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Chapter 2

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Aozora Katsuo
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“Phew, that should be enough,”

After about 30 minutes of exercise, I warmed up my body a bit.

“Still, the sensation is quite off when going from 175cm to 159cm (estimated). But no matter how much I move, it’s strange that I don’t feel hindered by this chest… Maybe it’s thanks to the gods? Well, it’s about time to prepare for departure.”

I opened the menu, took out a black T-shirt and jeans in a PMC-style from the clothes I was wearing, changed into them, put on combat boots, attached knee pads, put on a headset, donned a chest rig, wore 5.11 Tactical gloves, and finally, attached a CQC holster to the waist belt.

“Yeah, looks good!”

Next, I prepared my weapons. For the main weapon, I had my beloved ACE32 (using 7.62×39mm rounds) with a custom setup featuring an EoTech EXPS3 and a 35-round magazine. As a secondary, I had the JERICHO941PSL (using 9×19mm rounds) and a full tang karambit knife.

“Feels like the tension is rising!”

I loaded the magazines into the pouch, double-checked my gear.

“All right, preparations complete. Let’s go!”

With dreams and hopes in my heart, I walked towards the city. Although I had encountered monsters several times from the small hill where I first landed to the road, the monsters here were low-level, and most of them were taken down with just one shot from the Galil or one to two shots from the Jericho. I asked the gods what to do with the defeated monsters.

“Put them in the item box, and later, have the guild dismantle them. Oh, and when you register with the guild, it’s better to register with the comprehensive guild, not the adventurer’s guild. Also, I’ll send you the currency rate via mail, not like I forgot or anything!”

Well, I might have forgotten about the money. But why is it better to register with the comprehensive guild? Well, I’ll find out in town. It should be something easy to figure out.

But then I reached the road. I could easily get there by car from here, but… yeah, let’s walk. I don’t want to attract weird things by using a car.

As I walked halfway to the city on the road, a problem occurred. For some reason, this carriage had been following me the whole time. Three carriages had passed me at high speed before encountering this one, and they didn’t pay me any mind. However, this particular carriage, with five guards all mounted on horses and wearing the same equipment, didn’t pass me. It looked expensive, and there was a crest-like emblem, so they were probably escorting someone important.

I was initially cautious, but now I was just puzzled. They weren’t marked as enemies on the radar, they didn’t try to talk to me, and they certainly didn’t show any hostility. They were just running the carriage next to me, but there was an oppressive atmosphere or… well, I really didn’t know what to make of the situation.

…Ugh, I can’t take it anymore!

Unable to endure this awkward atmosphere, I gathered my courage and called out, “Uh, excuse me!”


One of the guards, a man, turned towards me. It felt intimidating, but I couldn’t back down now.

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“Uh, please don’t mind me… Please, go ahead and proceed.”

The man looked at his companions before turning back to me with a smile.

“Could it be that we’ve been bothering you by being next to you?”

Yes, that’s right. I was thinking I might get kidnapped or something!


“Don’t worry. We have no intention of harming you. Besides, it’s the issue with our carriage that’s making us slow.”

The woman next to the man continued the explanation.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, there’s someone inside the carriage saying, ‘Stop the horse…’ Ah!”

Huh? I heard a faint voice coming from inside the carriage. Could there be a sick person on board?

While I was thinking about it, the man who was talking before shouted, “Stop the carriage!” to the person driving it, and the guards immediately opened the door. A pale-faced old man crawled out on all fours and started sobbing on the spot.

“W-What? The reason the carriage is slow is because of this?”

“That’s right. The Duke there suffers from terrible motion sickness. If we increase the speed, it’s immediately like this,” the man pointed at the old man. Is it okay to do that in this world?


“Sorry for showing you such an embarrassing sight. I appreciate you handing me the water.”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

After that, the old man, apparently unable to show himself anymore, [I can’t show you!] and I used my credits to buy mineral water, handing it to him. I had earned a decent amount in the game, so it wasn’t a problem.

“I think you can tell from the family crest, but my name is Nelson, Duke Nelson Dia Valdeck. What is your name?”

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“I’m Elrina.”

“I see. By the way, Elrina, are you perhaps on your way to Gozes?”

Gozes… I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the city set as my destination on the map.

“Yes, I’m going to the city to register with the comprehensive guild.”

“I want to express my gratitude to you. Would you like to ride in my carriage?”

“Oh, no… I’ll just take your kind offer in spirit.”

After all, the carriage seemed to smell bad. And it seemed like a hassle to travel with a noble.

“It’s better if you come with us. You seem to only have a knife as a weapon,” the woman who was escorting me said.

Everyone is ignoring the guns right in front of them… Does that mean guns don’t exist in this world? Well, considering even a duke uses a carriage for transportation, I had expected that.

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

The woman, noticing something, pointed to the back of her horse.

“Then, I’ll let you ride behind me. How about that?”

For some reason, everyone seemed to agree.

Did everyone misunderstand something?

“Umm… I guess that’s fine.”

And so, I ended up being taken to Gozes.

“By the way, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet. I’m Amy Listet, a human. The one next to me is Guel, our captain. By the way, we belong to the knight order of this country.”

“I’m the captain of this squad, Guel Rat Hondo, of the Black Wolf tribe. Nice to meet you!”

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Hondo? That’s an unusual name.

“Hondo… that’s an unusual name.”

“His Hondo surname is said to be from a hero who came from another world, fought the Demon King, and settled in this world. And he’s the descendant of that hero.”

Oh, so they did hero summoning before me… By the way, who’s the handsome guy who told me from behind?

“Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Keith Idea, an elf. Nice to meet you. And the girl next to me is Lizlina, and

the guy over there is Aid. Both are humans.”

“I’m Elrina. Nice to meet you all.”

At least I should make the basic introductions.

Among the two introduced by Keith, the woman said, “Nice to meet you,” but Aid just said, “Ah,” and started looking around.

This person seems restless. Is he cautious about his surroundings? Or is he nervous because it’s his first mission?

“By the way, miss, if you have time, would you like to have tea in Gozes?”


What is this Keith person saying?

“Are you hitting on her again? Didn’t you tell Amy and Lizlina the same thing before we left?”

“Don’t worry, Elrina. He’s quite the womanizer. You don’t have to go with him.”

“You’re harsh. I just want to see a beautiful woman’s smile. That’s all I’m thinking.”


Listening to Guel and Amy’s conversation, it seems that he’s quite fond of women. But what concerns me more is Aid.

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“Um, Amy-san.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Is Aid always like that during missions?”

“Well, he’s not usually like this. I wonder if he’s in a bad mood today.”

Hmm, is it his mood…? He doesn’t seem irritated, though.

“Alert! Danger detected at 12 o’clock, potential enemies!”

What!? Enemies!

The radar showed enemy marks ahead. It’s dangerous to proceed like this. I have to inform Guel and the others!


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