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Chapter 9

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We let the culprit who tried to murder Grubert escape, and we returned to Amy’s place following the same path we had taken before, informing them of what had happened in the back alley.

Then Amy said, “That’s unfortunate.” The Duke Baldeck said, “I was worried you wouldn’t come back safely. Is everything okay?” Later, Lizlina said, “I’m so glad everyone is safe~!! If you hadn’t come back, I would have… Waaahhh!!” as she burst into tears.

Oh, by the way, the mastermind of this incident, Grubert, regained consciousness thanks to my revival medicine. I thought he might run away as soon as he regained consciousness, but he seemed resigned and hung his head. Right there, he confessed everything about this incident and the ‘meeting with Reivais.

The encounter with Grubert and Reivais dates back six months. He was suddenly summoned by his father and handed the following message.

“Grubert! Pack your bags and leave this house tomorrow! You are disowned!?”

Upon hearing these words, Grubert naturally protested, “Why should I, the heir apparent, leave the house?” However, the response from his father was cold.

“Do you even realize what you’ve been doing all this time? Disregarding my orders, playing around as you please, assaulting citizens, getting captured by soldiers. Moreover, entrusting this house and town to someone who got expelled from the Reedgarm Magic Academy? And as for the heir, it wouldn’t be a problem to adopt a talented relative. At least, I think the child I’m considering as an adoptive heir is better than you right now. Don’t you agree?”

Having been told that, I couldn’t say a word. I had no choice but to obey my parents, but that night, someone wearing a deep hood appeared on Grubert’s room balcony and approached him.

“You want to become the lord of this town, right? Then, shall I make your dream come true?” Grubert didn’t trust him at first, but as he listened to the other party’s one-sided story, he began to feel the credibility. That’s when the guy brought up the contract with Grubert.

“How about it? Won’t you join me in my plan? If you do, you can become the lord of this town. Moreover, if you enter into a contract for cooperation with my business, you’ll earn more than your father. Whether you cooperate or not is up to you!”

The moment Grubert heard those words, he signed the contract.

After confirming Grubert’s signature and seal on the contract, the guy turned to Grubert and said, “Since we’re going to be business partners from now on, I’ll tell you my name. My name is Reivais. Nice to meet you. Oh, by the way, it will take about a week for you to become the lord, so look forward to it and wait in this town. There’s a lot of preparation to be done.”

Reivais said this and disappeared into the night.

At first, I thought I had done something foolish. However, three days later, both of my parents passed away. With no other heir in sight, the conversation smoothly progressed towards me becoming the lord. Ten days later, Gurbert found himself as the new lord. Gurbert himself was surprised by this outcome, wondering if it was a dream. Just as he was pondering this, Reivais appeared once again and said,

“How about that? You became the lord just as I said, didn’t you? According to our contract, you’re supposed to cooperate with my business. So, what’s the deal? Will you cooperate with the contract, Gurbert?” Gurbert was asked, and he promised to cooperate with anything.

This marked the beginning of the misdeeds in Gozes, the encounter between Gurbert and Reivais.

As the tale of the past concluded, Gurbert, before being taken to the cell by the soldiers, said,

“I guess I wasn’t cut out to be a lord, just as my father used to say.”

After bidding farewell to Gurbert, I and the Duke Valdeck’s party returned to the comprehensive guild for information gathering. I’m here as an important witness, at least.

Based on Grubert’s testimony, an investigation of the residence revealed contract documents and tools related to illegal drugs and forbidden magical items. Additionally, contracts for illegal slavery were also found. It seems that serious crimes cannot be avoided.

Furthermore, upon investigating the basement that Grubert mentioned, we discovered the missing individuals from Aid’s family and the town of Gozes. Unfortunately, three of them were found deceased, and the remaining four had been enslaved and sold somewhere. An investigation into the individuals who were enslaved and sold will be conducted by the Comprehensive Guild.

Mr. Aid, who was able to reunite with his family, remembered embracing his wife and son while shedding tears and expressing gratitude to the point of seeming persistent.

Regarding Reivais, his name is not recorded in the city’s submission records, so it is likely that the name Reivais is a pseudonym. We are currently investigating how Reivais infiltrated the town, and the results will be reported as soon as they are available. Do you have any questions so far?

In work mode, Lizlina had her notepad open, facing this way, looking over everyone in the reception room of the Comprehensive Guild.

“Um, Lizlina, may I ask you two questions?”

Lizlina turned her face towards me, raising her hand.

“Please, go ahead with your questions, Elrina.”

“The first one is, has anyone seen aid’s family being taken away?”

“At the moment, no one has. We will continue to investigate the modus operandi and details of the incident.”

No witnesses so far.

“What’s the other question?”

“Has anyone heard the name Reivais other than Grubert?”

Lizlina placed her notepad down, took out some documents, flipped through several pages, and then began speaking.

“As for knowing the name Reivais, it was known by the servant who worked at Grubert’s mansion, the slave trading company, Bruma’s Rasbes Bruma, as well as several employees of the company and the Adventurers Guild. Debtor also knew.”

