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Prologue 2

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Aozora Katsuo
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“How are you feeling now?”

“Yes, I’ve calmed down, but… why did this happen?”

“When I tried to transfer the entire class, including you, to another world, only you failed.”

“Failed? Was there something wrong?”

Then the god, seemingly on the verge of laughter, begins to explain with his hand over his mouth.

“Haha! The cause was where you were standing! Hoho! Your position interfered with the effectiveness of the transfer magic circle. Also, clinging to the edge of the blackboard hindered the transfer. Haha! I had incorporated into the magic circle’s ritual the expectation that people would cling to doors and desks, but what you did was beyond my expectations, so I hadn’t programmed it into the magic circle. Hehe! As a result, the transfer itself was successful, but your body and soul ended up separated and transferred to different places.”

I see, I understand why it happened this way.

“Then where did my body go?”

“It disappeared after transferring to the space between worlds. I tried to retrieve it, but I couldn’t quite make it… I’m really sorry.”

To die before my adventure in another world even begins… What a terrible bad end!

“Just so you know, in your current state, you can hear things, so you need to be careful.”

“Huh! Is that so?”

“Yeah. Since you don’t have a body, your thoughts are transparent. But more importantly, let’s get to the main point. Time is running out.”

Saying this, he produces a crystal from nowhere and floats it in the air. A continent I’ve never seen before appears inside the crystal.

“To explain the story I mentioned earlier in detail, you were supposed to transfer with your classmates to the northern continent of Gailas, the miniature garden. However, because of what you did, the transfer couldn’t be completed.”

“Ugh! I’m embarrassed.”

“So, I can’t return you to your original world, but I’m thinking of reincarnating you close to where your classmates are. What do you think? Do you want to go to where your classmates are?”

“No, I refuse!”

“Ah, I thought so. I figured you wouldn’t want to meet them; your relationship wasn’t that great.”

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That’s right, as the god says, I don’t get along with my classmates. If I had to choose, I’d rather go to the depths of hell than be in the same world with them! Also, I’m not into RPGs; I’m more of an FPS gamer! Ah, I want to go back and continue that VRMMO. Well, my body disappeared, so I can’t play VRMMO anymore.

“Hmm… I see.”

Huh? The god started doing something towards the crystal. Maybe he’s investigating me?

The god says “Hmm” and “I see” before putting his hand on his chin, pondering for a while, and then facing me.

“I’ll make it so that you can use the weapons and vehicles from the FPS game you were obsessed with after reincarnation! Of course, with your FPS data!”

“What do you mean?”

“Your classmates were transferred to Gailas’ northern continent like RPG players, but in your case, I’m making you a different kind of player, an FPS player!”

“What? Can you do that?”

“With my power, I can.”

“Yes! But there’s a problem with the location… Are you going to the same place as my classmates?”

“It’s the same world, but the reincarnation location is different. If you travel from where you’re reincarnated to where your classmates are normally, it’ll take more than four months but less than five. So it won’t be easy to meet them.”

It’s fascinating that I can use my favorite guns and ride my favorite vehicle. If I meet my classmates… well, if I do, I’ll deal with it myself. Probably, no, definitely, no one will try to meet me! I’m starting to want to go to another world!

“Please! Instead of being an RPG player, please reincarnate me as an FPS player!”

“Alright. Let me give you some precautions before reincarnation.”


“First, we’ll prepare the data from the VRMMO you were playing and a body identical to your previous one. Once that’s ready, it’s a simple task of incorporating your soul into the body, but there’s a problem.”

“A problem…?”

“Yeah, that problem is that you won’t be able to use any magic, and you won’t be a hero anymore.”

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“I won’t be able to use magic… Is it because that game didn’t have magic and heroes?”

“That’s right. But on the bright side, there are advantages.”

“Without magic and not being a hero… What do you mean by advantages?”

“Well… you won’t be affected by status abnormalities caused by magic! For example, paralysis and curses won’t work on you, no matter how powerful they are! Oh, but just so you know, attack magic will still work, so be careful.”

“Yes, I understand!”

“I’ll explain the rest after reincarnation, so don’t worry. And one more personal request, if possible, I hope you can save this world. I think we have a hero, but having you as a hero too would be nice. I believe having two heroes will be more than enough.”

I wonder if those guys can really handle being heroes? I still think that even now.

“Well then, are you ready?”


“Okay! Reincarnation begins!”

After the god said that, I started feeling sleepy. Before losing consciousness, I felt like I heard him say, “Do your best.”

— — — God’s Side — — —

“Phew… it’s finally over. I was really nervous.”

I never expected the transfer to fail in such a way. I’ll have to review the magic circle. Next time, even if someone clings to a blackboard, I need to ensure the transfer can still happen… Huh?

“Um, Lord Gailas… has his reincarnation finished?”

She is Meltenas, the goddess responsible for causing this situation. Well, I kept it quiet from him for a smooth conclusion.

“It’s done. And as I’ve been telling you, the transfer magic circle doesn’t get stronger the more magical power you put into it.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

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She seems to be reflecting, but she probably doesn’t realize the gravity of the situation, so it’s better to explain.

“Seriously, you… if not for Kuramoto-kun’s soul coming here this time, he might have completely disappeared in the void between worlds.”


“And our role with that transfer magic circle is just adjustment. If I hadn’t noticed and intervened, the entire school building might have been transferred into a castle, or the children, including Kuramoto-kun, might have had their souls completely erased by your magic power.”

Her face turns pale. She seems to have realized the enormity of the mistake she was about to make.

“Be more careful from now on. Well, get back to work.”

“Yes… I understand.”

She goes back to her workplace dejectedly.

Well, this time went relatively smoothly.

There was another goddess who accidentally let someone die before. That person demanded abilities as high as ours and wanted to be able to use all the skills. On top of that, he asked for a massive amount of money after reincarnation.

Well, that person died a long time ago. And he ended his second life quite uneventfully.

“Hehe, he was an interesting one. Forgot that his thoughts were transparent from halfway through… Well, it’s about time he arrives, I suppose… Huh?”

Something’s strange. What happened?

“I wonder if he’ll be mad at me?”

At this moment, the god realizes his mistake. However, spilled water cannot be recovered. It’s too late to go back now.

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