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Chapter 1

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Aozora Katsuo
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“〜〜 Kuramoto Haruto’s Side 〜〜

‘Nnn… nn… uu~hn… Where am I?’

Oh, right, I remember now. I reincarnated thanks to God. And then, was I sleeping against this tree?

As I look around while sitting, there’s a vast grassland, with mountains visible in the distance. More than anything, being surrounded by nature makes the air clear and soothing.

‘Wow, I’m looking forward to this otherworld. Huh?’

Huh? …Is my voice strange? Wasn’t my voice more baritone? I feel like I’ve heard this voice somewhere before.

I put my hand on my throat and try to speak again.

‘Nn, nn! Ah~ ah~ ah~… Oh, huh?’

It’s definitely strange. I wouldn’t sound like this even if I had a cold… Huh?

‘Wow, these are beautiful hands… Wait a minute!!’

Looking down at my face, there’s a generous bust, and the hair color reflected in my eyes is not black but white straight hair. When I touch my hair and check its length, it reaches down to my waist. Moreover, it’s silky and feels good.

And finally, placing my hand between my legs and checking if “it” is there, inevitably, the symbol of manhood that should be there is gone.

‘Gone… This appearance is, the avatar I used in the FPS game… right? Why am I in this form?’

Amidst my confusion, a screen suddenly appears in front of me. It’s the convenient video chat function from that game.

‘Hey, Haruto Kuramoto-kun. W-well, it seems you’ve reincarnated safely. Do you feel any discomfort in your body or anything? Ahaha…’

I glare at God with a grimace.

‘I see, with beautiful white hair, amethyst-colored eyes, a slender body, and D-cup breasts! Truly like a character from a painting, Haruto-kun, you have talent in creating avatars!! Ahaha… hahaha…’

Hey, don’t laugh it off…

‘Do you have anything else to say?’

God looks around before apologizing.

‘I’m sorry, I made a mistake!!’

Admitting the mistake so easily.

‘Explain how this happened!!’

As I say that, God looks at me directly after glancing left and right.

‘Sorry, I chose the quickest method, but I made a mistake in the end. You see…’

‘What happened?’

‘I chose the fastest method. I copied the settings and data from the FPS game you were playing to create your body. Then, I reflected your abilities and game data onto the body you were supposed to inhabit. It’s a kind of replication method. The plan was to put your soul in afterward and send you here. But… I made a mistake and put you into the avatar you used in the game.’

Lying behind God seems to be the body that was supposed to receive the soul… huh?

‘Couldn’t you just copy the data to that body without going through all this trouble?’

‘Actually, no. That would take more time. Simply put, I would have to make various changes for bug fixes, and it would take time. By doing it the way I mentioned earlier, the original model is known, making it easy to identify and fix any bugs. Well, I took great care in the fixing process, so there’s no need to worry about that body. Also, you might have realized by now, but since your soul is compatible with that body… there’s no going back. Sorry.’

Nothing can be done anymore, huh? Ugh…

‘…Huh? Come to think of it, this might be more convenient.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘When we were transferred, the entire class was moved, right?’

‘Yeah, so what?’

‘If they find out one person is missing when they arrive…’

‘That will cause a commotion… Oh!?’

God seems to have realized.

‘They’ll come looking for you! With your current appearance, you can easily avoid suspicion!!’

Exactly. If officials come looking for me and find me, they might forcibly take me back to the country and reunite me with my classmates. And since it’s the country, there’s a possibility they’ll search diligently.

‘Yes, with this appearance, no one would suspect, “Is that Haruto Kuramoto?” God, I’m not Haruto Kuramoto; I’ll live as Elrina, an FPS player.’

‘I see… Alright. Then, let me continue the explanation from earlier. There are some differences from the game you were playing.’

According to God’s explanation, the basics of the game I played are the same.

