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Chapter 6 – A Fresh Start

“Welcome home honey, how was your first day at school?” Mingxia asked.

“It was great! I became the class president, and also got the tuition waiver. The principal also gave me an allowance of 500 gold coins from the school for scoring a perfect on the mock exam.”

“My God! 500…gold…honey…you…are you really my child?”

“Mom…it’s just money…the test was really easy. I had nothing to do but study anyways since I’d always been bedridden. We can at least finally move to a better place soon.”

“Mmm. We’ll finally be able to live comfortably from now on.”

“Okay, I have work to do, call me down when dinner is ready.”


To the rich, 500 gold coins was an amount that was not worth looking at. To them, it was nothing more than pennies being found on the street. But, to the lower end of the middle class, this kind of money could change their lives. This amount of money was equivalent to three months pay for Xing Huang’s father. A house in an okay developed area was only 1000 gold a month for 15 years. As for the houses in the well-developed area cost 10-100 times that depending on where and how the house was built and made.

But, this was not the most important thing Xing Huang was worried about. Since, he knew that as he did well in school, money would easily flow in. Even then, once he found out where he could access the resources of the Organization, he could start to take on missions to earn some money for his family.


Meanwhile, while Xing Huang was in his room doing work, someone was speaking about him and what to do with him. In a large room with a table long enough to seat 10 people, there was a mysterious looking man with someone who looked like the principal Xing Huang had met earlier in the day.

As a matter of fact, it was the principal. But, what was he doing with this man? Moreover, didn’t he have a life? Or was he a gay?

“Sir, please have a look at his profile. There is nothing out of order, but what’s strange is that his sickness that was diagnosed hard to fix, was healed miraculously one day.”

“Hmm, interesting. I will look into this later. Keep tabs on him for now, he might be up for the task.” The mysterious man said.

“Of course sir. I shall take my leave then.”

‘This is quite interesting indeed, a sick kid getting better out of the blue. It seems that he might’ve had some help. If so, I should tread with caution, just in case his backer is someone powerful. No matter what, if he is of standard, we must keep him close. He might be able to save our school.’ The chairman said inwardly.

At that time, the space around the old chairman seemed to have rippled as an ancient portal appeared. Above the gate was an enchanting dragon. But what was more enchanting was that a man could be seen slowly walking out of it.

“Qing Xiang, looks like you haven’t been too battered by time.” A mysterious man voiced.

“Not any better than you Long Zhi, I thought you had left. I didn’t think that you were still around here. I know you are not here to drink tea, so what do you need?” Qing Xiang (the chairman) replied.

“Haha, getting to the point as fast as always I see. Well, I believe that you too have sensed the great qi fluctuation.” As he then solemnly said: “The time has come. You remember what I told you years before when I first came here? We now must take measures to make sure the young ones are prepared in case we need to arm ourselves. The era of peace is now slowly dying.”

Sigh I was hoping it was just my old age that was acting up, but it appears that I was just trying to push the issue aside for as long as possible. Since we must, then let us prepare well.” He spoke, as he said in remembrance: “Ah! Yes, I was going to see you too. Come, take a look at this boy’s profile. It is quite strange. There’s this feeling I can’t shake off.”


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Chapter 5 – Genius

Knock Knock “Come in the door is open.” an old voice sounded.

“Hello principal, there has been something that happened, that I believe should be brought to your attention. Come in Xing Huang.”

“Hello mister principal.”

“What is the matter here?” the principal sounded.

“Well, the thing is, this is the first time that Xing Huang has gone to school. He has been very sick since he was a child and was not able to leave the house due to his weak body. So he just self-studied from his parent’s old books. Today was his first day at school, and as you know we hold mock trials on the first day to see where all of our students are at. To my surprise, Xing Huang decided to take the exam.”

“What is so surprisi..”

“He got a perfect score within less than 30 minutes of testing. There was no cheating, he had no backpack, no materials, nothing. The pencil he used was provided by us so there is no possible way of cheating.”

“He WHAT!? In less than 30 minutes? And he self learned everything…My god…I’ll make a call to the chairman he will be excited to hear this. It has been so long since we found a true genius. For now, make sure that his tuition is all waived, all books, materials, everything will be paid for. On top of that, the school will give him an allowance of 500 gold coins every month. Okay, you can leave now.”

“Thank you sir.”

It was quite surprising, Xing Huang didn’t expect so much from the school. All he wanted was the tuition waiver to help his parents not worry about the school fees. But it seemed that once you start you had to go all the way, go big or go home. The school must have a strong backer for them to so easily expend such a big amount of money.

Though what Xing Huang didn’t know, was, the amount of money just now was just a drop of water in the ocean to the school.

