Chapter 3 – Jerks No Matter Where

“ Is it true!? Our son…he’s okay now?” an excited voice sounded.

“ See for yourself, he’s actually looking over some of your old school books because he wants to go to school. I already registered him early this afternoon.” Mingxia sounded.

After he ate lunch, Xing Huang asked his mom to go register him at Aurora Academy. Though they weren’t very rich, they were still at least able to get their child into the entrance examination. If Xing Huang could pass the exam with high marks, he might be able to finish his schooling with the school’s support. So, in order to prepare, he asked to look at his parent’s old school books.

Though, that was just a front, since Xing Huang has read almost every single book in his family’s clan. Though he couldn’t be called the clan’s strongest young master, he could be called the youngest intellectual prodigy that has ever lived.

Knock, knock

“ Huang’er? Can I come in?” Xing Shen asked.

“ Yeah come on in dad.” Xing Huang replied.

“ How are you feeling buddy? I heard from mom that you ate today, and that you wanted to go to school?”

“ Yeah, I woke up and felt really energized and a bit hungry so I asked mom to make me some food. And I decided to go to school since I really want to make some friends and learn more about the world.”

“ As long as you’re up for it…just don’t overwork yourself. And feel…”

“ Alright dad, you’re more naggy than mom, I’ll be careful.”


Smooch Have fun and good luck at school today son, remember to eat and to not overwork your body.” Mingxia reminded.

“ Okay mom. You can go now, school is about to start, I’ll see you later today. Love you,”

Though Xing Huang was not the most handsome person in the world. Nor is his looks fatal enough to make the world kneel down before him. But, it was enough to make girls give him the attention due.

As he stepped into school, he was met by his new homeroom teacher who said: “ Hello, you must be Xing Huang. I am your homeroom teacher, Lu Meifen, you can call me Miss Mei. I hear that this is your first time going to school because of your poor health. You will have a great time, your classmates are very nice.”

“ I am looking forward to it.”

All eyes were on Xing Huang as he entered the classroom. Everyone began to whisper and chatter about the new handsome kid. It seemed like he didn’t need to really reach out too far since the fish had already jumped ashore.

“ Everyone this is Xing Huang, he will be joining us this year. This is his first time in school due to his poor health since he was young, he was not able to attend school. Let’s give him a warm welcome.”

Clap. Clap

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“ Hello everyone, I am Xing Huang. I am looking forward to making new friends. Hope we get along.”

After the introductions were done, he made his way to his seat. It seemed like his luck was great, his deskmate was the prettiest girl in his grade, Song Meili. As he sat down, he could feel the blazing stare of a pair of eyes. As he turned to look at who it was, he saw a pompous and arrogant rich boy.

Sighhh I guess there are spoiled jerks no matter the place or plane. Looks like school isn’t going to be as simple as I thought.


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