My name being associated with the guild… well, let’s leave that aside.

“Do any civilians know the name?”

“We are currently investigating, but as of now, no one among the civilians seems to know.”

“I see.”

Hmm, something doesn’t sit right.

Next is Rasbes Bruma, the slave trade association I mentioned earlier. It seems that Reivais was involved in illegal transactions through Grubert. They were engaged in buying and selling magical tools, slaves, drugs, and various items. Moreover, Rasbes Bruma is the main culprit who sold four citizens found in Grubert’s basement,”

By the way, the president of the slave trade association was caught trying to board a carriage loaded with luggage in front of the store, as the soldiers mentioned.

“Lizlina, may I ask you a question?”

Lizlina shifts her gaze from the documents to Duke Valdeck.

“Yes, what is it, Duke Valdeck?”

“Have you identified the illegal transportation methods and the source of the goods?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s currently under investigation. I asked Grubert and Bruma, but Bruma claimed to have bought from Grubert without asking about the source. When I asked Grubert, he said it was part of the contract not to ask anything when buying from Reivais, so I don’t know anything either. He mentioned using a crystal of truth, so it seems like he’s not lying.”

Speaking of the crystal of truth, that’s the one I used to check my status. Does it function as a lie detector? I should ask the gods later.

Guel begins to speak with his arms crossed.

“Hmm, it feels like the two are as elusive as a lizard’s tail. Whether they tried to eliminate Grubert because he was the most involved or just as a precaution is unclear. This is all the testimony we could gather. We must thank Elrina for that.”

I also think it was the right decision to keep Grubert alive. Memory reading alone would probably provide less information than now.

“But this guy’s way of talking is quite distinctive. Is Levis a man or a woman?”

“When I asked Grubert, he couldn’t determine the gender, but the voice seemed feminine. Also, Reivais knew that Duke Valdeck was coming here; it seems Reivais informed Grubert about our visit.”

Reivais knew Duke Valdeck was coming? Could he be an assassin from another country? No, but if that were the case, he wouldn’t engage in business. Hmm… Reivais is becoming more and more mysterious. Well, let’s leave this matter to the country.

“And, as a result of interrogating the guild Master of Adventurer’s Guild Debtor, we found out a few things. First, one of them was hired by Grubert and attempted to assassinate Duke Valdeck, making it look like the work of thieves, but failed thanks to Elraina.”

Don’t blame me for that.

“The second is that Debtor’s members who were guarding Grubert were recruited for the assassination of Duke Valdeck. When they left, they told Grubert to stay at home all day, but… Grubert didn’t follow the instructions and went out alone.”

Grubert, you’re an idiot.

“The third is that the former lord of Gozes, Baron Midbert Langut, and his wife, Lady Lashina Langut, were killed by Debtor, as revealed in the interrogation.”

“W-wait a minute!”

Barbos suddenly spoke with a surprised expression.

“Half a year ago… that incident, or rather, was Debtor involved in that event?”

“Yes… To be more precise, they confessed to being hired by Levis for the murder six months ago. They also said that Levis taught them the method of killing, and although this time it was at Grubert’s request, they were planning to eliminate us using the same method.”

Barbos, clenching his fists, slammed the table. His face looks scary. Why is he so angry?

“Guildmaster, please calm down! I understand that you have strong feelings as a friend of Mr. Midbert, but we are in the middle of a meeting, so please calm down!”

Huh, were the former lord and Barbos friends?

“Phew… My apologies. The punishment of Debtor’s members should be left to the country.”

Good, calm down. If you go berserk, I’ll run away!

“I’m sorry. Please continue.”

“Yes, the head of Adventurer’s Guild Debtor will not escape severe punishment. The other members are currently under interrogation.”

“…I see, understood.”

After hearing those words, Lizlina looks down at her notebook, flipping through several pages before continuing.

“And finally, regarding the house that Elrina asked me to investigate, which was completely burned down, surprising facts have emerged.”

“What exactly did you find out?”

Guel addresses Lizlina.

“It was the house that Grubert gave to Reivais.”

People look at me when they hear that.

“Did you know anything about it?”

“No, I didn’t, Guel. When I joined up with Amy and heard ‘The house is burning! There’s a fire!’ I felt something was off, so I asked her to investigate in detail.”

Keith speaks up this time.

“So, when we were chasing Reivais, it was Reivais himself, and the burned house had a magic circle. Elrina assumes that Reivais burned it along with evidence to avoid being traced.”

“I see. Can I assume that you knew nothing about it?”

“Yes, I had no idea.”

Duke Valdeck turns to me.

“If anything happens, I will contact you.”

“I’ll be happy to help. And, if it’s okay, I have a personal issue to discuss… May I?”

“An issue? Do you have a problem?”

Yes, I do! Duke Valdeck!

“I haven’t booked an inn yet… Is it okay if I go make a reservation now?”

Duke Valdeck takes out a pocket watch from his pocket and begins to check the time. Or rather, there are watches in this world?

