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Chapter 5 – Genius

Knock Knock “Come in the door is open.” an old voice sounded.

“Hello principal, there has been something that happened, that I believe should be brought to your attention. Come in Xing Huang.”

“Hello mister principal.”

“What is the matter here?” the principal sounded.

“Well, the thing is, this is the first time that Xing Huang has gone to school. He has been very sick since he was a child and was not able to leave the house due to his weak body. So he just self-studied from his parent’s old books. Today was his first day at school, and as you know we hold mock trials on the first day to see where all of our students are at. To my surprise, Xing Huang decided to take the exam.”

“What is so surprisi..”

“He got a perfect score within less than 30 minutes of testing. There was no cheating, he had no backpack, no materials, nothing. The pencil he used was provided by us so there is no possible way of cheating.”

“He WHAT!? In less than 30 minutes? And he self learned everything…My god…I’ll make a call to the chairman he will be excited to hear this. It has been so long since we found a true genius. For now, make sure that his tuition is all waived, all books, materials, everything will be paid for. On top of that, the school will give him an allowance of 500 gold coins every month. Okay, you can leave now.”

“Thank you sir.”

It was quite surprising, Xing Huang didn’t expect so much from the school. All he wanted was the tuition waiver to help his parents not worry about the school fees. But it seemed that once you start you had to go all the way, go big or go home. The school must have a strong backer for them to so easily expend such a big amount of money.

Though what Xing Huang didn’t know, was, the amount of money just now was just a drop of water in the ocean to the school.

Even though Xing Huang wanted to help his parents out by getting that waiver; extra money was not bad either. He wanted to help his parents but he wasn’t dumb. There was something fishy going on and no man in his right man would ask nothing further and just dish out money. It was either the school was super rich, or they had another alternative. Perhaps this “alternative” would lead him to what he wanted to find, the hidden cultivators in this world.

Slide ‘Hey look he’s back. I wonder if something happened?’

“Okay class, we have our class president. This year’s class president will be Xing Huang, with his perfect score on the exam, he has received the tuition waiver as well as the principal’s blessings. Please give him a round of applause.” Miss Mei announced.

No one clapped, not even Meili. Everyone was in shock. Either the newcomer was an unparalleled genius or he miraculously cheated with some divine help. But since the latter was impossible, they could only sit in awe at the new genius that had just joined their class.

“I object. Miss Mei, he clearly cheated. How can a person like him get a perfect score? He hasn’t even gone to school. Besides, what can he learn from textbooks, he probably made it all up as a cover up for his dirty work.” Wang Chao Rebutted.

“Wang Chao,Xing Huang did not cheat. Actually, I was paying more attention to him more than anyone else earlier because I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to finish and would need to stop. He brought nothing with him so it is clear that he did not cheat. Either way, the principal has acknowledged this as a fair exam and has also gone to discuss Xing Huang’s future with the chairman.”

Wang Chao was speechless. He just thought that the principal had merely agreed and had only planned to so out of giving face for Miss Mei and would investigate this poor kid’s background. He never thought that the principal would take it as far as to go and inform the chairman. It looked like his plan of buying the principal out wasn’t going to work out.

Though what our little friend didn’t know was that the principal really didn’t need the money, what he needed was a genius like Xing Huang. Even if he did cheat, then he had some amazing technique to have done so with nothing but himself, the test given, and a school administered pencil.

Looks like Wang Chao finally learned that money was not everything. But it didn’t seem like it would end there.

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