A radar in the upper left corner, HP in the lower right, remaining ammo for the main weapon, secondary weapon, grenade count, number of healing potions, and resurrection potions all appear on a transparent screen. And when you want to open the menu, it appears just like in the game when you think about it.

Moreover, if you defeat enemies, you accumulate credits that can be used in a store to buy weapons, ammunition, fuel for vehicles, repairs, clothing, and even food. It’s convenient, but is there really a store in this otherworld?

‘Except for creating the store, everything else is the same as the game, right?’

‘There are other changes too. I removed the logout button and some environmental settings. I added the everyday wear you had in your world to the store’s clothing, expanded the repertoire of food, and included daily necessities. Also, about the storage… well, in your words, the storage or its capacity has been expanded. I didn’t tamper with the contents, but check to see if there are any missing items.’


I open the menu, check the storage for ammunition, potions, and dropped items, and also inspect the custom parts box for the armory and the costume storage.

Hmm, it’s fine. It’s appreciated that the storage capacity has been expanded from 200 to 500.

‘No issues.’

‘Alright, next, let me explain about your body. Your body is based on FPS game settings, not RPG, as I mentioned before.’


‘I’ve enhanced various aspects, including your physical abilities. Also, as long as you’re alive, any injuries to your body will heal. And even if something is missing, it will recover over time.’

‘Enhancing physical abilities is fine, but isn’t it monstrous that missing parts can heal?!’

‘Well, in FPS games, do bodies go missing?’

…No. Even if there’s blood representation, missing body parts are impossible.

‘And one more thing, the biggest feature of this body is that you don’t have any of the troubles that women usually face.’

Huh? What is this god talking about?

‘It seems you don’t understand. To be more specific, you won’t age even as time passes! No matter how much you eat, you won’t gain weight! No heavy days! Your body won’t experience various other troubles that women usually face!’

If I tell this to a woman, it would surely make her an enemy… or rather, do even the gods have such things?

‘How about it, isn’t it amazing? When I mentioned it to the goddesses, they said things like, “I’m envious~” or “Guilty!!” or “That guy turned against me. I’ll annihilate him!!”‘

Gyahhh!? Thanks to this guy, the goddesses have turned against me!!

‘Please don’t do anything unnecessary!!’

‘Next, let’s talk about weapons and tools, including recovery and revival potions. Weapons and vehicles can only be used by you.’

God is talking casually. I want to complain, but let’s listen to the explanation.

‘Even if someone else tries to take your weapons, it’s fine! The moment someone other than you tries to take them, the weapons will disappear and return to the armory, and in the case of vehicles, even if someone tries to start the engine, it won’t start.’

Oh, that’s convenient! It’s truly my exclusive equipment!

‘Also, right now, you can handle all vehicles like a pro, so use them freely!’

Hmm, let’s try not to stand out too much and avoid using them as much as possible.

‘Recovery potions and revival potions have effects equivalent to legendary potions in this world, so be careful when using them according to the standards of this world.’


Although these items can be obtained anytime, anywhere in the game, in reality, potions that can even resurrect someone become legendary.

‘Finally, there are 20 silver coins in the item box, so use them wisely. I’ll mark a town on the map for you.’

A marker appears on the map. Judging by the distance, it seems like I can reach it in about an hour.

‘Alright, I’ll get used to this body a bit before going.’

‘What? You’re not going right away?’

‘Because I want to move around and correct the deviation from the previous body’s movements.’

Since the height and physique are completely different, I need to move and get a grasp of it before it becomes troublesome in battle.

‘Yeah, I understand! I’ll keep the barrier up. I’ll make it so the barrier disappears the moment you step outside of it. If anything happens, contact me since you’ve added me as a friend. See you! Bye-bye!!’

The communication with God is cut.

Now then, I need to move this body a bit and get used to it; otherwise, it’ll be troublesome in battle. Let’s start with some shadow boxing.

I lightly warm up in place, then start shadow boxing.

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