“…It’s already night, so ordinary inns might have closed their reception.”

I start thinking about what to do in my head.


Chapter 8

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I was puzzled as I watched Grubert suddenly collapse, and when I approached Lizlina-san, she had her hand over her mouth and was screaming.

“What the hell is going on!? Is there an enemy lurking somewhere? Damn it! Everyone, stay alert!!”

Following Guel-san’s instructions, Amy-san and the others took up their weapons and began scanning the area, on high alert.

“Could he have been silenced to keep him from talking… Grubert, what on earth have you gotten involved in?”

Duke Valdeck widened his eyes as he looked at Grubert and spoke.

As I looked at Grubert’s lifeless body, my mind went blank for a moment. However, as soon as I heard Guel-san’s words, I shook my head, immediately pulled out my JERICHO941PSL and Karambit Knife from the holster, and took a defensive stance.

The enemy must still be nearby! Judging from how the stone spear is embedded, it came from the opposite direction. There’s probably an enemy over there!!

I turned my face towards the direction the spear came from, and my eyes met with a hooded figure staring at us. In that moment, sensing danger, they ran towards the depths of the alley.

“Guel-san, there! The hooded person running into the alley might be the culprit! Chase after them!!”

I pointed to the alley while saying this, but Guel-san, seemingly disturbed, looked at me with a slightly uneasy expression.

“What, really? But Your Grace’s safety…”

“Guel-san! You’re the captain, right? Stop hesitating and give appropriate orders to your subordinates!”

Guel-san, realizing something from my words, looked at his subordinates and began giving instructions.

“Keith! Aid! Follow me! Amy and Lizlina, protect His Grace!”


“Elrina, what are you… what are you doing?”

Guel-san, who saw me pulling the stone spear out of Grubert’s chest, asked with a furrowed brow, seemingly angry.

“Don’t worry about me; just hurry and chase after them! I’ll catch up later!”

“…Understood. I’ll go ahead.”

Guel-san said that, and with Keith and Aid, he ran towards the alley.

Alright! The spear is pulled out. Since the resurrection mark hasn’t disappeared, using the resurrection potion should be fine.

I opened the menu, took out the resurrection potion I had stored, and injected the liquid into Grubert’s body.

“To be honest, I can’t stand this guy, but there are so many things I want to find out from him, so it would be troublesome if he died.”

The reason for doing this is because I remembered Guell-san talking about Memory Read on the way here. Memory Read is a magic that reads the memories in the head of a deceased person. It can read fragmentary memories from just before death up to three days ago. That means, the one who stabbed Grubert with this stone spear didn’t take precautions to crush his head and prevent us from reading memories within the last three days. Probably because it wouldn’t be a problem if we asked about events within the last three days, but if we asked about events prior to that, it would be problematic. So, they tried to finish him off here.

After confirming that the liquid in the resurrection potion had entered Grubert’s body, I pulled out the syringe. At that moment, Grubert’s body started to faintly glow, and the wounds began to heal. By the time the light disappeared, he had breathed back to life, lying there without any wounds.

“He… he’s alive!! Did you use some kind of secret potion on him?”

“I’m sorry, Amy-san. We’ll talk about the rest after I reunite with Guel-san and the others.”

I said that and opened the menu again, took out a small reconnaissance drone, and flew it into the sky. Then, instead of setting it to manual mode, I set it to auto mode to track the perpetrator I had found and equipped my ACE32.

“Understood. Searching for the target.”

With those words, the drone flew high into the sky.

“Well then, everyone, I’ll be back.”

“Be careful, Elrina. We don’t know who the enemy is.”

“I understand.”

Unconsciously, I stopped adding “-san” after their names. While responding to Duke Valdeck, I ran towards the alley.

“Target confirmed. Tracking.”

Alright! It’s visible on the radar now. All that’s left is to pursue and capture them!

“Caution, danger detected at 11 o’clock. Possible enemy.”

Enemy!? In this narrow alley? Moreover, the enemy mark is in the same direction as the perpetrator… What’s going on?

“Reinforcements? Or did Guel-san and the others fall into a trap set by that enemy? …In any case, the direction is the same. I have to go and see.”

When I arrived, Guel-san and the others were fighting five humanoid monsters.

“Gu… Guel-san!?”

Guel-san answered while looking at the enemies.

“Elrina! Sorry, but help me defeat these guys!”


I can ask about the reasons later! Right now, defeating these guys takes precedence!!

I aimed my ACE32 and fired three shots semi-automatically, taking down one monster, then, in succession, fired three shots to defeat the monster next to it.

“Nice one, Elrina!”

While Guel-san said that, he bisected one monster with the large sword he was holding.

“Thunder, dwell in my hand!! ‘Thunderball’!”

The humanoid monster hit by Keith-san’s magic seemed to be paralyzed, standing still and trembling.

“Now, Aid!”

“Got it!”

Taking advantage of the moment when Keith-san’s magic stopped the movement, Aid-san cut down the monster with a sword.

“One left!”

