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Prologue 1

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Aozora Katsuo
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I, Kuramoto  Haruto, and I, always led a typical high school life.

“Good morning! …Oh, he’s here!”

“Hey, that guy is here.”

“Ugh, there’s an otaku. Gross!”

…Yes, this is the usual daily life for me. The reason it turned out like this is that I have two otaku traits: a love for idols and anime. These otaku hobbies became a source of disgust for the “normies” (ordinary people), leading to being mocked, gossiped about, and bullied.

One day, they picked a fight with me. When I told them to stop making fun of me, they didn’t like it. They resorted to violence, but since I had learned gun handling and combat from my mentor in the Thai Navy Special Forces, I ended up turning the tables on them.

“That guy is reading light novels again in the morning. Truly an otaku!”

“Seriously, shouldn’t someone like him just die?”

“That’d be great.”

“I can understand that sentiment.”

Ugh… they’re saying it loud enough for me to hear on purpose. Even though they stopped physically attacking me since the incident, I wonder if it’s not embarrassing for them to say such things.

Isn’t this what they call the howling of a defeated dog? Moreover, everyone around is saying the same things, and just how much…

“Good day, Mr. Kuramoto. I wonder why you’re here. It’s quite bothersome. Would you mind disappearing from here?”

Oh, there she is. Inose Masumi, the fallen rich girl. Despite being born into a famous wealthy family, she failed the entrance exam for a prestigious high school twice and ended up in the current situation. Currently abandoned by her parents or something.

“Shall I explain it more simply?”

“What is it?”

Let me say a word to this foolish rich girl.

“Why don’t you transfer to that prestigious school after summer vacation? Well, whether you pass or not is up to you.”

Grr!? She furrowed her brow, making a grating sound with her teeth, and glared at me. Really, her temper is so short. I’m just astonished.

“Besides, high school is a place you come to of your own free will. It’s not your company, is it? Are you in a position to tell me to quit? If you keep doing this, you’ll be dissed in some magazine again. Do you even realize what you’re doing? If so, you’re just an idiot.”

Yes, I reported to the newspaper company about the scandals she was causing in this school, more like selling scandals than facts, and gave her the social punishment. Yet, she hasn’t learned her lesson.

“And you, even though your parents told you they would disown you if you caused trouble again, why are you trying to cause trouble? Are you stupid?”

“Wha…! Yes, that’s right. Because of you, I was kicked out of my house and forced to live alone. After being scolded by my father and mother, ‘Why can’t you be like your brothers and sisters? I believed in you!’ They said, and then my father told me I had been spoiled too much, so I should live alone until I graduate from high school! It’s too cruel of my father and mother to treat me like this!”

Actually, her parents are decent people. After that scandal, they, along with her siblings, came to my house to apologize properly. However, only she, without any remorse, turned her back on them, shouted, “I haven’t done anything wrong!” and went home on her own.


“Why are you sighing?”

No… I just think your parents are going through a lot.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

I was about to explain it to her when the bell rang.

“Tch! I’m still in the middle of reading the light novel I bought yesterday… well, fine. I can read it during break.”

“Take your seats, everyone! I’m taking attendance!”

Mr. Motohisa Ono, a completely useless homeroom teacher for me. Why? Because he knows that bullying is happening in the class he is in charge of, yet does nothing. Yes, he knows and tacitly approves as long as he doesn’t suffer any harm himself. He’s a scumbag who thinks he can deal with it if he just ignores it.

“Everyone’s in their seats. Well, then… huh? Wh-what’s this!”

As the teacher looked up in surprise, I also looked up and saw a mysterious picture-like thing with countless characters written inside a large circle on the ceiling.

Projection mapping? No, it’s different! There’s no way such a clear projection mapping would be visible in the brightness of the classroom! Then is that…!?

“What is this!”

“What on earth!?”

“Could this be… a summoning to another world… it’s here!!”

“Huh? Damn it, the door won’t open!”

Yes, a magic circle had appeared on the ceiling without us realizing it.

What!? No way… Seriously!? Am I going to be summoned to another world with these guys!?

No, no, no, no, no! I’d rather go alone than be summoned to another world with these guys! In the first place, it’s enough with isekai just in light novels!!

The door and windows don’t seem like they’re going to open, so umm… let’s see… should I cling to the edge of the blackboard and try to avoid being summoned to another world? Or can I even avoid it?

“Hey, don’t push!”

“Just open it quickly!”

“Weren’t you told earlier that the door wouldn’t open!?”

“I’ll open it, so step back!”

“I’m going to be a hero… I’m going to save the world and create a dream harem!”

…There’s one person who seems out of place, but let’s not mind that. Was that girl also of the same kind?

While this was happening, the light intensified, and when it became impossible to keep my eyes open, I lost consciousness.

…Ugh, where is this?

“This is… Heaven, the world where God resides.”

The boy in front of me spoke while looking at me. It was so sudden that it honestly scared me.

This kid is probably God. Then he’ll give me some powers and be done with it, right?

“Oh dear, even though I resisted, I’m going to be transferred to another world with those guys?”

“That’s right! I want you to become a hero and save the world! I’d like to say that, but your situation is a bit different.”

What do you mean? Is he reading my mind? Because he’s God?

“It seems like you don’t understand your current situation.”

Current situation? Come to think of it, my body feels light, or rather… I have a floating sensation, but do I have a fever?

“No, that’s not it. You see, you’re dead.”

Huh? What are you saying? I’m alive like this…

I tried to touch my chest, but I didn’t feel anything. Moreover, I don’t even feel the sensation of moving my arms.

“You finally noticed. Yes, you died because of a failed transfer.”

No, no, no, no, no!!?


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