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Chapter 4

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Aozora Katsuo
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After soothing the screaming Amy and interrogating the enemy whom we shot in the end, he spoke smoothly the moment he saw my face… Why?

Well, leaving that aside, according to his story, he was hired by Lord Gozes for money! I didn’t know that the request from the lord was to attack the duke! If I had known, I would have refused such a request!! he said.

And, as for the survivors who escaped in the previous battle, he said they would be pursued after investigating in the country.

Now that I easily got the information I wanted to hear, I tried to collect the scattered cartridge cases and the magazines I had thrown around, but they had disappeared without a trace.

Certainly… in that game, if you dropped the cartridge cases and even a magazine you shot on the ground and left them for about five seconds, they would disappear. Probably, that specification is working here. Well, in a way, it’s convenient.

Then, Aid-san, Keith-san, and Amy-san went to check the safety ahead, while Guel-san and Lizlina-san treated the survivors to some extent, tied them with ropes, put them to sleep with magic, and gathered them in one place. Honestly, it’s gruesome, so I don’t want to watch it too much.

“Guel-san, why do you burn the bodies?”

“Huh? Don’t you know why you’re doing this?”

Lizlina-san also seems to want to say, “Eh? You don’t know?”

“Well, um… yes…”

I don’t know what I don’t know! Because God didn’t even tell me how to dispose of corpses! Really, such an unhelpful god!

“…You’re really becoming someone I don’t understand.”

Guel-san, you’re saying it in a low voice, but you know, one of the functions of the headset I’m wearing now is a microphone. And I set it a bit higher, so I can hear it perfectly.

Guel-san, let out a deep sigh, and started to explain.

“Listen. If you leave human bodies alone without doing anything, monsters come to eat the bodies and become obstacles on the road. Or, the bodies turn into zombies and start attacking indiscriminately. Well, usually, the bodies are devoured by monsters before they turn into zombies, so there are few bodies that turn into zombies.”

Oh, I see.

“Why did you put some heads in bags?”

Honestly, I don’t want to touch that bag, so please don’t give it to me. I want to say… but is it okay?

“Oh, with these heads, I can use magic to dig out the memories inside and investigate what they were doing. However, no matter how hard I try, I can only glimpse fragmentary memories within three days. Understand, [Memory Read] is not omnipotent, so if possible, it’s appreciated to capture them alive from our side.”

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It’s difficult to capture and hand them over to soldiers. Because there’s a possibility that the thieves we captured might take advantage of a moment when no one is watching and escape. But I don’t want to take the heads home either…

“Do you belong to the Comprehensive Guild’s Adventure Department? If you submit it along with your guild card, you may receive a reward, so remember that.”

Adventure Department? Not adventurers, but Adventure Department… huh? Hmm?

“Cutting off heads alone prevents them from turning into zombies. Usually, after cutting off three or four heads, it’s common to leave the remaining bodies as they are and burn them.”

What’s the difference between adventurers and the Adventure Department? I was going to ask, but Lizlina-san answered as she followed Guel-san, so I couldn’t say it.

Lizlina-san, well, it’s okay. I’ll find out later!

“Is it okay to leave those tied up people like this?”

You can put one or two people on a horse and take them with you, but it’s impossible to take nine people. So, I understand leaving the remaining adventurers, but… if you leave them like this, they might become monster food, or even if it’s unlikely, there’s a possibility that when the hypnotic magic wears off, they might untie themselves and escape. Moreover, the ones who escaped might come back with help.

“Well, I’ve set up a barrier stone properly, so there’s no worry about being attacked by monsters. And since I’ve applied hypnosis magic doubly, they shouldn’t wake up easily. Most importantly, we’ve collected all their weapons, so even if they wake up and try to escape somewhere, they won’t be able to deal with the monsters attacking them with just magic, so they should feel the danger and not come out of the barrier. After that, we’ll contact the soldiers in the capital and have them pick them up, so rest assured.”

“What about the possibility of those who ran away coming to help?”

“Almost zero percent. They understand that they will be pursued, so I don’t think they will come to help. Even if they do come, we have three people secured, so we can interrogate them.”

In other words, even if they try to escape from this situation, without weapons, they can’t fight against monsters or deal with the monsters attacking them with just magic, so there are only three options: they will be killed by monsters, quietly caught and safely sent to the city, or escape into a fugitive life with the help of their comrades. The last option doesn’t seem likely. After all, they were running away without even trying to wake up their fallen comrades, so their sense of camaraderie seems weak.

“I understand. Thank you for the explanation.”

I received reliable information from Guel-san and the others rather than relying on God.

Aid-san and the others, who returned from reconnaissance, said that there were no survivors, so it was decided to continue as it is. Before leaving, Lizlina-san summoned two summon beasts and instructed them to deliver one letter to the capital and the other to Gozes… I wanted to touch Lizlina-san’s summon beasts, they must be fluffy.

And before departure, Duke Valdeck thanked me.

“If you weren’t here, we might have died. I thank you on behalf of everyone.”

Duke Valdeck bowed his head to me.

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“Thank you, Elrina.”

No, no, is it okay for the duke to bow his head so easily? Well, I’m not used to this kind of thing, so please stop.

“No, don’t worry about it… Huh.”

I let out a strange voice because I was embarrassed.

“Hehe, well, let’s depart for Gozes with a smile.”