Just as I targeted the last monster, it was enveloped in light and disappeared.

“It disappeared? …What’s going on?”

“Lost target. Searching for target.”

Huh!? Lost? That drone can track even if they hide inside a building, so unless they destroy it or use a jammer, it’s almost impossible to escape tracking… What the hell?

“It went around that corner to the left! Everyone, follow them!!”


While I was bewildered, Guel-san and the others said that and ran, turning the corner.

“Wait, wait a minute!”

I also turned the corner, using the obstruction as cover, and confirmed the direction Guel-san and the others had turned. However, what I saw was Guel-san and the others standing in the middle of the road in a dead-end with no hiding places.

I ran to Guel-san and asked.

“Guel-san, where’s the culprit?”

“…Ah, they escaped. The fact that their scent stops here means they probably used teleportation magic to get away.”

I see. The drone also suddenly disappears when the enemy disappears, so it lost track.

“But, Guel Captain, if they used teleportation magic, there should be a teleportation circle somewhere nearby… but I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Keith, they probably used magic paper with the teleportation spell. Look at this. It was there.”

Aid-san showed burnt scraps, and Keith-san stared at them with widened eyes.

“Magic paper!? But if it was teleportation magic using magic paper, it can’t fly far. Since they should be nearby, let’s search this area.”

“No, it’s impossible. Most likely, after luring us here, they used the teleportation circle prepared for escape somewhere else. Then, they probably escaped far away using the escape teleportation circle they had prepared. They withdrew because there was no need for them to deal with us anymore. That would be the most reasonable assumption.”

“Ugh, considering the activation time and the mark of the teleportation circle, that seems plausible.”

“If there was a teleportation circle mark here, we could have investigated and pursued, but… it’s a shame.”

While I couldn’t catch up with what they were saying, is it safe to say that the enemy lured us here, detained us with monsters, and then, while we were dealing with the monsters, used teleportation magic to escape to another hideout or something, then escaped far away using another teleportation magic prepared for a getaway?

“Guel-san, if we can’t pursue them anymore, let’s go back to Duke Valdeck’s place.”

“That’s right. Let’s reunite with Amy and the others and think about the future. Also, leave the corpses of the monsters with just their heads cut off; I’ll come back later to take care of them.”

As I walked back along the path, I was thinking. There’s no way such a well-prepared enemy is just a small fry. Moreover, it’s strange that they came to deal with Grubert so quickly after he was captured. Grubert must have been dealing with a large organization.

“What was I up against…?”

No one could answer my question.


Chapter 7

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Aozora Katsuo
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“Anyway, since there doesn’t seem to be any issues, let’s go ahead and make a guild card.”

Ahh…finally…finally free from that explanation disguised as a lecture.

While I’m exhausted and deflated, Miss Gilly takes out a blank white card.

“Please drip a drop of your blood here.”

I take out my carambit knife and make a small cut on my right thumb, letting a drop fall onto the card. The card then lights up and text appears, turning it into an engraved card.

“El-chan, I’ll heal your finger so give me your hand.”

“It’s okay Lizlina-san, it’ll heal on its own if I leave it.”

“No way! You’re a girl so you need to take care of your body properly. Here, hold out your hand.”

The reason why Lizlina-san’s tone changed is because she found out we’re the same age. She’s reverted to her normal way of talking, and the severity has left her face, leaving behind a mellow expression.

“Lizlina-san’s way of talking is different from earlier so it’s throwing me off.”

“Ehehe~, when I’m working versus normally I change how I talk to have more distinction. Anyway, lend me your hand.”

Lizlina-san takes my right hand and looks at my thumb.

“Huh? The wound is gone. Could it be you healed it yourself?”

Lizlina-san looks puzzled as she examines the thumb I cut with my carambit.

“No, that’s not the case. For me, wounds this minor heal quickly, so please don’t worry about shallow cuts.”

“El-chan’s body sure is mysterious…Anyway, such pretty hands, I’m jealous~”

Lizlina-san enviously gazes at my hand.

With her staring at it like that, I guess a lot of girls care about their complexion and skin condition huh?

“Ahem!…I’d like to give an explanation now if that’s alright?”

“Please go ahead.”

Oh shoot, I was in the middle of registering with the guild.

“This will be your guild card. The guild card serves as identification, so any crimes committed will be engraved onto the card. Also, if you lose your card, there will be a fee to replace it, but since the fee is high, please don’t lose it. Got it?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Then, please take this.”

I receive the card from Miss Gilly.

“Now, I will explain about the Adventurers Department you belong to. In the Adventurers Department, ranks are given based on proficiency, and are also listed on the card.”

I see, pretty standard.

“The ranks from lowest to highest are: E, D, C, B, A, S, six ranks in total. All general guild registrants start from E-rank, so your starting rank is E as well.

To raise your rank, you take on quests from Reception, then accumulate Quest Points by completing subjugations of monsters or material gathering.

