Chapter 50 – Withdrawal Symptoms!?

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3119 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1832 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle finished making a map and handed it to Kirsten.

Kirsten had a praising expression as she looked at the map that Mirabelle made with only a black drawing marker.

“So amazing. Mirabelle, you could be a professional cartographer. I’ll go outside and compare the map to what’s outside!”

Kirsten was as excited as a young child. She ran outside due to her curiosity.

“That’s a mountain, that’s a river, that’s the town, and you’ve even drawn the small details in the forest. It’s so accurate, Mirabelle…”
“Well, I suppose. Since I spent two days making this map, of course it looks pretty good…”

Indeed, they had already spent two days on this tall mountain. The house they constructed was basically complete now. There was one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom. The two of them had worked together to make the furniture.

It wasn’t exactly like they could go back to town and get their original furniture, since the guards would capture them if they did.

They had only managed to escape back then because all the guards had gone out searching for Reyne.

“Still, it’s incredible how you can remember everything so clearly. How did you remember every single minor detail!?”
“Eh? It… it’s nothing…”

Mirabelle turned her head and decided to hide from Kirsten the fact that she had a mental minimap in her head.

However, Kirsten stared doubtfully at Mirabelle.

“How suspicious…”
“N… not at all… my memory is a bit different from a normal person’s. For instance, I can instantly remember something after I see it. That’s why I can draw the scenery outside so accurately on the map. That’s all it is…”
“So amazing. So Mirabelle was such an amazing person. Does this mean you don’t even need a map?”
“Ah, the map is already etched into my mind. I drew this map especially for you…”

Mirabelle told this honestly to Kirsten. She originally only intended for this map to be for Kirsten, the only person important to her.

“Really? I’m so happy that you’re thinking for my sake. But, with you at my side, I don’t think I need a map either? In that case, I want to give this map to the magical beast hunters who always go out to hunt and risk their lives…”
“No, no. I made this map just for you. Why are you deciding on your own to give it to someone else?”
“But what if something like Reyne’s incident happens again? For their safety’s sake, shouldn’t we give them a map as well?”

Kirsten was worried about the other hunters, since they all worked in the same job.

Perhaps it was because the hunters had the same job as Kirsten and her master that Kirsten felt empathy for them.

Although she didn’t have a deep relationship with the other hunters, she still treated the other hunters as friends.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone out early every morning to check the way for them.

Without her checking the paths now, perhaps the other hunters would start getting lost.

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They might fall into traps set by magical beasts, and they might not even know how to escape from magical beasts chasing them.

Kirsten had been in this town for 14 years.

In these 14 years, she knew that 200 elves had died so far. This was only the number that she knew.

There were also plenty of elves who had died without their corpses being discovered.

“As you like. I’ll make a backup map regardless so that you won’t lose it somewhere or get it torn up by a magical beast…”

Although Mirabelle had her head turned as she said this, Kirsten instantly understood that this was simply Mirabelle being a tsundere who was unwilling to honestly say her intentions out loud.

That was why Kirsten walked over to Mirabelle and kissed Mirabelle on her soft and tender cheek.

Mirabelle’s face instantly became bright red.

“Thank you! Mirabelle…”
“No need, I did this for you anyways. I’ll make the backup map copy tonight. Are you going to give them the map right now?”

Mirabelle asked Kirsten’s opinion if the latter was going to go right now.

“No, if I go back right now, there’s a 100% chance that the guards will discover me. I’ll just give the map to a certain person…”
“I see. Do you know the hunters’ typical path?”
“Of course I do. I just don’t know if they’ll still go hunting after what happened previously…”
“We can go try. If they don’t come, let’s use another method to give the map to a guard. As for the method, leave it to me…”

Mirabelle mentioned a hypothetical. However, Kirsten didn’t notice what method she was going to use to give the map to a guard.

For the first time, they descended the mountain.

Kirsten took her bow and arrows, along with the explosive and blinding arrows created by Mirabelle.

“By the way, Mirabelle, I think that you used a strange method when you were saving us? You did something like tying the explosive arrows together…”

“I mentioned back then as well, right? That method is extremely risky, so it’s best not to use it. You have to inject exactly the same amount of mana into each of the eight arrows so that the magic formations reach the limit simultaneously. That’s really difficult; I think I mentioned it to you before? If you inject too much mana, it will produce a violent explosion right on top of you. If you inject too little mana, it won’t produce the effect that you want…”
“I see. I want to give it a try then…”
“Hey, idiot, don’t take that risk. I don’t want you to get hurt, so I’m not going to allow you to use such a dangerous method.”

