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Chapter 4 – Test Results

“Hello, my name is Song Meili. If there’s anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you Miss Meili for her kindness, I will keep that in mind.”

Since it was the first time he actually conversed with a girl, he found it quite hard for his words to come out and just said Miss. Actually, even back then it was no different. He was just a bookworm, the only female he spoke to was his servants and mother. So considering what happened just now, that could be said to be a safe.

At that, Miss Mei said: “Okay everyone, as you know it is the beginning of the school year and we have to take an exam to see where everyone is at and if anyone needs extra help or not. Xing Huang, since you haven’t gone to school for a while, you can sit out.”

“It is okay Miss Mei. Though I wasn’t able to go to school, I studied up from my parents old school books.”

“Okay then, since you are confident, you may take the exam. It won’t do any harm to do so anyways. Now, the exams will also decide who will get the tuition waiver as well as who will become our class president.”

Chh One could hear the mockery from a side of the room as Xing Huang spoke up. It was the kid who was glaring at Xing Huang at the beginning. It truly does look like Xing Huang has his work cut out for him.

As the tests were passed out, the class quieted down. The only thing that could be heard were the steps of Miss Mei when she walked around to check that no one was cheating, the sound of pencil to paper, and the breathing of everyone in the room.

As Xing Huang received his test, he laughed inwardly. ‘ Haha, this test is similar to what I learned back home. This will be easier than I thought.’

Barely thirty minutes had passed when Xing Huang raised his hands. Miss Mei walked over and said: “What is wrong Xing Huang? Is there something you don’t understand?”

“No Miss Mei, I am done.”

She was shocked to hear that he was done. ‘Was Xing Huang some kind of prodigy? It has been years since he’s gone to school, no, he hasn’t even been to school! If he…no, I am getting ahead of myself. I should go over his exam first before thinking so deeply about the matter.’

“Are you sure you are done? Do you want to look it over before you turn it in?”
“It’s fine Miss Mei, I already looked it over twice.”

“Very well then, let me go look over your answers then.”

‘Hmm, that’s right, so is that,….they’re all right! Goodness! He actually scored a perfect on a mock state test. Not only that, but he self learned everything since he was young, by himself! How intelligent can he be? I need to go deliver this to the principal immediately.’

“Okay, everyone the test will stop. We will take this tomorrow, for now it will be free period. Xing Huang come with me to the principal’s office.”

As they left the room, the arrogant boy spoke up: “Hmph, good for nothing. He probably cheated on the test so teacher had to bring him in to see the principal. He’s, he will get expelled. That’s what you get for trying to be a show off. Poor *******.”

“You shouldn’t say such things Wang Chao, I sat next to him. He didn’t even have books or anything. He couldn’t have cheated, even the pencil we use are given to use by the teacher the day of exams just in case we do something to it. There’s no way he could have cheated. You shouldn’t say bad things about Xing Huang.” Song Meili said.

“Hmph, we’ll see.” retorted Wang Chao. ‘Poor ******* trying to take my Meili, if he doesn’t get expelled, I will make his days here like a living hell’


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‘I guess it is time to go have a little chat with “him” now it has been so long, hopefully he didn’t think I died.’

The old man in the shop is on the move, will this spell disaster for Xing Huang?


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