Once you save up a certain amount of points, you can take on a Rank-Up Quest, and if you pass it your rank goes up. However, just tagging along on someone else’s quest without doing anything like fighting monsters or only landing the final blow will not give you Quest Points even if the quest succeeds, so please be cautious.

Also, whether you can take on a Rank-Up Quest or not will be informed by us.”

I see, so you can’t advance in ranks through other people’s efforts.

“Additionally, there are restrictions on which quests you can take based on your rank. E-Rank can only take E-Rank quests. A-Rank can take quests from E to A-Rank, and so forth.

However, there are exceptions…I can’t explain those now since it pertains to reaching C-Rank. And from Rank C onwards, not only Quest Points but completing prerequisite quests become mandatory to take on a Rank-Up Quest, so please keep that in mind.”

Up to here, do you have any questions?”

Yeah, I have one that I need to ask no matter what.

“Are there penalties for failing quests?”

“I was just about to explain regarding that.”

Oh crap, I might have done something bad.

“If you fail an accepted quest, penalties will incur of course. For subjugation and material gathering quests that would be reduction of Quest Points. For escort and transport quests, on top of Quest Point reduction there may also be times you have to pay penalty fees.

And if you continuously fail quests, your rank could be demoted so please be careful.”

Hmm, so there are times you can’t proceed unless you pay penalty fees. I’ll have to be cautious.

“May I ask a question?”

“Please go ahead.”

“For escort and transport quests, if there was an issue with the client and the quest failed, even if they go ‘It’s your fault, pay the penalty fee!!’, would I still have to pay the fee?”

Since there may be guys who intentionally make others fail quests to collect penalty fees.

“You don’t need to worry about that. If there was an issue, we will basically intermediate and judge if the penalty fee needs to be paid or not. Also, to request escort or transport quests, commoners need to register with the Commercial or Production Department of the guild, royalty and others with special privileges being the exception.

Not only that, carrying out actions like demanding penalty fees on the spot or decreasing rewards on site fall under illegal acts defined by the guild, so such crooked clients should not exist. And vice versa, adventurers demanding increased rewards from clients also violates guild laws. I assume you understand that murdering a client for money is a crime and should absolutely never be done.”

Yeah, if there are rules like these in place I guess there’s no need to worry.

“And finally, the higher the rank, the higher paying quests become available, but danger also increases, so we recommend forming parties.”

Parties huh…well, I can think about stuff like that gradually.

“That concludes the basic explanation. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to the counter staff.”

“Thank you very much!”

“No no, thank you.”

With this, guild registration is complete.

Afterwards, the Guild Master instructed the staff to bring Grubert here because he wants to question him about the circumstances. While waiting for Grubert to arrive, we were chatting with each other when the door suddenly burst open.

“Captain Guel! “What are you doing, Keith! We’re in front of the Duke!!”

While Guel yells angrily, Keith looks out of breath and flustered like something happened. It seems something must have occurred.

“That can wait! Please come quickly and stop Aid!”

Guel frowns. “Did something happen?”

“I’ll explain afterwards so please come and stop Aid!”


Stop Aide? …What does that mean?

Wondering what’s going on, when we arrive at the scene Aide is restrained outside being punched in the face by Grubert.

“As expected, that’s what it was!!”

Grubert’s face is battered and swollen from being punched by Aid, with several teeth knocked out. Amidst this, he weakly begins speaking to Aid.

“Yes… after dis…posing of you, as hostages…I threa…tened your family and ordered you to assassinate Duke Valdeck at Riveis’s command…I’m sorr…y…”

Grubert’s face is dripping with tears, snot and blood as he desperately pleads to Aid, but his anger does not seem to subside as he balls his fist preparing to swing.

“Aide, stop already!”

While Guel says that, Aid doesn’t seem to notice as he continues punching.

Hmm? What he just said…

I should stop this soon before things get really bad, but Grubert’s words contain something curious so I unconsciously stop moving.

“Where the hell is my family?! If you don’t wanna talk I’ll beat you to death!!”

Eh?! Family…then doesn’t that mean Aid is…

“Urgh! The…basement! Book…room, hidden door…threw them in cell…alive…please sto…p…”

Noticing us here, Grubert comes pleading for help.

“Aid, stop already! This isn’t like you!”

“Senior Aid, please stop!”

“Aid, that’s enough!”

While Guel and others try to restrain Aid’s body and get him to stop, he struggles to break free.

After hearing that story, my speculation has become conviction. I want to believe otherwise but…he should frankly tell me now.

“Umm…Aid-san, could it be your family was taken hostage by Grubert?”

Until now Aid had a furious expression while struggling, but the moment I say that he suddenly stops and his face turns sad and vexed.

“Yeah…it’s true…my family was held hostage by this *******…”

The others look surprised when he says this.

Guel releases her grab and moves away, then starts speaking to Aid.

“So the reason you were acting strange today was because your family was kidnapped?”

“Yeah, that’s right. They got abducted two days ago. And that day, the perpetrator said to me. ‘If you don’t cooperate with assassinating Duke Valdeck the day after tomorrow, your family’s lives are in my hand. And if you tell anyone about this…you know what’ll happen to your family right? …’ That’s what he said.”