Even though Xing Huang wanted to help his parents out by getting that waiver; extra money was not bad either. He wanted to help his parents but he wasn’t dumb. There was something fishy going on and no man in his right man would ask nothing further and just dish out money. It was either the school was super rich, or they had another alternative. Perhaps this “alternative” would lead him to what he wanted to find, the hidden cultivators in this world.

Slide ‘Hey look he’s back. I wonder if something happened?’

“Okay class, we have our class president. This year’s class president will be Xing Huang, with his perfect score on the exam, he has received the tuition waiver as well as the principal’s blessings. Please give him a round of applause.” Miss Mei announced.

No one clapped, not even Meili. Everyone was in shock. Either the newcomer was an unparalleled genius or he miraculously cheated with some divine help. But since the latter was impossible, they could only sit in awe at the new genius that had just joined their class.

“I object. Miss Mei, he clearly cheated. How can a person like him get a perfect score? He hasn’t even gone to school. Besides, what can he learn from textbooks, he probably made it all up as a cover up for his dirty work.” Wang Chao Rebutted.

“Wang Chao,Xing Huang did not cheat. Actually, I was paying more attention to him more than anyone else earlier because I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to finish and would need to stop. He brought nothing with him so it is clear that he did not cheat. Either way, the principal has acknowledged this as a fair exam and has also gone to discuss Xing Huang’s future with the chairman.”

Wang Chao was speechless. He just thought that the principal had merely agreed and had only planned to so out of giving face for Miss Mei and would investigate this poor kid’s background. He never thought that the principal would take it as far as to go and inform the chairman. It looked like his plan of buying the principal out wasn’t going to work out.

Though what our little friend didn’t know was that the principal really didn’t need the money, what he needed was a genius like Xing Huang. Even if he did cheat, then he had some amazing technique to have done so with nothing but himself, the test given, and a school administered pencil.

Looks like Wang Chao finally learned that money was not everything. But it didn’t seem like it would end there.


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Chapter 4 – Test Results

“Hello, my name is Song Meili. If there’s anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you Miss Meili for her kindness, I will keep that in mind.”

Since it was the first time he actually conversed with a girl, he found it quite hard for his words to come out and just said Miss. Actually, even back then it was no different. He was just a bookworm, the only female he spoke to was his servants and mother. So considering what happened just now, that could be said to be a safe.

At that, Miss Mei said: “Okay everyone, as you know it is the beginning of the school year and we have to take an exam to see where everyone is at and if anyone needs extra help or not. Xing Huang, since you haven’t gone to school for a while, you can sit out.”

“It is okay Miss Mei. Though I wasn’t able to go to school, I studied up from my parents old school books.”

“Okay then, since you are confident, you may take the exam. It won’t do any harm to do so anyways. Now, the exams will also decide who will get the tuition waiver as well as who will become our class president.”

Chh One could hear the mockery from a side of the room as Xing Huang spoke up. It was the kid who was glaring at Xing Huang at the beginning. It truly does look like Xing Huang has his work cut out for him.

As the tests were passed out, the class quieted down. The only thing that could be heard were the steps of Miss Mei when she walked around to check that no one was cheating, the sound of pencil to paper, and the breathing of everyone in the room.

As Xing Huang received his test, he laughed inwardly. ‘ Haha, this test is similar to what I learned back home. This will be easier than I thought.’

Barely thirty minutes had passed when Xing Huang raised his hands. Miss Mei walked over and said: “What is wrong Xing Huang? Is there something you don’t understand?”

“No Miss Mei, I am done.”

She was shocked to hear that he was done. ‘Was Xing Huang some kind of prodigy? It has been years since he’s gone to school, no, he hasn’t even been to school! If he…no, I am getting ahead of myself. I should go over his exam first before thinking so deeply about the matter.’

“Are you sure you are done? Do you want to look it over before you turn it in?”
“It’s fine Miss Mei, I already looked it over twice.”

“Very well then, let me go look over your answers then.”

‘Hmm, that’s right, so is that,….they’re all right! Goodness! He actually scored a perfect on a mock state test. Not only that, but he self learned everything since he was young, by himself! How intelligent can he be? I need to go deliver this to the principal immediately.’

“Okay, everyone the test will stop. We will take this tomorrow, for now it will be free period. Xing Huang come with me to the principal’s office.”

As they left the room, the arrogant boy spoke up: “Hmph, good for nothing. He probably cheated on the test so teacher had to bring him in to see the principal. He’s, he will get expelled. That’s what you get for trying to be a show off. Poor *******.”

