Chapter 6 – A Fresh Start

“Welcome home honey, how was your first day at school?” Mingxia asked.

“It was great! I became the class president, and also got the tuition waiver. The principal also gave me an allowance of 500 gold coins from the school for scoring a perfect on the mock exam.”

“My God! 500…gold…honey…you…are you really my child?”

“Mom…it’s just money…the test was really easy. I had nothing to do but study anyways since I’d always been bedridden. We can at least finally move to a better place soon.”

“Mmm. We’ll finally be able to live comfortably from now on.”

“Okay, I have work to do, call me down when dinner is ready.”


To the rich, 500 gold coins was an amount that was not worth looking at. To them, it was nothing more than pennies being found on the street. But, to the lower end of the middle class, this kind of money could change their lives. This amount of money was equivalent to three months pay for Xing Huang’s father. A house in an okay developed area was only 1000 gold a month for 15 years. As for the houses in the well-developed area cost 10-100 times that depending on where and how the house was built and made.

But, this was not the most important thing Xing Huang was worried about. Since, he knew that as he did well in school, money would easily flow in. Even then, once he found out where he could access the resources of the Organization, he could start to take on missions to earn some money for his family.


Meanwhile, while Xing Huang was in his room doing work, someone was speaking about him and what to do with him. In a large room with a table long enough to seat 10 people, there was a mysterious looking man with someone who looked like the principal Xing Huang had met earlier in the day.

As a matter of fact, it was the principal. But, what was he doing with this man? Moreover, didn’t he have a life? Or was he a gay?

“Sir, please have a look at his profile. There is nothing out of order, but what’s strange is that his sickness that was diagnosed hard to fix, was healed miraculously one day.”

“Hmm, interesting. I will look into this later. Keep tabs on him for now, he might be up for the task.” The mysterious man said.

“Of course sir. I shall take my leave then.”

‘This is quite interesting indeed, a sick kid getting better out of the blue. It seems that he might’ve had some help. If so, I should tread with caution, just in case his backer is someone powerful. No matter what, if he is of standard, we must keep him close. He might be able to save our school.’ The chairman said inwardly.

At that time, the space around the old chairman seemed to have rippled as an ancient portal appeared. Above the gate was an enchanting dragon. But what was more enchanting was that a man could be seen slowly walking out of it.

“Qing Xiang, looks like you haven’t been too battered by time.” A mysterious man voiced.

“Not any better than you Long Zhi, I thought you had left. I didn’t think that you were still around here. I know you are not here to drink tea, so what do you need?” Qing Xiang (the chairman) replied.

“Haha, getting to the point as fast as always I see. Well, I believe that you too have sensed the great qi fluctuation.” As he then solemnly said: “The time has come. You remember what I told you years before when I first came here? We now must take measures to make sure the young ones are prepared in case we need to arm ourselves. The era of peace is now slowly dying.”

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Sigh I was hoping it was just my old age that was acting up, but it appears that I was just trying to push the issue aside for as long as possible. Since we must, then let us prepare well.” He spoke, as he said in remembrance: “Ah! Yes, I was going to see you too. Come, take a look at this boy’s profile. It is quite strange. There’s this feeling I can’t shake off.”


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