So that’s what happened. So that’s why he was glaring back then.

“I managed to find out about the location of my family and the mastermind. However, there was no time to go for help, and I was at a loss about what to do… I was troubled, and then that day arrived. I finally came to the conclusion that I had no choice but to do it. So, today… I tried to betray you all.”

Captain Guel and others have incredulous faces.


“I’m sorry…I had no choice…Please don’t forgive me.”

I feel bad for the dejected Aide and others but let’s hurry and take action to save his family. And hand over Grbert too. There are things I’m curious about.

“Let’s save the rest for later. I’ll notify the guild staff about the hidden room so they can locate it. And there’s something I want to ask Grubert so can you leave him to me?”

“Hmm, very well. By the way Elrina, what do you want to ask this ******* about?”

“It’s about this ‘Riveis’ person Grubert mentioned guhahhh?!!”

Looking in the direction of the voice, what the?! A thick stone spear is stabbed into Grubert’s chest causing him to collapse!


Chapter 6

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Aozora Katsuo
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Here is my English translation:

After being thanked by Duke Valdeck, a guild staff member who had been yelling at Grulbert told me “You come along too.” So I was brought to the reception room behind the counter.

Amy and Lizlina were treating the stabbed guild staff member, while Aid and Keith were questioning Grulbert.

I understand Mr.Guel is in the reception room, but I wonder if it was necessary to bring me along too?

“So Guildmaster, could you explain the extent of the damages?”

“Yes, this had been going on for a while, but Grulbert demanded we pay taxes to him and tried to take the Composite Guild’s funds. He also said things like ‘These are the rules I made so obey me commoners!!’ demanding we hand over the quest acceptance fees and a portion of the rewards.

Additionally, there were minor assaults on guild staff by adventurers following Grulbert’s instructions. It seems he was directing the adventurers and we have evidence. It doesn’t seem any critical information was leaked but we will investigate again just in case.”

So this guy is the guild Master. And that good-for-nothing Grulbert went way too far!

“I heard there were also damages in the town. What happened there?”

For some reason the guild Master lowered his eyes briefly before looking directly at Duke Valdeck.

“Yes, we have received reports about that from the townspeople to the Composite Guild as well. Gally, pass the information to the Comprehensive Guild Master.”

The man standing next to the guild master said “Yes!” and took out a stack of papers from his pocket.

“According to reports from the townspeople, Grulbert arbitrarily raised taxes and forcibly collected them. Those unable to pay were assaulted or killed by Grulbert as a warning to others. At restaurants, weapon shops, armor shops, and tool shops in town, he ate and drank without paying, left without paying tabs as “credit,” or outright looting things calling it “tribute.” If anyone complained, he would vandalize or even crush their shops.

There are also reports of missing persons in town, most involving Grulbert, and we have confirmed details on a number of those cases.”

He won’t be able to talk his way out of this.

“With just the Composite Guild receiving this many reports, combined with the home searches, he’ll have his peerage revoked without a trial.”

From what I’m hearing, it sounds certain his peerage will be revoked.

“Now then, Duke Valdeck, there’s something I’ve been wondering about…just who is that young lady over there?”

It’s only natural to be curious. I’m not Duke Valdeck’s bodyguard or maid after all.

“Oh right, I haven’t introduced her yet! Her name is Elrina. She warned us about the ambush by the savage adventurers and drove them off, allowing us to reach Gozes. And most of all, thanks to her we were able to capture Grulbert. I really can’t thank her enough!”

“P-pleased to m-meet you, I’m Elrina…”

I introduce myself and the Guild master smiles at me.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Barbos Dertos and as you can see I’m a human, and this is Gally next to me.”

“I’m Gally. No family name. I want to thank you for helping our staff earlier and cooperating in Grulbert’s capture.”

“I’ll thank you too. Much appreciated.”

The Guild master says that while bowing his head.

“N-no prroblem…~”

My face turns red as I say that.


“Oh, Barbos, don’t worry about it and continue.”

“I…see. Anyway, she came here to register with the Comprehensive Guild it seems. Process her paperwork.”

Hearing Duke Valdeck’s explanation, the Guild Master and staff show surprised faces and look at each other.

“It’s reassuring to have you register with the Comprehensive Guild. I saw your ability earlier so we’ll just check your status for records. Gally, prepare it.”

Gally says “Understood” and leaves the room. In her place, Amy and Lizlina return.

According to Amy and Lizlina, the guild staff member stabbed by Grulbert will be fine now. Hearing the condition of his staff, the relieved Guild Master also told us what led up to that incident.

Before we arrived, Grulbert suddenly came to the Comprehensive Guild and demanded “Pay me taxes! If you don’t, I’ll crush this place!!”

The guild staff member who tried to placate Grulbert was stabbed in the stomach by a knife and assaulted, and Grulbert said “If you don’t want to end up like this for defying me, do as you’re told!!”

“A prime example of scum indeed.”

