Chapter 2 – Into the New World

It took some time for Xing Huang to fully digest the information about this world. It seemed to be that this world was quite developed, they had something called “hotels” and “malls”. Though his former self wouldn’t even know what they were since the only other places he’s ever been to was the hospital or the other rooms within his house, and that was if he had enough strength to even sit up.

“Mom! Could you come in here please?”

At the shout of her son, Mingxia dropped everything in her hand and ran like a horse who had a carrot dangling in front of it.

“ Huang’er are you okay? What’s wrong…howww……you’re standing! This…sobs what…” Stuttered Mingxia.

“ Don’t cry mom, I don’t know what happened. I just woke up this morning and the old sickly feeling just wasn’t there anymore. I felt really alive and full of energy, so I just started to slowly walk around the room then called you up.” Lied Xing Huang.

But no matter how many times Xing Huang consoled his mother, she didn’t stop crying until minutes after. After that, she finally began to regain control of her emotions and said: “ Huang’er do you feel weird anywhere? Any irritations?”

“ No, but I am really hungry. Could you please make me some food?” Asked Xing Huang.

“ Yes! Yes! Let me go downstairs, you just wait here. After I’m done I will call you down.” Spoke Mingxia as she hurried down stairs.

This was the beginning of it all, I will not let them down! Mother, Father, I will find out what happened then and I will come back for you all! I am no longer the weak and feeble boy, I should go to this “school” to find out more about this world. It would also be a good chance to see what he could do to raise his power.

Though Xing Huang came from a powerful cultivation clan, he never indulged in training his body. He was more of a scholar than a cultivator, he knew bits and tads of what most common cultivator’s knew. But as for techniques or skills, he had no knowledge of such a thing. It appears that he would have to find out more about the Organization.

As breakfast was called, Xing Huang made his way down the stairs. His mother was already seated at the dining table and directed him to the food and told him to eat. It was pretty silent as Xing Huang ate his breakfast. The only time someone spoke was when Xing Huang asked for another bowl of rice, and his mom replied.
After the hearty meal, Mingxia spoke: “ This day can’t get any better, you’ve never been able to eat like this before. We should go to the hospital for a check up just in case something might be amiss.”

“ No mom, there’s no need, I feel fine and there is nothing to worry about. Though I have decided to go to school. It would be nice to know more about our world, and to maybe meet new people.” Xing Huang replied.

“ Of course, if you want to go mom will go to the school later to register you. But are sure that your body is okay? I feel we shoul….”

“ No mom, it’s fine we don’t need to waste anymore money at that place. If anything let’s just save up and move to a better place.”

“ Okay, okay. I…sobs

“ I am sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“ No, I am sob just happy that sob you’re finally sob okay now.”

Elsewhere unknown to the Xing Huang, an old man had sense something amiss.

‘It appears that, that thing has finally moved again. It seems like it’s also time for me to get to work once more.’

A strange glow shone from the old man’s eyes as the previous dusty and dirty room turned into nothing less than a luxurious shop.

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