“You shouldn’t say such things Wang Chao, I sat next to him. He didn’t even have books or anything. He couldn’t have cheated, even the pencil we use are given to use by the teacher the day of exams just in case we do something to it. There’s no way he could have cheated. You shouldn’t say bad things about Xing Huang.” Song Meili said.

“Hmph, we’ll see.” retorted Wang Chao. ‘Poor ******* trying to take my Meili, if he doesn’t get expelled, I will make his days here like a living hell’


‘I guess it is time to go have a little chat with “him” now it has been so long, hopefully he didn’t think I died.’

The old man in the shop is on the move, will this spell disaster for Xing Huang?


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Chapter 3 – Jerks No Matter Where

“ Is it true!? Our son…he’s okay now?” an excited voice sounded.

“ See for yourself, he’s actually looking over some of your old school books because he wants to go to school. I already registered him early this afternoon.” Mingxia sounded.

After he ate lunch, Xing Huang asked his mom to go register him at Aurora Academy. Though they weren’t very rich, they were still at least able to get their child into the entrance examination. If Xing Huang could pass the exam with high marks, he might be able to finish his schooling with the school’s support. So, in order to prepare, he asked to look at his parent’s old school books.

Though, that was just a front, since Xing Huang has read almost every single book in his family’s clan. Though he couldn’t be called the clan’s strongest young master, he could be called the youngest intellectual prodigy that has ever lived.

Knock, knock

“ Huang’er? Can I come in?” Xing Shen asked.

“ Yeah come on in dad.” Xing Huang replied.

“ How are you feeling buddy? I heard from mom that you ate today, and that you wanted to go to school?”

“ Yeah, I woke up and felt really energized and a bit hungry so I asked mom to make me some food. And I decided to go to school since I really want to make some friends and learn more about the world.”

“ As long as you’re up for it…just don’t overwork yourself. And feel…”

“ Alright dad, you’re more naggy than mom, I’ll be careful.”


Smooch Have fun and good luck at school today son, remember to eat and to not overwork your body.” Mingxia reminded.

“ Okay mom. You can go now, school is about to start, I’ll see you later today. Love you,”

Though Xing Huang was not the most handsome person in the world. Nor is his looks fatal enough to make the world kneel down before him. But, it was enough to make girls give him the attention due.

As he stepped into school, he was met by his new homeroom teacher who said: “ Hello, you must be Xing Huang. I am your homeroom teacher, Lu Meifen, you can call me Miss Mei. I hear that this is your first time going to school because of your poor health. You will have a great time, your classmates are very nice.”

“ I am looking forward to it.”

All eyes were on Xing Huang as he entered the classroom. Everyone began to whisper and chatter about the new handsome kid. It seemed like he didn’t need to really reach out too far since the fish had already jumped ashore.

“ Everyone this is Xing Huang, he will be joining us this year. This is his first time in school due to his poor health since he was young, he was not able to attend school. Let’s give him a warm welcome.”

Clap. Clap

“ Hello everyone, I am Xing Huang. I am looking forward to making new friends. Hope we get along.”

After the introductions were done, he made his way to his seat. It seemed like his luck was great, his deskmate was the prettiest girl in his grade, Song Meili. As he sat down, he could feel the blazing stare of a pair of eyes. As he turned to look at who it was, he saw a pompous and arrogant rich boy.

Sighhh I guess there are spoiled jerks no matter the place or plane. Looks like school isn’t going to be as simple as I thought.


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Chapter 2 – Into the New World

It took some time for Xing Huang to fully digest the information about this world. It seemed to be that this world was quite developed, they had something called “hotels” and “malls”. Though his former self wouldn’t even know what they were since the only other places he’s ever been to was the hospital or the other rooms within his house, and that was if he had enough strength to even sit up.

“Mom! Could you come in here please?”

At the shout of her son, Mingxia dropped everything in her hand and ran like a horse who had a carrot dangling in front of it.

“ Huang’er are you okay? What’s wrong…howww……you’re standing! This…sobs what…” Stuttered Mingxia.

“ Don’t cry mom, I don’t know what happened. I just woke up this morning and the old sickly feeling just wasn’t there anymore. I felt really alive and full of energy, so I just started to slowly walk around the room then called you up.” Lied Xing Huang.

But no matter how many times Xing Huang consoled his mother, she didn’t stop crying until minutes after. After that, she finally began to regain control of her emotions and said: “ Huang’er do you feel weird anywhere? Any irritations?”

“ No, but I am really hungry. Could you please make me some food?” Asked Xing Huang.

“ Yes! Yes! Let me go downstairs, you just wait here. After I’m done I will call you down.” Spoke Mingxia as she hurried down stairs.