Everyone nods at my impression or sighs “haaah…”

“Even though his parents were serious people, for someone like him to be born… When his parents were alive they told me ‘Though he carries on the Langood house bloodline, he does not qualify to succeed this family.

Around next month we plan to kick him from this house and have a relative’s child succeed.’ But on their way to the capital around 6 months ago to negotiate the succession, they were attacked by bandits and died…”

So inevitably that fool ended up succeeding the house…

There’s a knock at the door.


“Guild Master, preparations are complete.”

Gally’s voice comes through the door.

“Oh good! Come in, let’s get started right away!”

Gally enters the room and places a crystal on the table.

“Miss Elrina, please touch this crystal so we can see your status and criminal history.”


The moment I touch the crystal as told, it shines brightly and a semi-transparent screen appears.


“No way, right?!”

“I can’t believe it…”

Huh? Déjà vu? Feels like I’ve seen this before.

“…Miss Elrina, you were 15 years old?”

“Yes, it seems so. I actually thought I was 17 years old.”

When I was Haruto Kuramoto I was 17, so I just assumed I retained that age.

“You didn’t falsify this status, right?”

“Amy, you know false skills have no effect on this Crystal of Truth, right? Do you think she could accomplish that at her age?”

“…I suppose. If falsifying, she’d raise her stats more, right? But at 15 with a chest like that? Still plenty of room to grow.”

Amy says that but has an unconvinced look.

“However, these stats are abnormal. With 0 magic, no skills, and unknown class…this is…”

Huh, is there some kind of problem?

“Um, was there an issue with my stats?”

Everyone froze like statues besides me.

“M-miss Elrina, what do you think about your stats shown in the crystal?”

Amidst the tension, Duke Valdeck nervously asks me, so I stroke my chin and consider my displayed stats.

“Ummm…I don’t know if they’re normal or not but…yeah, they seem normal to me!”

I mean, there’s no way FPS player stats could be displayed in an RPG status format. So this display isn’t wrong.

“””No no no no no, it’s clearly weird!!”””

After that, they thoroughly explained to me how abnormal my stats apparently are.


Chapter 5

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After riding on Amy’s horse, I became curious about various things, so I decided to ask Guel-san.

“Um, Guel-san.”

“Hmm? What’s up?”

“Why do you and Guel-san’s group go to the Comprehensive Guild?”

“Huh? Didn’t we talk about our purpose?”

“Um… yeah. I don’t think we did.”

Lizlina-san remembered.

“Oh, we didn’t talk about it. Our goal is to inspect the branch of the Comprehensive Guild.”

Inspection, huh? Wait a minute! It’s starting to smell fishy!

“If it’s just an inspection, couldn’t the subordinates go alone?”

The moment Guel-san heard my words, he furrowed his brow.

“This time, the situation arose where Duke-sama has to be present.”

Huh? What does that mean?

“The nobles here seem to be causing trouble for the Comprehensive Guild. Also, there might be suspicions of misconduct within the guild. That’s why the chairman of the Comprehensive Guild personally came out to investigate.”

“Eh, Amy-san, what do you mean? The chairman of the Comprehensive Guild, could it be…?”

“Duke Valdeck is the chairman of the Comprehensive Guild on this continent, in other words, he serves as the chairman of the Comprehensive Guild on the Relevant Continent. Elrina-san, didn’t you know?”

How could I know that on the first day of my reincarnation!? Besides, isn’t the chairman of the Comprehensive Guild a really important person!?


I couldn’t close my open mouth at Lizlina-san’s explanation.

“Well, we’ve arrived… huh?”

Huh!? Oh, it’s the Comprehensive Guild.

“Oh? It’s noisy inside. Is something happening?”

Are they in the middle of a fight? No, that’s weird. Because when I listen to the voices leaking out, it feels more tense than when I was outside. What’s going on…?

Feeling a chill down my spine, I turned around hastily, and the atmosphere around Guel-san and the others had changed completely.

“Duke Valdeck.”

Guel-san signaled something to the duke with his eyes.

“Well, Elrina-Chan, can I ask for your help?”

Huh, seriously!? Another troublesome matter? Reincarnation accident, gender transformation, and now, am I going to be put inside the smelly carriage of the duke again? How many times is it today…?

“If it’s okay with me, I’ll help.”

I said that, but seriously, I want to refuse!

“Thank you. Now, let’s go!”

For now, since ACE32 should avoid hitting civilians by penetrating the main culprit’s body, I stored ACE32 in the armory and quickly prepared, following Duke Valdeck. When we entered the Comprehensive Guild, the shouting and screaming inside were clearer than when I was outside. What I witnessed in the midst of that was a flashy man in expensive-looking clothes kicking a man on the floor, yelling something towards the counter.

“Do you understand, you guys!! If you don’t listen to what I say, you’ll end up like this guy!”

“Why are you doing this!? No matter how much of a lord you are in this city, this is already an unforgivable crime! I’ll issue an arrest warrant!”