Kirsten felt warm in her heart after she heard Mirabelle say this. She didn’t think that Mirabelle would care so much about her safety. Sometimes, Mirabelle was willing to let herself get hurt before letting Kirsten get hurt.

“Mirabelle, are you not worried about your own safety then when doing this?”
“It couldn’t be helped then. I couldn’t care about the risk because I had to protect you…”

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Mirabelle was telling the truth again, since this was what she truly felt.

She wanted to protect Kirsten.

Mirabelle no longer wanted to see the scene of the person most important to her dying right in front of her again.

As the two of them talked, they kept walking down the pitch-black passageway in the mountain.

“Besides, I have a way to increase my strength even without using this method.”
“Amazing. Mirabelle, do you know every single type of magic there is?”
“Well, if it’s a magic formation, I can memorize it beforehand. As for magic, you need a certain amount of adaptability in order to let the magic have its greatest effect. Otherwise, you’ll discover that magic isn’t even as useful as a bow and arrow…”

Mirabelle kept explaining on and on to Kirsten. If Kirsten wanted to learn magic, Mirabelle needed to teach these things to her beforehand.

“Magic isn’t as useful as a bow and arrow?”
“Yeah, that’s my opinion, anyway. I should say, rather than talking about it, we might as well instead try it for real and you’ll see what I mean. I’ll use magic, and you try using your bow and arrows…”
“Eh? Right now?”

They had just emerged from the dark mountain passageway when Mirabelle mentioned trying this experiment.

“That’s right, let’s try it right now…”
“If that’s what you want, I understand…”

The two of them stood together and aimed at a tree in front.

Kirsten was using her bow and arrows, while Mirabelle was attacking with wind magic.

“Let me prove it to you. This is why people currently prefer to use weapons rather than magic – prepare on the count of three…”
“Three, two, one! Fire together!”

Kirsten swiftly placed an arrow on her bow.

Mirabelle uttered a magical incantation.

“Sharp blade of wind, the power to tear through the air, gather in my hand! Wind blade! Fire!”

Right when Mirabelle uttered the word “fire!”, Kirsten’s arrow had already struck the tree in front.

Mirabelle’s invisible wind blade also flew at the tree and left a slight mark on the wood.

Kirsten immediately went up to check the tree. To her surprise, she discovered that the wind blade’s damage on the tree was almost identical to her arrow’s. However, the wind blade required too much preparation time in comparison.

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“This is basically what magic is. Another part of what makes magic more troublesome is that you have to learn it at a professional magic school and receive a relevant certification to truly be called a mage. Otherwise, you’ll be considered a heretic.”
“In that case, where did Mirabelle learn magic from?”
“Eh!? Um… of course from my adoptive mother…”
“Mirabelle is so inconceivable. I feel like you know everything. Not only do you know how to draw a map, you even know archery and magic. Just who are you?”

Kirsten asked as she walked over to Mirabelle’s side. However, Mirabelle smiled shyly at her in response.

“Silly, I’m nothing at all. I’m just a girl who collapsed in the forest that you saved.”

Right after Mirabelle said this, she suddenly felt her body becoming extremely heavy.

She then had a pained expression as she collapsed on the ground.

“T… this is!?”

Right when she collapsed, Kirsten immediately ran over to Mirabelle’s side to support her.

“Are you okay!? Mirabelle, are you alright!?”
“I… I’m fine… my body just feels slightly hot…”
“Don’t move around!”

Kirsten went up to Mirabelle’s face and gently felt her forehead.

“It doesn’t seem like you have a fever. Just what is going on?”

‘What’s going on? I’m the one who should want to know that. Could it be that the withdrawal symptoms are happening to me!?’

Heather had previously told her about withdrawal, and her ability explained it quite clearly on the interface as well.

[You will undergo withdrawal symptoms if your blood isn’t sucked for one day.] 

However, she had been on this island for so long already. Many days had already passed, so why would she suddenly have withdrawal symptoms now!?

Mirabelle really couldn’t understand. She could only constantly pant.

Kirsten picked up Mirabelle and carried her horizontally. She said to Mirabelle whose consciousness was going hazy, “No! Looking at how you are, you definitely need to go to the hospital. Even if I have to return to town, I’m going to cure you!”

“No… if you do that…”

“I know that both you and I will be at risk if I do that. However, I can’t care about that anymore because I have to heal you!”

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Kirsten ran towards town.

Mirabelle, who was in Kirsten’s arms, wanted to stop her. But Mirabelle didn’t expect that she would fall unconscious again.


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