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Blue Sky Chapter 124

My latest commissions are underway!
Correct, commissions plural!

This time I have some really exciting pieces in the works.
The first is a diagram of the experimental submarine from my fantasy novel!
This submarine is the only and first submarine in the setting, and to give it a fantasy edge I gave it some really unique traits, look forward to it!
The boat is called the Prydwen, aptly named given the Arthurian setting. Annoyingly though everyones going to think it’s a Fallout reference despite me having never owned those games.

You’ll all care about the second more though.
This one is spicy! It’s the heroine of the novel bathing while travelling.
Indeed. It has some nice service.

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Blue Sky Chapter 123

By the time you people are reading this the Genshin livestream should have ended.
I wonder if they finally announced any rewards for the anniversary that aren’t a complete joke?

Well I don’t have high hopes.
A free four star would be nice though… and that’s setting my expectations in rough correlation with the Honkai first anniversary.

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Blue Sky Chapter 122

This anime season is ending!
Does anyone have any favourites?

I think there were a few sleeper hits and some strong starts that didn’t end too well.
It’s always a mixed bag with anime but that’s what keeps it exciting and fun to follow.

Personally I really liked Realist Hero, but it fell a bit short of my expectations from the source material.
Tsukimichi however completely 180’d my opinion of it, the comedic tone really grew on me.

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Blue Sky Chapter 120

Playing Stellaris with friends again has been a blast.
I’ve only done it twice before so doing it again is great.

I’m glad that pausing is still available in multiplayer because otherwise it would be hell.
And the free weekend meant that I could lure a friend of mine into the game too.

All in all it’s been a good time to get back into Stellaris.
Not to mention I’m now mildly competent at the game!
I don’t get demolished immediately anymore!

However currently things are tight as two of the mid-game crisis events have triggered at the same time, it’s like pandemonium in the galaxy right now.
The end-game crisis event shouldn’t be far off either. Might be a total disaster.

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Blue Sky Chapter 119

In this chapter we learn about how the MC plans to counter her terrible economic sense, and about how the author plans to handwave their terrible understanding of economics.
It’s going to be a suspenseful chapter full of lots of poli….


Oh it’s a comedy chapter. My bad.

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Blue Sky Chapter 118

The Marvels What If series was really good and interesting.
I like a lot of what they did, and it gave some interesting character interactions.

And of course they included the classic Zombies timeline.

But what impressed me most was the Dr Strange one.
I’m wondering if next season they’ll do the 1602 timeline with all the characters existing 400 years early.

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Blue Sky Chapter 117

I won a competition today.
I don’t really remember entering it, but apparently I won.

I got sent a Blu-Ray copy of Lord El Melloi II’s Case Files.
I can see why I presumably entered this competition.
I am a Fate and Nasuverse fan after all.

Now I just need to find the controller for my bluray player…

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