This was the beginning of it all, I will not let them down! Mother, Father, I will find out what happened then and I will come back for you all! I am no longer the weak and feeble boy, I should go to this “school” to find out more about this world. It would also be a good chance to see what he could do to raise his power.

Though Xing Huang came from a powerful cultivation clan, he never indulged in training his body. He was more of a scholar than a cultivator, he knew bits and tads of what most common cultivator’s knew. But as for techniques or skills, he had no knowledge of such a thing. It appears that he would have to find out more about the Organization.

As breakfast was called, Xing Huang made his way down the stairs. His mother was already seated at the dining table and directed him to the food and told him to eat. It was pretty silent as Xing Huang ate his breakfast. The only time someone spoke was when Xing Huang asked for another bowl of rice, and his mom replied.
After the hearty meal, Mingxia spoke: “ This day can’t get any better, you’ve never been able to eat like this before. We should go to the hospital for a check up just in case something might be amiss.”

“ No mom, there’s no need, I feel fine and there is nothing to worry about. Though I have decided to go to school. It would be nice to know more about our world, and to maybe meet new people.” Xing Huang replied.

“ Of course, if you want to go mom will go to the school later to register you. But are sure that your body is okay? I feel we shoul….”

“ No mom, it’s fine we don’t need to waste anymore money at that place. If anything let’s just save up and move to a better place.”

“ Okay, okay. I…sobs

“ I am sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“ No, I am sob just happy that sob you’re finally sob okay now.”

Elsewhere unknown to the Xing Huang, an old man had sense something amiss.

‘It appears that, that thing has finally moved again. It seems like it’s also time for me to get to work once more.’

A strange glow shone from the old man’s eyes as the previous dusty and dirty room turned into nothing less than a luxurious shop.


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Chapter 1 – Hope

As it has always been in life, the weak will always bow down to the strong while the strong will always stand tall as the proud sons of heaven. This was basic knowledge that everyone had, no matter the time nor the place. This had always stood true for the Xing clan, if one were to say that they were a son of heaven, then the Xing clan would be known as the true descendants of heaven.

For the past 45 odd years, the Xing clan had been the ones controlling everything behind the scenes. The king himself had to mind his words, that in itself showed how the people revered the Xing clan. But all of that was about to change, because of the loss of their ancestor who was a Mid-Aura Saint. The tides of power were turning, and darkness was rising once more.

These pasts 45 years were not just a show of power and a case of the strong bullying the weak. Rather, the Xing clan had been tasked with the duty of protecting the Draconic Continent from an evil force, thus was the decree handed down to them by one of the 12 Astral Deities.


“ Huang’er you must listen carefully to what father has to say. Our friends have turned against us, chaos is rising once again, and you are our only hope. You might not understand much of what I am saying now but I will instill what you must know deep into your mind and once you reach certain heights, all will be revealed to you…”

At that, a vortex of light hit the young boy as he was sent hurling to God knows where.

“ He is still so young, will he be okay?” Piqued the boy’s mom.

“All will be okay, he will succeed, he must. Once we activate the forbidden formation, all will cease till he comes back. Let us hope that he will find the power to once again lock up this darkness, only time will tell…” The father spoke.


‘Crash! Bang!’ “ Be quiet you are going to wake him up, he needs to rest!” A female voice sounded.

“ Sorry, it slipped out of my hands, I will go off to work now, hopefully by the end of this week we will have enough money to move out of this small place and give him a better living environment.” Sighed the man.

Unknown to what was occurring at the moment, Xing Huang’s conscious finally had taken hold of an apparently sick and weak boy. Though they share the same name, their lives could be considered as different as heaven and hell. He only could remember tad bits of what happened, and from what he knows. This place was definitely not home.

Apparently, it was some place called Aurora and cultivators here were very few and were mainly known as the Organization. They were sort of like bounty hunters and were also this country’s private army, and they also did some odd jobs as well; with the right payment. He had to obtain power, he had to get stronger that was the only way that he was going to be able to find out what happened and to return home.

When he finally opened his eyes, he noticed that there was something that faintly glowed from within. He lifted up his shirt and saw a tattoo of a dragon on his left chest. All of a sudden, it just disappeared, but he could feel that it was still there.

From what he could gather about this life, his parents were called Xing Shen and Qiu Mingxia. His father Xing Shen was your average worker who tried to give his family the best. While his mother could be described as a goddess, she was kind, loving, and beautiful. They loved him even more than normal parents since he was poor in health since birth and needed to be taken cared of most of the time, though he was now 10 years old, he hasn’t ever stepped into a school building nor has he any friends.

“ When I grow up I will repay them for their love and care.”

This was the beginning of the birth of a new Astral Deity.


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