The guild staff protested to the man, but the flashy man, with a detestable smile that made you want to shoot him with lead bullets right away, showed a blood-stained knife to the staff and started saying crazy things.

“Huh? What’s that~? What’s going on here~? Is this commoner questioning me, the lord? Well then, the guild master and that ****** guy over there are also decided for execution!”

Duke Valdeck’s voice echoed in the guild, but the flashy man, still facing the guild staff and now threatening a Comprehensive Guild employee with a knife, didn’t turn towards us.

“Why can you decide that? Judging criminals is not the job of a noble, is it?”

Duke Valdeck was saying that with an angry face, so he must be quite angry.

“Gigigigigi!? Huh? What are you talking about, old man? Are you stupid? I am the lord of this city! In other words! I am the law! Therefore, you guys have been sentenced to death for opposing me! Guild master, and you ****** guy over there!?”

Finally, the flashy man turned towards us, and just like he had poured ice water over his head, his face turned blue and he froze. Duke Valdeck didn’t pay any attention to that and spoke to him.

“So, you asked me if I wanted to be sentenced to death, but when do you plan to carry it out? Today? Or tomorrow?”

“Va, va va va va va va va…Duke Valdeck!?”

The flashy man is very flustered when he sees Duke Valdeck. Well, that’s interesting in its own way.

“Oh~ Have you become so important that you don’t need to attach ‘-sama’ to me anymore?”

“Y-Y-You’re lying! Why is Duke Valdeck here!? He shouldn’t be coming here… Damn it! Should have brought that guy too!!”

That’s right. Why didn’t this guy bring any guards? Is he stupid? We should ask that after catching him.

“Unfortunately, I had to come here for work. And to come to the Comprehensive Guild without bringing guards. Well, thanks to that, I saved a lot of trouble. Guel!”


Guel-san took out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it, starting to read it.

“Baron Grubert Langood! Due to suspicions of assault, murder, abuse of status, improper intervention in the Comprehensive Guild, embezzlement, and treason, you are arrested and will be interrogated, authorized by King Reedgarm, Zeon Dia Reedgarm, the King of Reedgarm! Here is the king’s signature and seal!!”

Once the reading was finished, he flaunted the paper in front of a man named Grubert, known for his frivolous demeanor. His attitude changed drastically from earlier, shaking his body.

“Ugh, lies! I haven’t done anything wrong! It’s these guys’ fault! It’s because they won’t approve my requests!!”

As Duke Baldek listened to Grubert’s childish excuses, his expression changed from anger to utter disbelief.

“Do you know the reason you can’t get your requests approved? Enough! Capture this man! If he resists, handle him as necessary! Permission has been granted!”

Guards, led by Guel and others, prepared their weapons to apprehend Grubert, but the foolish man resisted.

“Don’t move! What does it matter what happens to this guy!”

Panicking, Grubert brandished a knife at the fallen guild employee at his feet.

Watching this, Guel, still armed, addressed Grubert.

“Don’t make a scene now! Surrender quietly!”

Grubert, with a contorted face of anger, thrust the knife towards Guel and others, shouting.

“Annoying!! Can’t you commoners understand this!? Get out of my way! If you don’t let me through, I’ll use this knife on this commoner! [Paang! ?]… Huh?”

With that sound, the knife Grubert had thrust forward flew somewhere.

At first, Grubert didn’t understand what had happened. When he looked at his right hand, he twisted his face in pain, tears welling up.

This guy is truly foolish. If he wanted to escape, he shouldn’t have let go of the knife he was using to threaten with a hostage. Frankly, it was easy to shoot him.

“Scream! Is it painful? I don’t care. Point your hands behind your head and lie down slowly! If you don’t do as I say, I’ll shoot again!”

The man, in terror, grimaced, and after a “Hic!” he started speaking, tears and even sweat and mucus streaming down his face.

“I get it! I get it! I don’t want to die! Help me, I beg you!”

Grubert, following my instructions, was now lying down. I continued to aim my JERICHO 941 PSL at him.


“Yes, Aide, secure him! Lizlina and Amy, tend to the guild staff!”



“Aide, what are you doing? Hurry up and capture him!”

Aide, as if awakening, said, “Understood!” and approached the foolish man to restrain him.

“Bring him in front of me!”

Aide, after securing Grubert, brought him in front of Duke Valdek.

“After this, you will be interrogated and then face trial. Depending on the circumstances, you may receive a death sentence, but if you’re lucky, you might avoid it. However, you won’t escape serious charges. Do you have anything to say?”

“I-I didn’t do anything wrong! It’s Azu’s fault! It’s Leivis’ fault!”

“Are you still saying that at this point? Take this criminal away!”

Following Duke Valdek’s orders, Aid replied with a “Hic!” and took Grubert somewhere.

“Well, now it’s just investigating the damage to the guild. No, no, Elrina, thanks to you, we were able to catch him. Thank you.”

“N-no, don’t worry about it… Haa…”

Duke Valdek expressed his gratitude, but I was embarrassed and just looked down.


Chapter 4

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