy and wanted to rest. However, her consciousness was still telling her to not sleep.

“I’m back! M… Mirabelle?”

Kirsten curiously looked in Mirabelle’s direction, but Mirabelle was already so tired that she was sleeping against the cave wall.

“Honestly… you fell asleep so easily?”

This time, Mirabelle’s sister didn’t appear in her dream. Maybe something happened so she couldn’t stay in her dream anymore? That was fine, since Mirabelle could finally have a deep sleep again.

Mirabelle Brillana. She had experienced far too many things as a salaryman in her past life. Not only had she transformed from a man into a woman, something so inconceivable, she had also experienced sadness countless times.

In Mirabelle’s dream, she was back to her male form as he stood in front of two gigantic black and white pictures. All the colors in the nearby area were gray or black.

Who was the person in the pictures? He was unable to see clearly, but he was holding something like a candle as he stood in the very center.

The people around him were all wearing black suits to this funeral. But, whose funeral was this? The youth couldn’t recall at all. Who was he supposed to be mourning?

Who was the person that he was supposed to be praying for peace in heaven for? He stood there with head lowered, unable to squeeze out even a single tear. He had a feeling that this wasn’t a person that he cared about. If a person he cared about had died, he definitely wouldn’t have such an expression.

“That’s right, that has to be it! This must not be someone important to me!”
“Indeed, that’s right. Father and mother only cared about themselves. You definitely wouldn’t view them as important, right?”

An angelic voice sounded in the youth’s ears.

“That’s right, they’re not important to me! But, just who is it? Who is it!?”

The youth held his head and wanted to respond to that heavenly voice.

“Just who is it!?”

The youth felt a splitting headache. He couldn’t remember the person important to him. Her name –

“On? Nikaidou…”
“That’s right, that’s right, there’s only a little more until I can remember…”
“Nikaidou… something-on? Just who? Whose name is it?”

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The youth kept kneeling on the floor while crying and shouting. Even if he wanted to forget, he still couldn’t forget that person.

“Angel, just who is that person? That person’s name… please tell me!?”

“The person most important to you – Nikaidou Rion. Please remember this name…”

Mirabelle instantly woke up when she heard this name. She was sweating coldly all over, as anyone would react when they had a terrible nightmare.

Nikaidou Rion?

‘Why would my sister’s name appear in my dream? Could it be that she’s also in this world, just like I am? No, no, what am I thinking? I’m being too naive, aren’t I?’


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