Duke Valdeck smiled and got on his carriage, and I also got on Amy-san’s horse and departed.

“Hey, Elrina-chan.”

Just before reaching the town, Amy, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth. Wait, Elrina-chan? Isn’t that different from before?

“Yes, what is it?”

“Thank you today. If you weren’t there, our unit might have suffered casualties.”

“I also want to thank you. Thank you.”

“I’m grateful too.”

“I, too, express my gratitude both as the captain of this unit and personally. Thank you, Elrina.”

Amy, Reese, Lizlina, and Guel, in that order, thanked me.

“Well, um… uh… yes.”

Being thanked like this by others, I’m not used to it, and I don’t know how to respond. My face feels hot!


Feeling embarrassed, I hide my face in Amy’s back.

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“Oh, unexpectedly cute, isn’t it?”

Amy says in a low voice, but I don’t have time to worry about that. Because, it’s embarrassing!

While this is going on, we arrive at the gates of Gauzes. Moreover, as soon as we arrive, the gatekeepers line up to welcome us.

“Everyone! Duke Nelson Dia Valdeck is visiting! Everyone, salute!”

One of the gatekeepers says, and all the gatekeepers put their left hand on their chest, extend their right hand straight, and take a strange pose with their left hand in front of them. That’s probably a salute.

“Everyone, stand at ease.”

Saying that, the gatekeepers stop saluting and stand straight.

“Who is in charge of the gate here?”

“Hah! That would be me!”

The person in the middle responds and steps forward.

“Have you read the message?”

“Hah! We read the message and acted immediately! Currently, we are conducting a forced investigation of the adventurer guild, Debtor, believed to be involved in this incident.”

A forced investigation exists in this world too.

“I see.”

“After today’s investigation is over, I will report through the Knight Order.”

Duke Valdeck nods in agreement with a nonchalant smile.

“Understood, report when ready. Everyone, return to your posts.”

With Duke Valdeck’s words, except for the person in charge and one assistant (?), everyone else returns to their posts. Is this person really a very important person? Is he really a duke?

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“Um… Duke Valdeck, I have a question.”

The person in charge asks the duke.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Who is the white-haired woman over there?”

“Oh, her. She is our benefactor. If it weren’t for her, we might have died. So, if you disrespect her, I won’t forgive you. Remember that.”

Duke Valdeck speaks while glaring at the soldier.

Oh, isn’t this strange? The Duke Valdeck I know has a gentle face and a somewhat absent-minded look. What’s with this change?

“Hah! I swear to the goddess Litréas, I will not be rude to her!?”

Please stop! The gatekeeper seems about to cry!?

“Duke, Elrina has to go through the procedures unlike us. And we also need to present our cards to enter the city.”

Guel helps out. Nice move, Guel!

“Yes, that’s right. Elrina, wait here and go through the procedures.”


I wonder if Duke Valdeck’s smiling face in front of me is genuine.

Oh, Amy is looking at my face. And she seems to want to laugh with her hand on her mouth.

“Go through the procedures and come here.”

I’m told, so I get off Amy’s horse, sit in a chair, and go to the gatekeeper who is beckoning.

“Now, if you don’t have a card, are you from a village or a caravan?”

“Um, I was from a village, but it didn’t have a name.”

I lie. It’s questionable if it will work.

“A nameless village, huh… then you came from quite far away.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I see. The gatekeeper is convinced, then takes out a crystal and places it on the table.

“Well, place your hand here, and I’ll check your status and criminal record.”


I place my hand as instructed.

“Eh, zero magic power!? And no skills and an unknown class!? I’ve never seen such a status before! And with that chest at 15 years old…”

Huh? I should be 17 years old, but the crystal says 15. Is it because of this body change? And the gatekeeper is looking at my chest. I’m not doing anything naughty!

“Well, since there’s no criminal record, you’re okay to pass. Give me two silver coins, and I’ll issue a temporary identification.”

I take out two silver coins from my item box and hand them to the gatekeeper, who gives me a temporary identification in return.

“Also, the temporary identification is valid for a week, so make a guild card at the Adventurer’s Guild or a citizen card at the city hall. After creating the card, return the temporary identification to us, and we’ll exchange it for the coins. It’s recommended to do it as soon as possible. That concludes the procedure.”

“Thank you very much!”

The gatekeeper smiles and looks at me.


Now that the procedure is done, I return to Amy and the others, who are handing over a bag with the adventurer’s head.

“The rest is up to you.”

“Hah! Take care, Second Knight Commander!”

Guel is the commander of the Second Knight Order. Come to think of it, I was heading to this city with some amazing people, right? Oh no, my stomach is starting to hurt!

Thinking about that, Amy notices me and tells Guel.

“Elrina-chan is back.”

“Hmm, well, since we’re done here, let’s inform Duke Valdeck and leave.”

Huh? Isn’t this a farewell here? Could it be that these people intend to poke a hole in my stomach?

“Um… is this where we say goodbye?”

Everyone looks at me as if I said something strange, and Amy approaches me, taking my hand.

“We’re going to the Comprehensive’s Guild from here. Now quickly get on the horse.”

Oh, there’s no escape. Moreover, it seems our destination is the same… My stomach… it hurts!?

Feeling pain in my stomach, it seems that my relationship with these people will continue. That’s how Elrina felt.


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